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JAKE HOLMES “The Above Ground Sound” Of Jake Holmes (1967)

“The Above Ground Sound” Of Jake Holmes (1967)
Jimmy Page Likes His Work

Vinyl rip of one weird album, originally released on Tower Records back in 1967. Jake Holmes’ so-called “above ground sound” is largely acoustic singer/songwriter fare, but his arrangements, instrumentation and ideas are genuinely unique, if a bit left field… and still a hard nut to crack in the new millennium. Of course, most of us only know Jake Holmes as a victim… just one of many ripped off by Led Zep’s Jimmy Page, who outright stole Holmes’ composition and arrangement of “Dazed And Confused” – a tune still legally credited to Page. According to The All Music Guide (where you can read more about this offbeat release) Holmes opened for Page’s Yardbirds in 1967, which, apparently, meant Holmes’ tune was then Jimmy’s to collect royalties on. Hear it below, along with another example of Holmes’ “above everybody’s head sound.” Why it took until 2010 for Holmes to sue is a mystery, but his decision to wait until Zeppelin generated multi-millions over decades probably benefitted his bottom line greatly. According to Wiki, Holmes’ case was dismissed and most likely settled out of court. Available on CD at Amazon,HERE.

Lonely (2:33)
Did You Know (2:48)
She Belongs To Me (2:10)
Too Long (2:42)
Genuine Imitation Life (3:56)
Dazed And Confused (3:48)
Penny’s (2:35)
Hard To Keep My Mind On You (1:59)
Wish I Was Anywhere Else (2:48)
Signs Of Age (4:00)