BILL KREUTZMANN Mahalo (2003) – Private CD Release From The Grateful Dead Drummer

Mahalo (2003)
Privately Released CD

First Time Online? Mega-rare CD from Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann. This privately made disc features five unreleased tracks, nearly an hour of Kreutzmann’s work with The Dead, Merl Saunders/Jerry Garcia, Brent Mydland’s Go Ahead, Trichromes and BBDK. It was only available (as far as we can tell) at a 2003 Kreutzmann art showing in Los Angeles, and was given out as a gift for friends and supporters. We’ve poked around the web but couldn’t even find a mention of it. Though, there are sure to be a couple of Deadheads out there that have more facts. How many of these were even made? It’s hard to guess, as the original disc is a CD-R, with label and custom cover, issued on Kreutzmann’s own label imprint, Ocean Spirit. So the run numbers can’t be very high. The entire disc is a rewarding listen, too. One standout is the unreleased (but freely circulating) Saunders/Garcia track from an early 1974 Keystone date. “Are You Lonely For Me” is a 22 minute groove-fest, built on a satisfying, “Season Of The Witch”-style chord progression – and it smokes, smolders and grooves from start to finish. You can listen below to a rare, 2003 rehearsal tape from the newly christened ‘The Dead.’ This impossible-to-find rarity comes to us from Adam Dean, who was kind enough to rip this from his collection to share with us (with complete scans, click below for pop-up viewing). Many thanks, Adam.

Girl Like You (Jennings/Seals) (4:06)
BBDK – Front Street 7/24/85
Bill Kreutzmann, David Margen, Brent Mydland, Kevin Russell

Are You Lonely For Me (Berns) (21:42)
MERL SAUNDERS & JERRY GARCIA – Keystone, Berkeley 1/17/74
Martin Fierro, Jerry Garcia, John Kahn, Bill Kreutzmann, Merl Saunders

10,000 Mics (Dipirro/Kreutzmann/Woodson) (8:58)
TRICHNOMES – Sy Klopps Studios 3/30/02
Mike Dipirro, Bill Kreutzmann, Ralph Woodson

Hey Jude > Dear Mr. Fantasy (Lennon/McCartney+Winwood/Capaldi) (14:47)
GO AHEAD – Capitol Theatre, Passaic NJ 10/31/86
Jerry Cortez, Bill Kreutzmann, Alex Ligertwood, David Margen, Brent Mydland

Eyes Of The World (
Hunter/Garcia) (9:41)
THE DEAD – Rehearsal 5/27/03
Rob Barraco, Jeff Chimenti, Mickey Hart, Jimmy Herring, Bill Kreutzmann, Phil Lesh, Joan Osborne, Bob Weir


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    Find it HERE.

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    Holy Smokes, Willard! Many Thanks to both you and Adam!

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    Gracias! Thinking of Kreutzmann, have you heard 7 Walkers? I like it a lot.

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    Haven't heard them, but saw the product at Kreutzmann's website.

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    Hey, thanks for stopping by and saying hi, Willard. Thanks, too, for adding my new place to your list.

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    Thanks Captain,
    I have this song on a tape I found at the dump with somebody's whole collection of dead tapes. Been looking for a good copy thanks, but mine has that taped off the radio sound that makes it even funkier.

    Thanks for all the great posts. Digging The Morricone spaghetti westerns stuff!

    The Cap'n coast of Maine

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    Cool, thanks.

    Hey Yotte,
    Place looks great. I'm a little slow in getting around, though, so I'm glad I found you.

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    Great job here, Willard. I loved it. My pleasure to share this with the world. By the way, 7 Walkers is a tremendous listen – definately does not sound like The Dead – and Willie Nelson does a nice vocal on one of the tracks.

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    Just the kind of posting I've come to expect from this site. You never cease to surprise and delight. Definitely brightens up my day when I open the reader and see that W there.

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    Willie? Cool. I'll have to check them out. Thanks again, Adam.

    Hi Duncan,
    Thanks for the kind words. I just wish I'd done some of the work on this one.

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    Well how about that? nice one! Thanks to you both, Adam and Willard. What a treat!

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    Thank you for another premiere batch!

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    Many thanks. Cool place.

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    This is a nice find! I know I've said it before but your blog kicks some major ass!! Be cool Cap! Thx

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