MOJO PRESENTS x 3: The Greatest Single Of All Time (1997), OK Computer (2008), Destroy! (2008)

Three more freebies from the UK’s MOJO Magazine. The Greatest Single Of All Time is another of the earliest MOJO CD giveaways, from August, 1997. It’s a tiny tribute to “Good Vibrations” and includes a couple of extras along with two Brian Wilson interviews. OK Computer is a broad collection of pop-oriented electronic music from the last four decades. Honestly, I’ve never listened to it because all this time I thought it was a Radiohead tribute. Destroy is dedicated to punk, circa 1977. Not a bad collection, thanks to the offbeat selections and above average snottiness. Nearly 100 more MOJOs are waiting for you in the archives. More next Sunday.

MOJO Presents: The Greatest Single Of All Time (August 1997)
THE BEACH BOYS Good Vibrations (3:39)
THE BEACH BOYS Don’t Worry Baby (2:48)
THE BEACH BOYS God Only Knows (2:49)
BRIAN WILSON Interview 1997 (4:46)
BRIAN WILSON Interview 1986 (5:28)

MOJO Presents: OK Computer (February 2008)
THE HUMAN LEAGUE Circus Of Death (3:27)
GARY NUMAN & TUBEWAY ARMY Down In The Park (4:20)
THE KNIFE Silent Shout (4:48)
FUJIYA & MIYAGI Ankle Injuries (5:00)
MATTHEW DEAR Fleece On Brain (4:15)
JOHN FOXX Burning Car (3:13)
ARTHUR RUSSELL Place I Know/Kid Like You (3:24)
XELA Afraid Of Monsters (5:02)
TANGERINE DREAM Rubycon (Part One) (3:43)
cLOUDHEAD Dead Dogs Two (Boards Of Canada Remix) (4:33)
SEVERED HEADS Dead Eyes Opened (6:29)
THE PEPPERS Pepper Box (2:22)
THE GENTLE RAIN Plastic Man (3:53)

MOJO Presents: Destroy! (July 2008)
GENERATION X Wild Youth (2:49)
THE ADVERTS Bored Teenagers (1:44)
SHAM 69 I Don’t Wanna (1:41)
THE VIBRATORS London Girls (2:33)
THE BOYS I Don’t Care (2:08)
WIRE Lowdown (2:23)
X-RAY SPEX I Am A Cliche (1:52)
TELEVISION PERSONALITIES Where’s Bill Grundy Now? (2:14)
ANGELIC UPSTARTS The Murder Of Liddle Towers (4:32)
ALTERNATIVE TV Action Time Vision (2:25)
EATER Outside View (2:02)
U.K. SUBS – C.I.D. (1:54)
JOHNNY MOPED No-One (2:45)
THE PREFECTS Things In General (3:11)


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    Destroy! Classic Punk 1977, one of the best Mojos along with Stooges and Chili Peppers jukeboxes, Sub Pop 300 & Roots Of Led Zep. Q: Where’s Bill Grundy Now? A: He’s on CNN every night @ 9.

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    Thanks for MOJO Presents: The Greatest Single Of All Time, never seen that one before.

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      We’re coming to the end of our MOJOs in a couple of weeks. We’ll be posting a complete list to see if were missing anything.

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    Who’s the punk on the cover?

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    sue catwoman i believe was her name… check pistols site for the accurate name… too lazy to google it!

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