MOJO Presents… THE FINAL FOUR: Feed Your Head (2002), In Search Of Syd (2007), 2003 (2003) & Born In The USA Volume 2 (2006)

Feed Your HeadHere are the final four discs to complete (we think) our 113 disc (and counting) collection of MOJOs. Feed Your Head is one of MOJO‘s best. Not only for the artfully mixed 16 tracks of eclectic folk/rock/jazz psychedelia – ranging from Funkadelic to The Sonics to Country Joe & The Fish – but for the inspired packaging, a disc designed as a pill in a see through plastic cover. To carry the psych theme a bit further, In Search Of Syd is a broad collection of Syd Barrett/Pink Floyd influences that’s all over the place, from the raw blues of Pink Anderson and Floyd Council to The Mothers Of Invention to the real outsiders, like Acid Mothers Temple & Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. 2003 is a bit of a throwback to the label sponsored releases that MOJO started out doing in the 90s, but this one’s a little more in line with the mag’s principles – including some new stuff from old artists, alongside the fresh ’03 meat. Thanks to Alex for taking the time and trouble to get this obscure one to us. Born In The USA, Volume 2 I’ve barely had a chance to preview. But, it’s a satisfying selection of more recent (2006) material, ranging from the always cool Iron & Wine to Bright Eyes to (personal fave) Brendan Benson. It’s got a quiet vibe, and though the material was new to me it was quite enjoyable. Big, big thanks to a few folks who offered help in getting this last, elusive MOJO here. Our pal Steve finally came through with some fresh 320s, for which we are eternally grateful. Click the covers for Amazon links. We’ll post future MOJO‘s (maybe on Sundays) as we get them. There are 109 more MOJOs waiting for you in the archives. Thanks to all.

MOJO Presents: Feed Your Head (November 2002)
THE DRAMATICS The Devil Is Dope (5:25)
THE SONICS Strychnine (2:12)
NAT ADDERLEY Quit It (3:49)
THE SMALL FACES Here Comes The Nice (3:03)
DILLINGER Cocaine In My Brain (5:10)
DONOVAN Sunny Goodge Street (2:56)
COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH Bass Strings (3:59)
THE PRETTY THINGS Defecting Grey (5:11)
THE FLAMIN’ GROOVIES Slow Death (4:40)
CHRIS BELL I Am The Cosmos (3:47)
GRANDMASTER FLASH White Lines (Don’t Do It) (7:37)
SEBADOH Too Pure (3:49)
THE MIGHTY HANNIBAL The Truth Shall Make You Free (3:18)
JAMES BROOKER Junco Partner (5:09)
FUNKADELIC Maggot Brain (10:20)
HARRY “THE HIPSTER” GIBSON Who Put The Benzedrine In Mrs. Murphy’s Ovaltine (3:04)

MOJO Presents: In Search Of Syd (October 2007)
SPACEMEN 3 Things’ll Never Be The Same (5:49)
THE FLAMING LIPS She Is Death (4:01)
BLIND BOY FULLER & FLOYD COUNCIL If You Don’t Give Me What I Want (2:54)
PINK ANDERSON C.C. And O. Blues (3:04)
BONZO DOG DOO-DAH BAND Humanoid Boogie (3:00)
KEVIN AYERS Oh! Wot A Dream (2:46)
JENNIFER GENTLE Take My Hand (2:59)
THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION Who Are The Brain Police? (3:33)
GONG 5 And 20 Schoolgirls (4:34)
THE BEVIS FROND Portobello Man (2:28)
HAWKWIND Cymbaline (4:01)
WOODEN SHJIPS SOL 07 Pt 1 (7:15)
SOFT MACHINE I Should’ve Known (7:26)
AMM Ailantus Glandulosa (5:27)

MOJO Presents: 2003 (December 2003)
THE BLACK KEYS No Trust (3:44)
JOE STRUMMER Coma Girl (3:50)
UNCLE TUPELO Before I Break (2:51)
WEEN It’s Gonna Be A Long Night (2:52)
MY MORNING JACKET Mahgeetah (6:01)
THE ANIMALS Inside Looking Out (3:46)
FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS The Dark End Of The Street (3:59)
JAMES CARR Life Turned Her That Way (2:38)
THE THRILLS Old Friends, New Lovers (4:04)
JOHNNY CASH One Piece At A Time (4:04)
THE WHO Won’t Get Fooled Again (8:50)
NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS Still In Love (4:47)
SERGE GAINSBOURG Bonnie & Clyde (4:19)
CALEXICO Quattro (4:41)
AFEL BOCOUM Buribalal (5:04)
DIANA ROSS I’m Coming Out (6:02)

MOJO Presents: Born In The USA, Volume 2 – The New American Songbook (January 2006)
IRON & WINE Woman King (4:18)
RAY LAMONTAGE Jolene (4:02)
FRANK BLACK I Burn For You (4:03)
JOSH ROUSE Street Light (4:19)
BRENDAN BENSON Alternative To Love (4:31)
DAN SARTAIN Leeches Pt 1 (1:46)
MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO Hard To Love A Man (4:15)
BRIGHT EYES Land Locked (5:38)
JOANNA NEWSOM Sprout And The Bean (4:24)
SUFJAN STEVENS John Wayne Gacy, Jr. (3:20)
ROSIE THOMAS Pretty Dress (3:55)
KELLEY STOLTZ The Sun Comes Through (4:29)
JIM JAMES Sooner (live) (3:41)
BLACK MOUNTAIN Heart Of Snow (7:57)


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