CHUCK BERRY Johnny B. Goode – His Complete ’50s Chess Recordings (2007)

Johnny B. Goode – His Complete ’50s Chess Recordings (2007)
Chuck’s Original Schematics

A reader requested this and it sounded like a damn fine idea. A four-disc collection from Hip-O-Select, spotlighting Chuck Berry’s legendary celebration of the three chord R’n’R progression that would help alter the universe. Along for the ride, you also get a chance to hear the not-so-subtle country and R&B roots that would assist in shaping Chuck’s sound. Berry’s legend doesn’t end at Chess in the 50s, but this is the only place to start your training. Amazon.

Wee Wee Hours
Thirty Days (To Come Back Home)
Together (We Will Always Be)
You Can’t Catch Me
Rolli Polli (instrumental)
Down Bound Train
Berry Pickin’ (instrumental)
No Money Down
I’ve Changed
Drifting Heart
Brown Eyed Handsome Man
Roll Over Beethoven
Too Much Monkey Business
Maybellene (live)
Roll Over Beethoven (live)
Havana Moon
Rock And Roll Music (demo)
Untitled Instrumental
Deep Feeling (instrumental)
School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell)
Low Feeling (instrumental)
La Jaunda (Espanol)
Blue Feeling (instrumental)
How You’ve Changed
Oh Baby Doll

Rock And Roll Music (alternate)
Rock And Roll Music
13 Question Method (early version)
How High The Moon (instrumental)
Sweet Little Sixteen (demo)
Sweet Little Sixteen (take 3)
Sweet Little Sixteen (take 11)
Sweet Little Sixteen (original master)
Sweet Little Sixteen (sped up originally released version)
Rock At The Philharmonic (instrumental)
Guitar Boogie (instrumental)
Night Beat (take 3) (instrumental)
Night Beat (instrumental)
Time Was (slow version, take 4)
Time Was (slow version)
Reelin’ And Rockin’ (take 1)
Reelin’ And Rockin’ (takes 7/8)
Reelin’ And Rockin’
Chuckwalk (instrumental)
Johnny B. Goode (alt. take 2/3)
Johnny B. Goode
Around And Around (overdub take 2)
Around And Around (overdub take 3)
Around And Around
Ingo (overdub take 3) (instrumental)
Ingo (instrumental)

It Don’t Take But A Few Minutes
Blues For Hawaiians (instrumental)
Beautiful Delilah (alternate takes 15/16)
Beautiful Delilah (take 6)
21 Blues
21 (take 14)
Vacation Time
Oh Yeah
Hey Pedro
Time Was (fast version)
House Of Blue Lights
Jo Jo Gunne
Memphis Tennessee
Anthony Boy
Sweet Little Rock ‘n’ Roller (alternate take 5)
Sweet Little Rock ‘n’ Roller (take 11A)
Long Fast Jam (instrumental)
Long Slow Jam (instrumental)
Merry Christmas Baby
Merry Christmas Baby (alternate)
Run Rudolph Run

Little Queenie (take 8)
Little Queenie
That’s My Desire
Do You Love Me (alternate)
Do You Love Me
Almost Grown (take 14)
Almost Grown (take 28)
Almost Grown
Back In The U.S.A.
Blue On Blue (alternate a/k/a Upchuck) (instrumental)
Blue On Blue (instrumental)
Betty Jean (alternate take 14)
Betty Jean (alternate take 17)
Betty Jean
County Line
Childhood Sweetheart (alternate)
Childhood Sweetheart
One O’clock Jump (instrumental)
I Just Want To Make Love To You (take 3)
I Just Want To Make Love To You
Broken Arrow (take 21)
Broken Arrow
Let It Rock (alternate mix)
Let It Rock
Too Pooped To Pop (take 4A)
Too Pooped To Pop
THE ECUADORS – Say You’ll Be Mine
THE ECUADORS – Let Me Sleep Woman


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    Looks like a great addition to the Wormhole collection…

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    Elvis Costello once described Chuck Berry as the scariest man in the room. He also sang “Everyday I Write the Book”, but here’s the dude who really wrote the Book and the Hook. You cannot go wrong here. Thanks, amigo.

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    Next to The Great 28 (single disc), this is my favorite Chuck Berry compilation. Lots of interesting glimpses of his creative process here.

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    God bless you Willard.

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      Chuck did most of the work.

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    Think if we keep adding comments more people will go for this essential of everyone’s collection?

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    Hope so. It’s required reading and there will be questions on the test.

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      It’s not REQUIRED reading, but if you’d like to read a brilliant book about Chuck’s Chess recordings, get a copy of Fred Rothwell’s book Long Distance Information. It’s both a sessionography and a collection of insightful essays on Mr. Berry’s work. Nothing like it. Out of print, but available at Amazon.

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        Thanks for the tip.

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      Multiple guess, I hope.

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    Thanks a lot! Couldn’t we have You Never Can Tell: His Complete Chess Recordings 1960-1966 also?

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    Go, go, go Willard go, go, go Willard go… go Willard B. Goode! ;)

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    Like I’ve got money (never mind the space) to keep running out and buying CD-Rs! I thank you, and my perturbed girlfriend thanks you. LOL

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    Thanks for this!! I was wondering where to start with Chuck Berry. Thanks for other amazing posts too!!

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    Willard — Thanks loads for this. Absolutely essential. I have the Complete Chess Recordings and these Hip-O-Select sets are serious upgrades. Very much appreciated.

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    Even though I thought I already had alotta Chuck Berry music, I’ve come to learn from Willard that no matter how much of an artist’s music I have–Willard has alot of totally worth it more. Thanks Willard. Now I do have alotta Chuck Berry music, & that is good.

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    “Original schematics” heh heh – like it. Hey thanks Willard for taking the time to post and re-up all these great records. We really appreciate it!

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    This is really a well-done collection. Thanks!

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