The Twilight Zone (1985)
Out Of Print TV Soundtrack CD

When The Twilight Zone made a television comeback on September 27, 1985, stoners, ex-hippies and Deadheads had infiltrated the media to such an extent that it actually seemed like a reasonable idea for someone to ask the Grateful Dead to re-record the theme music for the resurrected sci-fi series. The Dead said, “sure, man” (or something to that effect) and, along with cohort Merl Saunders, recorded the spacey, iconic theme song and over 40 minutes of original episodic music, too. So you know… it’s not all space/time Dead. There are some uncharacteristic musical excursions, apparently designed to fit some plot device or period setting. A testament to a time when Jerry Garcia and the boys were welcomed on prime time CBS TV every week (for a while, anyway). A little known Grateful Dead CD released on the Silva soundtrack label in 1998. It’s subtitled Volume One, but a Volume Two never materialized. Obscure and out of print, but under $10 from Amazon sellers.

The Twilight Zone ’85 Main Title (Grateful Dead)
Suite from “Nightcrawlers
(Grateful Dead/Merl Saunders)
I of Newton
(Grateful Dead)
Children’s Zoo
(Grateful Dead)
Can She Type?
(Grateful Dead)
Suite from “Shadow Man”
(Grateful Dead)
Suite from “The Misfortune Cookie”
(Merl Saunders)
Kentucky Rye, Part I
(Grateful Dead/Merl Saunders)
Kentucky Rye,
Part II (Grateful Dead/Merl Saunders)
Kentucky Rye, Part III (Grateful Dead/Merl Saunders)
The Twilight Zone ’85 End Credits
(Grateful Dead)


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    Never knew this existed. Thanks a lot!

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    Thank you thank you thank you, I've looked for this for years!

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    I'm suprised that the shows have not made their way into re-run land. But I do remember that most of the shows were more miss-than-hit anyway, so maybe it's for the better. I'm not a BIG Greatful Dead fan, but the music was very different for what their known for. Very interesting period in their careers.


    [oh,Happy Thanksgiving too!]

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    Thanks For the Post!! Cool

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    Do you have any idea who plays saxaphone on the "cool jazz" track Can She Type? If I had to guess I'd say it sure sound like Kenny G or possibly Ornette Coleman. This is an un-Dead sounding a track as I ever heard and would never ever guess as to who the actual band was if in a "blind" listening.

  • Capt. Willard
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    Hi Adam,
    The liners aren't specific. The story, about a harassed secretary who transports herself to a different reality via her office copy machine, says only "Music By The Grateful Dead." It references the sax and trumpet solos, but gives no other names. A different track, "Nightcrawlers," DOES credit Huey Lewis on harmonica. The only other name given besides Merl & The Dead.

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    thanks, i'd never heard of this, but look forward to a good listen.

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    Thank you for the Grateful Dead.

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    Find it HERE

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    How as we to now there was a party goin’ on???????????
    Thanx, Cap’.

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    Hi Willard, could you please reup this? Thank you very much and Merry Krimble!

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      New link up, eggman. Many thanks and Merry Krimble to you, too..

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    What a concept! Who can/could/would resist this? Thanks so much.


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