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The Best Commercial Ever To Feature Children Eating Unicorn Shit!

Now this is advertising! The toilet paper clean up near the end is inspired.


MATT GROENING Life In Hell: How To Be A Feisty Rock Critic (1986)

Matt G
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Those Were The Days – The Demise Of The Columbia Record Club, circa 2015


For the unsuspecting, the gullible, the none-too-saavy, The Columbia Record Club, and its varying offshoots and competitors, became an unshakable bane in the lives of many a young music lover. For some, it was our juvenile selves’ first brush with a world of “financial commitments” and “”contractual obligations,” which, more often than not, would later culminate in hair-pulling encounters with mortgage lenders, car leasers, business defaults, and some form of inevitably predictable legal adjudication. But, for the serious record buyer, I repeat… the serious record buyer, Columbia House, The Columbia Record Club, The RCA Record Club, BMG Direct, and a host of similarly named blood-smelling sharks, turned out to be the smartest way to get cheap records, tapes and CDs, especially as prices began to escalate in the CD years. By religiously returning the monthly or bi-weekly rube cards, waiting for quarterly 2-for-1 (or 3-for-1) sales, dutifully doing the math on postage and plastic for multi-unit box sets, and just being patient, it was possible – in fact, easy – to take the record companies to the cleaners on a regular basis… and not just when you got your first 8, 10, 12 or 13 for a penny (+ postage) up front. But those days are now officially gone, as Columbia House has (in August) filed for bankruptcy. I know what you’re thinking… Didn’t that happen decades ago? Not really. Turns out that Columbia and BMG combined forces in 2005 to continue selling DVDs in that old familiar way, up until 2012, when the operations were sold to some adult rubes, who apparently fell for the same record company bait-and-switch tactics we all fell for. Then the business bottomed out and the coffers ran dry in 2015. The whole sordid story broke in the Wall St. Journal last month (read a synopsis HERE).

RCA I had my own teenage run-in with the RCA Victor Record Club back in the late-60s, when – realizing I was in over my head, financially and intellectually – I concocted a scheme to get out of my obligations by telling my creditors that I had died. Yep… a ploy far older than the clueless punk desperately trying to employ it. It was obvious that I didn’t even bother to think this tomfoolery though, because when the powers-that-be got ahold of my crayonic scrawl of a death notice, they immediately responded with a polite, sighing, head-sadly-shaking letter shrewdly addressed “To The Estate Of…,” which my mother not-so-lovingly greeted me with at the door as I returned from school one day in 1969. Live and learn. I would eventually get my revenge (as if I was actually due any). Once I wised-up to the ways of the world (or, more specifically, the Record Clubs), I took advantage of the small-print rules to routinely score compact discs for less than $5 apiece… back when they were going for $15, in the pre-option, pre-internet years. In effect, fleecing multiple record clubs for product barely over cost. Call it The Wrath Of Con. But… I have often wondered whatever became of Nancy Bennett, who knew me (and my ilk) better than we knew ourselves. Those were the days.


Cun Cun Revival

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 1.40.10 PMHere’s a tip for fans of Acid Mothers Temple, Henry Cow, Bo Hansson, Daevid Allen & Gong (and its many offshoots), Popol Vuh, Brian Eno, Omega, Xhol Caravan, Magma and way too many others to mention. Check out Cun Cun Revival (HERE), Drago Museveni’s continuation of his previous blog, Cun Cun NaMa!, with nearly 1,300 posts – in 2015 alone, so you’re bound to find something up your alley. I arrived for the The 40th Anniversary Henry Cow Box Set and got lost in the amazing array of artists and titles. There’s a shameful lack of feedback, so show some love for the effort while you’re there.



Over A Thousand Links And Shares



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Birds With Broken Wings: Musings Of Miles

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 1.01.04 PM
Take this moment to visit and bookmark Birds With Broken Wings (HERE), a favorite blog of ours curated by Miles Mellough who, after 7 years, is calling it a day. Miles and I both began blogging at roughly the same time back in 2007, and I immediately gravitated to his unique approach to sharing. Over the years, Birds With Broken Wings would rarely posts albums… any two-bit blog can do that (ahem). Instead, Miles would dig deep into a given artist’s catalog to present a creatively constructed and thoughtfully chosen musical overview – compilations dictated by artistic merit over commercial appeal – accompanied by detailed and intelligent commentary that consistently gave his readership an insight into what makes an artist’s work worthy of attention. He covered it all… from icons like Sun Ra, Van Morrison or Zappa (his extensive Project/Object series, HERE, is unrivaled), to under-appreciated greats like Ben Sidran, Alan Price or Annette Peacock, to out-of-context unknowns like Jess Roden, Alan Gerber or Chris Youlden… and a thousand points in-between. Miles didn’t just string together a bunch of random tracks. Instead, he spent an inordinate amount of time developing themes, properly mixing and matching material and adjusting levels and fades, to create first-rate, one-of-a-kind comps on a wide array of topics. As for his extensive commentaries, Miles’ expertise might best be exemplified by two Taj Mahal essays from 2011 (HERE & HERE), which included four volumes of shared music encapsulating Taj Mahal’s musical career. When Taj himself came across the posts, he didn’t call his lawyers. Instead… he called Sony Legacy, who were putting together a 2CD set of rarities, along with a 15CD career box set, and hired Miles to write the liner notes. It’s that kind of understanding of an artist’s work, and his ability to translate it into words, that typifies Miles’ approach over at Birds With Broken Wings – which boasts over 300 posts that are guaranteed to educate and illuminate… even us musical know-it-alls (that actually don’t).

Miles has been a good friend to this blog, offering numerous insights and anecdotes in our comments section over the years (always appreciated), even sending us a few obscure albums he thought might be better appreciated on this blog. Birds With Broken Wings will remain briefly in place, but the files will no longer be re-upped, so you shouldn’t waste any time making it a regular part of your musical edification regimen… while you can. You’ll not only discover artists you probably should have known about decades ago, but you’ll also find yourself growing into a more knowledgable and discerning listener in the process.

Thanks Miles.


New Releases…. Beatles, Prince, Crimson, Dead, Coltrane, Harrison, Python, Faithfull, Zep and more

It’s that time of year again. Here are a bunch of upcoming releases that may be of interest. If nothing else, it will alert you to start checking the download sites and torrents in the next month. Click the covers or the links to pre-order (and lock in the lowest price), or just see the track listings and details. In no particular order, here’s what to look for in the coming months…

BDBeats MonoKCGD
BOB The Basement Tapes Complete: The Bootleg Series Vol. 11 – Nov. 11th, $149.98 HERE
6CD Box – The definitive chronicle of Dylan’s legendary 1967 sessions with The Band.
THE BEATLES The Beatles In Mono – Sept 9th, $374.98 HERE
14LP Vinyl. All LPs up to The White Album + 3LP Mono Masters (non-LP). Available individually, too
KING CRIMSON Starless – Oct. 28th, $225.98 HERE
27CD Box Set. Limited Pressing. Includes 2 DVD-A & 2 Blu-Ray Discs in 5.1. 12″ Box.
GRATEFUL DEAD Spring 1990 (The Other One) – $239.98 HERE
23CD Box – Limited To 9,000. Follow the link to listen to samples.

New BasementJC3rdPrince
Lost lyrics by Bob Dylan, new music from Elvis Costello, Marcus Mumford, T Bone Burnett & friends.
JOHN COLTRANE Offering: Live At Temple University (1966) – Sept. 23, $23.49 HERE
2CD Set w/ Alice Coltrane, Pharaoh Sanders & Rashied Ali.
P’s first new release under his new deal with Warner Brothers.
PRINCE Art Official Age – Sept. 30th, $18.99 HERE
Another WB release, and a Deluxe Purple Rain is on the way. A sign of the new times.

GEORGE HARRISON The Apple Years – Sept. 23rd, $124.98 HERE
7CD + 1DVD, From Wonderwall Music to Extra Texture. Also sold individually.
MONTY PYTHON Total Rubbish: The Complete Collection – Sept. 30th, $136.99 HERE
9CD Box collecting all of Monty Python’s albums in one place, plus a bonus 7″.
6DVD Box. 96 full length performances from the 70s/80s, From Todd to Bootsy. Too many to list.
FRIPP & ENO Live in Paris 28.05.75 – Sept 23, $34.47 HERE
3CD set. No other info yet.

Led ZepSupercaptbeefMarrianne
LED ZEPPELIN IV (Deluxe Edition) – Oct. 28th, $16.99 HERE
The second batch of 2CD Zep reissues also includes Houses Of The Holy, HERE.
BLOOMFIELD, KOOPER, STILLS Super Session (Hybrid Multichannel) – Sept. 9th, $31.47 HERE
5.1 Surround Sound mix produced by Al Kooper.
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART Sun Zoom Spark: 1970 To 1972 – Nov. 11th, $58.98 HERE
4CD Lick My Decals Off Baby, The Spotlight Kid, Clear Spot and a 4th disc of rarities.
MARIANNE FAITHFULL Give My Love To London – Oct. 7th, $35.47 HERE
2CD set. Lots of collaborators. Video trailer with samples, HERE.


Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fripp (2013)

BobThanks to my pal, RS… who manages to find and forward links that are somehow more interesting and entertaining than his previous finds. This one… stars “Toyah Wilcox, and her husband, Robert.” Prepare to abandon all that you thought you knew and erroneously believed you understood.


ADDITIONS TO OLDER POSTS: Emitt Rhodes (The Merry-Go-Round), The Rolling Stones, The Plastic Ono Band, Dave Edmunds, Paul McCartney’s RAM, Iron Butterfly & Frank Sinatra

FrontGolden Child Of God
We’ve upgraded our Emitt Rhodes post to include Emitt’s 1967 recordings with The Merry-Go-Round – the excellent compilation, Listen Listen: The Definitive Collection. 29 tracks of essential pop in The Beatles psych 60s mode, with almost all of the tunes written by Rhodes. We’ve also just posted a very rare 45 B-side, “Golden Child Of God” – an alternate version that never made it to the CD age. Those that know the tune from Emitt’s 2nd solo album, Mirror, will hear the differences in harmonies and instrumentation. An obscure B-side to the equally rare 45, “Tame The Lion.” Find these, along with Emitt Rhodes (1970), Mirror (1971), The American Dream (1969/1971), Farewell To Paradise (1973) and Rhodes Rarities, a collection of oddities, live tracks and radio interviews, HERE.

For those that thought 8CDs of outtakes from The Rolling Stones’ Their Satanic Majesties Request wasn’t quite enough… here’s another box full. Four more discs, Volume Three, to add to Volume One & Volume Two… so you can wallow in 12CDs of the psych ramblings and mayhem of The Rolling Stones on drugs to your heart’s content. Find it all HERE.

Live Peace In Toronto, 1969 is one of the few John Lennon albums that has yet to be remastered by Yoko Ono for the new millennium. We’ve had the 1995 CD version in the archives for years, but have just added the 2005 Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs reissue… their “Original Master Recording” version. Find it HERE.

With a little clicking, you could have found Iron Butterfly’s early catalog (2009 reissues) buried in a Wormhole (#17), and this Rhino Handmade 2CD live set, Fillmore East 1968, is a worthy addition. Find it, along with Heavy (1968), In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (1968), Ball (1969), Live (1970) and Metamorphosis (1970), HERE.

Our tribute to Paul McCartney’s RAM keeps growing. We’ve now got six versions of the album, including Paul’s original (the Deluxe Edition), Thrillington (Paul’s own muzak version), RAM On L.A. (Various Artists), TOM (Various Artists), Pure McCartney (by Tim Christensen) and now, The RAM Project (by Dave Depper). Find them all, and hear samples from each, HERE.

Odds & EdmundsDAVE EDMUNDS
Last year we put together a Dave Edmunds compilation called Odds & Edmunds. It included a bunch of rare B-sides, Dave’s Everly Brothers covers with Nick Lowe and some of his scattered soundtrack work on Porky’s Revenge and Stardust. At the time, we had to source the Stardust material from an inferior vinyl rip. We’ve upgraded those 1975 tracks with digitally remastered rips for a new version of the 21 track Odds & Edmunds. Find it, along with Get It (1977), Tracks On Wax 4 (1978) and The College Radio Network Presents Dave Edmunds And Rockpile (1978), HERE.

Ole Blue Eyes Is Back! We’ve got two new live recordings to add to our post, Frank Sinatra A Live Collection. The gold CD release of Sinatra ’57 – In Concert (1999) and Live At The Meadowlands (1985/2009). Find these, along with Sinatra At The Sands, Sinatra And Sextet Live In Paris, At Villa Venice Chicago Vol. I & Vol. II, The Summit-In Concert, The Rat Pack Live At The Sands, The Main Event, Live In Australia 1959, Seattle Washington June 9 1957, Live From Las Vegas, Sinatra 80th: Live In Concert, and the Vegas box set (w/ Live At The Sands, November 1961, Live At The Sands, January/February 1966, Live At Caesar’s Palace, March 1982, Live At The Golden Nugget, April 1987). All HERE.


Two Things…

Actually, a Third Thing…
B, who was kind enough to supply us with tons of Zevon Bonus Tracks (coming next week), is on the lookout for two bootleg Zevon rarities, if anyone happens to have them and can pass them along. It would be much appreciated (as it’s always nice to return favors). Let us know.
“Up On The Cross”
“I’m A Shadow Of Him”

Thanks to 3410 and The Artíste for filling the gaps in our Zevon Bonus Tracks collection supplied by B. We’ll get a Zevon comp up next week.
From Transverse City
“Networking” (Acoustic Demo Version)”
From Sentimental Hygiene
“Leave My Monkey Alone (Spanish)”
“Nocturne (Instrumental)”

DEAD LINKS MediaFire links are virtually useless and there are a lot of them here. I’ve been replacing them for months, but I find more every day. So… if you stumble on one (or a dozen), and there’s no other working link to access the file, just leave a comment saying it’s dead and I’ll get to it pronto. Thanks for the help.


A New Home

We had originally planned to make the move off of Google last month, with our most recent incarnation of this blog, but got lazy. Now, it seems, there’s not much choice. The problem is DMCA complaints, which we are always more than happy to abide by. We just don’t like the idea of getting our address taken away without our knowledge. So, now we’ve got our own. If any artist or label wants something removed, we’ll be happy to take care of that. If they would rather complain formally, then I’ll be happy to respond through their filings and/or paperwork myself. It would be quicker, however, to just contact me directly.

We’re still ironing out the kinks and dealing with details (we lost some of our comments again, sorry) and we’re still doctoring up a bunch of old posts (we’ve got around 650 now), but well be posting again this week. Thanks for your patience. Please spread the new address around. We’d appreciate it.





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