VINCENT GALLO Buffalo 66 (1998) & When (2001)

Buffalo 66 (Soundtrack 1998)
When (2001)
When The Going Gets Weird, The Weird Turn Pro

Not familiar with the music of actor/director, all around strange guy Vincent Gallo? Here are a couple of great places to start. Unlike most actors who make music, Gallo is a unique and authentic original. There’s not a commercial bone in his body. His music is druggy, minimalist and often incomprehensible – usually with no beginning, middle or end. I’m personally fascinated by his work, though… the next guy is just as likely to hit the eject button. 2001’s When is Vinny’s full-length debut and, as you listen to the title track (below), remember that that‘s Gallo’s singing voice (shades of Jimmy Scott). As for his equally curious thinking on filmmaking, Christina Ricci’s bowling alley dream dance to King Crimson’s “Moonchild” from Buffalo 66 (HERE) is intriguing… not to mention the authentically real blow job he talked actress Chloe Sevigny into for The Brown Bunny (HERE, you were warned). A visit to Gallo’s website (HERE) is even stranger. He sells his sperm for a cool million. He’s performed with Jean Michel Basquiat, John Frusciante & Sean Lennon, but his music is best savored without necessarily understanding its merits. Worth your time if you enjoy the inexplicable. Both Buffalo 66 (HERE) and When (HERE) are at Amazon.

Lonely Boy (2:02)
A Falling Down Billy Brown
Fools Rush In (2:53)
KING CRIMSON – Moonchild (2:29)
Drowning in Brown
A Somewhere Place (3:22)
A Wet Cleaner (3:02)
Sixteen Seconds Happy (1:15)
STAN GETZ – I Remember When (3:00)
With Smiles & Smiles & Smiles
YES – Heart of the Sunrise (10:35)
YES – Sweetness
A Cold & Grey Summer Day (3:19

I Wrote This Song For The Girl Paris Hilton (4:10)
My Beautiful White Dog (4:01)
Was (3:25)
Honey Bunny (4:22)
Laura (4:59)
Cracks (3:36)
Apple Girl (3:14)
Yes I’m Lonely (3:51)
A Picture Of Her (6:44)


  • Mona
    March 14, 2009 - 11:32 | Permalink

    Thanx for these/ he is a bit of a character our Vincent isn't he.

  • winkingtiger
    March 14, 2009 - 19:48 | Permalink

    Your selections are consistently excellent, and by that I mean bizarre. Keep up the amazing work! :)

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    Thanks very much..wonderful post

  • Art Ducko
    March 18, 2009 - 09:30 | Permalink

    Love it, get it (I think). Shades of Vangelis/"Blade Runner" on "A Wet Cleaner" ("Blood Runner"?). Will listen more. Thanks again.

  • Capt. Willard
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    Thanks for commenting.

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    Thanks–great blog, never a dull moment…

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    I have both of these on Vinyl… But this saves me the trouble of ripping and transporting to my little pocket player…

  • W
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    Find them both HERE

  • September 7, 2014 - 08:09 | Permalink

    I’d owned Gallo’s “Music for Film” and really dug it at the time, but have never heard these and am very much looking forward to doing so. Thanks; the range of your taste is tremendous and I always find great surprises here.

  • zappahead
    October 2, 2014 - 09:11 | Permalink

    Thanks for these Willard …..seems a bit of a character away from the silver screen and recording studio but very interesting jazz like feel to his stuff…much obliged.

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