THE RUNAWAYS Japanese Singles Collection (2008) + THE (Fake) RUNAWAYS Young And Fast (1987)

Japanese Singles Collection (2008)
All You Really Need

Unless you’ve already got their first two albums, are one of the band’s rare fanatics… or are just your garden variety perv, this fine 14-track Japanese compilation just might be all you really need from The Runaways. Japanese Singles Collection offers up a concise gathering of low-level hits, odd live tracks and b-sides. Fact is, despite The Runaway’s 70s importance, the band’s talent was always thinly spread, Joan Jett notwithstanding. Between 1975 and 1977, however, the girls had their moments  (especially as it comes to time and place, thanks to Kim Fowley’s own perversions), so this obscure collection covers enough of the bases that deeper, sub-standard album tracks aren’t necessary. Amazon.

Cherry Bomb (2:20)
Blackmail (2:43)
Secrets (2:43)
Rock ‘N’ Roll (3:18)
Neon Angels On The Road To Ruin (3:29)
Queens Of Noise (3:28)
All Right You Guys (Live) (3:36)
Blackmail (Live) (3:17)
Little Sister (3:07)
School Days (2:55)
Mama Weer All Crazee Now (3:28)
Eight Days A Week (3:36)
Right Now (3:36)
Black Leather (3:51)


Young And Fast (1987)
Buyer Beware

A decade after the breakup of The Runaways, producer/mentor/denizen Kim Fowley thought the time was right for a new Runaways record. And, since he owned the rights to the name, that wasn’t hard to make happen. Amazingly, this roundly reviled album (no original members, natch) was quietly reissued on CD in 2010, no doubt to take advantage of The Runaways movie released the same year. (Stay true to yourself, Kim.) I’ll let The All Music Guide explain more about this misadventure… Kim Fowley specialized in exploitation and the 1987 incarnation of the Runaways may be his cheapest slice of sleaze ever. The Runaways had been dead for a decade when Fowley decided to capitalize on his rights to their trademark, inspired in part by a demo tape from teenage Kiwi singer Gayle Welch but also certainly by the continued success of Joan Jett and Lita Ford, the latter benefiting from the slick, seedy metal of the Sunset Strip. Fowley attempted to cash in on that trend: he manufactured a band around Welch and had her sing songs of teenage horniness and rock & roll. It’s a timeless formula that needs to be adapted for the times and, master con man that he is, Fowley did exactly that, having these Runaways perform odes to “S-P-E-E-D-M-E-T-A-L” and “Heavy Metal Nights” (and) dabble in guitar-laden power-ballads. Welch snarls like Cherie Currie – but the music is an anonymous LA thud delivered by wannabe studio rats (including a pre-Guns N Roses Gilby Clarke) but even that generic grind would be passable if the production wasn’t so chintzy and the songs so horrid, never mustering any energy, just hitting all the expected marks with the grace of drunken jailbait. It’s exploitation at its absolute worst: trashy and never fun. Amazon.

S-P-E-E-D M-E-T-A-L 3:07
Sex People 3:23
Afraid Of The Dark 3:39
Boots Of Fire 2:22
Heavy Metal Nights 3:18
Young And Fast 3:25
I Wanna Run With The Bad Boys 3:11
King Of The Neighborhood 3:37
It Won’t Be A (Black Day) 2:47
Scars 4:24


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    Find them both HERE

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    Thanks for the singles collection

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    Cherie Curie’s (original singer) book ‘Neon Angel’ is well worth a read, and gives quite an insight into Fowley’s behaviour and attitude towards his nubile product.
    Totally biased, of course. Rightly so.
    I’ve got a live gig over at mine that does suggest The Runaways were more than just a singles band; personally I’d love to have seen them live; all I had was Girlschool. Pah! roy

  • wiley prybar
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    Ever since we watched The Runaways movie, my wife is liable to burst out with
    “ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!” without warning. Now I can spin this disc and prompt
    delightful experience whenever I want!
    Thanks, Willard!

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      You might be revealing too much about what goes on at Casa de Prybar.

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    Thank you very much.

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