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NEW RELEASES: Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Paul Simon, Rolling Stones, Mudcrutch (Tom Petty), Grateful Dead, Monkees, Philip Glass, The Beach Boys & Carl Wilson

The old guard is coming out in force during the next few months with new albums. Some video and streaming samples are included. Click the covers (or links) to preorder at Amazon.

Fallen Angels
(May 20, 2016)
Another Covers Album

FROM AMAZON: Fallen Angels is the 37th studio album from Bob Dylan. Featuring twelve classic American tunes written by some of music’s most acclaimed and influential songwriters including Johnny Mercer, Harold Arlen, Sammy Cahn And Carolyn Leigh, the album showcases Dylan’s unique and much-lauded talents as a vocalist, arranger and bandleader. The “Jack Frost”-produced album marks the first new music from the artist since his 2015 release, Shadows In The Night, which also showcased Dylan’s interpretations of classic American songs. That album reached the Top 10 in seventeen countries, including #7 in the U.S. Preorder at Amazon, HERE.

I Still Do
(May 20, 2016)
Glyn Johns Produces

FROM AMAZON: Eric Clapton has reunited with famed producer Glyn Johns for his 23rd studio album, I Still Do, set for release on his Bushbranch Records/Surfdog Records. Clapton and Johns, who has also produced albums for The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and The Who, most famously worked together on Clapton’s iconic Slowhand album. The 12-track record includes some original songs written by EC. Preorder at Amazon, HERE.

RollingStonesTotallyStripped300THE ROLLING STONES
Totally Stripped
(June 3, 2016)
Two To Five Disc CD/DVD Editions

The Rolling Stones are revisiting their excellent 1995 live album, Stripped, to offer a series of new Deluxe, Super Deluxe and Amazon Exclusive CD/DVD combos that will feature three complete shows from the spring of 1995 – The Paradiso in Amsterdam, L’Olympia in Paris and Brixton Academy in London – that were used to compile Stripped. As regular readers know, we’ve had a fake 2CD Deluxe Edition of Stripped in the archives (HERE) since 2008. As cool as it is, being one of the Stones better live albums, the new official versions look much better. Preorder at Amazon, HERE.

Mudcrutch 2
(May 20, 2016)
After 8 Years… A Follow-Up

FROM AMAZON: Tom Petty has confirmed details of a new album from Mudcrutch, his pre-Heartbreakers band with Mike Campbell, Tom Leadon, Randall Marsh, and Benmont Tench. Aptly titled Mudcrutch 2, the band’s sophomore album arrives eight years after the band’s debut full-length. Its release coincides with a US tour kicking off in late May. As a first listen, “Trailer” is a twangy, nostalgia-filled rocker. Preorder at Amazon, HERE.

Stranger To Stranger
(June 3, 2016)
Influenced By Harry Partch???

FROM AMAZON: One of the most remarkable things about Paul Simon’s extraordinary new masterpiece, Stranger to Stranger, his 13th solo record, is that it conjures a vivid and vital new context to his well-established genius as a singer and songwriter. Full of thrilling textures that feel fresh and modern, while still offering subtle and artful allusions to our shared musical past, Stranger to Stranger’s significant sonic breakthrough came when Simon wrote the song ‘Insomniac s Lullaby,’ and found himself reminded of the musical possibilities first suggested by Harry Partch the 20th Century American composer and theorist who created custom-made instruments in microtonal tunings. Besides recording sounds from various Partch instruments, one of the key realizations Simon gathered from Partch was the observation that singing in music is akin to human speech, and Simon started to shape vocal lines on the album that way. Here, his strong voice and conversational lyrics usher us into a brave new musical world where expectations are defied and exceeded. Simon worked with producer Roy Halee. Preorder at Amazon, HERE.

Grateful Dead Red RocksGRATEFUL DEAD
Red Rocks – 7/8/78
(May 13, 2016)
Three Disc Set

FROM AMAZON: In the history of Grateful Dead performances, 1978 is widely praised as one of the group’s finest years. This set marks the official debut of one of their first ever performances at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre, a show highly sought-after by Dead Heads. The complete July 8, 1978 show at Red Rocks is widely considered one of the greatest concerts in Grateful Dead history. Preorder at Amazon, HERE.

Good Times!
(May 27, 2016)
Jesus, What An Awful Cover

FROM AMAZON: The Monkees celebrate its 50th anniversary with the group’s first new album in 20 years. Good Times! features all three surviving band members Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork. The unmistakable voice of the late Davy Jones is also included with a vintage vocal featured on one song. Producing the album is Grammy and Emmy-winning songwriter Adam Schlesinger (Fountains Of Wayne, Ivy). Much like The Monkees’ early albums, Good Times! features tracks written specifically for the band by some of the music world’s most gifted songwriters, including Rivers Cuomo (Weezer), Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie), Andy Partridge (XTC) and Zach Rogue (Rogue Wave). Harry Nilsson wrote the title track, “Good Times,” which he recorded at a session with Nesmith in January 1968. The production was never completed, so the band returned to the original session tape (featuring Nilsson’s guide vocal) and have created a duet with his close friend Dolenz. The album also includes songwriting contributions by Nesmith and Tork, as well as producer Schlesinger. Preorder at Amazon, HERE.

Beach BoysCarlTHE BEACH BOYS Live At The Fillmore East 1971 (May 6, 2016)
CARL WILSON Too Early To Tell – Live At The Bottom Line, 1981 (Available Now)
Buyer Beware, They’re May Be At Amazon, But Neither Are Legitimate Releases

FROM AMAZON: THE BEACH BOYS – This set, recorded live on the closing night of New York’s Fillmore East in 1971, captures the group at a time when their performance abilities were at a peak and just as they were finishing up the recording of one of their finest late-era studio albums, Surf’s Up. Although Brian was no longer performing with the band, and Dennis Wilson (due to a hand injury) had been replaced on drums by Mike Kowalski, the core group of Carl Wilson, Mike Love and Al Jardine was still intact. Carl Wilson handles most of the lead vocals. The band opens with the complex and intriguing SMiLE era tune, “Heroes And Villains,” followed with several memorable, vintage Beach Boys hits, specifically “Do It Again,” “Help Me Rhonda” and “Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” here performed in its full length version. Bruce Johnston takes the lead on a rendition of Elton John’s “Your Song.” At Amazon, HERE.

FROM AMAZON: CARL WILSON – By the early 1980s, The Beach Boys were in disarray and the band had split into a number of camps. Frustrated with their sluggish recording schedules, lack of new material and reluctance to rehearse, Carl Wilson took a leave of absence in 1981. He quickly recorded and released a solo album, Carl Wilson, composed largely of rock n’ roll songs co-written with Myrna Smith-Schilling, a former backing vocalist for Elvis Presley and Aretha Franklin, and wife of Wilson’s then-manager Jerry Schilling. Carl also undertook a solo tour to promote the album, becoming the first member of the Beach Boys to break ranks. Initially, Wilson and his band played clubs like The Bottom Line in New York City and the Roxy in Los Angeles. Thereafter, he joined the Doobie Brothers as opening act for their 1981 summer tour. This CD features the full show Carl and band performed at The Bottom Line on 13th April 1981, a performance recorded for live broadcast across the greater New York area. Featuring all eight tracks from the Carl Wilson album plus a gorgeous rendition of “Long Promised Road” from Surf’s Up, a rousing cover of Sam and Dave’s “I Thank You,” and a couple of numbers featuring Myrna Smith on lead vocals – including, curiously covers of Pat Benatar songs. Preorder at Amazon, HERE.

The Symphonies
(April 22, 2016)
Limited Edition Of 2,500 11CD Box Sets

INFO: This collection features conductor Dennis Russell Davies who has arranged the commission of nine of ten Glass symphonies, leading the orchestras over which he has presided during the past 15 years including the Bruckner Orchester Linz, Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, Sinfonieorchester Basel, and the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra. This collection is the fruit of a 20 year collaboration between Glass and Davies and showcases a wide variety within this surprising body of work by Glass. Symphonies Nos. 1 Low (1992) is based on the music of David Bowie and Brian Eno and represents Glass’ first step into the history of symphonic writing. Symphony No. 4 Heroes (1996) is also based on the music of Bowie & Brian Eno and was created as a – symphonic ballet. Both are new recordings that were released individually by OMM in 2014 with the Sinfonieorchester Basel. Symphonies Nos. 2 (1994), No. 8 (2005), Symphony No. 9 (2012), and Symphony No. 10 (2012) are purely instrumental works for large orchestras. Symphony No.6 Plutonian Ode (2002) is based on Allen Ginsberg’s epic poem and features soprano Lauren Flanigan. The massive Symphony No.5 – Requiem, Bardo, Nirmanakaya (1999) is a choral symphony with an outstanding roster of soloists including Eric Owens, Denyce Graves and Ana Maria Martinez. Symphony No.7 – Toltec (2005) is a grand affair invoking the Toltec tradition of ancient Mesomerica. Preorder at Amazon, HERE.

The above is not a part of The Symphonies Box Set. It is a two-hour, January 29th, 2016 live webcast of the MIT Music and Theater Art’s “Orchestral Tribute to David Bowie”, from MIT, featuring Philip Glass’s Symphony No. 1, “Low” and Symphony No. 4, “Heroes.” Skip to 7:40 to get straight to the performance.


DICK CAMPBELL Sings Where It’s At (1965) w/ Mike Bloomfield & Paul Butterfield Blues Band – Ask Bob Dylan If Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

Dick Campbell Sings Where It's AtDick Campbell Sings Where Its At (1965)
Speaking Of Dick Campbell…

Dick Campbell was a low-level music veteran in 1965, when he penned a couple of songs modeled on Bob Dylan’s genre-bending electric conversion. Mercury Records (smelling a new trend) liked what they heard, enough to commission more anyway, and in two weeks Campbell came back with this set of songs, hired Dylan cohort Mike Bloomfield, Paul Butterfield (with members of his Blues Band, drummer Sam Lay & organist Mark Naftalin) and bassist Peter Cetera (of The Exceptions, later of Chicago) to record this tribute/homage/parody/cash-in, clearly designed to ride the electric folk wave Dylan was currently cresting on. There have been plenty of artists over the years saddled by the press with the albatross title, “The New Dylan,” but Dick Campbell was actively courting the connection in 1965 (the same year Bob’s Bringing It All Back Home and Highway 61 Revisted were released). Though… in Dick’s defense, many a well-traveled road’s been paved with early 60s singers/songwriters looking for a way – any way – into the music business. The merits of Sings Where It’s At will be strictly in the ear of the beholder… or among rabid Dylanologists, 60s fetishists and Paul Butterfield completists. This is a vinyl rip, so expect some crackling 60s ambiance. Six years later, Campbell would appear as a more nuanced composer and vocalist on (our previous post), Gary Usher’s lost album, Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt (HERE). Find Dick Campbell Sings Where It’s At @ Amazon, HERE.

The Blues Peddlers (2:55)
You’ve Got To Be Kidding (3:15)
Sandi (2:42)
The People Planners (2:41)
Aphrodite’s Child (3:23)
Despairs Cafeteria (2:59)
Approximately Four Minutes Of Feeling Sorry For D. C. (4:08)
Object Of Derision (2:40)
Where Were You (2:07)
Girls Named Misery (2:45)
Ask Me If I Care (2:36)
Don Juan Of The Western World (3:12)


BOB vs. A.J. WEBERMAN The Phone Conversations (1971)

The Phone ConversationsThe Phone Conversations (1971)
Weird Scenes…

Just in case you were curious… here’s an oddity from 1971, which finds our hero Bob D. in a discourse with his trash-stealing nemesis, garbologist, A.J. Weberman, in a series of phone conversations regarding Weberman’s ongoing journalistic efforts to root out the “real” Robert Zimmerman. It’s somewhat funny, and possibly even a little revealing, making one wonder why Bob even gave this guy the time of day, much less took Weberman’s rantings seriously enough to debate him, as BD works to correct A.J.’s misconceptions and writings – which results in A.J. reading his upcoming articles to Bob for approval. Before they end up calling each other pigs – Bob for being a rich fuck and A.J. for rooting around in trash. From the sound of it all, you have to figure that something in Bob Dylan vs A.J. WebermanBob must have relished the attention, while simultaneously being repulsed by A.J.’s stalking. But then… trying to figure Bob out was always an endless endeavor, as A.J. should have learned, but never really did. These files, believe it or not, were actually released in 1977 by Folkways Records (and later withdrawn) as The Historic Confrontation, though… I have no idea if these old hard drive files of mine are the same ones issued by Folkways. Find the original LP for a couple of hundred bucks at Amazon, HERE.

Bob vs. A. J. Weberman, Part 1 (12:02)
Bob vs. A. J. Weberman, Part 2 (12:00)
Bob vs. A. J. Weberman, Part 3 (11:58)
Bob vs. A. J. Weberman, Part 4 (13:31)

BOB Wormholes

Enter The Wormhole #59 (Bob)

<—Click To Enter

NOTE: This is one where we can’t use last names in comments, as comments are searchable. In fact, we shouldn’t use album titles, either… or even say much about the circumstances of this limited (to only 100 copies) package. We’re sure you’ll understand why… and thanks for playing the home game.





Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 5


Dylan Hears A Who (2007)

Dylan Hears A Who FrontDylan Hears A Who (2007)
Dr. Seuss Via Dr. Zimmerman Parody

You probably know the story. It surfaced last year on a web page – a mixture of Bob Dylan’s Highway 61 style and Dr. Seuss’ other-worldly visions. Beyond that, it really all comes down to whether you get the (well done) joke or not. Apparently, Dr. Seuss’ estate didn’t, as reports surfaced that there were legal ramblings afoot over the use of the Doc’s words. Dylan didn’t seem to care one way or the other. Since the original web page has now been “retired,” here are the site’s original MP3s for your amusement.

Oh, The Things You Can Think! (4:39)
Green Eggs And Ham (3:43)
Miss Gertrude McFuzz (10:23)
McElligot’s Pool (9:11)
Too Many Daves (3:06)
The Zax (5:07)
The Cat In The Hat (12:37)



The sound is pretty damn good, though the performances are just rehearsals – so the dual legends are just feeling their way around each other; comparing key preferences,  working intros & segues and just generally seeing what works and what doesn’t. The singing suffers the most in this format, as the lead vocals are more or less just signposts for the musical changes. As a result, you rarely get a complete version and the overall dynamics are pretty much nil. Many numbers fade in or are abruptly cut off, as well. That’s all OK. As stated previously, I naturally gravitate to rehearsals and studio sessions, just for the chance to hear artists creating ideas on the fly, while working out the details. Which is why (to me) this set is far more interesting than this union’s officially released live album. But, that’s not saying much either. We originally scored these tracks from The Big O (who still have ’em… if you want to download them one track at a time), but they omitted one commercially released track (Vol 1, Disc 2, Track 3), which we’ve added back in. The last disc of the six CDs is a G. Dead Hour radio broadcast from March, 2002, which relates to this material. Disc four’s opening track can be heard below. Click the back covers for readable pop-ups of the track listings. Other than that… as usual, no names (Bob’s OK) in comments, please. It helps to keep us out of the search engines. Thanks. Don’t forget the BOB Archives.



Volumes 1-8 of Bob’s studio outtakes. You’ve probably seen these collections floating around for the last year or so. It took me a while to dig in, but these sets are a fine treat indeed. Superior sources, incredible unions (Cash, Harrison, Knopfler), career highlights and smart sequencing make all this some of the best Bob money can’t buy. There’s also an entire live series, which we’ll get around to posting later. I’m purposely being cagey with the text to stay out of the search engines. If you’d do the same it would be appreciated. Links in comments. Click the back covers for pop-up track listings. Click Bob’s Back to access ALL of our rare Bob. JUST ADDED: Volume 8.









BOB NIRVANA Various Artists

V/A: UNCUT Presents: Highway 61 Revisited Revisited (2005), SPIN Presents Newermind: A Tribute Album (2011) & REVOLVER: Live From Austin, Texas (2006)

When we were gathering together some stray MOJO magazine CDs, our pal Logan came up with a few hard to find ones and, just to be a nice guy, sent along a couple of other cool magazine freebies. Uncut Presents: Highway 61 Revisited Revisited, is a collection of artists recreating some obscure album Bob Dylan released 40 years earlier. A great listen with some unexpected twists. You can check out Dave Alvin, sounding like he’s back in Vegas with The Pleasure Barons on the title track. Logan also sent us a promo CD from The Netherland’s Revolver – a record company-backed promotional CD that spotlights 12 artists (and their releases) from the Live From Austin, Texas series. You get a track from each, including Richard Thompson (in a trio format with bassist Danny Thompson), Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, John Hiatt, the great Delbert McClinton and others. The last CD is a free download from SPIN magazine, and was released just this weekend. It features a bunch of (largely unknown) acts celebrating 20 years of Nirvana’s Nevermind. I only gave it a spot check, but most of what I heard was radically re-interpreted, which kinda undermined the whole idea for me. Amazon‘s got the Dylan tribute. Thanks again, Logan.

UNCUT Presents: Highway 61 Revisited Revisited (2005)
DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS Like A Rolling Stone (6:04)
MARC CARROLL Tombstone Blues (5:17)
PAUL WESTERBERG It Takes A Lot To Laugh… (4:07)
RICHMOND FONTAIN From A Buick 6 (4:12)
AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB Queen Jane Approximately (5:00)
DAVE ALVIN Highway 61 Revisited (5:01)
THE HANDSOME FAMILY Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues (5:43)
SONGDOG Desolation Row (9:55)

SPIN Presents Newermind: A Tribute Album (2011)
MEAT PUPPETS Smells Like Teen Spirit (4:54)
THE VASELINES Lithium (3:59)
AMANDA PALMER Polly (3:32)
SURFER BLOOD Territorial Pissings (2:18)
FOXY SHAZAM Drain You (4:04)
TELEKINESIS On A Plain (3:07)
JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD Something In The Way (4:12)
EMA Endless Nameless (5:24)

REVOLVER: Live From Austin, Texas (2006)
FATS DOMINO Blueberry Hill (2:41)
TONY JOE WHITE Polk Salad Annie (5:11)
WILLIE NELSON On The Road Again (2:10)
DELBERT McCLINTON Givin’ It Up For Your Love (4:01)
JOHN HIATT Have A Little Faith In Me (4:11)
KRIS KRISTOFFERSON Me And Bobby McGee (4:06)
SUSAN TEDESCHI Voodoo Woman (5:39)
STEVE EARLE Guitar Town (2:33)
DWIGHT YOAKUM I Sang Dixie (3:26)
RICHARD THOMPSON She Twists The Knife Again (3:31)
SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET She’s About A Mover (3:11)
TEXAS TORNADOS Mendocino (4:48)


MOJO Presents x 3 – The Roots Of Bob Dylan (2006), Motown Nuggets (2009) + Stoned (2007)

Three more freebies from the UK’s MOJO Magazine. The Roots Of Bob Dylan is another in an unending series of CDs spotlighting those who’ve influenced Bob. Motown Nuggets is kinda self-explanatory, buried treasures from one of Earth’s most valued vaults. Stoned is a collection of Rolling Stones covers and original recordings. All are at Amazon for a buck or two apiece. Check the archives for dozens more MOJO discs. Three more next Sunday.


MOJO Presents: The Roots Of Bob Dylan (September 2006)
SONNY TERRY & BROWNIE McGHEE You’d Better Mind (2:07)
JULIA LEE Mama Don’t Allow It (2:53)
LIGHTIN’ HOPKINS Baby Please Don’t Go (2:48)
MUDDY WATERS Rollin’ Stone (3:05)
KAREN DALTON How Did The Feeling Feel To You (2:50)
RICHIE HAVENS High Flying Bird (3:33)
JOSH WHITE Good Morning Blues (4:24)
HANK WILLIAMS Lost Highway (2:40)
THE COUNTRY GENTLEMEN House Of The Rising Sun (3:22)
CISCO HOUSTON Dark As A Dungeon (2:50)
CHARLIE POOLE White House Blues (3:26)
THE STAPLE SINGERS Uncloudy Day (2:57)
THE HIGHWAY Q.C.’s Working On The Building (2:23)
BIG BILL BROONZY When The Sun Goes Down/Going Down This Road Feeling Bad (7:24)
THELONIOUS MONK Ruby, My Dear (7:44)

MOJO Presents: Motown Nuggets (February 2009)
THE CONTOURS Do You Love Me (2:50)
MARTHA REEVES & THE VANDELLAS Come And Get These Memories (2:20)
THE SUPREMES Run, Run, Run (2:15)
EDDIE HOLLAND Leaving Here (2:26)
MARVIN GAYE At Last (I Found A Love) (2:37)
THE MARVELETTES Locking Up My Heart (2:19)
THE JACKSON 5 I Found That Girl (3:06)
THE FOUR TOPS Still Water (Love) (3:10)
THE MIRACLES Baby Don’t You Go (2:54)
THE TEMPTATIONS Fading Away (2:33)
GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS Didn’t You Know (3:31)
BOBBY TAYLOR & THE VANCOUVERS Does Your Mama Know About Me (2:45)
MARV JOHNSON Come To Me (2:14)
MABLE JOHN You Made A Fool Out Of Me (2:24)

MOJO Presents: Stoned (September 2007)
THE TEMPTATIONS Ain’t Too Proud To Beg (2:30)
IRMA THOMAS Time Is On My Side (2:49)
CHRIS FARLOWE Think (3:32)
JOE SIMON Let’s Spend The Night Together (5:42)
ERIC DONALDSON Cherry Oh Baby (3:01)
CHUCK BERRY Come On (1:47)
BENNY SPELLMAN Fortune Teller (2:08)
BO DIDDLEY Crackin’ Up (2:03)
SANDIE SHAW Sympathy For The Devil (5:35)
NANCY SINATRA As Tears Go By (2:46)
TURIN BRAKES Moonlight Mile (3:55)
BILLY BRAGG She Smiled Sweetly (2:46)
JIMMY REED Honest I Do (2:36)
GENE ALLISON You Can Make It If You Try (2:07)


JEF LEE JOHNSON The Zimmerman Shadow (2009)

The Zimmerman Shadow
The Blues Via Dylan

I was pre-disposed to like this album, being a big fan of guitarist Jef Lee Johnson’s debut album, Blue (HERE). His resume as a session guitarist is rich (Ronald Shannon Jackson, among others), but his releases sometimes sound more like a young popster with a blues edge than a veteran black experimenter with a gifted avant-guitar touch. The Zimmerman Shadow, an off-beat 2009 Bob Dylan covers album, is another outside-the-box release for Johnson. It sounds live in the studio, and runs the gamut from free improv to slightly jazzy renditions to near-pop expression – all cloaked in the guise of an after-hours studio jam band. Somehow, all of this sounds OK when applied to Dylan’s material. Not unlike Hendrix’s re-interpretations of Dylan’s work, Johnson takes the melodies and filters it all though his own blues sensibilities – in the end, offering a complete reinvention based on Dylan’s source code. The 8 minute, “Highway 61” has slight echoes of Hendrix, mostly in Jef Lee’s vocal phrasing, while “As I Went Out One Morning” uses the John Wesley Harding tune’s melody to anchor a moody, quiet and expansive 11 minute exploration that lapses into an improv/feedback jam. Dylan fans may or may not be amused. Johnson fans will savor this as another example of his back-handed approach to career decision-making. It’s out of print, but used copies are at Amazon, HERE.

I Am A Lonesome Hobo (5:33)
Highway 61 Revisited (8:18)
As I Went Out One Morning (11:35)
Knockin‘ On Heaven’s Door (1:35)
Idiot Wind (7:57)
Ballad Of A Thin Man (4:45)
Blind Willie McTell (5:11)
One More Cup Of Coffee (4:09)
Knockin‘ On Heaven’s Door (2:47)
From A Buick 66 (6:39)
Not Out Of The Book (0:21)
Knockin‘ On Heaven’s Door (3:44)



MOJO Presents x 3

Three more free CD samplers from the UK’s MOJO Magazine. We’ve got more MOJO‘s in the archives, so check ’em out. These are promo-only releases, but the ones below are all at Amazon (for a few bucks or a few pennies) – Dylan Covered, Heavy Mod & I Love NY Punk!). Three more next Sunday.



MOJO: Dylan Covered (September, 2005)
THE HOLLIES – My Back Pages
NANCY SINATRA – It Ain’t Me Babe
HUGH CORNWELL – Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues
THE STANDS – Lay Lady Lay
BEN WEAVER – Ballad Of A Thin Man
MICHAEL WESTON KING – Simple Twist Of Fate
CHRIS WHITLEY – Spanish Harlem Incident
THE LONG RYDERS – Masters Of War
JOHN MARTYN – Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right
M. WARD, CONOR OBERST & JIM JAMES – Girl From The North Country

MOJO PRESENTS I Love NY Punk! (November, 2005)
BLONDIE – Rip Her To Shreds (Live)
MIKE DEVILLE – She’s So Tough
THE REAL KIDS – All Kindsa Girls
BUSH TETRAS – Cowboys In Africa
SUICIDE – Keep Your Dreams (Live)
THE DICTATORS – The Next Big Thing
BAD BRAINS – Sailin’ On
THE STIMULATORS – Loud And Fast Rules

MOJO PRESENTS Heavy Mod (January, 2009)
THE MOVE – Walk Upon The Water
THE YARDBIRDS – Shapes Of Things
CARAVAN – Place Of My Own
DEEP FEELING – Pretty Colours
DEEP PURPLE – Emmaretta
THE CREATION – How Does It Feel To Feel
THE 13th FLOOR ELEVATORS – Slip Inside This House
APHRODITE’S CHILD – The Four Horsemen
BLOSSOM TOES – I’ll Be Late For Tea
SMALL FACES – Song Of A Baker
THE PRETTY THINGS – Baron Saturday
DAVID AXELROD – Holy Thursday
HUMBLE PIE – Growing Closer
THE ATTACK – Mr Pinnodmy’s Dilemma
BUBBLE PUPPY – Hot Smoke And Sassafras


BOB Various Artists

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bob Dylan’s Jukebox (2006)

Bob Dylan’s Jukebox (2006)
Even What He Likes Is Marketable

In a perfect world, Bob Dylan’s star power wouldn’t be needed to sell this collection to the public. But… the Dylan connection is tangible, and this works, if only as a roadmap for Bob’s own songwriting inspirations. It’s a diverse “originals” collection, too, made up of songs that Dylan has covered, in one way or another, throughout his career. Some of these 25 recordings are scratchy and challenged, which is probably to be expected. And, probably how Bob likes ’em, anyway. But, I still can’t shake the feeling that Dylan doesn’t even know this collection – with his name on it – even exists. Amazon.

LITTLE RICHARD – Tutti Frutti (2:27)
ELVIS PRESLEY – Milkcow Blues Boogie (2:37)
ARTHUR “BIG BOY” CRUDUP – That’s All Right (2:56)
ARTHUR “BIG BOY” CRUDUP – Mean Old ‘Frisco (2:37)
LIGHTNIN” HOPKINS – Automobile (2:50)
WOODY GUTHRIE – Pretty Boy Floyd (3:13)
CISCO HUSTON – 900 Miles (3:36)
MEMPHIS JUG BAND – Stealin’, Stealin’ (2:58)
BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON – Jesus Make Up My Dyin’ Bed (3:12)
ROY ACUFF – Wait For The Light To Shine (2:39)
JOHNNY JACK – This World Can’t Stand Long (2:41)
BLIND BOY FULLER – Mama Let Me Lay It On You (2:57)
BLIND WILLIE McTELL – Delia (2:32)
JOSH WHITE – St. James Infirmary (3:41)
THE CARTER FAMILY – Little Moses (3:14)
THE STANLEY BROTHERS – Little Maggie (2:19)
MISSISSIPPI SHEIKS – I Got Blood In My Eyes For You (3:15)
LEADBELLY – Midnight Special (2:12)
BUELL KAZEE – The Wagoners Lad (3:06)
THE BENTLY BOYS – Down On Penny’s Farm (2:51)
HANK WILLIAMS – Lost Highway (2:43)
RICHARD RABBIT BROWN – James Alley Blues (3:07)
ROBERT JOHNSON – Stones In My Passway (2:30)
CHUBBY PARKER – King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me-O (3:10)




MOJO Presents… Dylan’s Scene (2010)

Mojo Presents: Dylan’s Scene (December, 2010)
…But No Dylan

His name’s on the front and his pic is on both sides of the cover, but there’s no Dylan to be found on the latest free CD from Mojo Magazine. The December issue features a cover story on Bob and this disc, subtitled The Sound Of Greenwich Village, is a decent cross section of the New York folk scene, though… more than anything else, this collection ties together the connecting threads of the 60s blues and folk scenes, whether it was intended to do that or not. Featuring the likes of Joan Baez, Eric Andersen, Pete Seeger, a few names I don’t recognize and others loosely connected to the folk revolution, like John Lee Hooker and Allen Ginsberg. Art included.

JOHN LEE HOOKER – Boom Boom (2:30)
JOAN BAEZ – There But For Fortune (3:09)
ERIC ANDERSEN – Close The Door Lightly When You Go (3:25)
PETE SEEGER – We Shall Overcome (4:37)
KAREN DALTON – Same Old Man (2:40)
NEW LOST CITY RAMBLERS – Tom Dooley (2:49)
MIMI & RICHARD FARINA – Celebration For A Grey Day (3:44)
MARK SPOELSTRA – Sugar Babe, It’s All Over Now (1:56)
DAVE VAN RONK – Hesitation Blues (2:31)
THE FOC’SLE SINGERS – Rio Grande (2:42)
KENNETH PATCHEN – State Of The Nation (2:33)
BUKKA WHITE – Fixin‘ To Die Blues (2:49)
LIGHTNIN‘ HOPKINS – Coffee House Blues (2:09)
THE CLANCY BROTHERS – The Wild Colonial Boy (2:43)
ALLEN GINSBERG – Auto Poesy To Nebraska (9:05)





In Concert: Brandeis University 1963 (2010)
Limited Edition Bob. Amazon’s Got It Cheap.

Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance (Incomplete) (1:58)
Talkin’ John Birch Paranoid Blues (4:40)
Ballad Of Hollis Brown (7:11)
Masters Of War (6:30)
Talkin’ World War III Blues(6:24)
Bob Dylan’s Dream (5:57)
Talkin’ Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues (5:45)