VARIOUS ARTISTS Fast ‘N’ Bulbous: A Tribute To Captain Beefheart (1988)

Fast ‘N’ Bulbous: A Tribute
To Captain Beefheart
Early Trib To An A-1 Nose-Thumber

After the sad passing of Don Van Vliet last week, this one probably surfaced on numerous other blogs. But, one of our readers was kind enough to rip and send this, so we thought we’d share it with you… just in case you missed it. A 1988, alternative artist tribute to the good Captain, filled with edgy, nervous artists doing edgy, nervous material from an edgy, nervous guy. When it comes to covering Beefheart, there are typically two ways to go, homage or re-invention. Vocally, Van Vliet’s absence is always a challenge, as it leaves a sonic void in the music and our memories. How that challenge is answered is often indicative of how good the cover is. The Dog Face Hermans’ re-interpretation sidesteps all comparisons with a mix of raucous rock ‘n’ post-CBGB insolence (and a female singer). The Beat Poets address the elephant-not-in-the-room with two sturdy instrumentals of “Sun Zoom Spark” and “Gimme That Harp Boy,” while XTC’s “Ella Guru” aims straight for expert authenticity. The 1988 LP was later expanded for CD, adding two bonus tracks (by bands already represented). Many thanks to Ruby Escort for sending this along to us. Out of print and not-so-nicely priced by Amazon sellers.

XTC – Ella Guru (2:33)
THE SCIENTISTS – Clear Spot (3:06)
THE MEMBRANES – Ice Cream For Crow (3:12)
THE KING OF LUXEMBOURG – Long Necked Bottles (3:21)
THE BEAT POETS – Sun Zoom Spark (Instrumental) (2:02)
THE PRIMEVALS – China Pig (4:07)
SONIC YOUTH – Electricity (2:58)
GOOD AND GONE – Harry Irene (3:56)
THE MOCK TURTLES – Big Eyed Beans From Venus (3:37)
THE BEAT POETS – Gimme That Harp Boy (Instrumental) (3:56) – CD Bonus
THE PRIMEVALSCrazy Little Thing (3:43) – CD Bonus



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    So cool!! Thanks Willard!

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    Hi Willard. Trying to cut down on D/L in the New Year so I can listen to what I've already got more often but sometimes people like yourself make it just so goddamn hard, man. Thanks for everything, dude…I think. Happy New Year!!!! Ian of Cornwall

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    Can't wait to hear this. Thanks. And thanks for coming back.

    Got some live Beefheart over at my place if you're interested.

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    Man, what a swim…Goodbye, Captain (VanVliet). Hello Willard! Happy New Year to all! Where's the Beef?

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    many thanx for all the splendid posts old bean..BUT….who's gonna steer the ship now ?

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