MOJO Presents X 3: Raw Soul (2004), The Roots Of Led Zeppelin (2004) & Studio One Selector (2005)

Three more freebies from MOJO. Raw Soul is another of the early ‘Music Guides’ MOJO released when first beginning to issue themed collections. A beloved comp for its quality of material. You’d think The Roots Of Led Zeppelin would be yet another blues roots compilation the magazine is so fond of. Part of it is, naturally, but just to mess with the Zepheads MOJO has also included some hardcore folk (Joan Baez, John Fahey) and even a Spirit track – but not the one that Page lifted the “Stairway” riff from. Studio One Selector is an excellent collection of tracks from the famed roots reggae label. All can be found at Amazon (click the covers). There’s about 90 more MOJOs in our archives. Three more next Sunday.

MOJO Music Guide Vol. 3: Raw Soul (March 2004)
BOBBY ANGELLE Too Much For You (3:04)
SOLOMON BURKE Home In Your Heart (2:06)
FELICE TAYLOR I Can Feel Love (3:04)
RAY CHARLES Mess Around (2:41)
LITTLE ANNIE Lean Lanky Annie (2:07)
BETTYE SWANN The Heartache Is Gone (2:26)
WILSON PICKETT If You Need Me (2:37)
MAXINE BROWN Baby Cakes (2:32)
IKE & TINA TURNER He’s The One (2:03)
THE ISLEY BROTHERS It’s Your Thing (2:47)
BETTY BIBBS Pounds Of Soul (2:30)
MARY LOVE Baby I’ll Come (3:24)
OTIS REDDING These Arms Of Mine (2:32)

MOJO: The Roots Of Led Zeppelin (August 2004)
LITTLE RICHARD Long Tall Sally (2:08)
GARNET MIMMS As Long As I Have You (2:42)
ROBERT JOHNSON Travelling Riverside Blues (2:39)
BUKKA WHITE Shake ‘Em On Down (2:59)
SANTO & JOHNNY Summertime (2:47)
BERT JANSCH Blackwater Side (3:45)
JOHN REDBOURN Nobody’s Fault But Mine (1:54)
SPIRIT Fresh Garbage (3:12)
MUDDY WATERS You Need Love (2:43)
HOWLIN’ WOLF Killing Floor (2:49)
BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON In My Time Of Dying (3:11)
DAVEY GRAHAM She Moved Thru The Bizarreblue Ragga (7:41)
JOAN BAEZ Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You (2:39)
JOHN FAHEY Dance Of The Inhabitants Of The Palace Of King Phillip XIV Of Spain (3:18)
OWEN HAND She Likes It (1:56)

MOJO Presents: Studio One Selector (March 2005)
JOHNNY OSBOURNE We Need Love (3:36)
JACKIE MITTOO Get Up and Get It (2:42)
ERNEST RANGLIN Surfin (2:23)
LEE “SCRATCH” PERRY Bionic Dub (3:19)
BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS Simmer Down (2:48)
THE GAYLADS Africa (3:24)
LONE RANGER The Answer (3:06)
LLOYD & DEVON Push Push (6:15)
THE ETERNALS Queen of the Minstrels (3:22)
DELROY WILSON I Want Justice (2:15)
LLOYD WILLIAMS Reggae Feet (2:32)
MICHIGAN & SMILEY Nice Up the Dance (4:55)
THE SKATALITES Coconut Rock (2:46)
SUGAR MINOTT Hang On Natty (2:55)


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    Just to clarify something: in another review it is stated "at one point, it makes the erroneous claim that Rastafarianism was started by Marcus Garvey, which is not true". Well, it is true (sort of), although Marcus himself wasn’t a rastifarian – a statement (prophesy) he made during a speech, that a "king (of kings) will rise out of Afrika, from the line of David" was what initially sparked the Rastifarian belief, which officially started when Haile Seliassie (a name that came with the crowning – his birth name was Ras Tafari, get it?), 225th in line from the house of David, was crowned as Emperor of Ethiopia. When Burning Spear sings "Macus Garvey words come to pass…" he is reffering to the prophesy…

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