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VARIOUS ARTISTS Medium Rare (1993) – w/ Rarities From Bowie, Sugar, Thompson, Cale, NRBQ & others

mrareMedium Rare (1993)
Promo-Only Ryko Rarities CD…

Cool Ryko release designed to promote the label’s (once) impressive array of artists and releases, boasting oddities in the form of demos, live tracks, b-sides and alternate mixes. Since this was first issued over 20 years ago, in 1993, some of these tracks have since re-surfaced on various reissues as bonus tracks… but not all of them. So this collection is a nice one to have. Find Medium Rare at Amazon, HERE.

Sugar JC Auto (Live) (6:03)
Jimi Hendrix Experience
Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) (Live) (6:26) – Recorded Live At Winterland, Oct. 1968
Richard Thompson
Skull And Crossbones (Live) (4:00) – Recorded Live At Park West, Chicago, March, 1985
Chris Bell
Make A Scene (Alternate Mix) (4:11)
Nils Lofgren
Misery (Demo Version) (4:46)
John Cale
You Know More Than I Know (Live) (3:15) – Unreleased In The US
June Tabor & The Oyster Band
Susie Clelland (Live) (5:10) – From The Public Radio program, Mountain Stage
John & Mary
Rags Of Flowers (Live) (3:16)
Marty Willson-Piper
New York Buddah (Promo B-Side) (7:10)
Mouth Music
He Mandu (Mother Mix) (6:10)
David Bowie vs 808 State
Sound & Vision (808 Giftmix) (4:00) – From the Rykodisc single “Sound & Vision”
Music, Music, Music (Live) (2:28)
John Trudell
Look At Us (Peltier AIM Song) (6:00) – Unreleased In The US

JIMI HENDRIX The Winterland Reels (1968)

The Winterland Reels (1968)
6 Complete Shows Over 3 Nights

From 2010: The original Experience, captured live at Winterland, October 10-12, 1968. These are the raw reels, later plundered for the Ryko release(s), Live At Winterland, as well as various Hendrix collections over the years. What you’ll hear over these 6-1/2 hours is all the music, patter, tuning, miscues and triumphs that took place during Hendrix’s three-day residency at the famed venue. The sound is raw but good, with plenty of tweaking and balancing happening on the fly. Note that because the tapes ran out during the early, Oct. 11 show, an audience bootleg was used for three songs to complete the set. As experienced fans know, the Experience wasn’t always at their peak, and Winterland is no exception. Between the 20 minute jams, drum & bass solos and Jimi’s growing intolerance for “the hits,” there are rushed performances, boring indulgences and plenty of out of tune moments. But… it’s a rare chance to hear three straight days of prime Experience. And how often does one get a chance to experience that? Hear “Manic Depression” from the Oct. 12 late show, below. We’ve got tons of Henrix in the archives, including… Blue Wild Angel (Isle Of Wight 1970, HERE), First Rays Of The New Rising Sun (HERE), Jimi By Himself: The Home Recordings (HERE), Studio ’69 (15 CDs of outtakes, HERE), Jimi Plays Monterey (HERE), South Saturn Delta (HERE), The Complete Are You Experienced (HERE), The L.A. Forum Concert (HERE), The Rainbow Bridge Concert (HERE), The Voodoo Chile Sessions (HERE), Winterland – the commercially produced 5CD box set of the above Reels (HERE), Jimi Hendrix Speaks (maybe his last audio interview, HERE), BBC Sessions (HERE) and Sacred Sources, Vol. 1 Live Forever (a 1993 CD produced by Carlos Santana that features some live Hendrix, HERE).

OCTOBER 10, 1968 (Early Show)
Intro (3:29)
Are You Experienced (7:37)
Voodoo Child (slight return) (7:38)
Red House (14:52)
Foxy Lady (6:15)
Like A Rolling Stone (9:48)
Star Spangled Banner (5:29)
Purple Haze/Outside Woman Blues (6:07)

OCTOBER 10, 1968 (Late Show)
Intro (2:42)
Tax Free (13:34)
Lover Man (4:28)
Sunshine Of Your Love (9:10)
Hear My Train A Comin(14:04)
Killing Floor (w/ Jack Casady on bass) (9:19)
Hey Joe (w/ Jack Casady on bass) (5:32)
Star Spangled Banner (7:34)
Purple Haze (7:28)

OCTOBER 11, 1968 (Early Show)
Intro (5:24)
Are You Experienced (w/ Virgil Gonsales on flute) (17:56)
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (8:15)
Red House (11:38)
Foxy Lady (Audience Tape) (6:06)
Star Spangled Banner (Audience Tape) (6:33)
Purple Haze (Audience Tape) (6:03)

OCTOBER 11, 1968 (Late Show)
Intro (2:19)
Tax Free (20:32)
Spanish Castle Magic (11:05)
Like A Rolling Stone (w/ Herbie Rich on organ) (11:35)
Lover Man (w/ Herbie Rich on organ) (6:11)
Hey Joe (w/ Herbie Rich on organ) (5:14)
Fire (w/ Herbie Rich on organ) (4:44)
Foxy Lady (w/ Herbie Rich on organ) (5:14)
Purple Haze (6:00)

OCTOBER 12, 1968 (Early Show)
Intro (3:41)
Fire (3:48)
Lover Man (5:37)
Like A Rolling Stone (12:14)
Foxy Lady (7:30)
Drum & Bass Jam (8:58)
Tax Free (9:06)
Hey Joe (7:12)
Purple Haze (3:40)
Wild Thing (3:39)

OCTOBER 12, 1968 (Late Show)
Intro (1:32)
Foxy Lady (9:31)
Manic Depression (5:55)
Sunshine Of Your Love (9:07)
Little Wing (4:41)
Spanish Castle Magic (7:07)
Red House (12:09)
Voodoo Child (slight return) (7:03)
Star Spangled Banner (4:57)
Purple Haze (7:45)

Four Random Posts:
FATS DOMINO Teenageparty With Mr. Domino (1962)
FAT MATTRESS Fat Mattress (1969)
DAVID HOLMES Let’s Get Killed (1997)
THE LEFT BANKE Walk Away Renee (1967)

Frontfront copyFrontFront
FATS DOMINO Teenageparty With Fats Domino (1962)
FAT MATTRESS Fat Mattress (1969)
DAVID HOLMES Let’s Get Killed (1997)
THE LEFT BANKE Walk Away Renee/Pretty Ballerina (1967)
Four I’ve Been Meaning To Write About, But Still Haven’t…

Every so often, I’ll upload some stuff I’ve been listening to, with the intention of writing something up about it all to share. Then… I never get around to it, and the links just sit there, lingering and/or dying. So, even though I still haven’t written anything up about these, I’m throwing them up against the wall for anybody who wants to investigate them. The Fats Domino vinyl-only release was one I saw written up in an old MOJO Magazine, and it intrigued me enough me to track it down (at Uncle Gil’s cool digs, HERE). Despite the cover and title, it’s not a live release, but it’s a great gathering of tracks, nonetheless, including “Blue Monday.” ……As for Fat Mattress, I had a new millennium hankering to relive the experience of listening to my old Atco vinyl of bassist-turned-frontman Noel Redding’s moonlighting gig from Jimi Hendrix’s Experience. But, what I had on the hard drive was the expanded and refurbished edition. It was pretty much how I remembered it, encompassing some of the first & worst compositional characteristics of the psychedelic era. Proving once again that when psych music had no discernible roots of its own to embellish, it sounded pasty, like this (though… I had forgotten the Traffic influence these guys displayed). ……I’ve got a few excellent David Holmes CDs, and Let’s Get Killed is a cool one. Heavy on the cinematic tip, with lots of disembodied dialog, acid grooves and atmosphere. If you’ve never heard the guy, he’s a rewarding trip…… Finally, the debut from The Left Banke continues my latest hobby of revisiting original albums I never owned by bands I know well via singles, best-of’s or box sets. If baroque/psych-lite is up your alley, look no further. THERE… I’ve put these off for months and have now wrapped them all up in a single post in 10 minutes. That’s progress. Click the covers for links to Amazon. Hear some samples below.

What A Party! (1:49)
Please Don’t Leave (2:38)
I’m Walking (2:00)
I Want You To Know (1:58)
My Real Name (2:08)
Blue Monday (2:19)
Country Boy (2:17)
It Keeps Raining (2:41)
Rockin’ Bicycle (2:00)
Bo Weevil (2:04)

All Night Drinker (3:14)
I Don’t Mind (3:50)
Bright New Way (3:51)
Petrol Pump Assistant (3:03)
Mr.Moonshine (4:05)
Magic Forest (3:05)
She Came In The Morning (4:01)
Everything’s Blue (2:47)
Walking Through A Garden (3:27)
How Can I Live? (4:29)
Naturally (Single A-Side, 1969) (3:06)
Iridescent Butterfly (Single B-Side, 1969) (3:45)
Magic Forest (Single Version) (2:59)
Little Girl In White (4:11)
Eric The Red (2:56)
Black Sheep Of The Family (Single B-Side, 1970) (4:35)
Hall Of Kings (5:34)
Which Way To Go (Unreleased Jim Cleverton solo single) (3:05)

Listen (0:50)
My Mate Paul (5:14)
Lets Get Killed (7:28)
Gritty Shaker (6:40)
Head Rush On Lafayette (1:21)
Rodney Yates (6:24)
Radio 7 (5:50)
The Parcus & Madder Show (0:51)
Slashers Revenge (4:47)
Freaknik (6:45)
Caddell Returns (5:43)
Don’t Die Just Yet (6:33)
For You (1:00)

Pretty Ballerina (2:36)
She May Call You Up Tonight (2:19)
Barterers And Their Wives (2:57)
I’ve Got Something On My Mind (2:47)
Let Go Of You Girl (2:53)
Evening Gown (1:45)
Walk Away Renee (2:42)
What Do You Know (2:58)
Shadows Breaking Over My Head (2:33)
I Haven’t Got The Nerve (2:13)
Lazy Day (2:24)

JIMI HENDRIX Studio ’69 (2004) – 15 CDs of Studio Jams, Outtakes, Mixes, Oddities and More

Hendrix Studio '69Studio ’69 (1969/2004)
Now You Know The Rest Of The Story

Excellent Hendrix bootleg compilation containing 15 CDs of studio outtakes, alternate mixes, superstar jams, recorded oddities and tape manipulation, all from 1969. As fans are already aware, there’s no shortage of Hendrix studio tapes, but the quality often varies wildly. That’s no different here, but the bulk of this material is above par – unique, historic and listenable – as the compilers have worked to score high-grade quality tapes of Jimi’s ’69 studio adventures. The wide array of tracks only hints at what Hendrix was up to in his final years, with jams featuring John McLaughlin (a 30 minute one on CD3), The Buddy Miles Express (a 20 minute “Blue Window Jam Take 2” on CD2 – hear the edited version below), Johnny Winter, Stephen Stills, Lonnie Youngblood and others. The “Mannish Boy” sessions (Disc 5) are fascinating if you’re intrigued hearing Hendrix micro-manage the band’s playing and arrangement over 40-plus takes. There are also altered versions of “The Star Spangle Banner” and even some of the infamous Alan Douglas tapes, where the producer removes Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding’s work to replace them with session players. frontYou get a little bit of everything here, but what’s interesting is just the sheer volume of material, which gives you an iceberg-tipped taste of Hendrix’s endless studio obsession. No fan should be without this box, even if you’re forced to edit out some of the variations that don’t float your own boat. Download the essential poop sheet (.doc HERE / .txt HERE), which includes details about tracks and personnel that won’t fit in this post or on the MP3s. Of course, we’ve got plenty more Hendrix in the archives… way too much to even mention, so if 15 CDs aren’t enough for you, go HERE.

Disc 1
February 11, 1969 – Record Plant, New York

World Traveler (8:10)
It’s Too Bad (11:08)
It’s Too Bad (5:42)
It’s Too Bad (8:51)
Untitled Instrumental Jam a.k.a. Hitchings Jam (13:40)
February 14, 1969 – Olympic Studios, London
Midnight Lightning (4:20)
February 16, 1969 – Olympic Studios, London
Cryin’ Blue Rain (2:36)
Lover Man (4:31)
Room Full Of Mirrors (2:25)
Shame, Shame, Shame (1:50)
Sunshine Of Your Love (5:34)

Disc 2
February 17, 1969 – Olympic Studios, London

Spanish Castle Magic (5:48)
Hear My Train A Comin’ (6:56)
February 26, 1969 – Olympic Studios, London
Noel’s Tune (Take 1) (3:19)
March 16, 1969 – Mercury Studios, New York
Blue Window Jam (Take 2) (19:33)
Blue Window Jam (Take 2 – Edited Version) (12:51)
March 18, 1969 – Record Plant, New York
The Star Spangled Banner (4:05)
The Star Spangled Banner (4:13)
The Star Spangled Banner (8:08) half speed
The Star Spangled Banner (8:08) half speed/reversed
Gypsy Boy (Take 8) (3:51)

Disc 3
March 18, 1969 – Record Plant, New York

Gypsy Boy (3:44) Alan Douglas composite
March 19, 1969 – Record Plant, New York
Georgia Blues a.k.a. Mother, Mother (7:58)
Georgia Blues a.k.a. Mother, Mother (7:57)
March 25, 1969 – Record Plant, New York
McLaughlin Jam (29:56)
Jimi/Jimmy Jam (16:17)
Jimi/Jimmy Jam (7:42)

Disc 4
April 1, 1969 – Olmstead Studios, New York

Midnight (8:19)
Midnight (5:32)
Midnight (6:02)
Bleeding Heart (3:12)
April 2, 1969 – Olmstead Studios, New York
Hear My Train A Comin’ (5:45) Alan Douglas composite
April 4, 1969 – Olmstead Studios, New York
Trash Man (3:16) Alan Douglas composite
Untitled Instrumental Jam a.k.a. Rock And Roll Jam (1:21)
April 7, 1969 – Record Plant, New York
Ezy Rider Jam (5:15)
Stone Free Again (3:42)
Stone Free Again (3:47)
Stone Free Again (3:29) Alan Douglas composite
April 14, 1969 – Record Plant, New York
Ships Passing In The Night (3:27)
April 17, 1969 – Record Plant, New York
Keep On Groovin’ (12 :09)
Keep On Groovin’ (0:38)
Keep On Groovin’ (4:12)
Keep On Groovin’ (7:53)

Disc 5
April 22, 1969 – Record Plant, New York

1 – 14. Mannish Boy (Part 1) (1-15) (27:26)
15 – 31. Mannish Boy (Part 2) (16-34) (30:25)
32 – 38. Mannish Boy (Part 3) (35-42) (15:37)

Disc 6
April 22, 1969 – Record Plant, New York

1 – 06. Mannish Boy (Part 3) (43-44, 48-52) (18:07)
Mannish Boy (5:21)
Mannish Boy (53) (5:51)
April 24, 1969 – Record Plant, New York
Crash Landing (4:28)
Crash Landing (4:49)
Crash Landing (4:21)
Crash Landing (4:34)
Crash Landing (4:34)
Crash Landing (4:20)
Drone Blues (8:35)
Drone Blues (5:59)
Ships Passing In The Night (3:30)

Disc 7
May 7, 1969 – Record Plant, New York

Johnny Winter Jam #1 In E (4:07)
Earth Blues Jam (12: 29)
The Things I Used To Do (1:19)
The Things I Used To Do (4:57)
The Things I Used To Do (0:37)
The Things I Used To Do (6:56)
The Things I Used To Do (6:54)
The Things I Used To Do (5:47)
Johnny Winter Jam (1:49)
May 14, 1969 – Record Plant, New York
Fuzzy Guitar Jam (20.05)
Jam H290 (1:31)
Jam 292 a.k.a. Jelly 292 (3:45)
Jelly 292 (6:25)

Disc 8
May 14, 1969 – Record Plant, New York

Jelly 292 (6:40)
Jam With Horns And Piano (4:36)
Jam With Horns And Piano (4:23)
Jam With Horns And Piano (4:22)
Young/Hendrix (14:28)
Young/Hendrix (10:06)
May 21, 1969 – Record Plant, New York
Bleeding Heart (3:31)
Bleeding Heart (3:25)
Hear My Train A Comin’ (8:14)
May 22, 1969 – Record Plant, New York
Nine To The Universe (19:06)

Disc 9
May 22, 1969 – Record Plant, New York

Nine To The Universe (8:48)
August 28, 1969 – The Hit Factory, New York
Easy Blues (10:00)
Easy Blues (7:41)
Easy Blues (4:35)
Izabella/Machine Gun Session (1-6) (30:40)
Message To Love (2:33)
August 29, 1969 – The Hit Factory, New York
Machine Gun (12:38)

Disc 10
August 29, 1969 – The Hit Factory, New York

Machine Gun (8:11)
Machine Gun (11:02)
Machine Gun (7:35) Alan Douglas composite
Izabella (3:49)
September 4, 1969 – The Hit Factory, New York
Jungle Jam (6:16)
September 6, 1969 – The Hit Factory, New York
Lord I Sing The Blues For Me And You (4:17)
Lord I Sing The Blues For Me And You (10:41)
Lord I Sing The Blues For Me And You (9:49)
Lord I Sing The Blues For Me And You (9:06)
Lover Man (4:33)

Disc 11
September 6, 1969 – The Hit Factory, New York

Lord I Sing The Blues For Me And You (9:45)
Lover Man (4:12)
Untitled Instrumental Jam (9:24)
Valleys Of Neptune (3:56)
Valleys Of Neptune (5:52)
Valleys Of Neptune (5:52)
Valleys Of Neptune (5:46)
Valleys Of Neptune (2:49)
September 15, 1969 – The Hit Factory, New York
I’m A Man (16:03)
September 24, 1969 – The Record Plant, New York
Power Of Soul (4:38)
Power Of Soul (3:49)
Power Of Soul (1:58)

Disc 12
September 24, 1969 – The Record Plant, New York

Untitled Instrumental Jam (4:06)
Power Of Soul (1:31)
Message To Love (5:02)
September 25, 1969 – The Record Plant, New York
Room Full Of Mirrors (13:02)
Stepping Stone (1:09)
November 14, 1969 – The Record Plant, New York
Jungle (6:22)
Untitled Guitar Improv (5:13)
Untitled Instrumental Jam (6:48)
Untitled Instrumental Jam a.k.a. Keep On Grooving (27:33)

Disc 13
November 14, 1969 – The Record Plant, New York

Untitled Instrumental Jam a.k.a. Jungle (8:51)
Untitled Instrumental Jam a.k.a. Keep On Grooving (27:36)
Untitled Instrumental Jam a.k.a. Jungle (8:51)
November 17, 1969 – The Record Plant, New York
Room Full Of Mirrors (3:16)
Room Full Of Mirrors (2:57)
Room Full Of Mirrors (3:12)
Room Full Of Mirrors (3:12)
November 21, 1969 – The Record Plant, New York
Power Of Soul (14:23)

Disc 14
November 21, 1969 – The Record Plant, New York

Power Of Soul (20:34)
Power Of Soul (3:34)
December 15, 1969 – The Record Plant, New York
Born Under A Bad Sign (8:20)
Born Under A Bad Sign (7:38)
December 18, 1969 – The Record Plant, New York
Ezy Rider (4:12)
Ezy Rider (3:37)
Ezy Rider (2:55)
Ezy Rider (4:06)
Ezy Rider (4:03)
December 19, 1969 – The Record Plant, New York
Earth Blues (4:14)
December 23, 1969 – The Record Plant, New York
Honeybed Takes 1-4 (8:59)

Disc 15
The Questionable Tracks…
Ezy Rider (3:52)
Ezy Rider (3:57)
Untitled Instrumental a.k.a. Last Thursday Morning (3:06)
Bleeding Heart Jam (4:39)
Rock ‘N’ Roll Band (3:21)
Live And Let Live (14:09)
Woodstock Takes 1-3 (11:30)
Doriella Du Fontaine (8:43)
Doriella Du Fontaine (4:06)
Bonus Tracks – Composites that create the longest versions possible.
Mannish Boy – Composite 2004 (5:58)
Jelly 292 – Composite 2004 (6:39)
Born Under A Bad Sign – Composite 2004 (8:31)

JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE Miami Pop Festival (1968) – Coming November 5th

81zxjcW21KL._SL1500_Never officially available in any form, Miami Pop Festival, introduces the first recorded stage performances of “Hear My Train A Comin'” and “Tax Free” while showcasing definitive live takes on such classics as “Fire,” “Hey Joe,” “I Don’t Live Today” and “Purple Haze.” The package includes never before published photos taken at the festival and an essay by award-winning music journalist and Grammy Museum Executive Director Bob Santelli. This album includes the show as originally recorded on site by Hendrix’s long time sound engineer, Eddie Kramer, on May 18th, 1968.

81txJ3-G1WL._SL1500_Miami Pop Festival is being released to coincide with the documentary Jimi Hendrix: Hear My Train A Comin, which will be shown on the PBS American Masters series on Nov. 5. The DVD will contain the entire film and previously unreleased footage not featured on the telecast, including the 1970 New York Pop Festival and the Love & Peace Festival at the Isle Of Fehmarn in Germany on Sept. 6, 1970, less than two weeks before Hendrix’s death, and is directed by Bob Smeaton (Festival Express, The Beatles Anthology, Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo Child). Hendrix would have been 71 this year.

Hey Joe
Foxey Lady
Tax Free
Hear My Train A Comin’
I Don’t Live Today
Red House
Purple Haze
Fire (Bonus From Afternoon Show)
Foxey Lady (Bonus From Afternoon Show)

JIMI HENDRIX Miami Pop Festival CD – Pre-Order HERE
JIMI HENDRIX Miami Pop Festival Limited 2LP – Pre-Order HERE
JIMI HENDRIX Hear My Train A Comin’ DVD – Pre-Order HERE (under $10)


frontBBC Sessions (1998)
Hendrix On The Radio

Despite Hendrix’s skills as a live performer, many of his live recordings aren’t really all that satisfying. Between primitive recording technology and Hendrix’s own “sloppiness” on stage (due in part to his showmanship, his drugs and his surrounds), many of the live performances that have surfaced since his death have typically left me wanting to revisit his studio stuff instead. There are exceptions – Jimi Plays Monterey (HERE) is a highlight – but The Experience live is often a hit and miss affair (unless you’re just a stone cold fanatic that needs it all, of course). The BBC Sessions has its issues, too, largely due to the thin TV-quality sonics of much of the BBC’s archives, but it’s still better than most, and still a rich and historic collection of live studio recordings from The Experience’s early years (and beyond), including material Jimi never released elsewhere. Most importantly, these takes are still fresh to Hendrix, who famously tired of his early music after years of touring and as he attempted to expand his sound and approach, a mere few years later. We’ve got tons more Hendrix in the archives, including Blue Wild Angel (Isle Of Wight 1970), First Rays Of The New Rising Sun, Jimi By Himself: The Home Recordings, Jimi Plays Monterey, South Saturn Delta, The Complete Are You Experienced, The L.A. Forum Concert, The Rainbow Bridge Concert, The Voodoo Chile Sessions, The Winterland Reels, Winterland and more (all HERE). Find the BBC Sessions at Amazon, HERE.

Foxey Lady (Alternate Take) (3:01)
Alexis Korner Introduction (0:28)
Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window? (3:32)
Rhythm And Blues World Service (0:13)
(I’m Your) Hoochie Coochie Man (5:30)
Traveling With The Experience (0:22)
Driving South (5:31)
Fire (2:42)
Little Miss Lover (2:58)
Introducing The Experience (0:51)
The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp (3:44)
Catfish Blues (5:29)
Stone Free (3:26)
Love Or Confusion (2:54)
Hey Joe (4:02)
Hound Dog (2:44)
Driving South (Second Version) (4:49)
Hear My Train A Comin’ (5:00)
Purple Haze (3:17)
Killing Floor (2:28)
Radio One (1:34)
Wait Until Tomorrow (2:56)
Day Tripper (3:25)
Spanish Castle Magic (3:08)
Jammin’ (3:24)
I Was Made To Love Her (3:05)
Foxey Lady (Alternate Take) (2:44)
A Brand New Sound (0:54)
Hey Joe (Alternate Take) (2:58)
Manic Depression (3:11)
Driving South (Alternate Take) (3:22)
Hear My Train A Comin’ (Alternate Take) (5:03)
A Happening For Lulu (0:20)
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (4:09)
Lulu Introduction (0:23)
Hey Joe (2:44)
Sunshine Of Your Love (1:17)

JIMI HENDRIX People, Hell And Angels

The Estate has crafted another “new” Hendrix product. This video, featuring producer/engineer Eddie Kramer, is the sales pitch. I haven’t seen the track list yet, but some of the news outlets have used the phrase “follow-up to Electric Ladyland,” which is never a good sign. Listen for Stephen Stills’ bass work when Kramer cues up “Somewhere.” It would be nice if it was some sort of chronological document of those years, 1968-69, and not just another confusing collection of remixed and retitled outtakes and jams. Some of us older fans can’t be bothered to remember all this stuff. UPDATE: There’s a track-by-track breakdown (from Guitar World) in comments.

JIMI HENDRIX Blue Wild Angel: Live At The Isle Of Wight (1970/2002) & The Rainbow Bridge Concert (1970/2002)

Blue Wild Angel: Jimi Hendrix Live At The Isle Of Wight (1970/2002)
The Rainbow Bridge Concert (1970/2002)
The Final Months

Double discs of two well-known Hendrix performances, though… the discs themselves aren’t quite as celebrated. The Isle Of Wight concert, one of Hendrix’s last performances was recorded three weeks before his death. Despite the experiments in band personnel during the last year of his life, Hendrix returned to an “Experience” trio format for his last UK gig, with Mitch Mitchell and Billy Cox in tow. Great sound. Check out the 22 minute “Machine Gun,” complete with the walkie-talkie interference coming from stage security that adds a new dimension to Hendrix’s famed anti-violence anthem. The Rainbow Bridge concert was recorded a month prior, with the same line-up. This, however, is a bootleg. One that fooled me when I bought it in the stores in 2002 because of the excellent artwork and packaging (and because I was temporarily confused by the recent glut of official Hendrix product that was hitting the shelves at the time). The sound quality ranges from OK to not-OK, sometimes thin and lacking dynamics, other times muddled and just lacking in general. The Late Show (previously unreleased in any form) fares better than the Early Show, but experienced listeners know that any live Hendrix is a quality crapshoot, both sound-wise and performance-wise. You can find Rainbow and Blue Wild Angel at Amazon. This post is also a good excuse to draw attention to our Hendrix archive, now back up and available; First Rays Of The New Rising SunJimi By Himself: The Home RecordingsJimi Plays MontereySouth Saturn DeltaThe Complete Are You ExperiencedThe L.A. Forum ConcertThe Voodoo Chile SessionsThe Winterland ReelsThe Last Interview & Winterland.

Blue Wild Angel: Jimi Hendrix Live At The Isle Of Wight
God Save The Queen (3:55)
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (0:49)
Spanish Castle Magic (5:10)
All Along The Watchtower (5:40)
Machine Gun (22:14)
Lover Man (2:59)
Freedom (4:37)
Red House (11:38)
Dolly Dagger (6:02)
Midnight Lightning (6:24)
Foxy Lady (9:13)
Message To Love (6:24)
Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) (6:59)
Ezy Ryder (4:35)
Hey Joe (4:33)
Purple Haze (3:32)
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (8:18)
In From The Storm (6:15)

The Rainbow Bridge Concert – Early Show
Lover Man (2:33)
Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) (4:36)
In From The Storm (5:00)
Message To Love (4:52)
Foxy Lady (4:45)
Hear My Train A Comin’ (9:08)
Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) (7:17)
Fire (3:44)
Purple Haze (4:35)
The Rainbow Bridge Concert – Late Show
Dolly Dagger (5:09)
Instrumental (5:28)
Ezy Rider (4:54)
Red House (6:47)
Freedom (4:21)
Jam Back At The House (7:00)
Land Of The New Rising Sun (4:47)

JIMI HENDRIX Winterland (2011) 5-CD Sony Box Set

It appears that Sony and the Hendrix Estate, is behind the upcoming 4CD release, Winterland. According to reports, the box set, due to be released September 13, is a distillation of Hendrix’s three-day stand at San Francisco’s Winterland in October, 1968. Of course… this music is already available (in some places) as The Winterland Reels, six CDs worth of raw unedited live tapes. So, take your pick. Amazon is also giving away an exclusive 5th disc of unreleased live material from a February 1968 Winterland show when you buy it from them (5 discs somewhat reasonably priced at $40.99 – if you lock in the price). There’s also a single disc version more akin to the old Ryko Live At Winterland from the late 80s. Find all our Hendrix HERE. For the new box, click HERE.
Tax Free
Lover Man
Sunshine of Your Love
Hear My Train A Comin
Killing Floor
Foxey Lady
Hey Joe
Star Spangled Banner
Purple Haze

Tax Free
Like a Rolling Stone
Lover Man
Hey Joe
Foxey Lady
Are You Experienced
Red House
Purple Haze

Lover Man
Like a Rolling Stone
Manic Depression
Sunshine of Your Love
Little Wing
Spanish Castle Magic
Red House
Hey Joe
Purple Haze
Wild Thing

Foxy Lady
Are You Experienced
Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
Red House
Star Spangled Banner
Purple Haze
Jimi Hendrix: Boston Garden Backstage Interview

DISC FIVE (Amazon Exclusive)
Killing Floor
Red House
Catfish Blues
Dear Mr. Fantasy (Part One)
Dear Mr. Fantasy (Part Two)

Click HERE to get The Winterland Reels
Hear “Manic Depression” from October 12 (Late Show).

Enter The Wormhole #12 (A Winter Wonderland)

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VARIOUS ARTISTS Sacred Sources, Vol. 1: Live Forever (1993)

Sacred Sources, Vol. 1
Live Forever
Santana Pays His Respects

Intriguing release from Carlos Santana’s short-lived boutique label, Guts & Grace. According to the liner notes, Santana himself petitioned the estates of the participants to secure these, at-the-time, previously unreleased (in their entirety, anyway) live recordings. You get about 10 minutes from each artist, less from Coltrane, more from Hendrix. The sound quality is a varied bag, however, with Coltrane’s “Ogunde” faring the worst. The Stevie Ray track comes from his final 1990 tour, while readers tell us the Hendrix comes from 1970, at the Berkeley Community Theatre. It’s all obviously a labor of love for Santana, as he gathers together some of the inspirations that have gone into his own heady fusion of jazz, blues & rock. Sadly, a Vol. 2 never appeared. Back when Ebay was first kicking up dust, these went for $40-$50. Now Amazon sellers (HERE) have ’em for a buck.

Message To Love (5:59)
I Don’t Live Today (5:37)
Joy (5:01)
What’s Going On (5:54)
Natural Mystic (4:43)
Exodus (6:31)
Riviera Paradise
Ogunde (5:54)

MOJO Presents x 3

Three more free, thematic CD samplers from the UK’s MOJO Magazine. Experienced! is a collection of Hendrix covers and related tracks, while The Roots Of Hendrix is another in a long line of early blues pioneer collections (with a few oddities). Dream Pop is an expert gathering of lush, electronic rock experiments. We’ve got a growing archive of free MOJO discs dating back to 2002, so collect them all. They’re promo-only releases, but many are at Amazon (often, cheap). 3 More MOJO’s next Sunday.

MOJO PRESENTS: Experienced! (November, 2006)
THE LORDS OF ALTAMONT – Can You See Me (2:52)
NOEL REDDING with 3:05 AM – Stone Free (4:02)
THE MOVE – Message From The Country (4:33)
ROTARY CONNECTION – Burning Of The Midnight Lamp (4:36)
CHRIS WHITLEY – Drifting (2:26)
JAMIE CULLUM – The Wind Cries Mary (3:32)
LIGHTNIN‘ ROD feat. JIMI HENDRIX – Doriella Du Fontaine (8:44)
JOHN McLAUGHLIN – Don’t Let The Dragon Eat Your Mother (5:11)
SANTANA – La Puesta Del Sol (10:16)
JOHNNY WINTER – Help Me (3:46)
CURTIS MAYFIELD – Freddie’s Dead (5:21)
FUNKADELIC – Super Stupid (3:43)
BOOTSY COLLINS – Psychoticbumpschool (2:45)
LOVE – Little Wing (3:45)
THE HAMMERSMITH GORILLAS – Wild Thing (Live) (4:01)

MOJO: The Roots Of Hendrix (December, 2005)
HOWLIN‘ WOLF – Killing Floor (2:46)
ALBERT KING – Born Under A Bad Sign (3:21)
JIMMY REED – Bright Lights Big City (2:36)
B.B. KING – Sweet Little Angel (2:59)
BUDDY GUY – When My Left Eye Jumps (3:53)
T-BONE WALKER – You’re My Best Poker Hand (2:53)
THE FABULOUS WAILERS – Tall Cool One (2:28)
BOOKER T. & THE MG’S – It’s Your Thing (2:59)
ELMORE JAMES – (My) Bleeding Heart (3:01)
MUDDY WATERS – (I’m Your) Hoochie Coochie Man (2:49)
LITTLE RICHARD – I Don’t Know What You’ve Got, But It’s Got Me (4:02)
JOHN HAMMOND, JR. – So Many Road, So Many Trains (2:40)
ROBERT PETWAY – Catfish Blues (2:52)
BIG BILL BROONZY – Key To The Highway (3:03)

MOJO PRESENTS… Dream Pop (April, 2010)
CLUSTER & ENO – Ho Renomo (4:55)
SIGUR ROS – Svefn-G-Englar (8:58)
SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS – Half Asleep (Alternate Version) (4:19)
SWEET BILLY PILGRIM – Bloodless Coup (5:33)
COCTEAU TWINS – Bluebeard (3:49)
GALAXIE 500 – Tell Me (3:46)
FELT – Sempiternal Darkness (2:11)
PANDA BEAR – Comfy In Nautica (4:03)
BEACH HOUSE – Norway (4:01)
THE RUBY SUNS – Closet Astrologer (5:37)
LAWRENCE ARABIA – Dream Teacher (3:28)
MERCURY REV – Butterfly’s Wing (7:50)


JIMI HENDRIX The Complete Are You Experienced

The Complete Are You Experienced
Live In The Studio Outtakes

Like many poorly crafted bootlegs, the title of this one is misleading. These studio session tapes have been floating around bootleg shops and torrent sites for years, with differing aliases and track listings – most notably, Out Of The Studio and Are You Experienced – The Sessions, Volumes 1 & 2. So, to be accurate, there’s nothing really “complete” about this set. But if, like me, you’re a sucker for hearing your favorites live in the studio, then you should enjoy this collection of outtakes, backing tracks, false starts and run-throughs that capture The Experience’s first studio dates for Are You Experienced, from 1966-67. History on tape. As collectors have come to expect, there’s some weeding that needs to be done to get to the goods (some of the “Hey Joe” “takes,” for example, are fully overdubbed versions), but you’ll get the gist. Many of the take-after-take clusters are instrumental, with Hendrix’s lead vocals sometimes heard off-mic, if at all. This boot’s sound is pretty good… but sonically flat and, at times, speed-challenged. There’s plenty more Jimi in the archives, including live studio outtakes from the “Voodoo Chile” sessions.

Hey Joe (take 1) (3:45)
Can You See Me (takes 1-4) (8:45)
51st Anniversary (takes 1-3) (5:01)
Fire (takes 1-6) (7:37)
Red House (take 1) (4:30)
Hey Joe (takes 2-4) (9:15)
Hey Joe (with The Breakaways) (3:26)
Purple Haze (3:01)
Purple Haze (guitar overdubs) (2:44)
Fire (take 7) (2:32)
The Wind Cries Mary (3:31)
I Don’t Live Today (takes 1-5) (15:44)

Red House (takes 2-5)
La Pouppee Qui Fait Non (3:43)
Manic Depression (takes 1-3) (9:38)
Remember (takes 1-6) (17:50)
May This Be Love (unknown mix) (3:15)
May This Be Love (French single mix) (3:17)
Stone Free (unknown mix) (3:39)
Can You See Me (unknown mix) (2:36)
Are You Experienced (guitar overdub) (2:43)
Mr. Bad Luck (Look Over Yonder) (2:54)
Taking Care Of Business (4:10)
Cat Talkin‘ To Me (2:36)


JIMI HENDRIX Jimi By Himself: The Home Recordings (1968)

Jimi By Himself: The Home Recordings (1968)
Out Of Print 1995 CD – Not A Boot

For years these tapes have made the rounds under different bootleg titles, but Jimi By Himself: The Home Recordings is actually a legitimate 1995 CD release that was packaged inside of a book, Voodoo Child: The Illustrated Legend Of Jimi Hendrix. Only 30 minutes long, this disc was created to push sales of the now out-of-print graphic novel. It worked, too. Most bought the book just for this collectible. Skeletal performances and great sound quality make for a fascinating listen to Jimi’s Electric Ladyland demos. It’s just Hendrix, in a Greenwich Village apartment with his electric guitar, notebook and tape recorder (and the occasional ringing phone). It doesn’t get any more up-close and personal than this. The book & CD is under $5 at Amazon.

1983… (A Merman I Should Turn To Be) (7:45)
Cherokee Jam (3:12)
Hear My Train A’Comin’ (1:22)
Voodoo Chile/Cherokee Mist (10:09)
Gypsy Eyes (2:59)

JIMI HENDRIX First Rays Of The New Rising Sun (1997) & South Saturn Delta (1997)

First Rays Of The New Rising Sun (1997)
South Saturn Delta (1997)
Hendrix’s “Last Album,” And Some Odds & Ends

With the Hendrix Estate now gearing up for a series of new releases, here’s a look back at their first attempts to collect some of the many scattered recordings Jimi made before his death in 1970. First Rays Of The New Rising Sun is a re-imagining of what Hendrix’s fourth and final studio album might have been like – even though no one was seriously proposing that this was actually Hendrix’s final vision. In reality, the album is comprised of material that Hendrix had nearly completed by September, 1970. Most of these tracks were later issued in various forms on haphazard, posthumous releases like Cry Of Love, Rainbow Bridge and War Heroes. In retrospect, First Rays has stood up quite well as a worthy collection that fills the void of curiosity regarding what Hendrix might have released, had he lived. It’s surprisingly concise, comprised of three & four minute songs… with barely any of the majestic jamming that characterized his actual, final studio release, Electric Ladyland. South Saturn Delta, on the other hand, is a less impressive gathering of odds & ends that had previously trickled out on 70s/80s albums like Crash Landing, Midnight Lightning and Loose Ends. For SSD, the Estate went back to the original master tapes, stripping them clean, then re-building them from the bottom up. It’s little more than a random rarity collection, however. Ladyland‘s “All Along The Watchtower,” for instance, is included here as an slightly altered remix. For collectors, both are worth having, but those that want more of an “album” experience are advised to stick to First Rays Of The New Rising Sun.

First Rays Of The New Rising Sun
Freedom (3:27)
Izabella (2:50)
Night Bird Flying (3:51)
Angel (4:22)
Room Full Of Mirrors (3:21)
Dolly Dagger (4:44)
Ezy Rider (4:09)
Drifting (3:49)
Beginnings (4:13)
Stepping Stone (4:13)
My Friend (4:36)
Straight Ahead (4:43)
Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) (6:04)
Earth Blues (4:21)
Astro Man (3:35)
In From The Storm (3:41)
Belly Button Window (3:37)

South Saturn Delta
Look Over Yonder (
Little Wing (2:44)
Here He Comes (Lover Man) (6:33)
South Saturn Delta (4:08)
Power Of Soul (5:20)
Message To The Universe (Message Of Love) (6:20)
Tax Free (4:58)
All Along The Watchtower (4:01)
The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam’s Dice (4:21)
Midnight (5:33)
Sweet Angel (Angel) (3:56)
Bleeding Heart (3:15)
Pali Gap (5:09)
Drifter’s Escape (3:06)
Midnight Lightning (3:07)


JIMI HENDRIX Jimi Plays Monterey (1967/1986)

Jimi Plays Monterey (1967/1986)
The Experience Lands In America

This one has always ranked up there with the three studio albums for me. The Jimi Hendrix Experience playing their first date in the USA at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival. Hendrix is fresh, animated and eager to please, and while some of the execution is a bit sloppy (what Hendrix performance isn’t?), there’s no mistaking the band’s power and enthusiasm. And how punk is that cover of “Wild Thing?” Years before the style was coined. They’ve still got that new car smell.

Foxy Lady (3:38)
Like a Rolling Stone (6:52)
Rock Me Baby (3:30)
Hey Joe (4:02)
Can You See Me (2:54)
The Wind Cries Mary (3:48)
Purple Haze (5:07)
Wild Thing (7:58)


JIMI HENDRIX The Voodoo Chile Sessions (1968)

The Voodoo Chile Sessions
Live In The Studio, May 2-3, 1968

Raw session tapes of Jimi Hendrix, Steve Winwood, Jack Casady and Mitch Mitchell live at The Record Plant in NYC performing “Voodoo Chile.” Good sound, though… you’ll need to be prepared for what it’s like to be a fly on the wall in the studio. The first five minutes is engineer Eddie Kramer getting the mic levels and set ups prepared, as the band was already well underway. Later, there are disproportionate levels for some of the studio chatter, along with Kramer punching some of the instruments in and out. But in between all the chaos, you’ll hear some amazing and historic jams that formed the basis for two central tracks from Hendrix’s last studio album, Electric Ladyland. For the following night’s recording of “Voodoo Chile (Slight Return),” it’s Jimi and the original Experience (Mitchell & Noel Redding) learning the new song in the studio as tapes rolled. Listen below to “Voodoo Chile 2,” which includes a few false starts, Hendrix breaking a string and Winwood, Casady & (the incredible) Mitchell continuing to jam until Jimi was ready to go again. Great stuff.

Voodoo Chile 1 (12:32)
Voodoo Chile 2 (9:37)
Voodoo Chile 3 (2:34)
Voodoo Chile 4 (15:30)
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 1 (1:27)
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 2 (4:16)
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 3 (1:37)
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 4 (0:39)
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 5 (1:34)
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 6 (2:07)
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 7 (3:59)
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 8 (1:30)
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 9 (6:08)
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 10 (2:39)
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 11 (1:07)
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 12 (5:27)

JIMI HENDRIX The L.A. Forum Concert (1969)

The L.A. Forum Concert (1969)
Legit, Out Of Print Release.

With the glut of live Hendrix tapes available, it’s amazing there are still “official” releases that are coveted, yet out-of-print. Case in point: The L.A. Forum Concert. Originally issued by Reprise as part of an awful 1991 box set, Lifelines: The Jimi Hendrix Story, this excellent April 26, 1969, L.A. Forum material was included as a stand alone concert disc. Well-recorded, it’s over 70 minutes and captures the original Experience (Mitch Mitchell & Noel Redding) stretching out during the band’s Electric Ladyland tour. “I Don’t Live Today” has re-surfaced on a couple of official compilations.

Tax Free (13:56)
Red House (11:07)

Spanish Castle Magic (11:43)

The Star Spangled Banner (2:29)

Purple Haze (6:56)

I Don’t Live Today (7:06)

Voodoo Child (Slight Return)/Sunshine Of Your Love (17:15)



Jimi Hendrix Speaks!
Maybe His Last Audio Interview

Fascinating 30 minute interview with Jimi Hendrix, conducted September 11, 1970, a week before his death. What’s great about this tape, besides actually sounding good, is hearing Hendrix discuss his past and his future – coherently – with an interviewer who’s got some decent questions and who is actually listening to Hendrix’s responses. Jimi talks about his guitar god status, his plans for future bands, the departure of bassist Billy Cox, Black Panther pressure, Pink Floyd and the state of his own personal music vision. We’ve got more Hendrix in the archives.

Jimi Hendrix Interview – September 11, 1970 (31:17)