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DAVID CROSBY & GRAHAM NASH Crosby-Nash (2CD 2004) a.k.a. Crosby, James & Nash

Crosby-Nash (2004)
A Virtually Unnoticed 2CD Rebirth

I wouldn’t be surprised if they considered calling themselves Crosby, James & Nash. David Crosby’s long-lost son, James Raymond (surely you know about that bizarre story) plays a major role on Crosby-Nash, composing three of the opening four tracks, including two songs that might likely stun longtime C&N fans into thinking the credits are misprinted. Raymond’s “Lay Me Down” and “Puppeteer” each sound exactly like Crosby and Nash compositions (respectively), and are so representative of C&N’s style, they nearly overshadow the originators. Crosby’s six new tunes often boast the slightly jazzy influence that has permeated his work of the last decade… again, a direct influence of pianist Raymond. But, the surprise for me – the lukewarm N fan – is Graham Nash’s compositional work, which has developed a quiet sophistication in the ’00s. Crosby-Nash generates a soft, dreamy atmosphere, a welcomed continuity one reviewer deemed “elegant melancholy.” It’s the kind of material C&N harmonies have long thirsted for, and this album should have signaled a rebirth for Crosby & Nash, 28 years after the release of their last duo/studio album… but sadly, seems to have fallen on deaf ears. This album may not replace the cherished memories of C&N’s early 70s work, but it ranks right up their with them, which is no small feat. There’s even a sly nod to Steve Stills in the Cubano coda of “How Does It Shine?” As for political defiance, C&N take a tactical 180 U-turn in their old age. Gone is the shouting and finger-pointing, and in its place they offer a gorgeous, indelible rendition of “My Country ‘Tis Of Thee” – an authentic patriotic expression that slyly doubled (at the start of the Iraq war) as a bird flip to the war-mad Bush Administration. There’s more C (HERE) and N (HERE) in the archives. 2CDs (that fit on 1) for as low as $2 at Amazon, HERE.

Disc 1
Lay Me Down (3:37) (Raymond)
Puppeteer (4:07) (Raymond)
Through Here Quite Often (4:05) (Crosby/Parks)
Grace (0:45) (Raymond)
Jesus Of Rio (4:12) (Nash/Pevar)
I Surrender (4:15) (Cohn)
Luck Dragon (4:46) (Raymond/Crosby)
On The Other Side Of Town (3:36) (Nash)
Half Your Angels (5:05) (Nash)
They Want It All (5:35) (Crosby)
How Does It Shine? (5:21) (Crosby)

Disc 2
Don’t Dig Here
(6:11) (Raymond/Nash/Kunkel)
Milky Way Tonight (3:25) (Nash)
Charlie (3:34) (Crosby/Parks)
Penguin In A Palm Tree (3:50) (Nash)
Michael (Hedges Here) (2:42) (Nash)
Samurai (1:42) (Crosby)
Shining On Your Dreams (2:36) (Nash/Kunkel)
Live On (The Wall) (3:22) (Flannery/Nash/Plunkett/Proffer)
My Country ‘Tis Of Thee (1:42) (Traditional)


PAUL KANTNER Blows Against The Empire (1970) + DAVID CROSBY If I Could Only Remember My Name…

Paul Kantner Blows Against The Empire (1970)
David Crosby If I Could Only Remember My Name…
Birds Of A Feather

Both were recorded at roughly the same time in 1970 at Wally Heider Recording Studios in San Francisco, and both shared many of the same, loose amalgamation of players, including Paul Kantner, Grace Slick, David Crosby, Graham Nash, Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Jorma Kaukonen and assorted others. The solo debut from the Jefferson Airplane’s Paul Kantner is a science fiction fantasy about abandoning a dead planet, while Crosby’s debut is an inner journey of self. Both exemplified a new ideal in music making, when ‘bands’ and individual credits were less important than raw invention and the creative community. At a time when multi-tracking was quickly becoming the norm, these are albums about human interplay. I’ll spare you the hyperbole about Crosby, one of my favorite writers, captured here during his finest hour. If I Could Only Remember My Name… is still considered a minor classic, while Blows Against The Empire is an ambitiously admirable continuation of Jefferson Airplane’s previous blow against the republic, Volunteers. Each has its detractors, but few albums represent the promise of the future of 60s folk & rock better than these similarly different examples. Blows has bonus tracks, including a live, 13 minute “Starship,” as does this IICORMN reissue. If you want the 2006, DVD/5.1 Surround mix, you’ll need a hard copy (HERE). Amazon’s acting like it’s already out of print, but has Blows HERE. We’ve still got those fantastic IICORMN outtakes (brimming with Jerry Garcia, HERE), and LOTS more Crosby (HERE) and Kantner (HERE). Kantner died today, Jan. 28th (HERE).

Mau Mau (Amerikon)
The Baby Tree (1:44)
Let’s Go Together (4:22)
A Child Is Coming (6:18)
Sunrise (1:54)
Hijack (8:18)
Home (0:37)
Have You Seen The Stars Tonight (3:43)
X-M (1:25)
Starship (7:05)
Let’s Go Together (Alternate Lyrics) (4:21)
Sunrise (Grace’s Acoustic Demo Tk. 8) (1:21)
Hijack (Paul’s Acoustic Demo Tk. 5) (7:01)
SFX (Jerry Garcia & Mickey Hart) (2:02)
Starship (Live) (13:04)

Music Is Love (3:22)
Cowboy Movie (8:12)
Tamalpais High (At About 3) (3:33)
Laughing (5:27)
What Are Their Names (4:15)
Traction In The Rain (3:47)
Song With No Words (Tree With No Leaves) (6:00)
Orleans (2:02)
I’d Swear There Was Somebody Here (1:27)
Kids And Dogs (Bonus Track) (7:01)


DAVID CROSBY Van Cortlandt: Alternate Tunings & Nautical Themes (2000)

Van Cortlandt: Alternate
Tunings & Nautical Themes
A Deeper Look Into David Crosby

Most have already made up their minds about the most notorious of the CSN&Y clan – though, it’s often only through the few high-profile songs he’s managed to squeeze onto any given C&N, CS&N or CSN&Y album. Or worse… via his well-known public escapades. Comparing the individual merits of Crosby, Stills, Nash or Young, however, is futile. A classic apples and oranges debate. I’m a Crosby man, myself, and this set might help explain why. Alternate tunings are a major source of David Van Cortlandt Crosby’s unique style, giving much of his work a floating, dream-like quality. Even when he rocks, his music often takes on a stoned, lazy vibe – a purposeful one, as this comp should illustrate. His fearless use of silence and space, especially live, is dramatic. Personally, I’ve never tired of Crosby’s narrative in “Laughing,” which details his failed attempts to find ‘truth,’ only to finally discover it in the laughter of a child. The song’s twist comes when he finds, but fails to recognize that discovery as truth. The electric version (with Jerry Garcia) opens this comp, while the shockingly naked live version closes. Then there’s “Almost Cut My Hair,” a seemingly ridiculous ode to fashion that is, in reality, a serious line drawn in the sand. “I’m not giving in an inch to fear,” Crosby wails, and his words ring as substantive as any anti-war declaration. But, the main reason for this re-examination is just the sheer beauty of the music; “Lee Shore,” “Traction In The Rain,” “Song With No Words,” “The Wall Song,” are all sincere and brilliantly executed observations that have advanced Californian folk music beyond its precedents. This set picks up after DC’s tenure in The Byrds and was made in 2000, pre-internet and before the recent rash of demo and outtake releases. A glaring omission is his work with CPR. There’s a LOT more essential Crosby in the archives, HERE.

Laughing (5:23) (C)
Song With No Words (Tree With No Leaves) (5:56) (C)
Cowboy Movie (8:09) (C)
Traction In The Rain (3:44) (C)
I’d Swear There Was Somebody Here (1:21) (C)
Guinnevere (demo) (4:48) (C)
Where Will I Be? (3:23) (C&N)
Page 43 (2:56) (C&N)
In My Dreams (5:13) (CS&N)
Music Is Love (3:21) (C)
Rusty And Blue (7:09) (Live) (C)
Till It Shines On You (5:40) (Live) (C)
Deja Vu (10:27) (Live) (C)
Triad (6:14) (Live) (CSN&Y)

Almost Cut My Hair (unedited version) (8:50) (CSN&Y)
What Are Their Names? (2:42) (C)
Orleans (1:58) (C)
Hero (4:50) (Live) (C)
Whole Cloth (4:34) (C&N)
Lee Shore (4:49) (Live) (C&N)
The Wall Song (4:26) (C&N)
Tampalpais High (At About 3) (3:31) (C)
Games (3:59) (C&N)
Tracks In The Dust (4:48) (C)
Homeward Through The Haze (4:21) (CSN&Y)
Long Time Gone (5:58) (Live) (CSN&Y)
Wooden Ships (10:43) (Live) (C)
Laughing (4:35) (Live) (C&N)


DAVID CROSBY Mastertapes – Live At Maida Vale Studios (2013) – Preview Track From New CD, CROZ
UPDATED To Include Entire Interview

David CrosbyBBC Mastertapes
Live At Maida Vale Studios
Crosby Returns

David Crosby performing live on the BBC show, Mastertapes. The full broadcast finds DC discussing the making of his debut solo album, If I Could Only Remember My Name…, and performing 5 songs. davidcrosbyMastertapes, taped at the BBC’s Maida Vale Studios, airs Monday, Nov. 18th, and will eventually be posted in video form online (HERE), where these audio performances originated. The short electric set includes a solo acoustic version of “Guinnevere” and a brief a cappella rendition of “What Are Their Names.” On January 28th, Crosby is set to release CROZ (pre-order HERE), his first solo album of new studio material in 20 years, and will begin a tour of the US. Thanks to Jim.

Laughing (6:02)
Guinnevere (5:33)
Long Time Gone (6:03)
Cowboy Movie (7:39)
What Are Their Names (1:03)

BBC Mastertapes Side-A: David Crosby talks about If I Could Only Remember My Name… (28:14)

BBC Mastertapes Side-B: David Crosby takes audience questions (28:11)

Preview of new track from CROZ (thanks Sam)


THE BYRDS Bonus Tracks (1965-1971)

Byrds Bonus TracksBonus Tracks (1965-1971)
The Alternate Universe Treatment

Culled from the mid-90s reissue series… with enough stray Byrds to fill a Hitchcock movie. Both Sweetheart Of The Rodeo and (Untitled)/(Unissued) featured a full disc of extras. A disc-and-a-half in Sweetheart‘s case, to gather rehearsal versions of many of Gram Parsons’ lead vocals (which were wiped from the original masters when he left the band). Heads up on Part 1, as it may be a few seconds longer than a CD-R will hold. As a disclaimer, I didn’t do any additional homework on this collection to see if there were any obsolete bonuses from other editions, and didn’t bother with “rarities” from box sets, as this collection was pulled together just using the reissues we’ve had in the archives for years, from the 1965’s Mr. Tambourine Man to 1971’s Farther Along. Find more Byrds & McGuinn (HERE), Gram Parsons (HERE) and D.Crosby (HERE) in the archives.

I’ll Feel A Whole Lot Better (Alternate Version) (2:32)
It’s No Use (Alternate Version) (2:28)
You Won’t Have To Cry (Alternate Version) (2:12)
All I Really Want To Do (Single Version) (2:07)
You And Me (Instrumental) (2:12)
TURN! TURN! TURN! (1965)
The Day Walk (Never Before) (3:04)
She Don’t Care About Time (Single Version) (2:34)
The Times They Are A-Changin’ (First Version) (1:58)
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue (Version 1/Take 1) (3:07)
She Don’t Care About Time (Version 1/Take 2) (2:39)
The World Turns All Around Her (Alternate Mix/Bongo Version) (2:16)
Stranger In A Strange Land (Instrumental Backing Track/Take 10) (3:05)
Why (Single Version) (3:03)
I Know My Rider (I Know You Rider) (2:47)
Psychodrama City (3:26)
Eight Miles High (Alternate/RCA Studios Version) (3:23)
Why (Alternate/RCA Studios Version) (2:44)
John Riley (Instrumental)/Interview Segments For Radio (16:54)
It Happens Each Day (2:48)
Don’t Make Waves (1:41)
My Back Pages (Alternate Version) (2:46)
Mind Gardens (Alternate Version) (3:22)
Lady Friend (2:34)
Old John Robertson (Single version) (5:05)

Moog Raga (Instrumental) (3:27)
Bound To Fall (Instrumental) (2:11)
Triad (3:32)
Goin’ Back (Version One) (3:58)
Draft Morning (Alternate End) (2:58)
Universal Mind Decoder (Instrumental) (13:45)
All I Have Are Memories (Master Take – Kevin Kelly Vocal) (2:49)
Reputation (3:10)
Pretty Polly (2:54)
Lazy Days (3:28)
The Christian Life (Master Take – Gram Parsons Vocal) (2:29)
You Don’t Miss Your Water (Master Take – Gram Parsons Vocal) (3:49)
One Hundred Years From Now (Master Take – Gram Parsons Vocal) (2:59)
Radio Spot (0:58)
Sum Up Broke (Single Version) (The International Submarine Band) (2:14)
One Day Week (Single Version) (The International Submarine Band) (2:17)
Truck Drivin’ Man (The International Submarine Band) (2:35)
Blue Eyes (The International Submarine Band) (2:48)
Luxury Liner (The International Submarine Band) (2:53)
Strong Boy (The International Submarine Band) (2:02)
Lazy Days (Alternate Version) (3:19)
Pretty Polly (Alternate Version) (3:38)
Hickory Wind (Alternate Nashville Version – Take 8) (3:40)

The Christian Life (Rehearsal Version – Take 7 – Gram Parsons Vocal) (3:26)
The Christian Life (Rehearsal Version – Take 8 – Gram Parsons Vocal) (3:06)
Life In Prison (Rehearsal Version – Takes 1 & 2 – Gram Parsons Vocal) (3:17)
Life In Prison (Rehearsal Version – Takes 3 & 4 – Gram Parsons Vocal) (3:16)
One Hundred Years From Now (Rehearsal Versions – Take 12 & 13 – Gram Parsons Vocal) (3:59)
One Hundred Years From Now (Rehearsal Version – Takes 14 & 15 – Gram Parsons Vocal) (3:59)
You’re Still On My Mind (Rehearsal Version – Take 13 – Gram Parsons Vocal) (2:53)
You’re Still On My Mind (Rehearsal Version – Take 48 – Gram Parsons Vocal) (2:38)
All I Have Are Memories (Alternate Instrumental – Take 17) (3:14)
All I Have Are Memories (Alternate Instrumental – Take 21) (3:07)
Blue Canadian Rockies (Rehearsal Version – Take 14) (2:59)
Stanley’s Song (3:15)
Lay Lady Lay (Alternate Version) (3:21)
This Wheel’s On Fire (Version One) (3:56)
Medley: My Back Pages/B.J. Blues/Baby What You Want Me To Do (Alternate Version – Take 1) (4:21)
Nashville West (Alternate Version – Nashville Recording) (2:05)
Way Beyond The Sun (3:00)
Mae Jean Goes To Hollywood (2:47)
Oil In My Lamp (Alternate Version) (2:05)
Tulsa County (Alternate Version) (3:42)
Fiddler A Dram (Moog Experiment) (3:14)
Ballad Of Easy Rider (Long Version) (2:29)
Build It Up (Instrumental) (5:34)

All The Things (Alternate Version) (4:58)
Yesterday’s Train (Alternate Version) (4:11)
Lover Of The Bayou (Studio) (5:15)
Kathleen’s Song (Alternate Version) (2:37)
White’s Lightning Pt. 2 (Studio) (2:22)
Willin’ (Studio) (3:33)
You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere (Live) (2:57)
Old Blue (Live) (3:30)
It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) (Live) (2:49)
Ballad Of Easy Rider (Live) (2:22)
My Back Pages (Live) (2:41)
Take A Whiff On Me (Live) (2:46)
Jesus Is Just Alright (Live) (3:09)
This Wheels On Fire (Live) (6:16)
Just Like a Woman (3:59)
Pale Blue (Alternate Version) (2:36)
Think I’m Gonna Feel Better (6:04)
Lost My Drivin’ Wheel (Outtake) (4:59)
Born To Rock ‘n’ Roll (Outtake) (3:01)
Bag Full Of Money (Outtake) (5:59)


CPR (David Crosby/Jeff Pevar/James Raymond)

Live At Cuesta College (2CD – 1998)
CPR (1998)
Live At The Wiltern (2CD – 1999)
Just Like Gravity (2001)
David Crosby’s Jazzier Rebirth

David Crosby hooks up with the long-lost son he turned his back on at birth and starts a band. If it were anybody else it might be considered unusual. Not for David Crosby. CPR – alias Crosby, ace guitarist Jeff Pevar and pianist/son, James Raymond – is yet another rebirth for Crosby, offering his creative influx a home with two accomplished players and a fresh, jazzy veneer to goose his intra-personal folk hybrids. The union between C&R began with the tune, “Morrison,” which Crosby details when introducing the song during Live At Cuesta College, the double live album that came first, before the band’s debut studio release, CPR. Listen also for DC’s emotional, edge-of-tears reminiscence about “Somehow She Knows,” and its connection to the film, The Fisher King, and the personal tragedy in Crosby’s own life in 1969. These albums may be a bit removed from the high-flying rock ‘n’ folk of DC’s past, but this corner of the catalog is also a reminder of Crosby’s endless quest for creative and spiritual fulfillment, and would be a pinnacle in almost any discography (not already eclipsed by high water marks like The Byrds, C&N, CS&N, & CSN&Y). By the time CPR got around to recording their second double live disc set, Live At the Wiltern, their years of road work had paid off handsomely, as the band’s execution is tight, precise and emotive. CPR’s stylish, almost high-brow approach meshes easily with Crosby’s genetically altered folk, and the creative community vibe allows each player space to shine and dominate. Big thanks to Alex for donating the hard to find Cuesta College set, the fascinating live debut I look forward to digesting more of. The band seems to have been retired, unfortunately, since 2001. Hard discs @ Amazon (click covers).

In My Dreams (6:51)
Tracks In The Dust (5:48)
Homeward Through The Haze (6:22)
Rusty And Blue (9:51)
Thousand Roads (5:33)
For Free (7:29)
Morrison (6:54)
Somehow She Knew (9:47)
Till It Shines On You (4:57)
Time Is The Final Currency (8:01)
Where Will I Be?/Page 43 (6:07)
Delta (5:53)
Deja Vu (12:14)
One For Every Moment (5:54)
Guinnevere (7:14)
Wooden Ships (10:13)

Morrison (4:46)
That House (5:25)
One For Every Moment (4:00)
At The Edge (4:22)
Somebody Else’s Town (5:16)
Rusty And Blue (7:35)
Somehow She Knew (7:05)
Little Blind Fish (3:37)
Yesterday’s Child (4:00)
It’s All Coming Back To Me Now (3:51)
Time Is The Final Currency (5:19)

Morrison (5:46)
Little Blind Fish (4:41)
One For Every Moment (5:47)
That House (6:26)
Homeward Through The Haze (6:44)
At The Edge (4:54)
It’s All Coming Back (4:32)
Rusty And Blue (9:53)
Delta (8:07)
Dream For Him (6:43)
Old Soldier (5:26)
Hero (6:10)
Long Time Gone (6:28)
Deja Vu (12:58)
Eight Miles High (5:29)
Ohio (6:25)
Almost Cut My Hair (7:24)

Map To Buried Treasure (5:34)
Breathless (5:17)
Darkness (3:28)
Gone Forever (6:33)
Eyes Too Blue (5:10)
Jerusalem (5:01)
Kings Get Broken (4:11)
Angel Dream (6:41)
Katie Did (4:02)
Climber (6:17)
Coyote King (5:10)
Just Like Gravity (3:50)


CROSBY, NASH & “YOUNG” Party In The USA (Miley Cyrus)

Another outstanding parody from Jimmy Fallon. This time given added credence by Crosby & Nash.


DAVID CROSBY If I Could Only Remember… These Sessions

If I Could Only Remember …These Sessions (1971)
Over 3 Hours Of Stunning Unreleased Studio Tapes

David Crosby’s now classic
If I Could Only Remember My Name featured members of CSN&Y, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and Santana on the illustrious guest list. On these rare studio session tapes, now almost 3 hours, loosely split into Acoustic, Electric and Residue, they can all be heard molding the songs that would appear (and some that didn’t) on Crosby’s unqualified 1971 masterpiece. Although the sessions are loose, the sound is stunning. Astute listeners might pick out Michael Shrieve, Jorma Kaukonen, Phil Lesh or Paul Kantner rehearsing before Crosby’s words or arrangements are even finished. Listen below to how good “Walking In The Mountains” becomes… the very first time the band hears the tune. Jerry Garcia is prominent, especially on “Loser,” a new song he introduces that would later become a Dead staple. There are band jams, too. Long ones. And, alternate takes of finished material. “Kids And Dogs” is here twice, as Residue also includes Crosby’s remaster of the song from his Voyage box set. These tracks originally come from a few different discs, including the P.E.R.R.O. Sessions and the bootleg CD, Everybody Can Be In The Band, among others. There are even more outtakes from these sessions floating around the intertubes (along with plenty of speculation about mixes, dates and participants) and I considered adding more, but the quality on everything else I’ve found was nowhere near the studio quality of these tapes, which are the cream of the crop. So no tracks have changed. It’s fitting that they sound so good. Even before it was remastered in 5.1 Surround, If I Could Only Remember My Name was regarded as one of the best sounding albums of the early 70s. This is some of the coolest Crosby you’ll ever hear.

Is It Really Monday? (5:09)
Under Anesthesia (a.k.a. You Sit There) 1 (False Start) (0:58)
Under Anesthesia (a.k.a. You Sit There) 2 (5:05)
Over Jordan/Wayfaring Stranger (3:21)
Walking In The Mountains(1:43)
Walking In The Mountains 2 (5:25)
Walking In The Mountains 3 (3:51)
Walking In The Mountains 4 (8:18)
Loser 1 & 2 (3:18)
Loser 3 & 4 (5:25)
Rounds (a.k.a. EEP Hour) (Instrumental) (4:49)
Kids And Dogs (6:56)
The Wall Song 1 (Demo) (4:25)
Music Is Love (Rough Mix) (3:21)
Song With No Words (Tree With No Leaves) 1 (Demo) (3:18)

Song With No Words (Tree With No Leaves) 2 (3:23)
What Are Their Names? (Rehearsal) (4:16)
Tamalpais High (At About 3) 2 (Full Blown) (9:01)
The Wall Song 2 (6:18)
Jorma & Jerry’s Jam 1 (Instrumental) (14:20)
Cowboy Movie 1 (Instrumental) (11:08)
Cowboy Movie 2 (Rough Mix) (8:09)
Wild Turkey (a.k.a. Leather Winged Bat) (Instrumental) (4:27)

Wooden Ships (Demo) (1:54)
“Dope Rap” (w/piano) (2:35)
Piano Continued (Instrumental) (3:51)
Slide Jam (Instrumental) (7:31)
Jorma & Jerry’s Jam 2 (Instrumental) (9:39)
Cowboy Movie (Studio Version) (10:57) – alt version from Voyage Box Set
Kids And Dogs
(Unissued Song) (6:59) – from Voyage Box Set



David Crosby, Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh & Mickey Hart (David & The Dorks 1970)

Afternoon Rehearsal + Live At The Matrix

(December 15-17, 1970)

During the rehearsals and recording sessions for If I Could Only Remember My Name, David Crosby and three members of the Grateful Dead – Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh and Mickey Hart – played three dates at San Francisco’s Matrix club, December 15th, 16th & 17th, 1970. These rare recordings, from an afternoon rehearsal and an evening live show, capture this unique configuration performing a variety of Dead, Byrds and Crosby material with pretty good sound considering the casual nature of the get-together. The afternoon session is a great, fly-on-the-wall band rehearsal, as Crosby leads the Dead core through arrangements of “Eight Miles High” and “Cowboy Movie.” While there are instances of overloaded mics and sloppy exploration, once the band gets into a groove, and Garcia starts to take off, it’s a joyous sound indeed. The fusion of Crosby’s and Garcia’s styles is more pronounced than what would eventually be heard on If I Could Only Remember My Name… and is all the better for it. Blissed out expansions of DC’s “Triad” and “The Wall Song” are a delight. The live show has circulated as the Dec. 15th show since it first surfaced, though the rehearsal is thought to be from the 16th, based on some of Crosby’s dialog during the tapings. The band alternately called themselves David & The Dorks, David & The Ding-A-Lings and Jerry & The Jets, but were originally billed at the Matrix as Jerry Garcia & Friends. There’s more Crosby in the archives.

David Crosby: vocals, guitar
Jerry Garcia: vocals, guitar
Phil Lesh: bass
Mickey Hart: drums

Alabama Bound (4:10
Eight Miles High
Cowboy Movie (10:00)
Wall Song (16:30)
Bertha (15:07)
Bird Song (3:33)

Drop Down Mama (4:17)
Cowboy Movie (9:53)
Triad (9:51)
Wall Song (7:54)
Bertha (4:14)
Deep Elem Blues (7:27)
Motherless Children (8:56)
Laughing (10:23)


THE BYRDS The Legacy Bonus Track Reissue Series (1965-1971)

There’s not much to say about The Byrds you don’t already know. This 11CD, 13-disc bonus track reissue collection (with a couple of Deluxe-style editions tossed in) covers The Byrds from 1965 to 1971. There’s both brilliance and filler, as The Byrdsconsistency was continually plagued by rotating personnel and internal directional squabbles. You can’t go wrong with the early stuff, though, as Mr. Tambourine Man and Turn! Turn! Turn! helped to chart the course of both folk and rock. Fifth Dimension found The Byrds diving head-first into psychedelia (earlier than most acts) with “Eight Miles High”… in 1966. While Sweetheart Of The Rodeo found The Byrds breaking new ground once again, this time with an against-the-grain country album, spearheaded by Gram Parsons – whose vocals would, ironically, be absent on much of the original LP, a problem corrected by the 2CD reissue. Personally, one of my favorites is (Untitled)/(Unissued), the 2CD reissue of The Byrds‘ 1970 double live album, which spotlights Clarence White’s stinging guitar work. You’ve probably got your own faves. Click the covers for links to Amazon.

Mr. Tambourine Man (1965)
Mr. Tambourine Man
I’ll Feel A Whole Lot Better
Spanish Harlem Incident
You Won’t Have To Cry
Here Without You
The Bells Of Rhymney
All I Really Want To Do
I Knew I’d Want You
It’s No Use
Don’t Doubt Yourself, Babe
Chimes Of Freedom
We’ll Meet Again
She Has A Way
– Bonus Track
I’ll Feel A Whole Lot Better (Alternate Version)Bonus Track
It’s No Use (Alternate Version)Bonus Track
You Won’t Have To Cry (Alternate Version)Bonus Track
All I Really Want To Do (Single Version)Bonus Track
You And Me (Instrumental)Bonus Track

Turn! Turn! Turn! (1965)
Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season)
It Won’t Be Wrong
Set You Free This Time
Lay Down Your Weary Tune
He Was A Friend Of Mine
The World Turns All Around Her
Satisfied Mind
If You’re Gone
The Times They Are A-Changin
Wait And See
Oh! Susannah
The Day Walk (Never Before)
Bonus Track
She Don’t Care About Time (Single Version)Bonus Track
The Times They Are A-Changin(First Version)Bonus Track
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue (Version 1/Take 1)Bonus Track
She Don’t Care About Time (Version 1/Take 2)Bonus Track
The World Turns All Around Her (Alternate Mix/Bongo Version)Bonus Track
Stranger In A Strange Land (Instrumental Backing Track/Take 10)Bonus Track

Fifth Dimension (1966)
5D (Fifth Dimension)
Wild Mountain Thyme
Mr. Spaceman
I See You
What’s Happening?
I Come And Stand At Every Door
Eight Miles High
Hey Joe (Where You Gonna Go)
Captain Soul
John Riley
2-4-2 Fox Trot (The Lear Jet Song)
Why (Single Version)
Bonus Track
I Know My Rider (I Know You Rider)Bonus Track
Psychodrama CityBonus Track
Eight Miles High (Alternate/RCA Studios Version)Bonus Track
Why (Alternate/RCA Studios Version)Bonus Track
John Riley (Instrumental)/Interview Segments For RadioBonus Track

Younger Than Yesterday (1967)
So You Want To Be A Rock ‘n’ Roll Star

Have You Seen Her Face

Renaissance Fair
Time Between
Everybody’s Been Burned
Thoughts And Words
Mind Gardens
My Back Pages
The Girl With No Name

It Happens Each Day
Bonus Track
Don’t Make WavesBonus Track
My Back Pages (Alternate Version)Bonus Track
Mind Gardens (Alternate Version)Bonus Track
Lady FriendBonus Track
Old John Robertson (Single Version)Bonus Track

The Notorious Byrd Brothers (1968)
Artificial Energy
Goin‘ Back
Natural Harmony
Draft Morning
Wasn’t Born To Follow
Get To You
Change Is Now
Old John Robertson
Tribal Gathering
Dolphin’s Smile
Space Odyssey
Moog Raga (Instrumental)
Bonus Track
Bound To Fall (Instrumental)Bonus Track
Goin‘ Back (Version One)
Bonus Track
Draft Morning (Alternate End)Bonus Track
Universal Mind Decoder (Instrumental)Bonus Track

Sweetheart Of The Rodeo (Legacy 2CD Edition) (1968/2003)
You Ain’t Going Nowhere
I Am A Pilgrim
The Christian Life
You Don’t Miss Your Water
You’re Still On My Mind
Pretty Boy Floyd
Hickory Wind
One Hundred Years From Now
Blue Canadian Rockies
Life In Prison
Nothing Was Delivered
All I Have Are Memories (Master Take – Kevin Kelly Vocal)
Bonus Track
ReputationBonus Track
Pretty PollyBonus Track
Lazy DaysBonus Track
The Christian Life (Master Take – Gram Parsons Vocal)Bonus Track
You Don’t Miss Your Water (Master Take – Gram Parsons Vocal)Bonus Track
One Hundred Years From Now (Master Take – Gram Parsons Vocal)Bonus Track
Radio Spot – Sweetheart Of The Rodeo AlbumBonus Track

Sum Up Broke (Single Version) (The International Submarine Band)
Bonus Track
One Day Week (Single Version) (The International Submarine Band)Bonus Track
Truck Drivin‘ Man (The International Submarine Band)Bonus Track
Blue Eyes (The International Submarine Band)Bonus Track
Luxury Liner (The International Submarine Band)Bonus Track
Strong Boy (The International Submarine Band)Bonus Track
Lazy Days (Alternate Version)Bonus Track
Pretty Polly (Alternate Version)Bonus Track
Hickory Wind (Alternate Nashville Version – Take 8)Bonus Track
The Christian Life (Rehearsal/Take 7 – Gram Parsons Vocal)Bonus Track
The Christian Life (Rehearsal/Take 8 – Gram Parsons Vocal)Bonus Track
Life In Prison (Rehearsal/Takes 1 & 2 – Gram Parsons Vocal)Bonus Track
Life In Prison (Rehearsal/Takes 3 & 4 – Gram Parsons Vocal)Bonus Track
100 Years From Now (Rehearsal/Takes 12 & 13 – Gram Parsons Vocal)Bonus
100 Years From Now (Rehearsal/Takes 14 & 15 – Gram Parsons Vocal)Bonus
You’re Still On My Mind (Rehearsal/Take 13 – Gram Parsons Vocal)Bonus Track
You’re Still On My Mind (Rehearsal/Take 48 – Gram Parsons Vocal)Bonus Track
All I Have Are Memories (Alternate Instrumental – Take 17)Bonus Track
All I Have Are Memories (Alternate Instrumental – Take 21)Bonus Track
Blue Canadian Rockies (Rehearsal/Take 14)Bonus Track

Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde (1969)
This Wheel’s On Fire
Old Blue
Your Gentle Way Of Loving Me
Child Of The Universe
Nashville West
Drug Store Truck Drivin’ Man
King Apathy III
Bad Night At The Whiskey
Medley: My Back Pages/B.J. Blues/Baby What You Want Me To Do
Stanley’s Song
Bonus Track
Lay Lady Lay (Alternate Version)Bonus Track
This Wheel’s On Fire (Version One)Bonus Track
Medley: My Back Pages/B.J. Blues/Baby… (Alternate – Take 1) Bonus Track
Nashville West (Alternate Version – Nashville Recording)Bonus Track

Ballad Of Easy Rider (1969)
Ballad Of Easy Rider
Oil In My Lamp
Tulsa County
Jack Tarr The Sailor
Jesus Is Just Alright
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
There Must Be Someone (I Can Turn To)
Gunga Din
Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos)
Armstrong, Aldrin And Collins
Way Beyond The Sun
Bonus Track
Mae Jean Goes To HollywoodBonus Track
Oil In My Lamp (Alternate Version)Bonus Track
Tulsa County (Alternate Version)Bonus Track
Fiddler A Dram (Moog Experiment)Bonus Track
Ballad Of Easy Rider (Long Version)Bonus Track
Build It Up (Instrumental)Bonus Track

(Untitled) / (Unissued) (1970/2000)
Lover Of The Bayou
Positively 4th Street
Nashville West
So You Want To Be A Rock ‘N’ Roll Star
Mr. Tambourine Man
Mr. Spaceman
Eight Miles High
Chestnut Mare
Truck Stop Girl
All The Things
Yesterday’s Train
Hungry Planet
Just A Season
Take A Whiff On Me
You All Look Alike
Welcome Back Home
All The Things (Alternate Version)
Bonus Track
Yesterday’s Train (Alternate Version)Bonus Track
Lover Of The Bayou (Studio)Bonus Track
Kathleen’s Song (Alternate Version)Bonus Track
White’s Lightning Pt. 2 (Studio)Bonus Track
Willin’ (Studio)Bonus Track
You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere (Live)Bonus Track
Old Blue (Live)Bonus Track
It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) (Live)Bonus Track
Ballad Of Easy Rider (Live)Bonus Track
My Back Pages (Live)Bonus Track
Take A Whiff On Me (Live)Bonus Track
Jesus Is Just Alright (Live)Bonus Track
This Wheels On Fire (Live)Bonus Track

Byrdmaniax (1971)
Glory, Glory

Pale Blue
I Trust
Tunnel Of Love
Citizen Kane
I Wanna Grow Up To Be A Politician
Absolute Happiness
Green Apple Quick Step
My Destiny
Kathleen’s Song
Jamaica Say You Will
Just Like a Woman
Bonus Track
Pale Blue (Alternate Version)Bonus Track
Think I’m Gonna Feel BetterBonus Track

Farther Along (1971)
Tiffany Queen
Get Down Your Line
Farther Along
B. B. Class Road
America’s Great National Pastime
Antique Sandy
Precious Kate
So Fine
Lazy Waters
Bristol Steam Convention Blues
Lost My Drivin’ Wheel (Outtake)
Bonus Track
Born To Rock ‘n’ Roll (Outtake)
Bonus Track
Bag Full Of Money (Outtake)Bonus Track



CROSBY, STILLS & NASH Session Selections (1969)

Session Selections (1969)
Great Studio Outtakes & Chatter

If, like me, you enjoy hearing musicians working together to create music – especially historic music – then this is a collection for you. Like a fly on the wall, you’ll hear David, Stephen & Graham playing live in the studio, working out arrangements, overdubbing vocals and testing ideas, all while the tapes are rolling. The first track is probably the most primitive, as Steve Stills works out guitar parts for “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” with Dallas Taylor live on drums. In the middle, the control room breaks in to cheer on his developing results. Most of the rest are versions of material from the band’s first album in various states of development, with alternate vocals tracks, untested harmonies, a few too many stops and starts and studio chatter – all in near perfect sound. One “Guinnevere” is even slower than the original, while a “Marrakesh Express” is a live basic backing track (where you can hear how much drummer Jim Gordon brings to the table). “Blackbird,” however, is just a series of miscues that ends with Stills declaring he needs a snort. There’s probably too much yammer for casual listening, and some of it has been packaged in various bootlegs before, but it’s still a great snapshot of the CSN recording process. Shuffling this and CSN’s, Demos, might make it the ultimate studio experience.

Suite: Judy Goddamn Blue Eyes (Instrumental w/ Studio Chat) (10:10)
Marrakesh Express (Vocal/Alternate) (2:42)
Marrakesh Express (Instrumental) (2:52)
Guinnevere (Vocal/Electric) (5:00)
Guinnevere (Vocal/Acoustic) (5:34)
David (C’mon In My Kitchen) (3 times) (1:06)
Black Queen (Vocal/Alternate) (6:25)
Pre-Road Downs (Workout/Jam) (8:00)
Pre-Road Downs (Vocal/Alternate) (3:03)
Wooden Ships (Vocal/Alternate) (7:37)
Lady Of The Island (Vocal/Alternate) (3:40)
Helplessly Hoping (Instrumental) (1:34)
Helplessly Hoping (Vocal/Alternate) (2:36)
49 Bye Byes (Jam w/ Vocals) (5:23)
Cinnamon Girl (Instrumental) (2:48)
Blackbird (Vocal/Alternate) (1:46)



DAVID CROSBY It’s All Coming Back To Me Now… (1994)

It’s All Coming Back To Me Now… (1994)
Crosby’s 2nd Best Solo Album?

David Crosby’s various collaborations over the years have allowed the notoriously non-prolific writer to develop naturally, without much pressure to produce “in volume.” In reality, there is a lot of Crosby out there, via The Byrds, CSN/CSN&Y, C&N, CPR (Crosby, Pevar & Raymond) and his handful of solo albums. Everyone knows the 1971 debut, If I Could Only Remember My Name. But, after that, Crosby’s solo catalog is often forgotten. Even this outstanding 1994 live album, It’s All Coming Back To Me Now. Forget about those so-so King Biscuit live tracks that circulate on cheapie CDs, this is some of the best live Crosby you’ll hear, under any moniker. Beautifully and intimately recorded on December 7, 1993, this CD captures DC and his skin tight band performing a smattering of hits and newer songs. Fortunately, Graham Nash and The Black Crowes‘ Chris Robinson keep their cameos short, because the selling point here is Crosby himself, up close, in spectacular sound and singing better than he had in 15 years. No… it’s not CSN&Y at the Fillmore. It’s more subtle, more personal and more engaging. Still, Crosby and band are capable of turning up the heat, like on “Wooden Ships,” or the little known “Till It Shines On You.” These performances also demonstrate the exquisite touch of lead guitarist Jeff Pevar who, like Nash, remains one of Crosby’s unsung saviors. After all he’s endured, David Crosby has never lost touch with his talents… it’s the fickle, hit-hungry public that has lost touch with him. Amazon

In My Dreams
Rusty and Blue
Till It Shines On You
Thousand Roads
Cowboy Movie
Almost Cut My Hair
Deja Vu
Long Time Gone
Wooden Ships


CROSBY & NASH Live In San Francisco, 1974

Live In San Francisco, 1974
Unreleased Acoustic Live Album

Excellent live show recorded Dec. 14, 1974 by ace producer/engineer, Wally Heider, and edited as a live album that would never come out. Also known as the Whale & Fieldworkers Benefit 1974 concert, there are a number of highlights, including Crosby’s new (at the time) “Carry Me” and a slow, tempered reading of “Wooden Ships.” These ears were most pleased to hear the fresh takes of Crosby’s newest songs and the retirement of almost all of Nash’s already-dated-by-1974 political material. Great sound.

Intro (0:24)
Deja Vu (6:05)
Lady Of The Island (3:55)
Prison Song (3:40)
Carry Me (4:30)
It’s All Right (2:55)
Another Sleep Song (4:21)
King Of The Mountain (4:21)
Time After Time (4:26)
Guinnevere (6:30)
Fieldworker (4:28)
The Last Whale (4:14)
Wooden Ships (5:32)
What Are Their Names? (0:57)
Chicago (5:06)
Long Time Gone (6:32)
Outro (5:14)