DAVID MURRAY OCTET Dark Star [The Music Of The Grateful Dead] (1996)

Dark Star [The Music Of The Grateful Dead] (1996)
While we’re on the subject…

Here’s saxophonist David Murray’s avant/big band take on the Grateful Dead. Being a casual fan of free jazz, Murray has always been on my radar. This setting, however, is pretty normal compared to Murray’s usual outside technique, though it’s still beyond the mainstream when it comes to Dead homages. The instrumental arrangements are big and brassy, in a loose-knit sort of way, with 3 trumpets,
2 saxes and a trombone brightly coloring the grooves – anchored by a B3. The Dead’s original melodies are merely stepping off points for the octet, however, which can sound like anything from a 70s car chase soundtrack to a gang of blowin’ New Yorkers – all with different sheet music. The Dead’s space exploration, “Dark Star,” is the highlight, as it usually is on any album that lists it. It’s all quite fun, lively, a bit confusing and – since Jerry was a Jazzhead, too – somewhat fitting for a diversionary listen to the Dead. Bob Weir shows up to play guitar on “Shoulda Had Been Me.” Amazon

Shakedown Street (8:55)
Samson And Delilah
Estimated Prophet (5:56)
Dark Star (16:15)
China Doll (5:17)
One More Saturday Night (8:29)
Shoulda Had Been Me (5:06)


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    Find it HERE.

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    I'm surprised no one has commented on this one. It was my first introduction to David Murray and is great album – very easy to enjoy.

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    Go figure. Good thing I didn't post any of his really noisy shit. Thanks Yotte.

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    I like some of those Dead songs and I like the conservative side of horn-based jazz, so I will give this a test drive… thanks Willard


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    THANKS!!! I bought this one years ago & lost it….love it!!!

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    Hi Willard,

    All the links are dead for this (no pun…). Could you re-up one of them please?


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    Weir on it.

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