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ROGER CHAPMAN Chappo (1979), Live In Hamburg (1979), Mail Order Magic (1980), Hyenas Only Laugh For Fun (1981), Mango Crazy (1983), The Shadow Knows (1984), Zipper (1986), Techno-Prisoners (1987), Walking The Cat (1989/1993), Live In Berlin (1989), Hybrid And Lowdown (1990), Under No Obligation (1992), Kiss My Soul (1996), Anthology 1979-1998 (1998) and Rollin’ & Tumblin’ (2003)

UPDATED: Any Roger Chapman fans out there? I was a Family man for decades, before turning my attention to Streetwalkers… both beloved British bands fronted by Chapman (and long time writing partner, guitarist Charlie Whitney). After the two split, Chapman went solo in 1979 with Chappo and Live In Hamburg, both solid albums that echoed the ballsy, throat-shredding characteristics of his best work. As a solo artist, however, Chapman wasn’t afraid to try new ideas, and future albums delivered plenty of variety, electro-dance beds and grand, slo-mo ballads, that seemed designed to keep pace with musical innovations, and maybe even attract the interest of mainstreamers. To no avail, though. As a result, much of Chapman’s solo catalog is hit and miss. Part of the problem was his inability to regularly produce top-notch material to feed his non-stop work ethic. You can also blame Family, Streetwalkers and Chappo’s own mythic, brawling & boozing rep for setting a standard too high. Since so many are unfamiliar with his solo career, I’ve included the 2CD, Anthology 1979-1998, for those just looking for an overview. Many thanks to Zed for sharing the 2003 bonus track version of Techno-Prisoners. I’ll be honest, many of my old German import discs (early CDs, often lacking remastered sonics) have been sitting on my neglected shelf for decades. No reason you shouldn’t enjoy them, though. Roger Chapman is still active today, getting more appreciation around his home base of Germany than he ever got here in the States. Click the album covers for links to Amazon for tough to find hard discs. Chapman’s got at least a dozen other releases besides these. We’ve got more Chappo, Family & Streetwakers in the archives; FAMILY: Once Upon A Time & More (Extras from the 2013 box set, HERE), Live, BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert & The Peel Sessions (HERE), Bonus Tracks (1968-1973) (over two hours, HERE), Bandstand (HERE), Fearless (HERE) & STREETWALKERS Vicious But Fair… Plus (HERE).

Chappo (1979)
Midnite Child (3:48
Moth To A Flame (4:58)
Keep Forgettin (4:15)
Shapes Of Things (3:50)
Face Of Stone (4:02)
Let’s Spend The Night Together (3:30)
Who Pulled The Nite Down (3:44)
Always Gotta Pay In The End (4:26)
Hang On To A Dream (3:35)
Pills (4:30)
Don’t Give Up (7:03)

Live In Hamburg (1979)
Moth To A Flame (5:49
Keep Forgettin (5:02)
Midnite Child (5:25)
Who Pulled The Nite Down/Talking About You (8:34)
Short List (6:44)
Can’t Get In/Keep A Knockin (7:48)
I’m Your Hoochie Couchie Man (3:57)
Let’s Spent The Night Together (5:58)


FrontMail Order Magic (1980)
Unknown Soldier (Can’t Get To Heaven) (3:47)
He Was, She Was (4:48)
Barman (5:27)
Right To Go (4:06)
Ducking Down (3:54)
Making The Same Mistake (4:59)
Another Little Hurt (3:55)
Mail Order Magic (4:28)
Higher Ground (4:16)
Ground Floor (1:58)

FrontHyenas Only Laugh For Fun (1981)
Prisoner (5:39)
Hyenas Only Laugh For Fun (3:12)
Killing Time (5:36)
Wants Nothing Chained (3:03)
The Long Goodbye (4:45)
Blood And Sand (4:57)
Common Touch (5:16)
Goodby (Reprise) (1:12)
Hearts On The Floor (4:28)
Step Up – Take A Bow (3:37)
Jukebox Mama (1:25)

Mango Crazy (1983)
Mango Crazy (4:41
Toys: Do You? (4:07)
I Read Your File (4:00)
Los Dos Bailadores (3:45)
Bluesbreaker (4:15)
Turn It Up Loud (4:05)
Let Me Down (3:22)
Hunt The Man (6:07)
Rivers Run Dry (4:10)
I Really Can’t Go Straight (4:16)
Room Service (2:50)
Hegoshegoyougoamigo (1:00)

The Shadow Knows (1984)
Busted Loose (4:45
Leader Of Man (5:14)
Ready To Roll (5:54)
I Think Of You Now (5:13)
Sitting Up Pretty (4:41)
How How How (5:42)
Only Love Is In The Red (4:27)
Sweet Vanilla (3:57)
I’m A Good Boy Now (2:54)

Zipper (1986)
Zipper (6:18
Running With The Flame (4:21)
On Do Die Day (6:09)
Never Love A Rolling Stone (4:00)
Let The Beat Get Heavy (4:54)
It’s Never Too Late To Do-Ron-Ron (4:39)
Woman Of Destiny (6:21)
Hoodoo Me Up (3:24)


Front copyTechno-Prisoners (1987/2003)
The Drum (4:35)
Wild Again (5:39)
Techno-Prisoners (6:00)
Black Forest (6:19)
We Will Touch Again (4:27)
Run For Your Love (4:42)
Slap Bang In The Middle (4:24)
Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed (Wild Blood) (4:40)
Ball Of Confusion (8:05)
Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed (Bonus) (4:46)
Slap Bang In The Middle (Bonus) (4:09)
We Will Touch Again (Bonus) (4:05)
Wild Again (Bonus) (5:15)
Red Moon & New Shoes (Bonus) (4:01)

Walking The Cat (1989/1993)
Kick It Back (4:22
Son Of Red Moon (3:47)
Stranger Than Strange (4:42)
Just A Step Away (Let’s Go) (5:37)
The Fool (2:54)
Walking The Cat (5:13)
J & D (3:36)
Come The Dark Night (4:56)
Hands Off (4:03)
Jivin (2:59)
Saturday Night Kick Back (1:51)

Live In Berlin EP (1989)
Shadow On The Wall (8:04
Let Me Down (4:50)
How How How (7:13)
Mango Crazy (11:11)



Hybrid And LowdownHybrid And Lowdown (1990)
Hot Night To Rhumba (5:25)
Holding On (4:31)
Hideaway (3:55)
Beautifully Indecent (4:43)
Sushi Roll (4:23)
Someone Else’s Clothes (4:17)
Chicken Fingers (2:56)
House Behind The Sun (5:07)
Sushi Rock (2:33)
Is There Anybody Out There (4:57)
Cops In Shades (3:56)
Bye Bye Love (5:08)

Under No ObligationUnder No Obligation (1992)
Love Is A Hard Thing (4:11)
Just A Child U.N.O. (4:41)
Dance Hall Years (4:31)
Stand Up (6:59)
King Of Cats (5:45)
Magic (5:09)
Even Angels (4:59)
Goldfish Blues (Without You) (4:59)
Skin And Bone (4:41)
Praying For Rain (10:06)
Sweet Legacy (Good Enough) (4:25)

Kiss My Soul (1996)
Into The Bright (4:03
Habits Of A Lifetime (4:27)
A Cat Called Kokomo (4:07)
One More Whisky (4:18)
Kiss My Soul (4:07)
Outside Looking In (4:40)
Beautiful Dreamers (6:06)
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue (4:35)
Mistreated (3:52)
Song Of Desire (4:33)
Two Pieces Of Silver (4:30)
Really Started Something (3:55)

Anthology 1979-1998 (1998)
Always Gotta Pay In The End (4:28
Moth To A Flame (4:59)
Who Pulled The Night Down (3:45)
Keep Forgettin’ (Live) (4:53)
Let’s Spend The Night Together (Live) (6:04)
Barman (5:28)
Unknown Soldier (Can’t Get To Heaven) (3:47)
Ducking Down (3:56)
Hyenas Only Laugh For Fun (3:13)
Common Touch (5:17)
Mango Crazy (4:42)
Let Me Down (3:24)
Slow Down (2:20)
Slap Bang In The Middle (Live) (7:38)
Short List (Live) (6:24)
Shadow On The Wall (Live) (5:49)
Burlesque (Live)
My Friend The Sun (Live) (4:59)
Stone Free (5:55)
Prisoner (6:05)
The Shadow Knows (3:28)
How, How, How (5:41)
Never Love A Rolling Stone (3:58)
Zipper (6:17)
Zip Ah De Do Dah (Live) (3:22)
The Drum (4:37)
Walking The Cat (5:15)
Chicken Fingers (2:59)
Someone Else’s Clothes (4:18)
Love Is A Hard Thing (4:10)
Even Angels (4:57)
Kiss My Soul (4:08)
Into The Bright (4:03)

FrontRollin’ & Tumblin’ (2003)
No Mules Fool (3:37)
A Stone Unturned (4:59)
A Kid Called Mac & A Cat Called Kokomo (4:02)
Kiss My Soul (5:28)
Downbound Train (6:43)
Big River (4:51)
Burlesque (4:52)
Shadow On The Wall (4:06)
18 Wheels … And A Crowbar (5:42)
X-Town (4:56)
Jesus & The Devil (7:16)
Goodnight Irene (4:43)


FAMILY Once Upon A Time & More (2013)

frontOnce Upon A Time & More (2013)
Here’s To An Upcoming Stand-Alone Release

Wow! As I’m listening, this has immediately vaulted to the top of my favorite Family music list. The two disc set of extras from the massive 14CD Family box set, Once Upon A Time, sounds fantastic and provides a great peek behind the scenes of a long static catalog. Thanks to v3122 for the share (and Zed for the heads up). This really is wonderful. If it doesn’t end up being a stand-alone release, Chappo’s accountants need to have him committed.

Part Of The Load (Backing Track) (5:03)
Lives And Ladies (Instrumental) (6:53)
Sat’d’y Barfly (Instrumental / No Horn) (4:50)
Sat’d’y Barfly (Instrumental #1 / Guide Track, No Horn Studio Chatter) (3:07)
Sat’d’y Barfly (Instrumental #2 / Guide Track, More Studio Chatter) (4:33)
Studio Chat #1 (0:34)
Studio Chat #2 (0:41)
Spanish Tide (Instrumental #1) (4:11)
Spanish Tide (Instrumental #2) (1:38)
Spanish Tide (Instrumental #3) (3:54)
Spanish Tide (with Spoken Intro) (12:44)
Spanish Tide (Instrumental #4) (4:13)
Burlesque (Instrumental) (4:12)
Bolero Babe (Rough Mix) (4:46)
My Friend The Sun (Instrumental / Part Vocal) (4:24)
My Friend The Sun (Guide Track #1 / Part Vocal) (4:45)
My Friend The Sun (Guide Track #2 / Part Vocal) (4:34)
Ready To Go (Alternate Take #1) (4:36)
Ready To Go (Alternate Take #2) (4:37)
Ready To Go (Alternate Take #3) (4:37)
Top Of The Hill (Alternate Take) (5:42)
Boom Bang (Instrumental / Part Vocal) (5:02)
Suspicion (No Brass) (3:34)
Check Out (Instrumental) (4:46)
Stop This Car (Alternate Version of B-Side to ‘Boom Bang’) (4:42)


FAMILY Live (1971/2003), BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert (1973/1991) + The Peel Sessions (1973/1989)

Live (2003)
BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert (1991)
The Peel Sessions (1989)
Prime Time Live 1971-1973

I was planning on ending the Family run with the Bonus Tracks collection (HERE) but ended up getting some emails about their live CDs (of which there are many), with a few folks even sending a few of them along. So I thought I’d hit the shelf and post these three, high-quality Family live discs… spanning decades, but concentrating on the years 1971-1973. The more recently issued Live (from 2003), captures the 1971 band live at The Rainbow and is extremely cool, if sometimes oddly mixed, as keyboard and guitar solos seem to unnaturally bust out of the fray. Fret not, however, as the performances are robust and outstanding, and Chappo sounds like he’s having a great time. Personally, I’m still partial to the BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert release, if only because it was my first taste of the band live (not counting the muddy selections found on old vinyl copies of Anyway). Atypical of some of the early BBC releases, the overall sound has a meaty foundation… just try not to listen too closely to the Beeb’s poorly looped audience dubs in between the tracks. For download ease, we’ve added The Peel Sessions CD/EP, a mere three-song disc, to the BBC 1 d/l. There’s plenty more live Family to be found (including multiple BBC CDs), but all this is a good place to start. Click the covers for links to Amazon. Hit the archives for more Family, Chapman & Streetwalkers (HERE).

LIVE (1971/2003)
Good News – Bad News (8:24)
Spanish Tide (4:14)
Part Of The Load (9:29)
Drowned In Wine (4:13)
Holding The Compass (4:06)
Between Blue And Me (5:28)
Children (2:40)
In My Own Time (3:27)
Take Your Partners (6:22)
Weaver’s Answer (8:26)

Burlesque (5:48)
Sat’dy Barfly (4:50)
Top Of The Hill (7:49)
My Friend The Sun (4:11)
Buffet Tea (4:37)
Children (3:03)
Glove (6:00)
Ready To Go (7:05)
Holding The Compass (4:53)
Rockin’ Pneumonia And Boogie Woogie Flu (6:08)
In My Own Time (3:46)
Weaver’s Answer (8:23)
Part Of The Load (9:59)

Boom Bang (3:00)
Buffet Tea (5:17)
Checkout (5:13)


FAMILY Bonus Tracks (1968-1973) – 31 Tracks, Over 2 Hours

Family Bonus TracksFamily Bonus Tracks (1968-1973)
Family Outcasts

Thanks to KDNYfm for kick starting this Bonus Tracks idea by supplying most of the officially released extras found on the mish-mash of Family re-issues released over the years. Thanks also go to Spike, Joe and Zed for offering up the missing selections to help complete this collection. It appears complete, but it’s hard to tell, given the myriad of conflicting Family reissues – often with differing sets of extras. 31 tracks, over two hours, which we’ve grouped by the reissues they originally surfaced on. We used the LP’s release year to tag the files (otherwise known as lazy research). The non-LP singles & b’s from the UK are the coolest (“Scene Through The Eyes Of A Lens” b/w “Gypsy Woman,” “No Mule’s Fool” b/w “Good Friend Of Mine,” “Today” b/w “Song For Lots,” “In My Own Time” b/w “Seasons,” and other b-sides), but it should be noted that the sound quality on many of the live tracks are on the shoddy side, characterized by a thin, bootleg quality. Hardcore fans can find solace in Once Upon A Time,  the new 14-CD Family box set that is now available for preorder HERE, featuring bonus rarities, demos and live discs (and autographed by Roger Chapman). It’s a lusciously tempting box set if you’ve got the green in these tough economic times. Especially since it’s “strictly limited” to 2000 copies and will most likely be the last word on Family, given their low consumer profile and dwindling fan base. Peruse the archives for our past posts of Family, Roger Chapman and Streetwalkers (HERE). Thanks again to all involved for the help with this one.

Scene Through The Eye Of A Lens (2:53)
Gypsy Woman (3:30)
A SONG FOR ME (1970)
No Mule’s Fool (3:12)
Good Friend Of Mine (3:30)
Drowned In Wine (live) (4:09)
The Cat And The Rat (live) (2:47)
Wheels (live) (6:45)
A Song For Me (live) (7:59)
ANYWAY (1971)
Today (5:00)
Song For Lots (3:35)
Today (edited version) (4:06)
Strange Band (alt version) (2:31)
Part Of The Load (live) (9:44)
Lives And Ladies (live) (8:05)

In My Own Time (3:33)
Seasons (2:21)
Between Blue And Me (live) (5:05)
Sing ‘Em The Way I Feel (live) (4:38)
The Weaver’s Answer (5:00)
Strange Band (3:14)
The Rockin’ Rs (3:22)
No Mule’s Fool (live) (2:57)
Good News Bad News (live) (4:10)
The Weaver’s Answer (live) (5:34)
Hometown (3:10)
Stop This Car (2:53)
Drink To You (3:35)
Holding The Compass (live) (2:22)
The Weaver’s Answer (live) (4:49)
Dim (live) (1:20)
Procession/No Mule’s Fool (live) (4:46)


FAMILY Bandstand (1972)

FrontBandstand (1972)
The Family That Stays Together…

Big thanks to KDNYfm for sending Family’s 1972 follow-up to Fearless for us all to enjoy. This is the Mystic Records 2-fer version with bonus tracks, which corresponds with the latest 2011 stand alone CD currently available. With Bandstand, Family finally started to make some headway within the USA, though hardly what they deserved. Their next (and last) studio album, It’s Only A Movie, would push the yardsticks even further, but, unfortunately, Family never really managed to enter the consciousness of enough Yanks to make much of an impact on this side of the pond. I won’t bore you with my 40 year old thoughts on this record… it is, after all, the end of the world tonight, so who’s got the time? Thanks again KDNYfm. Find this at Amazon, HERE.

Burlesque (4:04)
Bolero Babe (4:36)
Coronation (3:51)
Dark Eyes (1:46)
Broken Nose (4:09)
My Friend The Sun (4:20)
Glove (4:50)
Ready To Go (4:36)
Top Of The Hill (5:40)
The Rockin’ Rs (3:22)
No Mule’s Fool (live) (2:57) – Bonus Track
Good News Bad News (live) (4:10) – Bonus Track
The Weaver’s Answer (live) (5:34) – Bonus Track


FAMILY Fearless (1971)

Fearless (1971)
An Odd UK Anomaly

I can’t tell you how many drugs I took while listening to this album back in the day. Like many stateside newbies, I first learned of Family when supergroup Blind Faith pinched their bass player, Ric Grech. Being curious what they were all about, Fearless was my first taste and, probably because of that, I still consider this my favorite Family member, though… it’s surely not the “best” representation of this ever-evolving outfit. By the time this album came out in 1971, Grech was long gone and future King Crimson/Asia bassist/frontman, the great John Wetton, was in the house – and his vocal work added a new dimension to Family’s mercurial sound. But, to this day, I still have a hard time reconciling this LP with Family’s previous and subsequent releases. It’s a strange mix of harmonic melody, hippie prog, art rock and pub psych blues, though none of those tags fully fit or explain Fearless. “Save Some For Thee” (below) even includes a faux marching band, for chrissakes. Group leaders Roger Chapman (vocals) and Charlie Whitney (guitars) would further embellish their bluesy and boozy side in later years – culminating with the screeching heaviness of their next configuration, Streetwalkers (1974-1977). But Fearless is a happy anomaly that stands apart from their catalog, which I, like many other Yanks, came to embrace when the import LP market opened up around this time. Especially this LP’s follow-up, Bandstand. The bonus tracks, “In My Own Time” b/w “Seasons,” were both recorded during the Fearless sessions, originally issued as a single prior to the album’s release. Oldsters remember the cover art, as well, since it featured four additional die-cut cardboard pages, no doubt making it even harder for the band to recoup their advances. Hear a couple of examples below, including the mesmerizing but atypical, “Larf And Sing.” This is the 2000 bonus track version, but a 2011 reissue is at Amazon, HERE, with two additional live bonus tracks. Wait another 10 years and you might get two more. We’ve got some Streetwalkers and solo Roger Chapman in the archives, HERE.

Between Blue And Me (5:03)
Sat’d’y Barfly (3:59)
Larf And Sing (2:45)
Spanish Tide (4:02)
Save Some For Thee (3:43)
Take Your Partners (6:27)
Children (2:19)
Crinkley Grin (1:06)
Blind (4:04)
Burning Bridges (4:46)
In My Own Time (3:33) – Bonus Track
Seasons (2:21) – Bonus Track


STREETWALKERS Vicious But Fair… Plus (1977)

Vicious But Fair… Plus (1977)
Balls Out Bluesers, Bruisers &

I can’t even imagine what it’d be like to hear Streetwalkers for the first time today. They were a hair-raising, booze rock outfit that rose from the ashes of Family – who, for years, were best known in the US as the band that spawned Blind Faith bassist Ric Grech. Fronted by vocal shredder Roger Chapman & raucous riff-meister Charlie Whitney, Streetwalkers released
four studio albums of hell-bent hellfire, using schematics re-wired from some adrenalinefueled, bastardized version of the Faces… with fangs. Of course, in the US, Streetwalkers were best known for spawning Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain… so it seems they just couldn’t win for losing, or get noticed for their music alone. They knew how to kick ass, though, and Streetwalkers are still a powerful listen to this day. My personal favorite is Vicious But Fair (… Plus is an expanded import of the original featuring bonus tracks from previous releases, Downtown Flyers and Red Card). Issued at the dawn of punk, Vicious But Fair went nowhere fast, even in the UK, and the All Music Guide went so far as to dismiss it as “pathetic.” Obviously, I couldn’t disagree more. Hear the indicative “Mama Was Mad,” below. Can’t find this …Plus version at Amazon. We’ve got a bunch of Roger Chapman in the archives.

Mama Was Mad (4:15)
Chilli-Con-Carne (3:54)
Dice Man (9:28)
But You’re Beautiful (3:56)
Can’t Come In (4:02)
Belle Star (3:12)
Sam (Maybe He Can Come To Some Arrangement) (5:45)
Cross Time Women (5:14)
Downtown Flyers (4:02) from Downtown Flyers
Gypsy Moon (4:44) from Downtown Flyers
Crawfish (4:33) from Downtown Flyers
Raingame (3:03) from Downtown Flyers
Crazy Charade (5:25) from Red Card
Shotgun Messiah (4:49) from Red Card
Decadence Code (6:39) from Red Card
Daddy Rolling Stone (3:11) from Red Card