The Brain From Planet Arous (1957)

arousTHE BRAIN FROM PLANET AROUS (1957) Resoundingly stupid, and all the greater for it, with a concocted plot about the radioactivity discovered at “Mystery Mountain.” Start a drinking game tied to that phrase to get this movie’s full effect. The producers filmed this one in the deserts behind the studios – a classic no-funds shortcut. The best scene is the opening credits, boasting a rousing score and a spooky, approaching light in the background. The “brain” itself is cheap, Outer Limits quality, and some of the music sounds like it came from 30s serials, but the director (whose resume includes Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman and The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad) does his b-movie best by adding some atmospheric shots to a script that is little more than another body-snatcher type story, with a few twists. You gotta love the horny aliens, though, from from “aroused” planet Arous. You can just imagine their carnal lust providing the cues for all the jocks at the drive-ins to feel-up their dates. B-movie great, John Agar stars. EXCLAMATION-MARKED TAG LINE: “Science Fiction’s Most Astounding Story!” DIALOG ALERT: “After I’m gone, your Earth will be free to live out its miserable span of existence, as one of my satellites, and that’s how it’s going to be!” Find this one at Amazon, HERE. New Movies, Fridays ‘Round Midnight.


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    Willard — apart from its intrinsic, uh, merits, this film also figures as an interesting footnote to both American TV and political history. The true story of its significance to the 1964 Democratic National Convention can be found here.

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    Willard – Thanks for posting this — I’m suitably Arous-ed. Never missed a John Agar flick!

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