THE BANGLES Sweetheart Of The Sun (2011) – Produced By Matthew Sweet

Sweetheart Of The Sun (2011)
Matthew Sweet Makes The Past OK

I’ll admit, I haven’t listened to The Bangles in a long, long time. So, they may have been this clever all throughout the 90s/00s. But this union with pop great Matthew Sweet is so perfect it makes your teeth ache. Some may view it as inevitable, given Susanna Hoffs work with Sweet on a trio of wonderful covers albums (Under The Covers Vols. 1,2 & 3, HERE). So, the idea of the Bangles being taken over by a true pop producer, with real ideas about production, harmonies, arrangements, etc…. could work. Could suck, of course… but this one works. These types of situations are always about attitude and adventurism, and all participants have plenty to spare. Weaker compositions are buoyed by the musical arrangements, where a new bridge or a vamp acts as an excuse for a boatload of fresh harmonies. As cheap as a buck at Amazon, HERE.

Anna Lee (Sweetheart Of The Sun) (3:31)
Under A Cloud (4:07)
Ball N Chain (3:51)
I’ll Never Be Through With You (3:41)
Mesmerized (3:47)
Circles In The Sky (4:04)
Sweet And Tender Romance (2:12)
Lay Yourself Down (3:23)
One Of Two (3:40)
What A Life (3:22)
Through Your Eyes (3:51)
Open My Eyes (3:00)


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    Thanks a bunch Willard. I’m not sure how, but this one kinda slid under the radar.

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      Probably because it was the Bangles.

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    Only three Bangles now, huh? M. Sweet is the fifth Bangle?

    Anyway – thanks – this looks intriguing.

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    You said it nicely, I picked up an advance and am suitably impressed. I nlet go of the Bangles after their breakup and really didn’t pay much attention to Susannah’s solo efforts. I wish I had…she did a great version of Jonathan Edward’s Sunshine as a B-side that I found on a Cassingle (remember those? I have about 200 with non-LP tracks) that had I been paying attention when she issued it would have assured me she was still tuned in…I found it years later by accident. Did you ever hear her with ‘Rainy Days’ a loose collective of L.A. Paisley Underground buddies doing Buffalo Springfield etc covers that is not bad , though not as reverential as the Under The Covers series… I wish they’d continue that project and go back to0 the 60s again. T^he Bangles deserve the love Matthew Sweet can give them. I hope their partnership continues for a while. Say what ever happened to The Thorns, too?

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    This is great!


    I need to get my blood sugar checked. I’m in insulin shock.

    If there were just a little more justice in the world, this would be a bigger hit than their 80s albums.

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    Fantastic! Thanks for this (and for all the others that I didn’t thank you for. New Year’s resolution #7–leave thank you notes.)

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      New Year’s resolution #4 – to respond to them.

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    Cool, thanks for this.

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    In a perfect world, this CD would make everyone forget “Walk Like An Egyptian” (I’m still trying to!)! Great stuff, thank you for posting it! If only they had sounded this good back in the day. Sigh.

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    Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Susanna….Thanks.Bought it for Christmas. A good record

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    Thanks for the Bangles Willard! The Barnes and Noble exclusive version of the album features the bonus acoustic tracks “Through Your Eyes” and “What a Life.” Can you get them??

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      Didn’t know they existed. Maybe someone can help.

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    I never heard this and I like it…it makes me think that these gals are a present day version of Harper’s Bizarre…

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    Thanks, W.

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