VARIOUS ARTISTS A Place For You – A Tribute To Gil Scott-Heron (2011)

A Place For You (2011)
A Little Something For Gil

I forget what I was poking around for when I stumbled on this, a righteously expert tribute to Gil Scott-Heron that surfaced not long after his death in May, 2011.  The main theme involves a Marvin Gaye riff, from “Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler),” and an original composition (spearheaded by French vocalist, Sandra Nkake). There’s also a musical introduction to the project that’s delivered in an effectively ghostly fashion, mimicking Heron’s style, and attitude. The remixers make ample hay of the Marvin riff, blending and bending it into reggae, hip-hop and different groove musics. I quibbled with a couple, but overall liked the entire package. The one-page tribute, HERE, credits all the other artists involved. You can download the poorly tagged 160 kbps files individually from the source… or you can grab a more organized zip in comments.

A Place For You (Original Track) (6:04)
Introducing A Place For You (2:04)
Mark de Clive Lowe Remix (4:28)
Loik Dury Remix (4:18)
Dj OIL Remix (7:07)
Grant Phabao Remix (5:43)
Vadim Vernay Remix (3:51)
Jeff Sharel Remix (6:33)
Doctor L Remix (5:30)


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