NEW MONKEES New Monkees (1987) + “What I Want (For Christmas)” (Rare Track)

New Monkees (1987)
New Coke

In keeping with the old 70s adage: Never Trust A Band With A Logo – especially a bad one – here’s 1987’s New Monkees. As anyone who paid attention to this fiasco in the late 80s knows, the concept of the New Monkess was wrong on virtually every level. I just thought it would be perverse to post this, as it’s really only for curiosity seekers (or pop/rock/hair fans). It also serves as a reminder of how low pure marketing can go when the occasion calls for it. Of course, the music itself is just a reworking of what was being pushed by radio programmers at the time. It’s not awful, just shallow and pointless. I certainly don’t like it, but it’s not a sore thumb on the late-80s landscape. The guys obviously have some talent (or their producers do – like the other Monkees, these hired hands are only vocalists on their own debut), but when you start a journey on the wrong foot, it’s just not going to be very easy to stay in step. I’d compare the differences and similarities of The Monkees and New Monkees, but they’re not related in any way shape or form… except for the copyrighted name. There is one big difference, of course… Don Kirshner, the 50s song publisher who was smart enough to pack The Old Monkees’ repertoire with material from fresh, rising young songwriters – Neil Diamond, Boyce & Hart, Goffin & King – helping to ensure the music would last longer than the fad (which still seem to be neck-and-neck). As for the New Monkees? The All Music Guide calls them a “Richard Marx tribute band,” and I’ll leave it at that. Hear for yourself, below. Speaking of copyrights, Coca-Cola Telecommunications, Inc. gets a credit on the sleeve. New Coke… New Monkees… it all says something about something, doesn’t it? PS: Unless you want your brain to explode, don’t look at how much these things are selling for at Amazon. I was expecting a penny.

Whatever It Takes (4:14)
Affection (3:36)
Boy Inside The Man (4:19)
Burnin’ Desire (2:57)
Corner Of My Eye (4:39)
Do It Again (3:47)
I Don’t Know (3:15)
The Way She Moves (3:42)
Turn It Up (3:37)
What I Want (3:04)


“What I Want (For Christmas)” (1987)
From The Various Artists 2LP, Yulesville!

Are there any New Monkees completists out there? If so, here’s one of their few rarities – save a couple of unreleased songs played on the TV show – an obscure Christmas makeover of the album’s lead off track, “What I Want.” It’s not a new recording, just the original with seasonal messages & overdubs. It’s in with the main download.


  • Willard
    August 19, 2011 - 20:55 | Permalink

    Search HERE

  • aitoid
    August 19, 2011 - 22:09 | Permalink

    “Unless you want your brain to explode, don’t look at how much these things are selling for at Amazon”. LOL. So of course I had to look. Holy bloody crap. They have to be joking.

    Not even mildly interested in learning what it sounds like.

    • Willard
      August 19, 2011 - 22:57 | Permalink

      If you like faceless 80s music, a little catchy but completely forgettable, then it could be right up your alley. Otherwise, you’re probably making the right move. Regardless, you can sample it via the soundplayer and save the download hours for something more promising, like The New Iron Butterfly.

  • Anonymous
    August 20, 2011 - 10:28 | Permalink

    Believe it or not, these guys have a fan base and reunited for a house concert some years back. You can see snippets of their performance on YouTube if you have absolutely nothing to do. (There are also some clips from the abysmal TV show.)


    • Willard
      August 20, 2011 - 14:04 | Permalink

      When I was researching The New Monks (which, by the way, was the name of Peter Tork’s short lived post-Monkees group. Actually saw them live in the mid-80s), I came across something from 2007, but I couldn’t even tell if it was the same guys in the band or not (one was nearly bald). So I just figured it was one of those deals where virtually any concept can find a fan base somewhere. Kinda like GG Allin or Sarah Palin™.

  • FSA7
    August 20, 2011 - 12:56 | Permalink

    : brain exploded :

  • Crazed
    August 21, 2011 - 01:01 | Permalink

    Thanks, Cap’n! I was one of those morbid curiosity seekers (being an enormous Monkees fan and still am) who bought this LP back then. Not expecting anything, that’s exactly what was delivered. Been a long time since I’ve heard this, so I’m going to hear it again and promptly shelve it like I did last time, lol!

    • Willard
      August 21, 2011 - 01:07 | Permalink

      Sounds like a plan. One used by many.

  • jim horan
    August 24, 2011 - 10:15 | Permalink

    i remember visiting my parents in the mid 80’s, where I grew up in Pennsylvania, and a punk kid neighbor that was my younger brother’s age was ecstatic over passing initial auditions for “The New Monkees”…wonder how he feels now!! At least the producers of the album popped in a great track, “Burnin’ Desire” by Chicago legends The Elvis Brothers!!!!!!!!

    • Willard
      August 24, 2011 - 10:55 | Permalink

      Reaching for, and getting, a high profile job is cool. Yet, I can’t help but imagine that – for all the excitement of getting a shot at music and TV – those guys probably had no illusions about the (most likely) fleeting nature of their goals. I’m sure it was a blast for them. Those that deserve our collective disdain are the guys that came up with this idea in the first place. Musically, the New Monkees (themselves) weren’t awful… if you can tolerate that kind of music. I just wouldn’t be inclined to knock them (not that you were, of course). Your story puts a human face on something we critics and complainers often lose sight of… even with something we hate, there’s often someone behind the scenes trying their best to make a go of it. Thanks for the comment.

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