RAVI SHANKAR Shankar Family & Friends (1974)

Shankar Family & Friends (1974)
Unique, Progressive & Outside The Box

Far afield from the droning, psychedelic, incense-burning improv one tends to associate with Ravi Shankar, “NIGHTMARE Dispute & Violence,” begins as a familiar call & response Indian raga before suddenly erupting into a prog-style romp, a la King Crimson. Side two of Ravi Shankar’s Shankar Family & Friends is to Indian music what Astor Piazzolla is to Tango – unrestricted by convention and progressive beyond the music’s genre. The side long suite retains the culture’s dreamy, mystical allure, but Shankar’s compositional approach is a triumph and a testament to his career-long battle with classical Indian purists. Side one is the more conventional, vocally oriented Indian fare, opening with “I Am Missing You,” a track noticeably produced by George Harrison and released as a single in conjunction with the duo’s 1974 tour of America. It’s a horrible, Spectorish, wall of sound attempt at “commercial” Hindi music… which I still skip to this day. Those interested should seek out Ravi’s In Celebration – Highlights, for his own delicate and far superior version. That said, side two’s provocative and inventive Dream/Nightmare/Dawn suite should be a valued addition to any collection. This is a remastered rip from the 2010 multi-disc set, Collaborations, which contains Shankar Family & Friends, at a much nicer price. Or… try a wormhole, HERE.

I Am Missing You (3:42)
Kahan Gayelava Shyam (2:54)
Supane Me Aye Preetam Sainya (4:17)
I Am Missing You (Reprise) (4:05)
Jaya Jagadish Hare (4:59)

Overture (2:33)
DREAM Festivity & Joy (3:58)
DREAM Love-Dance Ecstasy (3:13)
NIGHTMARE Lust (3:14)
NIGHTMARE Dispute & Violence (2:45)
NIGHTMARE Disillusionment & Frustration (2:48)
NIGHTMARE Despair & Sorrow (3:06)
DAWN Awakening (2:32)
DAWN Peace & Hope (5:02)



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    Once Again great stuff Willard the Boat is running on strong fuel!!!! ………….Never really heard anything by him so I am looking forward to a listen …Still Dylan bound!

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    This is both a bizarre and fascinating disc— thanks for posting it.

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    Thank you very,very much for this wonderful music !!!

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    This is a superior share from long ago and far away. Many thanks.

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    This is a superior share Thank you very,very much for this wonderful music Many Many thanks.

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    how delighted I am with this. How on earth do I let you know how happy I am to find what I have been searching for all my life, especially as I had no idea it existed. Thanks again

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    I was looking for this for 30 years.
    I am gratefull beyond my ability to express it.
    Zork (the) Hun

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    Find it HERE.

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    Awesomeness! Ta!


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    The Dream/Nightmare/Dawn suite is so, so great. One of the extras on the DVD of Martin Scorsese’s George Harrison documentary is a live version of Dispute & Violence that’s even better than the original; a definite must-see for Ravi Shankar fans.

  • Willard
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    Thanks for the tip.

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    A great musician…
    R.I.P. Ravi…

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    Am hoping this has a track i heard 40 yrs ago

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