JIMI HENDRIX The Winterland Reels (1968)

The Winterland Reels (1968)
6 Complete Shows Over 3 Nights

From 2010: The original Experience, captured live at Winterland, October 10-12, 1968. These are the raw reels, later plundered for the Ryko release(s), Live At Winterland, as well as various Hendrix collections over the years. What you’ll hear over these 6-1/2 hours is all the music, patter, tuning, miscues and triumphs that took place during Hendrix’s three-day residency at the famed venue. The sound is raw but good, with plenty of tweaking and balancing happening on the fly. Note that because the tapes ran out during the early, Oct. 11 show, an audience bootleg was used for three songs to complete the set. As experienced fans know, the Experience wasn’t always at their peak, and Winterland is no exception. Between the 20 minute jams, drum & bass solos and Jimi’s growing intolerance for “the hits,” there are rushed performances, boring indulgences and plenty of out of tune moments. But… it’s a rare chance to hear three straight days of prime Experience. And how often does one get a chance to experience that? Hear “Manic Depression” from the Oct. 12 late show, below. We’ve got tons of Henrix in the archives, including… Blue Wild Angel (Isle Of Wight 1970, HERE), First Rays Of The New Rising Sun (HERE), Jimi By Himself: The Home Recordings (HERE), Studio ’69 (15 CDs of outtakes, HERE), Jimi Plays Monterey (HERE), South Saturn Delta (HERE), The Complete Are You Experienced (HERE), The L.A. Forum Concert (HERE), The Rainbow Bridge Concert (HERE), The Voodoo Chile Sessions (HERE), Winterland – the commercially produced 5CD box set of the above Reels (HERE), Jimi Hendrix Speaks (maybe his last audio interview, HERE), BBC Sessions (HERE) and Sacred Sources, Vol. 1 Live Forever (a 1993 CD produced by Carlos Santana that features some live Hendrix, HERE).

OCTOBER 10, 1968 (Early Show)
Intro (3:29)
Are You Experienced (7:37)
Voodoo Child (slight return) (7:38)
Red House (14:52)
Foxy Lady (6:15)
Like A Rolling Stone (9:48)
Star Spangled Banner (5:29)
Purple Haze/Outside Woman Blues (6:07)

OCTOBER 10, 1968 (Late Show)
Intro (2:42)
Tax Free (13:34)
Lover Man (4:28)
Sunshine Of Your Love (9:10)
Hear My Train A Comin(14:04)
Killing Floor (w/ Jack Casady on bass) (9:19)
Hey Joe (w/ Jack Casady on bass) (5:32)
Star Spangled Banner (7:34)
Purple Haze (7:28)

OCTOBER 11, 1968 (Early Show)
Intro (5:24)
Are You Experienced (w/ Virgil Gonsales on flute) (17:56)
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (8:15)
Red House (11:38)
Foxy Lady (Audience Tape) (6:06)
Star Spangled Banner (Audience Tape) (6:33)
Purple Haze (Audience Tape) (6:03)

OCTOBER 11, 1968 (Late Show)
Intro (2:19)
Tax Free (20:32)
Spanish Castle Magic (11:05)
Like A Rolling Stone (w/ Herbie Rich on organ) (11:35)
Lover Man (w/ Herbie Rich on organ) (6:11)
Hey Joe (w/ Herbie Rich on organ) (5:14)
Fire (w/ Herbie Rich on organ) (4:44)
Foxy Lady (w/ Herbie Rich on organ) (5:14)
Purple Haze (6:00)

OCTOBER 12, 1968 (Early Show)
Intro (3:41)
Fire (3:48)
Lover Man (5:37)
Like A Rolling Stone (12:14)
Foxy Lady (7:30)
Drum & Bass Jam (8:58)
Tax Free (9:06)
Hey Joe (7:12)
Purple Haze (3:40)
Wild Thing (3:39)

OCTOBER 12, 1968 (Late Show)
Intro (1:32)
Foxy Lady (9:31)
Manic Depression (5:55)
Sunshine Of Your Love (9:07)
Little Wing (4:41)
Spanish Castle Magic (7:07)
Red House (12:09)
Voodoo Child (slight return) (7:03)
Star Spangled Banner (4:57)
Purple Haze (7:45)


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    Find it all HERE

    As always with MediaFire… try the links more than once, they sometimes give false negatives.

  • Phil Winans
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    Looking around today I found something on Hendrix called Jimi Hendrix and the band of Gypsys (2007) 2 Nights at the Fillmore which is also a six cd box of some sort. Anybody got links that don’t involve Flac for this one??? Phil

  • schlep
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    Fantastic! Played the rykodisc Live at Winterland cassette (-yeah) until it broke. One of the greatest artifacts of psychedelic art. It’s good to have the whole big bloody thing. Thanks.

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    is WINTERLAND different from the WINTERLAND REELS?

    • Willard
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      Winterland Reels are the raw tapes, all the material recorded. Winterland is an edited, cleaned up commercial release, which you can find in a Wormhole, HERE

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    thanks willard…

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    Thank you!!!

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    I’ve got the Winterland vinyl box, when it came out….plus an x-tra CD that was exclusive to Amazon(?) It’s all stellar stuff!! Your un-edited version should prove to be just as that! As far as the gent looking for The Box Of Gypsys, New Year’s 69-70 on mp3, rather than FLAC…its out there….just keep on looking. That, too, is an amazing glimpse of Hendrix’s raw power. Hell, you know that…

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