THE ROLLING STONES Stripped (Deluxe Edition) (1995)

Stripped (Deluxe Edition) (1995)
The 2nd Best Live Stones Album?

If you’ve listened to The Stones long enough to know when they’re not up to their own standards, you’ve probably also had a love/hate affair with their live albums. One of them is essential, and side four of another is brilliant, but many of the rest are simply documents of The Rolling Stones being The Rolling Stones – characterized by sped-up arrangements, exaggerated vocals and zero intimacy. But The Stones did something unique for their 1995 tour and resulting live album, Stripped. Instead of just recording yet another live spectacle, this time the band taped their rehearsals instead, along with a few intimate concerts, and assembled a collection of beautifully rendered, largely acoustic, classics that must rank among the group’s finest live recordings. Skip the first 2 songs – they’re just loud, arena-styled versions of “Street Fighting Man” & “Like A Rolling Stone” (both used for promotional purposes). After those typical attention-getters, you’ll find a lost treasure of richly-detailed, prime unplugged Stones that captures the essence of the original material, track after track after track. Imagine “Wild Horses,” “Sweet Virginia” and “Dead Flowers” performed with the proper conviction and speed, with none of the pomp & circumstance that usually accompanies a live Stones date. The band has always managed moments of intimacy, but hearing them pull it off like this, at this late date, is a total surprise, making Stripped the best live example of The Stones’ soft white underbelly you’ll likely ever hear. Possibly their last great live album. In addition to the oft-ignored original CD, there were B-sides, too. This faux Deluxe Edition gathers those together, along with some of the unreleased club material. It’s not all unplugged, but it’s all excellent. The original 1CD Stripped is at Amazon (HERE) for under a buck (often as cheap as a penny).

Street Fighting Man
Like A Rolling Stone
Not Fade Away
Shine A Light
The Spider And The Fly
I’m Free
Wild Horses
Let It Bleed
Dead Flowers
Slipping Away
Love In Vain
Sweet Virginia
Little Baby

Honest I Do
Let’s Spend The Night Together
No Expectations
Beast Of Burden
Memory Motel
Let It Bleed
Like A Rolling Stone (Single Version)
Black Limousine
All Down The Line
Live With Me
Tumbling Dice
Gimme Shelter
Dead Flowers
Shine A Light
Sweet Virginia
Rip This Joint



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    thanks or the music

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    cheers, thanks!

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    Thanks for sharing this. Martin from Canada.

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    Great stuff as always

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    Many thanx, I didn't even realize that this album had been released as Deluxe!

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    I didn't Know that too. Thanks

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    Because there isn't any deluxe version. Homemade but acceptable. Thank you again

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    Stripped is probably my favorite Stones disc of the past 25 years. There's also a great Stripped video floating around. I'm really looking forward to hearing the Deluxe package. The write-up is dead-on: After trudging through Flashpoint, No Security, Live Licks and any other obigatory post-tour releases, it's almost startling to hear how good and how nuanced a band they are in a more intimate setting, especially when Keith and Ron are playing acoustic guitar. Thanks so much for putting this together.

    - Coop

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    The latter year Stones have done nothing for me. But listening to these, they can be very good, as you stated.

    Many Thanks 4 the music!

    Cheers! CM

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    Excellently chosen cuts from a once top-notch band. thanx for this & that! ALL that…

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    From a long suffering fan that gave up on them in the 70s, the deluxe cd is a revelation.
    'Honest I Do' is actually an improvement on their debut album version.I'd love to get the entire Toshiba sessions, they are smoking esp Keith and the sound qulaity is excellent.
    Thank you so much
    Goma Soma III

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      Goma Soma III :

      EMI Studio (SODD-103)

      (56:24): Let’s Spend The Night Together, Honest I Do, The Spider And The Fly, No Expectations, Wild Horses, Memory Hotel, Love In Vain, Beast Of Burden, Slipping Away, Let It Bleed, Little Baby, Not Fade Away, I’m Free, Sweet Virginia

      With Stripped, released on November 13th 1995, The Rolling Stones wanted to present a bizarre hybrid between a live souvenir from the Voodoo Lounge tour and an “unplugged” style release so popular in the early nineties. The idea was to record cover tunes and some of their more obscure songs in the studio and include them along with tracks recorded live.

      The album reached #9 on the charts and reached platinum status and the two singles, their cover of Bob Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone” and “Wild Horses” were also minor hits. Stripped is out of print but is receiving the remaster treatment along with the rest of The Rolling Stones’ catalogue.

      The first studio sessions were recorded on their visit to Japan in March. Before their first show in Tokyo the band spend three days in EMI Studios in Tokyo and the final product contained “The Spider and the Fly,” “Wild Horses,” ”Slipping Away,” ”Love in Vain” and ”Little Baby” from that session. This tape contains an additional six songs from those sessions.

      The sound quality is excellent studio and these eleven tracks were obviously edited from the three day session. The presence of canned audience applause between some tracks suggests this might have been one of the directions they may have wanted to take this project.

      It is thought they recorded several others songs including “Angie,” “Heartbeat,” “I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone,” “The Last Time,” ”Make No Mistake,” “Parachute Woman,” and “The Worst.” None of these have yet surfaced from these sessions however.

      The final three tracks are the others recorded in the studio. They originate from sessions recorded between July 23rd to 26th in Estudios Valentim De Carvalho in Lisbon, Portugal. They also recorded versions of Howlin’ Wolf’s “Down In The Bottom” and Muddy Waters’ “Still A Fool” among others, but nothing other than the three songs on Stripped have surfaced.

      The cover artwork is the cover of Stripped duplicated many times in a checkerboard layout. Overall, with the official re-release of Stripped due, EMI Studio serves as an interesting companion piece to the original since it both contains additional tracks that were not included on the original and also for being an early conception of the album.

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    thanks man. i didn't even know this
    existed. wow, one of the hottest
    blogs. you're king of coolness!

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    "King of Coolness?" Can I use that on my resume? Thanks for the comments, all.

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    Just found your site,looks like I'm gonna be spending a lot of time here.

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    As Always I agree with you it was a real treat when this came out not that I have ever grown bored of them but it helped to show just how good they still could be
    Super post as always all we we want is this 13th Elevators treat and we will all be happy Regards the boat still carries us on……………..

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    Outstanding Willard. Thanks for the effort of upping this!

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    taro nombei
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    not sure I ever said thanks when I grabbed this first time around… it's on regular rotation at our place.
    I really enjoyed the 'shine a light' movie — I know quite a few people didn't — but music-wise it's nothing on these Stripped tracks.
    Much appreciated!

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    thanks a lot for those shares. Excellent, as all your gems.?
    Thanks again!

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    I went right for the deluxe version. I like it better than the regular version. Thanks

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    Thanks for all this wonderful music!

    PS: Would you please tell me where and when was this version of "Like a Rolling Stone" recorded? Thanks again.

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    Capt. Willard
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    The liner notes are not specific, stating only "All tracks from performances at The Paradiso Club, Amsterdam, Holland; The Olympia Theatre, Paris, France; and rehearsals in Tokyo, Japan and Lisbon Portugal."

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    Find it HERE.

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    According to the estimable Time Is on Our Side, the album version of Like a Rolling Stone was recorded at L'Olympia, Paris, France in July 1995:
    (Hey what's 18 months for an answer?)

    Cap'n, I assume the brilliant side is the El Mocambo Love You Live, and the "great" live album is Ya-Yas. If so, I agree. Any views on the expanded Ya-Yas? I think it shows how carefully the Stones honed that album — their extra material is fine, but different. One of these days, I'll try listening to the whole thing, including BB & Ike & Tina, in the live running order. Meanwhile, the Prodigal Son & You Gotta Move sound rather like … Stripped!

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    Thanks Pete. Yeah, that was my secret speak to connoisseurs. I enjoyed the new Ya Yas, but lived with the old one too long to think anything might top it. Thanks for commenting, as always.

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    I didn’t know there was a Dlx Ed of this one. I have thoroughly enjoyed the single disc, so I’m looking forward to part two.

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      Not officially, but you’ll like it just the same – or your money back.

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    Love the artwork — dunno how I missed this. Thanks for the re-up!

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    Johnny Kinkdom
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    My source for Disc 2 has Tracks 1-6 recorded at Toshiba Studios, Tokyo [3-5-95], Tracks 8, 10, 15, 16 recorded at Brixton Academy [7-19-95], Tracks 9, 12-14 recorded at the Paradiso, Amsterdam [5-27-95] and tracks 7, 11 recorded at the Olympia, Paris [7-3-95].

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    Thanks for the post and the tip,Willard.Looking forward to hearing this.

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    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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    Wow! You weren’t kidding about this. I’m only part way through Disc 1 and already think that it’s the best live (audio) Stones recording around. Thanks again!

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    Havent heard disc 2, but I cant imagine it bering anything but as great as disc 1!
    Thanx for sharing this one W!
    Next to GYYYO!, my favorite other Live Stones was a boot called Bedspring Symphony!


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    Is there a way to reup this? The link is dead.
    thanks d

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      New links up, thanks.

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    Thanks. However MEG doesn’t like my browsers. Oh well. Thanks anyway

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      Try it now. Just grab Chrome as a back up. We’re going to be using MEG more and more since Deposit is not as viable anymore.

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    thank you. can’t get chrome until I update my os
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      I had the same problem until recently. I still use Safari but keep Chrome as a back up.

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    this seems like as good a place as any to post a comment, have stumbled across your site before but never took the time to dig in. holy smokes…. this is a treasure trove. i have alot of music but am finding stuff here that is amazing and unexpected. i’ll be back- much more to explore. thanks so much for all the efforts!!!

    the wife and i have been a fans of stripped for years. it always seems to get panned. glad you are showing some love. looking forward to hearing the second disk.

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    Cool, thanks.

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    I was totally unaware of a luxe edition and definitely very curious….thanks!

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      Read the fine print.

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    Ahhh….I actually didn’t need to (though I did indeed read it to confirm). A moment or two after I read your reply and thought about it, I was like “ohhhhhh…got it”:-). Makes it that much better. Nice mock-up on the cover, too! Thanks again, W.

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