Project Moon Base (Mystery Science Theater – 1953)

PROJECT MOON BASE (1953) This one’s rich. Some convoluted story about a space station coup, but wait until you see the futuristic wireless phones they’ve got on Earth in 1970. There’s rarely anything as fun as watching the past’s future projections, especially from the viewpoint of a new century. If you’re old enough, you’ll remember this crap from its hey day or from local 60s creep shows. Col. Nelson’s NASA shrink from I Dream Of Jeannie (Hayden Rorke… you know him) shows up for a series of totally ridiculous scenes that would have sent a lesser man back to Kansas City and his old fry cook gig. Rorke delivers like a consummate pro, however, seemingly oblivious to each scenario’s increasing degree of stupidity. This one has everything from string-driven space models to a love interest plot that’s straight out of a ‘Gidget gets knocked unconscious’ episode. Note how the bad guy in the beginning has “Investor” written all over him. Music’s not bad, though. Creepy and spacy. As always with rank 50s sci-fi, you gotta love those space suits. New Movies, Fridays ‘Round Midnight.

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