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PETE NAMLOOK 10 Years of Silence (Silence I-V)
Rare MP3 CD, Over 5-1/2 Hours (2003)

10 Years Of Silence10 Years of Silence (2003)
5-1/2 Hour Ambient MP3 CD (Limited To 500 Copies)

FROM THE ARCHIVES, 2007: Since 1992, the late Pete Namlook’s Frankfurt-based Fax label has issued a dizzying amount of ambient and electronic experimentations featuring legendary artists slash collaborators from Klaus Schulze to Bill Laswell to Jonah Sharp. Not to mention providing an outlet for a whole new generation of ambient free-formers. Namlook and his pals are all about the chill factor – vast soundscapes, ominous drones, quiet atmospherics, disembodied voices and a relentless spirit of relaxed adventure is the label’s stock in trade. So it was fitting that, in 2002, Namlook would spearhead the release of the first ever ambient MP3 CD (issued in a limited edition of 500), featuring over 5-1/2 hours of music – and designed to be listened to… continuously. Good luck. Namlook’s dedication to the art form is unparalleled, but we listeners are merely human. Curiously, the bit rates on the original CD range from 256 to 300, and I’m not sure why that is, but the info for each track is detailed in the liner notes. Still… gathering his 5-CD Silence series and putting all 5-1/2 hours on a single MP3 CD is a masterstroke that begs to question… Why is this one of the very few official MP3 discs in existence? Don’t hold your breath waiting for a good answer. Namlook has released other MP3 CDs since this first one, which originally retailed for about $26 back in 2003. These days they’re at Amazon, HERE, for about $50.
Silence ISilence IISilence IIISilence IVSilence V

Omid / Hope (21:57)
Garden Of Dreams
Santur (9:53)

Silence II
Life/Death (29:28)
Heaven (AW-Cut)
Sweet Angels (11:20)
What Is Time?

Silence III (60:37)
Into the Desert (8:35)
A Ship on a Sea of Sand
Lost City
The Bottom of the Ocean
Dream Time

Silence IV
Circle Of Life (20:02)
Deep Inside
Bedouin Love
The Night Before I Left (9:33

Silence V
Asbendos (13:03)
While Angels Sleep
Master Of The Sky
Ancient Beauty

“Heaven” (Original Version)
Heaven (22:58)


PETE NAMLOOK The Dark Side Of The Moog V (1996) w/ Bill Laswell & Klaus Schulze

frontThe Dark Side Of The Moog V (1997)
With An Intro By The Man Himself

I’m not exactly sure how many of these experiments in Moog extremes the late Pete Namlook has released (almost a dozen that I know of, this one credited to Namlook, Bill Laswell and Klaus Schulze), but all the ones I’ve heard are fun excursions, heavy on the instrumental atmospherics, grooves and wordplay (often involving Pink Floyd, naturally). V‘s “Psychedelic Brunch” is a play off of Atom Heart Mother‘s “Adam’s Psychedelic Breakfast,” while VII‘s title track is entitled, “Obscured By Klaus.” This one, the original German import, on FAX Records, features an opening vocal track by Bob Moog, himself. We’ve got Pete Namlook’s rare 5-hour-plus MP3 CD, 10 Years Of Silence, in the archives, HERE. Get Dark Side Of The Moog V (and probably the others in the series, too) at Amazon (very pricey), HERE.

Psychedelic Brunch, p.I (0:15)
Psychedelic Brunch, p.II (4:30)
Psychedelic Brunch, p.III (8:30)
Psychedelic Brunch, p.IV (3:46)
Psychedelic Brunch, p.V (16:21)
Psychedelic Brunch, p.VI (8:45)
Psychedelic Brunch, p.VII (9:50)
Psychedelic Brunch, p.VIII (8:22)