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ERIC AMBEL & ROSCOE’S GANG Loud & Lonesome (1994) – Streaming Album

Loud & Lonesome (1994)
The Best Album By Neil Young And Crazy Horse That’s Not By Neil Young And Crazy Horse

This one’s not for download, sorry. When we first posted this years ago (on the old Never Get Out Of The Boat), we were politely asked to remove it. Eric Ambel reissued this CD in 2010 and has made it available on Bandcamp, but since it’s a personal favorite of mine (and I’ve been listening to it lately) I figured we’d pop up the Bandcamp player to give newcomers an opportunity to hear this excellent release in its entirety. When it was previously posted, I suggested it was the best album by Neil Young and Crazy Horse that’s not by Neil Young and Crazy Horse (with all due respect to Ambel’s own time-tested characteristics and style), and a couple of spins (maybe just one) might convince you of the same. Who knows… maybe it’s a homage. It has a crazy horse on the cover (as does his debut, Roscoe’s Gang). Ambel’s songwriting quality control is notches above Neil’s recent output, and there’s a host of cool pals involved in the process, including Kevin Salem, Dan Baird, Terry Anderson and Dan Zanes. Ambel is a founding member of The Del Lords and continues to make great music to this day. Many swear by his debut, but 1994’s Loud & Lonesome has always hit the sweet spot for me. Hear it all below and… CRANK IT UP LOUD. Buy the download at Bandcamp (HERE) or get a hard copy at Amazon (HERE).