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MOJO PRESENTS Songs The Beatles Taught Us (2015) + 13 MORE Beatle-Related MOJOs

MOJO Songs The Beatles Taught UsSongs The Beatles Taught Us (2015)

The latest free CD from the November, 2015 issue of MOJO Magazine is a collection of oldies that many of us first heard by The Beatles. Not a particularly unique MOJO freebie, but good to have if this stuff isn’t already in your collection. A reminder also of a time when a memorable song only needed about two minutes of your time. MOJO has issued a number of Beatles-related comps, so just click a cover below to visit our original posts. For all 163 of MOJO‘s freebie CDs, dating back to 1997, HERE.

The Isley Brothers Shout (Part One) (2:14)
Little Richard
Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey (Going Back To Birmingham) (2:04)
Larry Williams
Bad Boy (Junior Behave Yourself) (2:15)
Chuck Berry
Rock And Roll Music (2:30)
Carl Perkins
Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby (1:53)
Barret Strong
Money (That’s What I Want) (2:32)
The Shirelles
Boys (2:08)
The Marvelettes
Please Mr. Postman (2:24)
Richie Barrett
Some Other Guy (2:17)
Ray Charles
Hallelujah I Love Her So (2:31)
Arthur Alexander
A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues (1:55)
The Coasters
Searchin’ (2:47)
The Cookies
Chains (2:28)
Buddy Holly
Crying, Waiting, Hoping (2:02)
Anita Bryant
Till There Was You (2:08)

beatlemania1beatlemania2Revolver ReloadedSgt Pepperwhitealbum1whitelabum2LetitberevisitedabbeyroadnowrootsofPMharrisoncoveredyellowsubresurfaceMOJO WiththebeatlessongsinkeyofPM

MOJO PRESENTS… David Gilmour & Friends (2015) w/ His Exclusive Cover Of “Here, There & Everywhere”

David Gilmour and FriendsDavid Gilmour & Friends (October, 2015)

The latest free CD from the October, 2015 issue of MOJO Magazine promotes their latest interview with Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, who also offers up his (and son Joe’s) exclusive cover of The Beatles’ “Here There And Everywhere,” available nowhere else. Gilmour also appears with many of the disc’s other artists, including The Pretty Things, Phil Manzanera and Robert Wyatt. A good set in the MOJO series. As you know the archives hold all 162 of MOJO‘s freebie CDs, dating back to 1997, HERE.

DAVID CROSBY & GRAHAM NASH Don’t Dig Here (6:09)
ULVER Everybody’s Been Burned (3:25)
PHIL MANZERNA Sacred Days (3:57)
DAVID & JOE GILMOUR Here, There & Everywhere (3:12)
DAVID COURTNEY When Your Life Is Your Own (5:10)
BEN WATT The Levels (3:43)
STEVEN WILSON Lazarus (3:55)
ROBERT WYATT Forest (7:53)
DUNGEN Akt Dit (2:59)
BJ COLE The Interloper (6:10)
THE ORB Moon Quake 6 (4:21)
ORZIC TENTACLES Changa Masala (6:01)
THE PRETTY THINGS Old Man Going (5:21)

MOJO PRESENTS… Life Companion – 15 Tracks That Shaped Keith Richards (2015)

MOJO Life CompanionLife Companion – 15 Tracks That Shaped Keith Richards (September, 2015)

The latest free CD from the September, 2015 issue of MOJO Magazine is a tribute to The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards, who has a new solo album out. Instead of going for a straight blues comp, which might be expected when one 20/20s Keith Richards career in hindsight, this comp seems more reflective of what was actually on his record player back in the day…. back when he was subliminally laying the groundwork for what would become the longest-standing rock ‘n’ roll band ever. Includes music from Scotty Moore (Elvis’ guitar man), Jimmy Reed, Buddy Holly, The Coasters, The Everly Brothers, Muddy Waters and more. As you should already know… you can head to the archives to find all 161 of MOJO‘s freebie CDs, dating back to 1997, HERE.

Scotty Moore Trio Have Guitar Will Travel (1:59)
Chuck Berry
Little Queenie (2:39)
Little Richard
Lucille (2:23)
Bo Diddley
Diddley Daddy (2:25)
Buddy Guy
First Time I Met The Blues (2:16)
Pat Hare
I’m Gonna Murder My Baby (3:09)
Muddy Waters
Rollin’ Stone (3:05)
Jimmy Reed
Bright Lights Big City (2:34)
The Coasters
Poison Ivy (2:39)
Fats Domino
Blue Monday (2:14)
Jay McShann
Confessin’ The Blues (2:49)
The Everly Brothers
All I Have To Do Is Dream (2:21)
Buddy Holly
Learning The Game (1:59)
Sanford Clark
Son-Of-A-Gun (2:33)
Hoagy Carmichael
The Nearness Of You (3:21)

MOJO PRESENTS… My Generation (2015)

MOJO My GenerationMy Generation (August, 2015)

The latest free CD from the August, 2015 issue of MOJO Magazine is a celebration of the Mod roots of The Who, this month’s cover boys, who are currently in the midst of their final tour. And… unlike 1982’s “farewell” tour, over 30 years ago, it’s probably true this time. Subtitled “15 Tracks Of ’60s Beat-Filled Teenage Mod Angst,” My Generation is a fun (and still) fresh blast of rockin’ British energy, boasting material not typically found on other MOJO comps. Speaking of which… head to the archives to find all 160 of MOJO‘s freebie CDs, dating back to 1997, HERE.

The Pretty Things Don’t Bring Me Down (2:08)
The Bo Street Runners
I’m A Bo Street Runner (2:04)
Larry’s Rebels
It’s Not True (2:25)
The Mike Cotton Sound
Make Up Your Mind (2:37)
The Stormsville Shakers
Number One (2:25)
The Artwoods
Can You Hear Me (2:54)
The in Crowd
Stop! Wait A Minute (2:06)
John’s Children
But She’s Mine (1:56)
The Fleur De Lys
Wait For Me (2:23)
Golden Dawn
My Time (3:50)
Sons Of Adam
Mr. You’re A Better Man Than I (2:54)
Andy Ellison
Cornflake Zoo (2:00)
Katch 22
Major Catastrophe (2:25)
The Rockin’ Vickers
It’s Alright (2:12)
The Syndicats
Crawadaddy Simone (3:17)

MOJO PRESENTS… The Roots Of Fleetwood Mac (2015)

RootsOfFleetwoodMacThe Roots Of Fleetwood Mac (July, 2015)

The latest free CD from the July, 2015 issue of MOJO Magazine is a top-notch blues and R&B collection that could have easily been used for dozens of 60s Brit bands, but it’s a smartly sequenced collection just the same. A lot of unfamiliar stuff for me, which is a treat, while most of the artists I’ve already got are buried in box sets, nearly as forgotten. The Fabian inclusion is inspired, and how it’s possible to ever hear The Kingston Trio the same way after that Christopher Guest movie, I’ll not understand. There are too many individual highlights to pick one (if DivShare was working you’d see half of it streaming), so you get Otis Rush’s amazing “So Many Roads.” Another in a recent string of strong MOJO‘s. Hit the archives to find all 159 of MOJO‘s freebie CDs, dating back to 1997, HERE.

Freddie King San Ho Zay (2:36)
Elmore James
Shake Your Moneymaker (2:31)
Buster Brown
Doctor Brown (2:55)
Otis Rush
So Many Roads (3:10)
Howlin’ Wolf
No Place To Go (2:50)
Eden Kane
Well I Ask You (2:11)
Little Walter
Last Night (2:43)
Tiger (2:28)
Buddy Holly
Rave On (1:47)
The Kingston Trio
Greenback Dollar (2:49)
Little Willie John
Need Your Love So Bad (2:13)
Jimmy Rogers with His Rocking Four
The World Is In A Tangle (2:55)
Eddie Boyd
Five Long Years (2:40)
Elmore James
Coming Home (2:24)
Robert Johnson
Hellhound On My Trail (2:37)

MOJO PRESENTS… Beyond Saturn (2015)

Beyond-SaturnBeyond Saturn (June, 2015)

The latest free CD from the June 2015 issue of MOJO Magazine is a collection of “15 mind-blowing cosmic tracks approved by Paul Weller.” Exactly what Jam/Style Council frontman Weller’s connection is to the sometimes spacey explorations exemplified by the likes of Sun Ra, Neu! and Charles Mingus… is something I’m not aware of, but so what? I’m always up for some cosmicity, so bring on the noise. Hit the archives to find all 158 of MOJO‘s freebie CDs, dating back to 1997, HERE.

Toy Motoring (4:32)
Syd Arthur
Ode (Summer Is Leaving Me Behind) (Amorphous Androgynous Remix) (4:07)
Sand Dance (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Reanimation) (7:04)
Panda Bear
Butcher Baker Candlestick Maker (3:06)
Negativland (9:33)
Public Service Broadcasting
Gagarin (3:46)
Ryley Walker
Same Minds (4:14)
Mulatu Astatke
Yekatit (3:53)
Basil Kirchin
Primitive London 2 (2:04)
Charles Mingus
Passions Of A Man (4:52)
Erland & the Carnival
Radiation (3:44)
Serpent Power
Lucifer’s Dreambox (6:41)
A Love Supreme (7:32)
Santo & Johnny
Sleep Walk (2:20)
Sun Ra And His Arkestra
Tapestry From An Asteroid (2:07)

MOJO PRESENTS… Modern Life Is Rubbish (2015)

Modern Life Is RubbishModern Life Is Rubbish (May, 2015)

The latest free CD from the May 2015 issue of MOJO Magazine is a collection of modern “British angst,” featuring a slew of lesser known artists carrying on a grand and glorious British tradition (since the 70s, anyway) of rank indifference… with a shit attitude. Hit the archives to find all 157 of MOJO‘s freebie CDs, dating back to 1997, HERE.

Carl Barat & The Jackals Glory Days (3:40)
The Amazing Snakeheads
Where Is My Knife? (4:42)
Fat White Family
Cream Of The Young (4:04)
Nadine Shah
Stealing Cars (4:01)
Kate Tempest
Marshall Law (5:39)
Off Peak Dreams (3:16)
Kode9 & The Spaceape
Devil Is A Liar (2:55)
Bunkerpop (5:51)
Young Fathers
Rain Or Shine (3:49)
The Pop Group
Citizen Zombie (3:50)
Sleaford Mods
Under The Plastic & N.C.T. (3:17)
The Bohicas
To Die For (2:55)
Crushed Beaks
Rising Sign (2:23)
Menace Beach
Tastes Like Medicine (2:36)
Half Man Half Biscuit
Westward Ho! Massive Let Down (3:22)

MOJO Presents… Physical Graffiti Redrawn (2015)

Physical Graffiti RedrawnPhysical Graffiti Redrawn (April, 2015)

The latest free CD from the April 2015 issue of MOJO Magazine is a reboot of Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti, featuring a slew of lesser known artists tackling the 1975 2LP behemoth. Almost all the interpretations are somewhat faithful to Zep’s arrangements, but some personality does manage to float to the surface. Son Little’s “Trampled Underfoot” is pretty good, sounding more ‘natural’ than the original, while Max Jury’s pleasing reading of “Down By The Seaside” is a winner, too. Sun Kil Moon is always worth your time, but “Kashmir,” despite its conceptual ingenuity, falls flat. Hit the archives to find all 156 of MOJO‘s freebie CDs, dating back to 1997, HERE.

MIRACULOUS MULE In My Time Of Dying (4:25)

SON LITTLE Trampled Under Foot (3:53)

SYD ARTHUR In The Light (8:26)
LAURA MARLING Bron-Yr-Aur (1:25)

MAX JURY Down By The Seaside (4:39)

MICHAEL KIWANUKA Ten Years Gone (4:44)
ROSE WINDOWS The Wanton Song (5:09)

HISS GOLDEN MESSENGER Black Country Woman (3:31)
SUN KIL MOON Sick Again (5:22)

MOJO Presents… Change The Beat (2015)

Change The BeatChange The Beat (March, 2015)

The latest free CD from MOJO Magazine is a funky, wiry, nervous stash of late 70s/early 80s, New York City post-punk beats… that still manages to sound alive and breathing over 40 years later. Forget the “Madonna” tie-in MOJO uses to connect the dots to their cover story. She was just there, and had nothing to do with the vitality of this street-level beat-meistering. 14 tracks from Bush Tetras, James Chance, Funkadelic, Curtis Mayfield, Arthur Russell, ESG and others. PROGRAMMING NOTE: “Coup,” by 23 Skidoo, sounds flawed, with a few stutters and drop-outs, but that’s the way the track was originally released back in the day. Hit the archives to find all 155 of MOJO‘s freebie CDs, dating back to 1997, HERE.

23 Skidoo – Coup (4:13)
– Erase You (4:04)
Bush Tetras
– You Can’t Be Funky (2:41)
Delta 5
– Triangle (3:14)
James White And The Blacks
– Sax Maniac (7:30)
Arthur Russell
– Hop On Down (6:01)
Screamin’ Rachael
– My Main Man (6:02)
Maximum Joy
– White & Green Place (Extraterrestrial Mix) (5:32)
– Icka Prick (4:06)
Curtis Mayfield
– Tell Me, Tell Me (How Ya Like To Be Loved) (6:17)
Chaz Jankel
– 3,000,000 Synths (4:43)
Section 25
– Program For Light (4:00)
Judy Nylon
– The Dice (3:42)
Singers & Players
– Make A Joyful Noise (6:02)

MOJO Presents… DavidHeroesBowie (2015)

FrontDavidHeroesBowie (Feb 2015)

The latest free CD from MOJO Magazine is a tribute to the root influences of David Bowie. It’s a pretty nifty listen, with diverse material ranging from Chuck Berry to Frank Sinatra to The Pretty Things, with a few obscure tracks and a handful that, while recognizable, probably aren’t in your collection already. I thoroughly enjoyed this one, so you might, too. Hit the archives to find all 154 of MOJO‘s freebie CDs, HERE, dating back to 1997. See the complete list, HERE.

Little Richard The Girl Can’t Help It (2:29)
Chuck Berry
Almost Grown (2:18)
Bobby Bland
I Pity The Fool (2:40)
Ronnie Ross Quartet
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (4:48)
Frank Sinatra
Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered (3:41)
Jacques Brel
La Mort (2:50)
Lotte Lenya
Alabama Song (2:54)
Nina Simone
Wild Is The Wind (6:45)
Nat King Cole
Nature Boy (2:37)
Billy Fury
Wondrous Place (2:22)
Anthony Newley
What Kind Of Fool Am I? (2:33)
The Flares
Foot Stomping (2:14)
Vince Taylor And His Playboys
Jet Black Machine (2:22)
The Yardbirds
Shapes Of Things (2:23)
The Pretty Things
Rosalyn (2:20)

MOJO Presents… The Best Of 2014 (2014)

frontThe Best Of 2014 (Jan. 2015)

Better late than never. Is this really the ‘best’ of 2014, or the best of what MOJO could get the licensing for? You be the judge. Besides… does it really matter if it’s free? Hit the archives to find all 153 of MOJO‘s freebie CDs, HERE, dating back to 1997. See the complete list, HERE.

Beck Blue Moon (4:00)
Jack White
Lazaretto (3:38)
Robert Plant
Turn It Up (4:03)
Sharon Van Etten
Nothing Will Change (3:12)
Keep In The Dark (4:37)
Ty Segall
The Faker (4:05)
Steve Gunn
Milly’s Garden (5:31)
Sturgill Simpson
Turtles All The Way Down (3:06)
Julie Byrne
Holiday (2:36)
The War On Drugs
Under The Pressure (8:48)
Kasai Allstars
Yangye, The Evil Leopard (7:05)
Wild Beasts
Wanderlust (4:51)
Your Love Will Set You Free (5:45)
Sleaford Mods
I Keep Out Of It (3:00)
The Bug
Dirty (2:55)

MOJO Presents… Brain Damage (2014)

FrontBrain Damage (Dec. 2014)

The latest free CD from the December, 2014 issue of MOJO is subtitled “A Compendium Of Mind-Blowing Heavy Psych, Space Jams & Astral Chants.” Do you really need a hard sell? If The Coffin Daggers’ cool version of Pink Floyd’s “Interstellar Overdrive” (below) doesn’t seal the deal, nothing will. This one’s a keeper. Find all 152 of MOJO‘s freebie CDs, HERE. See the complete list, HERE.

THE COFFIN DAGGERS Interstellar Overdrive (8:33)
PONTIAK Ghosts (3:18)
ANTHROPROPHH Crow With Sore Throat (2:50)
FOXYGEN Star Power II: Star Power Nite (2:14)
THE WYTCHES Digsaw (3:19)
GOAT Gathering Of Ancient Tribes (6:13)
DEAD SKELETONS Dead Mantra (4:27)
GNOD Visions Of Load (8:25)
HOOKWORMS On Leaving (6:00)
HILLS Master Sleeps (8:54)
LAY LLAMAS We Are You (7:18)
WHITE MANNA Acid Head (7:21)
THEE OH SEES (Featuring Chris Woodhouse) Penetrating Eye (3:17)
ELECTRIC WIZARD Sadiowitch (4:08)

MOJO Presents… It’s A Wonderfull Life (2014) – Compiled By Siouxsie Sioux & Steven Severin

FrontIt’s A Wonderfull Life (Nov. 2014)

The latest free CD from the November, 2014 issue of MOJO is subtitled “A Journey Into Sound, Compiled For MOJO By Siouxsie Sioux And Steven Severin,” and features a baffling array of music. It happens to be right up my alley, with lots of film & TV music, buoyed by seemingly disjointed selections ping-ponging from The Shadows to Bernard Hermann to Frank Sinatra to an exclusive track from Siouxsie & The Banshees. Though… I’m hard pressed to understand the connections or theme here, but it’s a great listen. No track is representative, so you get to hear a couple of oddities from a playlist of fun sore thumbs, below. Find all 151 of MOJO‘s freebie CDs, HERE. See the complete list, HERE.

MARTY MANNING & HIS ORCHESTRA The Twilight Zone (2:07)
DMIITRI MITROPOULOS/NEW YORK PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA Suite One: Romeo And Juliet/Montagues and Capulets (5:08)
THE SHADOWS Man Of Mystery (1:59)
LOTTE LENYA Surabaya-Johnny (4:23)
BARRY GRAY Zero G (2:30)
BUDDY MORROW & HIS ORCHESTRA The Perry Mason Theme (2:15)
FRANK SINATRA Night And Day (3:57)
THE JOHN BARRY SEVEN The James Bond Theme (1:45)
FRANK IFIELD Whiplash (1:38)
BERNARD HERRMANN Vertigo – Prelude And Rooftop (4:36)
FRANCIS POULENC Gymnopedie No. 1 (2:49)
LEOPOLD STOKOWSKI A Night On Bare Mountain (7:20)

MOJO Presents… The Dreamers (2014)

FrontThe Dreamers (Oct 2014)

The latest free CD from the October, 2014 issue of MOJO is a 15 track collection of “Kate Bush-inspired dream pop,” which is totally outside my field of knowledge. So, it surely says more about me than this collection, that this is the first time in MOJO history I don’t recognize the name of a single artist listed here. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying MOJO’s 150th. Find all 150 of MOJO‘s free CDs, HERE. See the complete list, HERE.

PINKUNOIZU Great Pacific Garbage Patch (6:32)
HALEY BONAR Last War (3:58)
CONNAN MOCKASIN Do I Make You Feel Shy? (3:10)
CARIBOU Can’t Do Without You (3:54)
THE WAR ON DRUGS Red Eyes (4:57)
WHE Shriek (3:38)
POLICA You Don’t Own Me (3:15)
I BREAK HORSES Denial (3:37)
LIA ICES Thousand Eyes (4:02)
JULIA HOLTER Don’t Make Me Over (3:03)
ANNA VON HAUSSWOLFF Mountains Crave (3:34)
SMOKE FAIRIES Your Own Silent Movie (3:18)
NITE JEWEL In the Dark (4:18)
SNOWBIRD Porcelain (3:58)
HAIKU SALUT Sounds Like There’s a Pacman Crunching at Your Heart (4:56)

MOJO Presents: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Live 1974 Sampler (2014)

FrontCrosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Live 1974 Sampler (Sept 2014)

The latest free CD from the September, 2014 issue of MOJO is as co-promotion for MOJO‘s 250th issue interview with each member of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, busy promoting their latest live box set, CSNY 1974. It’s a five track, 20 minute plus sampler from the box. Perhaps we can use this opportunity to plug our C, C&N, CS&N and CPR hidden archive posts, HERE. Find all 149 of MOJO‘s free CDs, HERE. See the complete list, HERE.

Almost Cut My Hair (6:47)
Change Partners (3:28)
Pre-Road Downs (3:18)
Only Love Can Break Your Heart (3:18)
Carry Me (4:43)

MOJO Jack White Presents The Best Of Third Man Records (2014)

FrontJack White Presents The Best Of Third Man Records (Aug 2014)

The latest free CD from the August, 2014 issue of MOJO is as advert for Jack White’s record label, Third Man Records. It also happens to be one of MOJO‘s better and more diverse offerings of late. Find all 148 of MOJO‘s free CDs, HERE. See the complete list, HERE.

BLACK MILK Brain (4:27)
JOHN & TOM Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar (2:23)
THE GORIES Train Kept A Rollin’ (2:13)
POKEY LAFARGE Central Time (2:57)
MICAAEL KIWANUKA You’ve Got Nothing To Lose (3:14)
THE RACONTEURS Broken Boy Soldier (3:00)
THE WHITE STRIPES The Hardest Button To Button (3:32)
ROCKFIRE FUNK EXPRESS People Save The World (3:30)
THE DEAD WEATHER Blue Blood Blues (3:22)
GIBBY HAYNES You Don’t Have To Be Smart (1:38)
KELLEY STOLTZ Are You My Love (3:22)
DUANE Postcard From Hell (2:43)
FRANK FAIRFIELD Duncan & Brady (4:19)

MOJO Presents… Heavy Nuggets III (2014)

FrontHeavy Nuggets III (July 2014)
The latest free CD from the July, 2014 issue of MOJO is loosely tied to the magazine’s promotion of their Led Zeppelin/Jimmy Page interview, parodying the cover of LZ-III. It’s a righteously heavy collection that’s better than it looks on paper, largely because the material isn’t typical MOJO fare. This is the mag’s third “Heavy Nuggets” collection, which means you can find the first, from December, 2007 (HERE) and Vol. 2, from June, 2013 (HERE) in the archives… along with all 147 MOJO‘s HERE. See the complete list of MOJO CDs, HERE.

ATOMIC ROOSTER Sleeping For Years (5:25)
BANG Keep On (3:37)
FREEDOM Going Down (4:43)
PENTAGRAM Little Games (2:54)
JOSEFUS Situation (1:53)
MORGEN Welcome To The Void (4:45)
ROG & PIP Why Won’t You Do What I Want (2:44)
MORLY GREY Peace Officer (5:45)
CAIN Born Of The Wind (3:10)
BULLET The Orchestrator (3:22)
AIR Twelve O’Clock Satanial (3:21)
CROW Evil Woman (3:09)
HEAVY JELLY Bio Blues (5:03)
ANCIENT GREASE Freedom Train (4:01)
MEDUSA Transient Amplitude (9:18)

MOJO Presents… The Black Keys And Friends (2014)

MOJOThe Black Keys And Friends (June 2014)

The latest free CD from the June, 2014 issue of MOJO Magazine is a tie-in with The Black Keys, boasting their newest single, “Fever,” and a live studio version of, “Gold On The Ceiling.” Also… some cool tracks from friends and influences, including Dr. John, Black Lips, RL Burnside and others. This is the second MOJO freebie to highlight The BKs. Three years ago, the June 2011 issue CD, entitled Brotherhood (HERE), featured six Keys cuts. Find all 146 MOJO‘s HERE.

THE BLACK KEYS Fever (4:04)
DR. JOHN Revolution (3:26)
HANNI EL KHATIB Head In The Dirt (3:17)
BOMBINO Azamane Tiliade (4:06)
BLACK LIPS Do The Vibrate (2:27)
THE SHEEPDOGS Feeling Good (3:09)
PETE MOLINARI So Long Gone (3:30)
JUNIOR KIMBROUGH Everywhere I Go (4:48)
BO DIDDLEY Who Do You Love (2:28)
VALERIE JUNE Wanna Be On Your Mind (3:55)
JESSICA LEA MAYFIELD Our Hearts Are Wrong (3:05)
TENNIS It All Feels The Same (3:23)
RL BURNSIDE Skinny Woman (2:40)
THE BLACK KEYS Gold On The Ceiling (Live in Studio) (3:38)

MOJO Presents… Death Disco (2014)

MOJO Death DiscoDeath Disco (May 2014)

The latest free CD from the May, 2014 MOJO Magazine is subtitled, “A Compendium Of Post-Punk Grooves,” and features tracks from Public Image LTD, Sonic Youth, The Fall, Throbbing Gristle and similar sonic troublemakers. I can honestly say I’ve never liked the majority of this era (except for some of the names I just mentioned), but what do I know? I still listen to Tony Conrad and have Metal Machine Music posted somewhere around here. Give a listen to the always satisfyingly obnoxious Pere Ubu, below. Find all 145 MOJO‘s HERE.

FELT Primitive Painters
ORANGE JUICE Simply Thrilled Honey
BUSH TETRAS Too Many Creeps
SONIC YOUTH Shaking Hell
PERE UBU 414 Seconds
THE FALL Loadstones
THE RAINCOATS Shouting Out Loud
YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS Searching For Mr. Right

MOJO Presents… Purple Soul (2014)

Purple SoulPurple Soul – MOJO Presents A Compendium Of Futurist R&B (Apr 2014)

The latest free CD from the April, 2014 MOJO Magazine celebrates the magazine’s exclusive interview with his Royal Purpleness, Prince. This audio collection features no Prince, and no Prince songs, but it’s clear that among these 15 “futurist” soul numbers, a handful of these artists have taken a few cues from P. Others, not so much. Find all 144 MOJO‘s HERE.

POLICA Warrior Lord (4:28)
BLOOD ORANGE You’re Not Good Enough (4:20)
ARABIAN PRINCE Strange Life (6:52)
LUKE TEMPLE Florida (4:25)
GAYNGS The Gaudy Side Of Town (7:07)
TOTO Y MOI So Many Details (4:43)
JAMES PANTS We’re Through (3:33)
THE STEPKIDS Sweet Salvation (4:55)
ARTHUR RUSSELL Get Around To It (4:57)
DARONDO Sexy Mama (3:52)
MUSIC, LOVE & FUNK Stone Lover (7:08)
THE GIRLS I’ve Got My Eyes On You (4:01)
HOW TO DRESS WELL & It Was U (3:04)
PYRAMID VRITRA Tea & Lemonade (2:40)
THE NEW YEAR My Bleeding Wound (3:31)