MILES DAVIS The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions (2003)

The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions (2003)
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The original 1970 LP sounded like a brutally raw response to the swirling cut & paste psychedelia of Bitches Brew. Still does, actually. But, the novelty of a jazz guy rockin’ out is now long past the point of understanding how it could even be a novelty in the first place. These days the original, heavily edited sides that make up A Tribute To Jack Johnson, “Right Off” (26:54) and “Yesternow” (25:35), still retain their spacey first take allure, despite being massive cut ups themselves. The jams that would form the basis for Jack Johnson (and others) are a ragged array of naked funk, rock and soul constructs, recorded from February to June, 1970. With dueling guitarists (hear John McLaughlin and Sonny Sharrock on the player, below), the occasional three-keys line up and lots of stark back beats, you might sometimes be reminded of a Sly Stone rehearsal, before Sly shows up. I loved the original LP back in the day, and not just because it pissed off most everyone I forced it on. Yet another all-star roster includes; Chick Corea, Sonny Sharrock, John McLaughlin, Dave Holland, Jack DeJohnette, Steve Grossman, Billy Cobham, Mike Henderson, Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarrett, Airto Moreira, Bennie Maupin, Ron Carter and Hermeto Pasoal. Material from these sessions would also appear on Live Evil, Big Fun, Get Up With It and Directions. Most of it is previously unissued (in this uncut form). Fantastic pics and liners. Look at that cover, just beggin’ for purchase, isn’t it? Amazon has it, HERE.

Willie Nelson (Take 2) (6:43)
Willie Nelson (Take 3) (10:23)
Willie Nelson (Insert 1) (6:33)
Willie Nelson (Insert 2) (5:24)
Willie Nelson (Remake Take 1) (10:45)
Willie Nelson (Remake Take 2) (10:19)
Johnny Bratton (Take 4) (8:19)
Johnny Bratton (Insert 1) (6:40)
Johnny Bratton (Insert 2) (5:21)
Archie Moore (4:45)

Go Ahead John (Part 1) (13:09)
Go Ahead John (Part Two A) (7:02)
Go Ahead John (Part Two B) (10:07)
Go Ahead John (Part Two C) (3:40)
Go Ahead John (Part One Remake) (11:06)
Duran (Take 4) (5:39)
Duran (Take 6) (11:22)
Sugar Ray (6:16)

Right Off (Take 10) (11:10)
Right Off (Take 10A) (4:34)
Right Off (Take 11) (6:00)
Right Off (Take 12) (8:50)
Yesternow (Take 16) (9:51)
Yesternow (New Take 4) (15:48)
Honky Tonk (Take 2) (10:06)
Honky Tonk (Take 5) (11:29)

Ali (Take 3) (6:50)
Ali (Take 4) (10:16)
Konda (16:32)
Nem Um Talvez (Take 17) (2:51)
Nem Um Talvez (Take 19) (2:50)
Little High People (Take 7) (6:53)
Little High People (Take 8) (9:29)
Nem Um Talvez (Take 3) (4:38)
Nem Um Talvez (Take 4A) (2:05)
Selim (Take 4B) (2:17)
Little Church (Take 7) (3:18)
Little Church (Take 10) (3:15)

The Mask (Part One) (7:49)
The Mask (Part Two) (15:48)
Right Off (26:54)
Yesternow (25:35)


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    Search HERE

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    My fingers tremble with excitement as I type t-t-t-t-thanks. See ya I’m off to elsewhere etc.

  • miles
    March 20, 2012 - 10:18 | Permalink


    Your recent Miles Davis roll is no doubt a wet dream for anyone not already familiar with his gargantuan genius, and perhaps even for those didn’t feel compelled to pick this stuff up when the originals, or the ‘complete’ sessions first became available. Your generosity in sharing these recordings can’t be understated. Even though I’m quite familiar with all you’ve offered, I thank nevertheless thank you on behalf of others. Might I suggest however that you consider including at least one post of his pre-60’s material in order to present a well rounded picture that illustrates the arc of his career from bebop to through to these progressive outings? Just a suggestion.

    Your friend.

    • buzzbabyjesus
      March 21, 2012 - 20:38 | Permalink

      I have 8 classic Miles Davis albums I never played more than twice, because I don’t really like jazz. The electric stuff is something else.

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    Thanks for all the great ups! You have one of the consistently highest quality blogs around.

  • Adam Crocker
    March 20, 2012 - 15:51 | Permalink

    Niiiicccceee. Haven’t given this a listen yet though I will soon, and I imagine that the cuts from the original album will be going on my MP3 player to soundtrack my morning workouts like I did with On the Corner.

    “Fantastic pics and liners. Look at that cover, just beggin’ for purchase, isn’t it?”

    Indeed. Despite the music being up here digitally I want to get these boxes when I have the capital since I love the liner notes and being an illustrator by hobby and passion I love well design packaging.

  • ate2zee
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    This is great–actually buzzbabyjesus said it better so I’ll ditto that. Thanks for On The Corner as well. I tried to leave a thank you comment on that post, but must have messed up my click on that one. I treasure all your Miles Davis posts, lets put it that way. .

  • Mr.W
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    Why does this feel so good? Willard, you so know what we want – and need! Thankyou so much for the sharing, and the effort beyond – Music always makes that difference …

  • Sean
    March 21, 2012 - 13:38 | Permalink

    I love this LP and the box set is very good, too.

    I don’t like that the book is loose but just hearing these tracks is a joy. Worth the price just to hear the story that Herbie Hancock was forced to play on a session even though he was just stopping by to drop off a copy of his new record.

    Miles just said “Play!” and Herbie wanted to leave because he had been grocery shopping and needed to get his food back to the house. “I had milk”.

    Unlike Willard, I have not found anybody who does not dig this. Perhaps I have weeded all the purists out of my circle?

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Willard
    March 21, 2012 - 13:43 | Permalink

    In 1970, haters were quite easy to find.

  • Tom Wheeler
    March 21, 2012 - 23:15 | Permalink

    I use this album of an example of how much of my record collection in the early seventies was gotten out of the Kmart cut out bin in Pasdena, Texas for 99 cents a piece. Bitches Brew was a counter-culture hit, probably as much for the cover as the contents. Jack Johnson was a reject, a soundtrack from a film which received almost no distribution. I remember I took it to North Texas State with me and played it for a friend who loved Mahivishnu Orchestra, but was appalled at the simplicity of John McLaughlin;s playing on Right Off. Needless to say, this has remained one of my favorite Miles Davis records. What the box sets show is what a master collagist Teo Maceo was inventing the grammar practitioners of Pro Tools now take for granted.

  • Leon
    March 23, 2012 - 22:18 | Permalink

    My favorite Miles album. And I only have it on vinyl, so thanks for the digital here.

  • wyatt
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    I’m doing a little celebration dance for the miles of smiles you have shared! The man’s brilliance and output is staggering and impressive and truly inspirational.Let’s hear it for the man with the trumpet, and the host with the most!

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    Hey there, it looks like the MF link for disc 3 has (just?) gone out. I swear I checked it 10 minutes ago but now it seems to be gone.

    As everybody has said, thanks for this all. MF is by far my favorite and is the simplest site to use, and even though I have other ways of getting this I appreciate any ratio hits I can save myself.

  • Willard
    December 8, 2012 - 15:20 | Permalink

    New link up, thanks Vic. Yeah, MF is the best, but they have a new detection system now which is causing problems. It has nothing to do with being reported. From what I can tell, if certain music is targeted all it takes is a download to trigger it. So it goes.

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    Many thanks for this one. This is great. And Thanks for your great site.

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    I’ve been meaning to catch up with this one for some time. This and On The Corner have to be the extreme end of Mile’s rock jones.

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    Any chance there’ll be Zippy links for this, as the DF one’s aren’t working for me, thanks in advance

    • Willard
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      Nope. Try using a different browser.

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    OK, Thanks anyway :)

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