MARIANNE FAITHFULL Live In Hollywood (2005)

Live In Hollywood (2005)
Obscure, Officially Released CD

Though never issued as a stand-alone CD, Live In Hollywood was released as part of an inexpensive DVD/CD combo package. Ever since Marianne Faithfull’s music took a raw turn with 1979’s Broken English, I’ve been a fan. Her decision to shy away from her 60s pop roots to delve into her own personal desperation, helped mold her into an artist, beyond a once-cute popster. Some are put off by her tortured expressionism and Grand Dame pose, but I’m fascinated by her stagey deliveries and the musical lineage that wanders back to sample the likes of Brecht, Piaf and Dietrich. This show, promoting the 2004 release, Before The Poison, features only two songs from that album on this CD, alongside the abrasive “The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan,” Barry Reynolds’ chilling “Times Square” and Faithfull’s take on John Lennon’s “Working Class Hero” – still one of the only viable interpretations of Lennon’s biting “protest” song, delivered here with that wonderfully weathered, don’t-fuck-with-this-bitch voice and an appropriately ominous band. It’s unfortunate that this 62 minute CD is an abbreviation of the 143 minute DVD concert, but the DVD/CD package was as cheap as $2 at Amazon, HERE.

Trouble In Mind (6:38)
Falling From Grace (3:37)
She (3:44)
The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan (5:11)
No Child Of Mine (5:22)
The Last Song (3:28)
Kissin‘ Time (5:44)
Times Square (4:44)
Working Class Hero (6:30)
Incarceration Of The Flower Child (6:04)
As Tears Go By (4:05)


  • W
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    Find it HERE.

  • drfeelgoed
    January 8, 2011 - 07:31 | Permalink

    great post, thanks, I played the Broken English album to shreds…
    BTW, Barry Reynolds's only solo album is excellent too, let me know if you're interested.

  • Anonymous
    January 8, 2011 - 18:38 | Permalink

    Thanks for the heads-up on Amazon. I just bought it for $1.99

    January 9, 2011 - 09:36 | Permalink

    Hi Willard, it's been a long time gone…. it was hard to find you once more after a while when we've been far from the net…. anyway we now have something new, in the end…. we would like if you come and listen… see you soon…. Catasto Elettrico

  • Anonymous
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    Wasn't going to download this until I saw "Trouble In Mind" on the track list. I always thought her version of that song on the soundtrack of the same name, along with the her other vocal on "The Hawk", were two of her best performances. Her voice against the soft bed of electronics and trumpet is magic. Vaguely remember her trashing the producer for use of said electronics. For 1986 the sound was way ahead of it's time. Bjork had a lot of success with the same concept decades later. Sometimes artists are their own worst enemy.

  • Miles
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    faithfull has always been one of my girls. thanks for the nice post, captain, as well as the $3.00 amazon tip on the dvd!

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