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40th Anniversary Edition Bonus Tracks (2008)

Front40th Anniversary Edition Bonus Tracks (2008)
Slim Pickin’s From CCR’s Vaults

Apparently, there wasn’t much in the way of extras to choose from when CCR overhauled their catalog back in 2008, as only half of these 22 bonus tracks are studio outtakes. The other half are live tracks, spread haphazardly across six original reissues (their seventh and last, Mardi Gras, contained no extras). I say haphazardly because material from the same 1971 Berlin show surfaces on Green River (1969) and Willy & The Poor Boys (1969), while songs recorded in Stockholm the same year are just tossed onto Bayou Country (1968) and Green River. Two outtakes from the group’s bootlegged jam session with Booker T. & The MG’s are inexplicably split between Willy and Cosmo’s Factory. But, what’s worse about this random distribution, is that the sound on some of these live recordings is frustratingly distorted and – most egregiously – 9 of the 11 come from 1971, after Tom Fogerty had left the band and CCR was reduced to a trio. The band doesn’t sound bad as a trio, but that’s not the point. All of this suggests the compilers either had very little to work with… or just didn’t care one way or the other. Also included is, hands-down, the strangest CCR record ever released – a rare promotional 45, “45 Revolutions Per Minute.” Which I can only compare to (maybe) 33-1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee – as it’s CCR’s bizarre attempt at stoned comedy. Of course, having said all of the above, there are still some cool outtakes and performances to be found in this 90-minute collection. It’s just too bad the selection and sequencing wasn’t as considered as it should have been. Thanks to one of our readers who originally sent us these tracks, some of which I thought were corrupt… so I replaced them with higher quality 320 files. I was wrong… the issue was in CCR’s original tapes. Find the 7CD, 40th Anniversary Box Set, featuring the original albums and these 22 bonus tracks in the archives (HERE), and at Amazon, HERE. All of our other Bonus Tracks collections (13 of ’em) are HERE.

Call It Pretending (2:09)
Before You Accuse Me (1968 Outtake) (3:25)
Ninety-Nine And A Half (Live At The Fillmore, 03/14/69) (3:48)
Susie Q (Live At The Fillmore, 03/14/69) (11:45)
Bootleg (Alternate Take) (5:46)
Born On The Bayou (Live In London, 09/28/71) (4:46)
Proud Mary (Live In Stockholm, 09/21/71) (2:49)
Crazy Otto (Live At The Fillmore, 03/14/69) (8:49)
Broken Spoke Shuffle (2:39)
Glory Be (2:49)
Bad Moon Rising (Live In Berlin, 09/16/71) (2:08)
Green River-Susie Q (Live In Stockholm, 09/21/71) (4:28)
Lodi (Live In Hamburg, 09/17/71) (3:20)
Fortunate Son (Live in Manchester, 09/01/71) (2:15)
It Came Out Of The Sky (Live in Berlin, 09/16/71) (3:28)
Down On The Corner (Jam With Booker T. @ Fantasy Studios) (2:48)
Travelin’ Band (Remake Take) (2:15)
Up Around The Bend (Live In Amsterdam, 9-10-71) (2:42)
Born On The Bayou (With Booker T. & The MGs @ Fantasy Studios, 1970) (5:58)
45 Revolutions Per Minute (Part 1) (3:18)
45 Revolutions Per Minute (Part 2) (7:20)
Hey Tonight (Live In Hamburg, 1971) (2:30)


Bayou Country (1969)
Those Distant Water-Colored Memories…

A lot of what gets posted here is just a reflection of what I’m listening to at the time. Whether it’s from the shelf or something found on the web, writing about it and posting it gives me an opportunity to study the music without having to stare at a 5″ CD cover, which, as we all know, is totally ungratifying. Enter CCR’s Bayou Country, which I haven’t listened to since well into last century, despite its personal prominence. My older brother had this one on 8-track in his ’57 Chevy and, while it was far from the first album to move me, it was the first album to move me to save enough allowance money ($5.50) to go to my first real concert – Creedence Clearwater Revival, with John Mayall’s Turning Point (more about that HERE) and, playing only acoustic guitar, 50s great, Dion. It must say something about my sensibilities that I hardly remember CCR (I was barely a teen… and sober), but distinctly remember John Mayall, who I’d only heard of at that time. Regardless, this album remains a favorite from my youth, even if it was sitting on my shelf… unopened, which is what prompted a revisit and this post in the first place. Now re-upped using the 40th Anniversary Edition with bonus tracks. Find it at Amazon, HERE. Ahhh… memories. If I only had some.

Born On The Bayou (5:16)
Bootleg (3:02)
Graveyard Train (8:39)
Good Golly Miss Molly (2:43)
Penthouse Pauper (3:41)
Proud Mary (3:09)
Keep On Chooglin’ (7:40)
Bootleg (5:48) – Bonus Track
Born On The Bayou (4:48) – Bonus Track
Proud Mary (2:51) – Bonus Track
Crazy Otto (8:48) – Bonus Track