ANALOG BIRDS Musique Concrete (2007)

Musique Concrete (2007)
Strangely Unheard Pop

Analog Birds is readying a new online release in the coming months, so we thought we’d prime the pump by re-offering this, an excellent taste of their work. Analog Birds is J. Ward (Asa Milbankx), Timothy McNicholas and Bronson Stevic (Ali A.B.), and friends (who brought along violins, cellos, banjos and trombones). The unsigned band’s three online-only releases include 2004’s Out Of Sight and Don’t Let It Slow You Down, and this amazingly melodic issue from 2007, Musique Concrete. We’ll do the same thing we did when we posted Asa Milbankx’ 2009 solo album (as The Latters, Simple Shapes + Patterns HERE)… player the first few tunes so you can hear for yourself the seemingly effortless range of ideas, the easy-going intertwining of material and those exquisite pop vocals. I still hesitate to use comparisons when discussing these guys, as they’re rarely accurate. You might hear a touch of esoterica suggesting a deep Godley & Creme cut, a hint of Emitt Rhodes in a dual vocal harmony or a majestic falsetto worthy of any Wilson. While a lilting passage might easily suggest there’s a group appreciation for Friends or Sunflower. What’s amazing, however, is the melodies and invention aren’t cribbed from any old albums. The Birds offer a fresh take on pop music – sans the ancient blueprints, minus the clichés and, in their place, a uniquely original style that’s… strangely unheard. Many of these tracks linger around the 2 minute mark, yet they’re all stuffed with eager harmonies and dreamlike instrumentation. Repeated listens will confirm this music is refreshingly off the beaten path, while each track is its own little surprise… and it’s as consistently winning (from start to finish) as the aforementioned Latters release. You’re advised to bookmark Mount (HERE) and check in for all sorts of free range creativity from Analog Birds, Asa Milbankx and their friends. Download Musique Concrete HERE.


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    Grab a 320 MP3 version (10 tracks plus PDF booklet) HERE

    For mire options, including FLAC… HERE

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    This looks compelling. Thanks for the share!

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    This is more great stuff from Asa Milbankx. Thanks

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    Excellent sweet stuff Willard

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