PINK FLOYD The Ummagumma Reels (1969)

The Ummagumma Reels (1969)
The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

The raw tapes from Pink Floyd’s appearance at Manchester College on May 2, 1969. The music that would form the basis for the live half of Ummagumma. While the mixes are (naturally) different, there are also a few identifiable variations from what you’re long-familiar with. “Interstellar Overdrive” was pulled from release at the last-minute (we posted that track on its own last… er, three years ago) and the final track, “A Saucerful Of Secrets” was recorded at a Birmingham show in April, 1969 (the Ummagumma version is a composite of this version and the Manchester performance). Find Ummagumma at Amazon. These tapes, however, are unreleased. Sorry, but I was too lazy to upload a different streaming track.

Astronomy Domine (8:46)
Careful With That Axe, Eugene (9:28)
Interstellar Overdrive (13:35)
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (9:52)
A Saucerful Of Secrets (14:25)


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    Absolutly Great.I Love this early PF Stuff.Thank you so much for all the good things over the Years.

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    again, thank you. this is pretty awesome.

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    Aloha Captain! Once again you have made my day. You know yours is the first site I check every morning. I may not get something from you every time I visit, but I always enjoy seeing what you have posted… and reading your write ups.

    A very Big Mahalo from Hawai’i.


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    Thanks! I do like early Floyd. Also, late Gilmour, and the pair overlap on parts of his Remember That Night DVD, with Rick Wright, doing Astronomy Domine (well) & Echoes & various Barrett numbers. When I get round to it (um, One of These Days), I’ll extract the audio and share it if you like.

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    Thanks Willard! Your site rocks, as always.

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    neat-o!!!!!! thanks!

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    Cheers again, Willard.

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    What a nice addition to the official UmmaGumma tracks this provides! Thank you so much for this gem in excellent quality. More than 40 years old, and then this good – nice frequency response, good channel separation, excellent dynamics – wauw. You’ll not get much in a quality as good as this, so grab it while you can …. highly recommended from here.

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      Thanks Henning.

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    Aahhh! This is THE Pink Floyd!! First Pink Floyd album I ever heard, the day after it hit the local shop [my best friend worked there]. In particular the live half. I saw them here in Winnipeg in 1970 where, if memory serves, they played pretty much the whole of “Ummagumma”. I remember at one point [must have been a sort of intermission] the band left the stage and as they shut the stage door, a fly entered the concert hall and began to flying around. It must have been an early version of 5.1 audio: the fly flew ‘around’ the hall [two balconies], up to the top rear, down to the far left front, stage rear, up to the rafters……. The stage door opened [did I mention the lights were out?] and footsteps entered and someone began swatting at the fly, back and forth around the stage until… the buzzing stopped…. the footsteps exited…. and…. “Careful With That Axe, Eugene” began. When I came to……!!! Many thanks for the chance to hear more of my favourite Floyd.


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      Thanks for sharing.

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    looks great, thanks!!

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    Hi Captain. Thanks for the sharing PF – pity this one has been killed by DP?

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      New link up, thanks.

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    Thanks once again. Neat downloader experience with MEGA.

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      So far it works. The test (for me) is how long they can stay up. We’ll see on that one. Thanks.

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    Thank you Captain!

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    Very cool. I haven’t heard “Set the Controls…” in around 10 years, and for some reason, I;m feeling quite up for it. Thanks for all the cool Floyd stuff!

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