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GIRL BROS. Girl Bros. (1998) – The Artists Formerly Known As Wendy & Lisa

Girl Bros. (1998)
From Prince’s Revolution… Via Producer Tchad Blake

Wendy Melvoin & Lisa Coleman, also known as Wendy & Lisa from Prince’s Revolution, deliver their best album to date under the alias of Girl Bros. Tchad Blake produces. Contains plenty of dreamy vocals, slightly psychedelic whimsy and a dose of Blake’s bang & clang drum technique. Why their profile is so low on this release is curious (no names, no pics… and the moniker, Girl Bros., has long been their publishing company’s name), but the style is rich with texture and sincerity. This is the duo’s 4th album (the first and last using this name), not counting a couple of releases available only from their website. The duo even scored an under-the-radar Emmy nod in 2012 for “Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music” for the show, Touch. Find this one at Amazon, HERE. We’ve got lots of Prince (which means some more Wendy & Lisa) in the archives, HERE.

Reaching One (4:11)
Love & Trouble (3:30)
I Will (3:38)
All Nite (3:09)
Bring You Back (4:12)
I’ve Got A Big Bowl Of Cherries (3:14)
Uh-Uh, Don’t Look Down (4:33)
All I Wonder / Anyway (5:16)
If I Were Brave (2:45)
Jonathan (3:47)
Let’s Say (3:31)
I’ve Got No Strings (6:53)

P Work It! (2011 Bootleg) – 34 Discs

One last blast of Prince for the hard cores. I’ll be continuing with P’s ongoing 2013 leaks, but I’ll get back to our routinely directionless programming next week. As for this post… if you’re up for 34 discs of Prince rarities, here you go. Work It! is an update to the older bootleg collection, The Work, and features tons of rarities from P, as well as his work with other artists. Most of the material sounds great, though, there are some challenged tracks sprinkled throughout. If you’re the type to want all this in the first place, you know the drill. The track list is included below, or you can click any of the back covers for a pop-up enlargement. Have fun. As always, there’s plenty more Prince in the archives, HERE.

work it volume 1-8 copy

work it volume 1 back 2.0

work it volume 2 back 2.0

work it volume 3 back 2.0

work it volume 4 back 2.0

work it volume 5 back 2.0

work it volume 6 back 2.0

work it volume 7 back 2.0

work it volume 8 back 2.0

Prince – Sweet Thing
Prince – Leaving For New York
Prince – I Spend My Time Loving You
Prince – Don’t You Wanna Ride
Prince – Wouldn’t You Love To Love Me? #1
Prince – Hey Lover
Prince – Rock Me, Lover
Prince – Nightingale
Prince – For You #1
Prince – For You #2
Prince – For You #3
Prince – For You #4
Prince – Soft And Wet #1
Prince – instrumental 1
Prince – instrumental 2
Prince – instrumental 3
Prince – instrumental 4
Prince – instrumental 5
Prince – untitled 1
Prince – untitled 2
Prince – untitled 3
Prince – untitled 4
Prince – instrumental 1
Prince – instrumental 2
Prince – Soft And Wet #2
Prince – Just As Long As We’re Together #1
Prince – Just As Long As We’re Together #2
Prince – Just As Long As We’re Together #3
Prince – Jelly Jam

Prince – instrumental
Prince – Make It Through The Storm
Prince – Baby #1
Prince – Baby #2
Prince – We Can Work It Out
Prince – My Love Is Forever
Prince – instrumental 1
Prince – instrumental 2
Prince – instrumental 3
Prince – instrumental 4
Prince – instrumental 5
Prince – instrumental 6
Prince – instrumental 7
Prince – instrumental 8

Prince – Wouldn’t You Love To Love Me? #2
Prince – Down A Long Lonely Road
Prince – I Miss You
Prince – Baby, Baby, Baby
Prince – Donna
Prince – Nadera
Prince – instrumental 1
Prince – instrumental 2
Prince – instrumental 3
Prince – instrumental 4
Prince – instrumental 5
Prince – instrumental 6
The Rebels – You #1
The Rebels – Disco Away
The Rebels – Hard To Get
The Rebels – If I Love You Tonight #1
The Rebels – instrumental 1
The Rebels – instrumental 2
The Rebels – Loving You
The Rebels – Thrill You Or Kill You
The Rebels – Too Long
The Rebels – Turn Me On
Prince – Lisa
Prince – The Second Coming
Prince – Tick, Tick, Bang #1
Prince – She’s Just A Baby

Prince – Feel U Up
Prince – Irresistible Bitch
Prince – Moonbeam Levels
Prince – Broken
Prince – Do Yourself A Favor
Prince – Strange Way Of Saying I Love You
Prince – Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)
Prince – Delirious
Prince – D.M.S.R.
Prince – Extra Loveable
Prince – No Call U
Prince – Turn It Up #1
Prince – Turn It Up #2
Prince – Turn It Up #3
Prince – Wonderful Ass #1
Prince – We Can Funk #1

The Time – The Bird
Prince – Baby You’re A Trip
Prince – A Million Miles (I Love You)
Vanity 6 – Vibrator #1
Vanity 6 – Vibrator #2
Vanity 6 – Sex Shooter
Prince – Wet Dream Cousin
Prince – instrumental #1
Prince – instrumental #2
Prince & Apollonia – Manic Monday
Prince – Purple Music #1
Prince – Purple Music #2
Prince – Around The World In A Day #1
Prince – Around The World In A Day #2

Prince – Possessed #1
Prince – Take Me With U
Prince – The Beautiful Ones
Prince – G-Spot
Prince – Computer Blue #1
Prince – Computer Blue #2
Prince – Computer Blue #3
Prince – Computer Blue #4
Prince – Darling Nikki #1
Prince – I Would Die 4 U

Prince – Chocolate
Prince – Baby I’m A Star
Prince – Possessed #2
Prince – Darling Nikki #2
Prince – Purple Rain
Prince – I Would Die 4 U [Extended Version]
Prince – Erotic City #1
Prince – Erotic City #2

Prince – All Day, All Night
Prince – Lust U Always #1
Prince – Lust U Always #2
Prince – The Dance Electric
Prince – 100 MPH #1
Mazarati – Jerk Out
Prince – High Fashion
Prince – Mutiny
Prince – Yes
The Family – Nothing Compares 2 U
Prince – Susannah’s Pajamas
Prince – Desire
Prince – Feline
The Family – Miss Understood
Prince – Euphoria Highway

Prince & Miles Davis – Can I Play With U?
Prince – Eternity
Prince – Wendy’s Parade
Prince – I Wonder U
Prince – Neon Telephone
Prince – Old Friends 4 Sale #1
Prince – All My Dreams
Prince – Girls & Boys
Prince – Others Here With Us
Prince – Kiss #1
Prince – Go
Prince – Love Or $
Prince – Baby Go-Go
Prince – Wonderful Ass #2
Prince – Sexual Suicide
Prince – Heaven
Prince – Old Friends 4 Sale #2
Prince – Old Friends 4 Sale #3
Mazarati – Kiss #2
Prince – Toy Box

Lisa – Visions
Prince – Train
Prince – Strange Relationship
Prince – Witness 4 The Prosecution #1
Prince – Wonderful Ass #3
Prince – Wouldn’t You Love To Love Me? #3
Prince – U Gotta Shake Something
Prince – It’s A Wonderful Day
Mazarati – 100 MPH #2
Jill Jones – G-Spot [Remix] #1
Jill Jones – G-Spot [Remix] #2
Jill Jones – G-Spot [Remix] #3
Jill Jones – G-Spot [Remix] #4
Prince – Wonderful Ass #4

Prince – Dream Factory #1
Prince – Witness 4 The Prosecution #2
Prince – Power Fantastic
Prince – Last Heart
Prince – A Place In Heaven #1
Prince – The Ball
Prince – Joy In Repetition #1
Prince – Girl O’ My Dreams #1
Prince – Can’t Stop This Feeling I Got #1
Prince – We Can Funk #2
Wendy – Interlude
Prince – Big Tall Wall
Prince – Crucial #1
Prince – Crystal Ball #1
Prince – Data Bank #1
Prince – Get On Up

Prince – Nevaeh Ni Ecalp A
Prince – Dream Factory #2
Prince – Girl O’ My Dreams #2
Prince – Can’t Stop This Feeling I Got #2
Prince – We Can Funk #3
Wendy – A Place In Heaven #2
Prince – Teacher Teacher
Prince – Crystal Ball #2
Prince – Sign Of The Times
Prince – Crucial #2
Prince – Data Bank #2
Prince – In A Large Room With No Light
Prince – Movie Star
Prince – Starfish And Coffee #1
Prince – Rebirth Of The Flesh
Prince – Witness 4 The Prosecution #3
Prince – We Can Funk #4

Prince – Crystal Ball #3
Prince – Play In The Sunshine
Prince – Joy In Repetition #2
Prince – The Grand Progression
Prince – I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man
Prince – If I Love U 2Nite #2
Prince – The Sex Of It
Prince – Cookie Jar
Prince – Superfunkycalifragisexy
Prince – You #2
Prince – Graffiti Bridge
Sheila E. – Girl Power
Prince – Fuchsia Light
Prince – Pink Cashmere

Prince – Rave Unto The Joy Fantastic
Prince – If I Had A Harem
Prince – The Voice Inside
Prince – Melody Cool #1
Prince – Elephants & Flowers
Prince & Mavis Staples – God Is Alive
Prince – Still Would Stand All Time
Prince – If I Love U 2Nite #3
Prince – We Got The Power
Prince – The Line
Prince – I No
Prince – Alphabet St. [This Is Not Music, This Is A Trip]
Prince – I Wish U Heaven
Prince – Positivity
Prince & Mavis Staples – God Is Alive (Reprise)
Mavis Staples – Melody Cool #2
Prince & Ingrid Chavez – Cross The Line

Prince – Dance With The Devil
Prince – Batdance
Prince – Partyman
Prince – Electric Chair #1
Prince – Electric Chair #2
Madhouse – 17 (Penetration)
Madhouse – 18 (R U Legal Yet?)
Madhouse – 19 (Jailbait)
Madhouse – 20 (A Girl & Her Puppy)
Madhouse – 21 (The Dopamine Rush)
Madhouse – 22 (Amsterdam)
Madhouse – 23 (Spanish Eros)
Madhouse – 24 (Orgasm)

Prince – instrumental
Ingrid Chavez – Seven Corners
Prince – Flesh And Blood
Jill Jones – Boom, Boom, Can’t U Feel The Beat Of My Heart
Jill Jones – Flesh And Blood
Jill Jones – My Baby Knows How To Love Me
Prince – Good Man #1
Prince – Your Love Is So Hard
Margie Cox – R U There?
Margie Cox – Brand New Boy
Margie Cox – Warden In The Prison Of Love
Margie Cox – Bed Of Roses
Margie Cox – Good Man #2
Margie Cox – We Can Hang
Margie Cox – Curious Blue
Margie Cox – Girls Will Be Girls
Margie Cox – Good Body Every Evening

Robin Power – Number 1
Robin Power – Undercover Lover
Prince – Soul Psychodelicide #1
Prince – Soul Psychodelicide #2
Prince – Soul Psychodelicide #3
Prince – Soul Psychodelicide #4
Prince – Can’t Stop This Feeling I Got #3
Prince – New Power Generation #1
Prince – Love Machine #1
Prince – Round And Round
Prince – We Can Funk #5
Prince – We Can Funk #6
Prince – We Can Funk #7

The Time – Murph Drag
The Time – 9 Lives
The Time – Donald Trump (Black Version)
The Time – Love Machine #2
The Time – Data Bank #3
The Time – Shake!
The Time – Corporate World
The Time – The Latest Fashion
The Time – My Summertime Thang
The Time – Love Machine #3
T.C. Ellis – Miss Thang
Prince – Me Touch Myself
Prince – Can’t Stop This Feeling I Got #4
Prince – New Power Generation #2
Prince – The Question Of U #1
Prince – The Question Of U #2
Prince – Tick, Tick, Bang #2
Prince – New Power Generation [Pt. II]

Prince – Thieves In The Temple
Prince – DAT Intro
Elisa Fiorillo – Oobey Doop
Prince – Heaven Is Keeping Score
Prince – Play
Prince & Robin Power – My Tree
Robin Power – A Positive Place
Tony M. – Tony’s Iggnant Mix
Prince – Mind Bells #1
Prince – Mind Bells #2
Prince – Bliss #1
Prince – Bliss #2
Prince – Martika’s Kitchen
Prince – Spirit
Prince – Love… Thy Will Be Done #1
Prince – Open Book
Prince – Don’t Say U Love Me
Prince & Martika – Love… Thy Will Be Done #2

George Clinton – We Can Funk #8
George Clinton – Oil Spill
George Clinton – I Need Love
George Clinton – This Groove
George Clinton – The Big Pump
George Clinton – My Pony #1
George Clinton – My Pony #2

Prince – Work That Fat
Prince – The Voice #1
Prince – I Hear Your Voice
Prince – Allegiance
Prince – Get Blue
Prince & Mavis Staples – The Voice #2
Prince – Well Done
Prince – Hold Me
Prince – I Wonder
Prince – Hey, Louie Louie
Prince – Letter 4 Miles
Prince – Uh Huh!
Mavis Staples – The Voice #3
Carmen Electra – Power From Above #1

Prince – Something Funky (This House Comes)
Prince – Schoolyard
Prince – Daddy Pop
Prince – Willing And Able
Prince – Walk Don’t Walk
Prince – The Flow #1
Prince – Live 4 Love
Carmen Electra – Power From Above #2
Carmen Electra – Carmen On Top
Carmen Electra – Go Carmen Go
Carmen Electra – Fantasia Erotica
Carmen Electra – Powerline
Carmen Electra – All That
Carmen Electra – This Is My House
Carmen Electra – The Juice
Carmen Electra – Everybody Get On Up [Instrumental]

Prince – Sex
Prince – Glam Slam ’91 #1
Prince – Glam Slam ’91 #2
Prince – Cream
Prince – Horny Pony
Prince – Insatiable
Prince – The Ryde Dyvine
Minneapolis – MPLS
Prince – Album Intro
Prince – Segue 1
Prince – Segue 2
Prince – Segue 3
Prince – Segue 4
Prince – Segue 5
Prince – Player
Prince – The Max
Prince – The Flow #2
Prince – The Sacrifice Of Victor
Prince – Sexy M.F.
Prince – The Continental
Prince – Damn U [Instrumental]

Ingrid Chavez – Heaven Must Be Near [Extended Mix]
Ingrid Chavez – Heaven Must Be Near [Quiet Storm Mix]
Ingrid Chavez – Heaven Must Be Near [The Closest Thing 2 Heaven Mix]
Prince – Gangster Glam [Gangster Groove 7-Inch]
Prince – Gangster Glam [Gangster Groove Mix]
Prince – Gangster Glam [Gangster Mental Mix]
Prince – Gangster Glam [Hurley’s House 7-inch]
Prince – Gangster Glam [Hurley’s House Dub]
Prince – Gangster Glam [Hurley’s House Mix]
Prince – Gangster Glam [House 7″ Mix]
Prince – Gangster Glam [Groove 7″ Mix]
Prince – instrumental 1 – 76

Prince – The Rest Of My Life
Prince – I’ll Do Anything
Prince – Be My Mirror
Prince – Empty Room #1
Prince – I Can’t Love U Anymore
Prince – Poor Little Bastard
Prince – Make Believe
Prince – I’ll Do Anything Medley
Prince & Ashley Davis – On Your Own
Jevetta Steele – Ain’t No Place Like U #2
Nona Gaye – Snow Man
Prince – Five Women
Prince – A 1,000 Hugs And Kisses
Prince – My Name Is Prince
Prince – My Name Is Prince [Chr Edit – No Rap]
Prince – My Name Is Prince [Chr Edit – With Rap]
Bart Simpson – My Name Is Bart
Diamond & Pearl – 51 Hours #1
Diamond & Pearl – 51 Hours #2

Madhouse – Rootie Kazootie
Madhouse – Space #2
Madhouse – Guitar Segue
Madhouse – Asswhuppin’ In A Trunk
Madhouse – Ethereal
Madhouse – Parlor Games
Madhouse – Michael B.
Madhouse – Got 2 Give It Up
Madhouse – Sonny T.
Prince & Nona Gaye – Love Sign [Ted’s Get ‘Em Up Mix]
Prince & Nona Gaye – Love Sign [Ted’s Funky Chariot Mix]
Prince & Nona Gaye – Love Sign [Mack Attack Message Mix]
Prince & Nona Gaye – Love Sign [Ted’s Double Trouble Mix]
Prince & Nona Gaye – Love Sign [Ted’s Love Sign Radio Mix]
Prince & Nona Gaye – Love Sign [Shock’s Silky Smooth Int’s]

Mayte – If I Could Get Your Attention
Mayte – Latino Barbie Doll
Mayte – Love’s No Fun #1
Mayte – Children Of The Sun
Mayte – In Your Gracious Name
Mayte – The Rhythm Of Your Heart
Mayte – Ain’t No Place Like U #1
Mayte – House Of Brick
Mayte – Love’s No Fun #2
Mayte – Baby Don’t Care
Mayte – However Much U Want
Mayte – Mo’ Better
Mayte – If I Love U 2Night #4
Prince & Poet99 – The Boom
Prince & Poet99 – It’s Our Music
Prince & Poet99 – Give God A Try
Prince & Poet99 – Burns
Prince & Poet99 – 3 Shots

Prince – Head
Prince – Pop Life
Prince – Alphabet St.
Prince – When Doves Cry
Prince – 7 [Final Vocal]
Prince – 7 [TV Track]
Prince – 7 [Instrumental]
Prince – 7 [Drums And Vocals]
Prince – 7 [Rumble Mix]
Prince – 7 [Final Vocal Safety Remix]
Prince – 7 [Bigger End Chorus]
Prince – The P
Prince – Come #1
Prince – Dark
Prince – Dolphin
Prince – Space #1

Prince – Poem #1
Prince – What’s My Name
Prince – Endorphinmachine #1
Prince – Empty Room #2
Prince – Zannalee
Prince – Days Of Wild
Prince – Pheromone [Edit]
Prince – P Control [House Mix]
Prince – P Control [Club Mix]
Prince – Right The Wrong
Prince – Come #2
Prince – Come #3
Prince – Come #4
Prince – Poem #2
Prince – Calhoun Square
Prince – Chaos And Disorder
Prince – P Control #1
Prince – P Control #2

Prince – 18 & Over
Prince – Acknowledge Me #1
Prince – Pheromone [Video LP]
Prince – Billy Jack Bitch #1
Prince – Gold #1
Prince – Race
Prince – Loose!
Prince – Get Wild #1
Prince – P Control [Club Mix Edit]
Prince – Shhh [X-Cerpt]
Prince – Get Wild In The House
Prince – I Hate U [Remix]
Prince – 319 [X-Cerpt]
Prince – Shy [X-Cerpt]
Prince – Billy Jack Bitch #2
Prince – Sonny T. [X-Cerpt]
Prince – Rootie Kazootie [Edit]
Prince – Chatounette Controle
Prince – P Control [Control Tempo Edit]
Prince – Kamasutra Overture #5
Prince – Free The Music
Prince – Segue
Prince – Gold [X-Cerpt]

Prince – Orgasm
Prince – Come #5
Prince – The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
Prince – Shy
Prince – I Hate U
Prince – Gold #2
Prince – Get Loose
The NPG – Slave 2 The System #1
The NPG – Somebody’s Somebody #1
The NPG – Super Hero
The NPG – The Exodus Has Begun #1
The NPG – New Power Soul #1
The NPG – Get Wild #2
The NPG – Sonny
The NPG – Spooky Soup
The NPG – NPG Outro

The NPG – 2Gether
The NPG – Acknowledge Me #2
The NPG – The Exodus Has Begun #2
The NPG – New Power Soul #2
The NPG – Get Wild #3
The NPG – Hallucination Rain
The NPG – Mad
The NPG – It Takes 3
The NPG – DJ Seduces Sonny
The NPG – Funky Design
The NPG – Love… Thy Will Be Done #3
The NPG – Funky
The NPG – Proud Mary
The NPG – Free The Music
Prince – Slave 2 The System #2
Prince – Dinner With Delores

Prince – Starfish And Coffee #2
Prince – Sarah
Prince – Stone
Prince – Livin’ 2 Die (Our Lives)
Prince – I’ll Never Be Another Fool
Prince – Soul Sanctuary
Prince – 2020
Prince – Slave
Prince – I Am The DJ
Prince – Feel Good
Prince – Journey 2 The Center Of Your Heart
Prince – Right Back Here In My Arms
Prince – Emancipation
Prince – Rock And Roll Is Alive! (And It Lives In Minneapolis)
Prince – Rock And Roll Is Alive! (And It Lives In Minneapolis) [The Tony Fly Mix]
Prince – The Most Beautiful Girl In The World [Mustang Mix ’96]
Prince – Van Gogh
Prince – Jam Of The Year #1
Prince – Jam Of The Year #2
Prince – Jam Of The Year Tour Intro

Graham Central Station – Do U Wanna Get Funky?
Graham Central Station – Jump And Shout
Prince – Sadomasochistic Groove
Prince – Funk Radio
The NPG – Come On #1
The NPG – Come On #2
The NPG – Come On #3
The NPG – (I Like) Funky Music
Prince & Marva King – U’re Still The One
Madhouse – Seventeen
Madhouse – Eighteen
Rosie Gaines – Trouble (Never Give Up)
Prince – Thank U Just The Same
Prince – Intro Ahdio
Prince – NPGMC
Prince & Chaka Khan – I Feel For You
Prince – Rave Mix 01
Prince – Xylophone
Prince – instrumental
Prince – Endorphinmachine #2
Prince – Endorphinmachine #3
Prince – Endorphinmachine #4
Prince – Endorphinmachine #5
Prince – Endorphinmachine #6
Prince – Endorphinmachine #7
Prince – Endorphinmachine #8
Prince – Dance On #1
Prince – Dance On #2
Prince – Dance On #3
Prince – Dance On #4
Prince – Dance On #5
Prince – Dance On #6
Prince – Let’s Work #1
Prince – Let’s Work #2
Prince – Let’s Work #3
Prince – Let’s Work #4
Prince – Let’s Work #5
Prince – Let’s Work #6
Prince – Let’s Work #7
Prince – Let’s Work #8
Prince – S.S.T.
Prince – Feel Better, Feel Good Feel Wonderful demo

P – 2013 Leaks #5 (2013) – More Studio Jams And Live Material

Prince 2013 Leaks2013 Leaks #5 More jams, leaks and live shows from Prince and his gang. There have been so many broadcasts popping up on the 3rdEye Live Stream (HERE) in the last week that we’ve actually missed at least one or two of them. On July 3rd alone, there were three short broadcasts that got captured (and at least one that got away). Our previous post has the first of the three. On these offerings, from July 3, 6 & 7, it’s another mixed bag of instrumental studio jams and two live concert feeds ,the final two live from Paisley Park. July 6th’s “Ain’t Nobody / Days Of Wild / Ain’t Nobody / Don’t Stop The Music / Family Affair (Live)” fares the worst, as it’s a poorly recorded (somewhat distorted) live concert medley. The July 7th stream made up for it, however, with solid live sound and a fun selection of material, as Prince has been dipping back into his catalog this week with songs like “Strays Of The World,” “Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)” and “Dark.” PROGRAMMING NOTE: I’ll keep posting new leaks when available, and still have two other big Prince posts coming up, but will get back to other music this week, too. Thanks for your patience.
JULY 7, 2013
Days Of Wild (Pre-Concert Rehearsal) (5:54)
Intro (Live) (0:32)
People Pleaser (Live) (3:46)
Ain’t Gonna Miss U When U’re Gone (Live) (2:05)
F.U.N.K. (Live) (3:12)
Dark (Live) (5:01)
Something In The Water (Does Not Compute) (Live) (2:53)
Courtin’ Time (Instrumental) (Live) (3:55)
JULY 6, 2013
Ain’t Nobody/Days Of Wild/Ain’t Nobody/Don’t Stop The Music/Family Affair (Live) (11:50)
JULY 3, 2013 (#3)
Wildest Moments (Jesse Ware) (Studio Rehearsal) (4:45)
Hidden Colors (Instrumental) (Studio Rehearsal) (5:48)
Strays Of The World (Instrumental) (Studio Rehearsal) (3:04)
Brown Skin (Instrumental) (Studio Rehearsal) (6:19)
JULY 3, 2013 (#2)
K.N.U.F. (F.U.N.K. Studio Rehearsal) (3:23)

P – 2013 Leaks #4 (2013) – Two More Nights Of Live Instrumental Studio Jams

Prince 2013 Leaks2013 Leaks #4 – Two more nights of odd video streams and live studio jams from 3rdEye TV and Prince. I won’t bother with a full breakdown of each track, but the July 2nd stream, beginning with an instrumental called “Menstrual Cycle, finds Prince and the girls getting into a spaced psyche jam that gets further outside with the following tracks. The July 3 session (early this morning) features more all instrumental tracks (save the opening 1 minute salvo with Jesse Ware), ending with the 10-and-a-half minute jam, “Sex Machine.”. Sorry to non-Prince fans for not posting much else… but, I haven’t been listening to much else lately. You can view 3rdEye’s live streams HERE, but be aware, you’ll get almost no notice of an upcoming, they aren’t archived after the fact and they typically air in the middle of the night (EST). This is too much fun.
July 2nd, 2013
Menstrual Cycle (11:21)
Moon Drops (1:05)
Octopus Heart (3:54)
Plectrum Electrum (4:03)
July 3rd, 2013
Wildest Moments Reloaded (Jesse Ware) (0:52)
Instrumental #1 (Octopus Heart) (4:14)
Instrumental #2 (Toe Jam) (3:28)
Sex Machine (10:24)

UPDATED!: Look who’s officially on Soundcloud!
3EG-Menstrual Cycle3EG Octopus Heart
Prince just joined Soundcloud and has posted two of the tracks that just surfaced in the past 48 hours via the 3rdEye TV Stream, “Menstrual Cycle” and “Octopus Heart” (the Instrumental #1 version). What’s essential about these “official” Soundcloud releases is that they’re louder, cleaner and complete, sounding far superior to the previous video rips. And… they both come with artwork. You can follow the usual links and get from us here in 320, or you can go straight to Soundcloud (HERE) and download the original Wave files. Both are credited to “3rdEyeGirl.” You might want to act fast, however, Prince/2013 doesn’t let things linger around for long. Unfortunately, we can’t embed the Soundcloud players here, but you can still hear both tracks below. Before you say anything, the 3rdEye TV “Menstrual Cycle” (above) has some musical residue after the track, which is why it appears to be longer.
Menstrual Cycle (10:32)
Octopus Heart (4:18)

NOTE: Thanks to allan for the note about the song titles being switched at Soundcloud. Which is f’d up, since the July 2nd 3rdEyeTV Stream posted “Menstrual Cycle” as being the ten minute track and “Instrumental #1 (Octopus Heart)” as the shorter, 4 minute track. Now, at Soundcloud, they’re saying it’s the other way around. Go figure.

P – MORE 2013 Leaks (2013) + Live Video From June 30th & Four Live Webcast Collections

Prince 2013 Leaks2013 LEAKS 3 – As you might have guessed, I’m obsessing over P this month (and even have a few other non-Leak related P posts coming up). This new set of leaks comes from a performance at Chicago’s City Winery in the early morning hours of June 30th (yesterday), as broadcast on yet another 3rdEye TV Stream (#6 by our count, but that’s already in dispute). P and his female trio, background singers and stage busting horn section ripped through a short set of must-see classics for this broadcast. AND… this time you actually can see it, as three short videos (less than 20 minutes total) are included in the MP3 download. Watch them all below. The “Dancing Machine / Partyman / It’s Alright” medley first surfaced in rehearsal form only a few days ago (HERE).

1999 (3:22)
Little Red Corvette (6:06)
Extraloveable (5:56)
(Theme Song From) Which Way Is Up (1:05)
Dancing Machine (0:42)
Partyman (1:20)
It’s Alright (1:46)

Maceo Webcast #33 - FrontMACEO MUSICOLOGY WEBCAST #33

Featuring lots of early jams and performances from First Ave., including a few performances from The Time (like the original unedited “Jungle Love” from the Purple Rain movie), and guest appearances from Sheila E., Morris Day and others.

Irresistible Bitch (1984)
Sexy Dancer (1982)
Controversy (2007)
THE TIME – 777-9311 (1983)
Girls & Boys/Hollyrock (w/ Sheila E.) (1985)
Erotic City/Mutiny (1984)
THE TIME – Jungle Love (1983)
Partyup (w/ Morris Day on drums) (1982)
Gotta Broken Heart Again (2007)
Something In The Water (1984)
Head (1986)
Possessed (1984)
Alphabet St. (2007)

Maceo Webcast #36 - FrontMACEO MUSICOLOGY WEBCAST #36

As the name suggests, lots of small club dates from many of P’s incredible aftershows from around the world. Lot’s of offbeat material and off the cuff jamming.

Around The World In A Day (Indigo 02, London 9/14/2007)
Elephants And Flowers (Indigo 02, London 8/29/2007)
I Like It There (Dakota, Minneapolis 1/18/2013 2nd Show)
D.M.S.R. (Paard Van Troje, Holland 8/18/1988)
The Daisy Chain (The Fillmore, San Francisco 4/28/2001)
I Could Never Take The Place Of Ur Man (Hi Fi, Australia 5/19/2012)
Don’t Play Me (Paisley Park 6/24/2002 1st Show)
Pink Cashmere (Paisley Park 6/24/2002 1st Show)
Good Morning 2 U (LaBataclan, Paris 10/29/2002)
When You Were Mine (Instrumental) (Red Jacket, Dallas 4/17/2002)
Bambi (Dakota, Minneapolis 1/18/2013 1st Show)
Twinz In My Bed (Club Black, NY 3/15/2004)
Sexy MF (DNA, San Francisco 4/12/1993)
Xenophobia (Paisley Park 6/24/2002 2nd Show)
All The Critics Love U In Maui (Hapa’s Night Club, Maui 12/20/2003)


A celebration of 25 years of LoveSexy, originally released in 1988. Most of the tracks come from 1988 tour dates, rehearsals and outtakes.

The Ball (Eye No Music)
Alphabet St. Pt 1&2 (Rehearsal ’88)
I Wish You Heaven (Dortmund ’88)
Positivity/God Is Alive (The Palace Aftershow ’88)
LoveSexy (Warfield Theatre Aftershow ’88)
Dance On (Rehearsal ’88)
When 2 R In Love (Rehearsal ’88)
The Line #2 (Outtake)
Escape (Foefur Bsides)
Anna Stesia (One Night Alone Live)


This volume concentrates on P’s 2013 Live Out Loud Small Club Tour with 3rd Eye Girl (Canadian guitarist Donna Grantis, Danish bassist Ida Nielsen and Kentucky-born drummer Hannah Ford).

Let’s Go Crazy Reloaded (Denver 5/12/13 Late Show)
Let’s Work (San Francisco 4/24/13 Late Show)
U Got The Look (San Francisco 4/24/13 Late Show)
The Ride (Denver 5/12/13 Late Show)
Elephants & Flowers (Minneapolis Dakota 1/18/13 Early Show)
Joy In Repetition (Tempe 1/5/13)
Sometimes It Snows In April (Anaheim 5/7/13 Early Show)
Housequake (Denver 5/12/13 Late Show)
Forever In My Life (San Francisco 4/24/13 Late Show)
So Far So Pleased (Denver 5/12/13 Late Show)
She’s Always In My Hair (Tempe 1/5/13)
FIXURLIFEUP (San Francisco 4/24/13 Late Show)
Purple Rain (Minneapolis @ Myth Early Show)
Let’s Go (San Francisco 4/24/13 Late Show)

P – 20Thirteen + 2013 Leaks (2013)

P It’s hard to imagine what P is thinking these days – marketing wise – with his recent spate of leaks, teases and official digital releases. With his new band, the all female trio 3rd Eye Girl, P has embraced yet another in a series of seemingly temporary self-marketing vehicles, this time using a Twitter account (HERE) and a bare minimal website (HERE) to sell his recently released recordings, one track at a time, for 88¢ apiece. If you hang around here much, you’ve already seen them, “Extraloveable Reloaded,” “Ain’t Gonna Miss U When U’re Gone,” “FIXURLIFEUP,” “Screwdriver,” and others. But, P has also been using surrogates to leak a number of live tracks and group rehearsals (some featuring a smokin’ 11-piece horn section), a few dating from 2012 with a previous band incarnation (an updated NPG), that show up on quickly announced live streams and third-party YouTube accounts, before disappearing as fast as they appeared. None of it makes much sense, from a marketing standpoint, but for fans quick enough keep up, it’s heaven. Since I’m playing catch up myself, we’ve just revamped and updated our recent posts to give you a broader view.


20Thirteen20Thirteen: (Unchanged!) An unofficial compilation or P’s latest available downloads. The quality is the best there is, so you can now lose those YouTube video rips. Interestingly, one of the tracks, “FIXURLIFEUP” is no longer even available directly from P, while a couple of tracks came from his official site pre-numbered (“03 Extraloveable Reloaded” and “07 Ain’t Gonna Miss U When Ur Gone”), suggesting they might be part of an upcoming album in the near future. Here are the latest in the best available sound.

RNR Remix 7 (5:42)
Breakfast Can Wait (3:56)
Screwdriver Remix (6:44)
Screwdriver (4:13)
Boyfriend (3:08)
That Girl Thang (3:33)
Live Out Loud (3:35)
Ain’t Gonna Miss U When Ur Gone (6:01)
Extraloveable Reloaded (5:02)

Prince 2013 LeaksGOOD NEWS – BAD NEWS: The Good News is that we’ve added more unreleased rehearsals and jams to this post. Some with better titles and fidelity. The Bad News is that you’ll need to download the following again. Sorry… but in catching up with what’s been going on in the past few weeks (more tracks dropped just in the last 48 hours), I’ve had to revamp everything to make it a little more coherent, by re-titling and re-ordering tracks, and making a little better sense of it all moving forward… in anticipation of further leaks. You’ll get the gist.

2013 Leaks 2: Just released in the last few days, via a 3rdEye TV Web Stream that, at times, features an hour or two of pointless video images interspersed with 20 or 30 minutes of music. The June 27th 3rdEye TV stream (#4) offered three live rehearsal track versions of “Extraloveable,” the P classic “U Got The Look” (from 1987’s Sign Of The Times) and a bizarrely cool medley, “Dancing Machine / Partyman / It’s Alright.” “Dancing Machine” being, of course, a great live rehearsal take of The Jackson 5 classic, interspersed with a revved up “Partyman” (from P’s Batman soundtrack), ending with a quick taste of Graham Central Station’s 1975 tune, “It’s Alright.” The following night another stream (#5) offered a cross-section of live stuff and studio beats, kicking off with the uber-cool, laid back guitar jam, “Midnight Blues.” “Superconductor Reloaded (Instrumental)” is a P tune found on the NPG Records release of his protégé, Andy Allo (see more of her HERE) – which segues into a live variation of “The Max (Instrumental)” (heard on P’s The Love Symbol Album, found HERE). “Q.U.E.E.N. (Instrumental)” is another beats experiment based on a Janelle Monae project (the third version leaked so far). “EndorphinDriver” is an instrumental live run through of “Endorphinmachine” (originally released on The Gold Experience). As you’ll hear, it’s obviously being mixed on the fly as the less-than-stellar sound wavers from bass-heavy to guitar deficient. “Plectrum Electrum” is a noodling sound experiment whose title first surfaced on a live video jam a few months ago (below).

Extraloveable (Studio Rehearsal) (5:27)
U Got The Look (Studio Rehearsal) (3:12)
Dancing Machine/Partyman/It’s Alright (Studio Rehearsal) (4:49)
Midnight Blues (Studio Jam) (6:51)
Superconductor Reloaded (Instrumental)/The Max (Instrumental) (7:42)
Q.U.E.E.N. (Instrumental Remix) V.3 (5:01)
Untitled (3:12)
EndorphinDriver (Endorphinmachine Instrumental) (3:36)
Plectrum Electrum (2:15)

2013 Leaks 1: Some of these recently leaked studio rehearsals and live tracks feature P working out the kinks with 3rd Eye Girl and a top-notch 11-piece horn section. Also recently surfaced are snippets of larger pieces, including a short teaser of his live instrumental version of Pearl Jam’s “Even Flow.” There’s a rare 10-minute example of P at work, as he’s heard rehearsing the expanded band on “Sticky Like Glue” (from 20Ten), guiding the background singers while working out the progression. There’s also a 17-minute live rehearsal that begins with a version of Emeli Sande’s “Next To Me” and morphs into “Musicology.” The videos that spawned many of these incredible studio rehearsals are already history, leaked… then gone within days. The same may happen here.

Sticky Like Glue (Studio Rehearsal) (10:09)
Bass Jam (Studio Rehearsal) (4:09)
Play That Funky Music (Live In Australia) (4:23)
Rock & Roll Love affair (Instrumental Remix) (5:58)
Sing A Simple Song (Instrumental Studio Rehearsal) (8:35)
Next To Me/Musicology/Mama Feelgood (Studio Rehearsal) (17:03)
All Shook Up (Live At Montreux) (5:11)
Q.U.E.E.N. (Instrumental Remix) V.1 (5:03)
Even Flow (Live Excerpt) (1:39)
Dakota 1 (Studio Rehearsal) (4:58)
R.B.J. (Live) (1:02)
She’s Always In My Hair (Live In Vancouver) (5:27)
I Could Never Take The Place Of Ur Man (Live) (7:56)

DOS5_iTunes_CoverDays Of Soundboard Vol.5 – The Rehearsal Edition (2012-2013): The following collection is a far better gathering (with even more rehearsals) that we had piecemealed together on the previous version of this post. The first half of the tracks come from 2012 and feature P with an updated version of The NPG, while the second half features P with 3rd Eye Girl. A great collection, with great sound and artwork. The outstandingly sultry version of “Old Friends 4 Sale” comes from a 2012 “Welcome To Chicago” rehearsal, and the funk medley, “Mutiny”/”Ice Cream Castles,” recorded at a live studio rehearsal, was reportedly influenced by The Time’s Terry Lewis’ inquiry about opening for P on his Australian tour. A couple of the newer jams, like “The Dance Electric” and the 18-and-a-half minute “Days Of Wild” jam are heaven. (NOTE: I just reused my already uploaded, now misnumbered, sound files ’cause I’m lazy. The video below is the source of the file “Plectrum Electrum.”)

The Dance Electric (8:36)
Mutiny/Ice Cream Castles (9:49)
Days Of Wild/Loose (18:50)
Old Friends 4 Sale (3:17)
Dark (4:18)
I Like It There (4:06)
Bambi (3:20)
Let’s Go Crazy (Live) (6:35)
Plectrum Electrum (2:28)
BoomStratus (4:32)

P AND THE NEW POWER GENERATION The Love Symbol Album (1992) + Related Singles/Maxis: Sexy MF, My Name Is Prince, 7 & Damn U (1992)

PrinceThe Love Symbol Album (1992)
His Name Is Prince, And He Is Funky

Prince was never bigger than he was in the 80s. But, his beats were never bigger than they were in the 90s… and this LP is a prime example. Back when Prince was fighting with Warner Brothers Records over his right to release more than one album a year (a standoff that manifested itself in Prince changing his name to a symbol and scrawling the word “slave” across his face), P’s output and catalog went missing in action on the radio. It created a commercial drought that began after Prince’s Batman soundtrack in 1989, lasting ten full years and encompassing some of his best work; including Graffiti Bridge (1990), Diamonds And Pearls (1991), Come (1994 HERE), The Gold Experience (1995), Emancipation (1996 HERE) and Crystal Ball (1998), not to mention almost a half-dozen other titles issued during the decade. This unpronounceable 1992 release, commonly referred to as The Love Symbol Album, is a personal fave, though it’s just as schizophrenic and/or marred by Prince’s typically flamboyant stylistic indulgences as many of his other 90s LPs. Grand/epic themes, monstrous beats, sweeping love songs, anti-radio material, curious clunkers and inexplicable sidesteps all collide on The Love Symbol Album, even as a handful of tracks easily rank alongside some of his best work; “My Name Is Prince,” “Sexy MF,” “7” and “The Sacrifice Of Victor,” among them. This isn’t easily digestible pop fare, as you might have surmised already. The material’s challenging, blistering aggression goes head-to-head with syrupy, romantic crooning, creating a schism that can repel some listeners just as quickly as it can hypnotize others. Count me among the latter. Prince was so prolific during these years, he routinely buttressed his official releases with albums worth of outtakes and remixes, which we’ve gathered below. Over an hour-and-a-half’s worth. So under-appreciated, The Love Symbol Album is gettable for a penny at Amazon, HERE. As you should already know, we’ve got lots more P in the pool… just go HERE.

My Name Is Prince (6:38)
Sexy M.F. (5:26)
Love 2 The 9’s (5:45)
The Morning Papers (3:58)
The Max (4:31)
Segue (0:22)
Blue Light (4:38)
I Wanna Melt With U (3:51)
Sweet Baby (4:02)
The Continental (5:31)
Damn U (4:25)
Arrogance (1:35)
The Flow (2:27)
7 (5:13)
And God Created Woman (3:18)
3 Chains O’ Gold (6:04)
Segue (1:30)
The Sacrifice Of Victor (5:41)

Sexy M.F. CD SingleSEXY MF (CD Single)
Sexy MF (5:28)
Strollin’ (3:49)
Daddy Pop (5:19)

Released months before The Love Symbol Album came out, “Sexy MF” is the same version that’s heard on the album, though it’s missing the quick spoken intro (“Hey… ohh!”) and lacks the LP version’s more dynamic mastering. The two additional tracks come from Prince’s previous release, Diamonds And Pearls. It’s at Amazon, HERE.

My Name Is Prince CD SingleMY NAME IS PRINCE (CD Single)
My Name Is Prince (4:04)
Sexy Mutha (3:55)

“My Name Is Prince” was issued just weeks before the album came out and is an edited version, which lops about 2-1/2 minutes from the album version. “Sexy Mutha” is a censored, altered, radio-ready remix of “Sexy MF”

My Name Is Prince Maxi-SingleMY NAME IS PRINCE (Maxi-Single)
My Name Is Prince (Original Mix Edit) (8:06)
My Name Is Prince (12″ Club Mix) (8:13)
My Name Is Prince (House Mix) (7:18)
My Name Is Prince (Hard Core 12″ Mix) (7:56)
Sexy M.F. (12″ Remix) (7:35)

Outstanding stuff containing complete overhauls, added instrumentation and vocals. It’s available at Amazon, HERE.

7 Maxi-Single7 (Maxi-Single)
7 (Album Version) (5:11)
7 (After 6 Edit) (4:23)
7 (After 6 Long Version) (5:17)
7 (Acoustic Version) (3:56)
7 (Album Edit) (4:23)
2 Whom It May Concern (4:02)

Excellent alternate versions of the track “7,” mixing up many of the varied voices and highlighting different aspects of the instrumentation. The track “2 Whom It May Concern,” which also appears on the Damn U CD Single, is a new-beat mash-up of the ideas and melodies contained on the album proper. @ Amazon, HERE.

Damn U CD SingleDAMN U (CD Single)
Damn U (4:06)
2 Whom It May Concern (4:02)

“Damn U” is the same as the LP version, except about 20 seconds of dialog has been lopped off the end of the track. The track “2 Whom It May Concern” also appears on the 7 Maxi Single – a mash-up/advertisement for the album, which P plugs by using a sound effect for the unpronounceable symbol. Amazon, HERE.

The Morning Papers CD SingleMissing from this collection is the CD Single, The Morning Papers. But, it doesn’t contain anything that isn’t found elsewhere, including; The Love Symbol Album versions of “The Morning Papers” and “Love 2 The Nines,” and the LP version of “Live 4 Love” (from Diamonds And Pearls). Also floating around out there are at least three additional remixes; The Japanese CD of My Name Is Prince (Maxi-Single) contains “Sexy M.F. (Clean Version)” (5:24), while a US CD promo of 7 includes “7 (Mix 5 Long Version)” (4:56) and “7 (Mix 5 Edit)” (4:06).

P x 2: Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic (1999) & Rave In2 The Joy Fantastic (2000)

Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic (1999 Arista Records)
Rave In2 The Joy Fantastic (2000 NPG Records)
A Tale Of Two Princes

Remember when Arista’s Clive Davis miraculously transformed 52 year-old, past-his-commercial-prime Carlos Santana into a crossover radio superstar by hooking him up with youngsters like Rob Thomas? Believe it or not, the legendary record man tried the same idea with Prince. Like Santana, Prince’s sales had tanked in the 90s, despite recording some of his finest material during the decade. Surprisingly, Prince considered Davis’ superstar/cameo/duet idea worth trying. The result is one of Prince’s weaker albums – not without its moments (and a great single) – but clearly without a singular vision to give it what Prince fans buy Prince albums for. One of the reasons might have been that Prince didn’t totally commit himself to the concept, which explains why one needs a magnifying glass to even find Chuck D, Sheryl Crow, Eve, Ani DiFranco & Gwen Stafani in the liner notes. As for the material itself, inconsistent is the keyword – though, “The Greatest Romance Ever Sold” was another under-the-radar million seller for the singer. What many don’t know is that the following year, Prince re-issued Rave, with a slightly different track list, slightly different cover, slightly different title and slightly different mixes… with slightly better results. Tracks were tinkered with or extended, while a handful were substantially re-modified. “Strange But True” and “Everyday Is A Winding Road” were removed from Un2 and replaced with the unreleased “Beautiful Strange” on In2. Online CD sales still being new in 2000, Rave In2 The Joy Fantastic went pretty much unnoticed outside the hive. On Amazon and Ebay, Prince’s version sells for between $400 and $500 (HERE), while the Arista version goes for a penny (HERE). Personally, I’m partial to the remix, but you get a public option.

Un(1999 – Arista Records)
Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic (4:19)
Undisputed (With Chuck D) (4:20)
The Greatest Romance Ever Sold (5:30)
Segue (0:04)
Hot Wit U (5:11)
Tangerine (1:32)
So Far, So Pleased (With Gwen Stefani) (3:25)
The Sun, The Moon And Stars (5:16)
Everyday Is A Winding Road (6:13)
Seque (0:19)
Man O War (5:15)
Baby Knows (With Sheryl Crow) (3:19)
Love U, But Don’t Trust U Anymore (3:36)
Silly Game (3:30)
Strange But True (4:13)
Wherever U Go, Whatever U Do (8:51)
WebSite Promo (0:44)
Mr. Pretty Man (With Maceo Parker) (4:25)

In2 (2000 – NPG Records)
Rave In2 the Joy Fantastic (Remix) (5:15)
Undisputed (The Moneyopolis Mix) (5:46)
The Greatest Romance Ever Sold (Extended Remix) (8:07)
Hot Wit U (Nasty Girl Remix) (4:24)
Tangerine (Extended Version) (2:14)
So Far, So Pleased (3:25)
The Sun, The Moon And Stars (5:19)
Man O’ War (Remix) (5:12)
Baby Knows (Extended Version) (3:54)
I Love U, But I Don’t Trust U Anymore (3:34)
Beautiful Strange (Previously Unreleased) (4:56)
Silly Game (3:29)
Wherever U Go, Whatever U Do(Original Version) (3:17)
Pretty Man (Extended Version) (5:36)

PRINCE The Gold Experience (Deluxe Edition 1995) + The Versace Experience, The Beautiful Experience, The Most Beautiful Girl In The World, Gold (Promo), I Hate U (1994-1995) + NPG Exodus, “Get Wild” & “The Good Life” Maxi’s (1995) + MAYTE Child Of The Sun (1995)

The Gold ExperienceThe Gold Experience (1995)
Just Another Epic Mid-90s Prince Project

Most artists would be self-satisfied with creating just half of the songs on The Gold Experience, but Prince’s voracious 1993-1995 output was insatiable. Along with the album itself, below you’ll find outtakes, singles, maxi’s, promos and two side projects – almost 5 hours of officially released music. And that’s not even counting the material written during this period that wound up on other P albums or… is still locked up in the vaults. It’s mind bending, and goes a long way in explaining Prince’s ongoing battles with Warner Bros over how much material he was allowed to release at any given point in time. As it was, he was getting this much out to the marketplace… and he still wasn’t happy.

I can’t pick a favorite Prince album, but I’ve surely listened to this one more than any other. For the driving beats, the infectious hooks, the seemingly endless number of ideas, vocals, styles and self-confident flair. Prince was firing on all cylinders during these years, not only recording additional albums worth of material at the same time, but throwing numerous remix CDs against the wall to see what would stick – as well as writing, performing and producing projects for his band, The New Power Generation (Exodus) and his fiancé, Mayte (Child Of The Sun). I could wax poetic about my love for this album, but there are enough streaming players below to give you a better overview than words ever will. Spend some time with this music and you might come to better appreciate Prince’s endless abilities and appeal. The Gold Experience is at Amazon, HERE, as always, we’ve got more P HERE.

UPDATED: We’ve finally gotten the rare and elusive “Gold” Promo CD, featuring a few rare mixes & edits, and have added two Maxi singles, “The Good Life” and “”Get Wild,” with over an hour of variations… from the must-have NPG/Prince release, Exodus. And finally, three random tracks from various NPG singles and promos, including two versions of an NPG album advertisement called “Free The Music” and an instrumental version of “The Most Beautiful Girl In The World, entitled “Beautiful Girl,” that was found on the NPG US Maxi for “Get Wild.”

P. Control (5:59)
NPG Operator (0:12)
Endorphinmachine (4:07)
Shhh (7:18)
We March (4:50)
NPG Operator (0:18)
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (4:25)
Dolphin (4:59)
NPG Operator (0:20)
Now (4:30)
NPG Operator (0:32)
319 (3:05)
NPG Operator (0:10)
Shy (5:04)
Billy Jack Bitch (5:32)
I Hate U (5:54)
NPG Operator (0:44)
Gold (7:23)

The Gold Experience (Deluxe)THE GOLD EXPERIENCE (Disc 2/DELUXE)
Sorry… there’s really no such thing as a ‘Deluxe Edition’ version of The Gold Experience. And – given Prince’s relationship with Warners – there probably never will be. But history shows that Prince toyed with the track listing and running order of The Gold Experience for well over a year, substituting and deleting various tracks, many of which retain the sound and feel of the main album. Between 1993, when basic tracks for TGE began, and 1995, when it was finally released, there were a slew of other tracks recorded that could have easily wound up on the album, but ultimately didn’t. These tracks were at least considered, and eventually surfaced on two future P projects, Crystal Ball (1998) and (with a few overdubs) Chaos And Disorder (1996) – though, it should be noted that “Days Of Wild” is not the unreleased studio version and “P. Control” is a variation of the promo (Club Mix) version found below.

NPG Operator (0:07)
Interactive (3:04)
Days Of Wild (9:13)
Ripopgodazippa (4:39)
Right The Wrong (4:40)
Acknowledge Me (5:27)
Chaos And Disorder (4:19)
P. Control (6:00)

The Versace ExperienceTHE VERSACE EXPERIENCE (PRELUDE 2 GOLD) (Promo 1995)
The Versace Experience (Prelude 2 Gold) is an extremely cool, and extremely rare, cassette-only release that Prince gave away to attendees during Paris’ Fashion Week in July 1995, months before the release of The Gold Experience. It’s a great collection of music, most of which varies wildly from the official album, while also including a handful of tracks from other Prince-related projects; The New Power Generation’s Exodus (practically a Prince album, below), Madhouse’s unreleased third album, 24, and The NPG Orchestra’s Kamasutra (part of what would later become the 5th disc from Crystal Ball). All woven together with edited selections and segues into an all new concept, The Versace Experience is like a long-lost Prince LP. NOTE: This was released before Prince renamed the lead off track, “Pussy Control,” to “P. Control.”

Pussy Control (Club Mix) (Edit) (3:04)
Shhh (X-cerpt) (3:55)
Get Wild In The House (2:15) (The New Power Generation)
I Hate U (Remix) (3:29)
319 (X-cerpt) (1:28)
Shy (X-cerpt) (2:23)
Billy Jack Bitch (2:31)
Sonny T. (X-cerpt) (0:28) (Madhouse)
Rootie Kazootie (Edit) (2:38) (Madhouse)
Chatounette Controle (2:25)
Pussy Control (Control Tempo) (Edit) (1:23)
Kamasutra Overture #5 (0:44) (The NPG Orchestra)
Free The Music (1:44) (The New Power Generation)
Segue (0:50)
Gold (X-cerpt) (3:39)

Pcontrol_singleP. CONTROL (Promo Cassette 1995)
Two alternate mixes of “P. Control” that are exclusive to this promo cassette release (and a promo CD). Other edits and variations of “P. Control” would surface elsewhere, but these two versions would never be officially released – though, the version on Crystal Ball sounds close to the (Club Mix) found here.

P. Control (House Mix) (5:38)
P. Control (Club Mix) (5:49)

The Most Beautiful Girl In The WorldTHE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD (CD Single)
The album’s biggest hit, “The Most Beautiful Girl In The World,” actually came out a year before The Gold Experience. The promotion for the tune included a convoluted campaign to actually find the most beautiful girl in the world, though, I don’t recall ever hearing about the results. Amazon has it HERE.

The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (4:06)
Beautiful (3:55)

The Beautiful ExperienceTHE BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE (Maxi CD)
A cool Maxi-CD remix of “The Most Beautiful Girl In The World,” featuring radically altered versions of the under-the-radar million seller. I prefer these versions to the original, since there’s more variety and adventure – typical of P’s Maxi remixes. “Staxowax” is the heavily vocalized version, fusing orgasmic samples and a nod to Salt-N-Pepa’s 1988 hit, “Push It” (“Ooo Baby Baby”). The “Flutestramental” version is cool, too, but I’m partial to the slow groovin’ “Mustang Mix,” which you can hear below.

Beautiful (5:56)
Staxowax (5:14)
Mustang Mix (6:20)
Flutestramental (3:36)
Sexy Staxophone And Guitar (3:54)
Mustang Instrumental (3:26)
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (4:42)

I Hate YouI HATE U (Maxi CD)
One of my favorite Prince tracks. A smoldering groove bolstered by P’s high falsetto, and a spine massaging bass line. The lyrical theme is a familiar R&B bait-and-switch; I hate you… because I love you. But, the dead-on campiness of the spoken word bridge, finding Prince bearing witness against his lover before a judge and jury, is rich. Once you get past the cheeky humor, however, listen again for the exquisite beauty of the song’s structure and execution. On the (Extended Remix), Prince offers a musical overhaul with a completely different testimony – sounding more “personal” in the process… “I’d pay somebody to knock you off, but you ain’t worth the wealth. Speaking of which… you owe me about a million eight, or more.” Check out the unhinged guitar solo climaxing the (Album Version).

I Hate U (7” Edit) (4:27)
I Hate U (Extended Remix) (6:18)
I Hate U (Quiet Nights Mix By Eric Leeds) (3:57)
I Hate U (Album Version) (6:08)

I Hate U (UK Promo)I HATE U (UK Promo CD)
I Hate U (7″ Edit w/o Guitar) (3:49)

Another rare edit (without guitar) from a UK promo 45.

Promo BackGOLD (CD Single)
Gold (Radio Edit With Guitar Solo) (4:24)
Gold (Alternate Radio Mix With Guitar Solo) (4:38)
Gold (Radio Edit Without Guitar Solo) (4:45)
Gold (Album Version) (7:24)
Rock ‘N’ Roll Is Alive! (And It Lives In Minneapolis) (4:35)

NEW! The rare promo-only radio release for “Gold” features numerous mix/edit variations available nowhere else, along with the non-album B-Side outtake, “Rock ‘N’ Roll Is Alive! (And It Lives In Minneapolis).” The commercial CD-single is at Amazon, HERE.

ExodusNPG – EXODUS (1995)
This really should be a post of its own, as it’s one of Prince’s all-time most entertaining albums. Exodus is the second of three albums released under The New Power Generation moniker. I’m a monster fan of the first, 1993’s Gold Nigga (HERE), even though Prince’s input on that one is minimal, leaning towards a Parliament/Chocolate City style of old school/new soul, as it does. Exodus, on the other hand, is a different beast altogether. Filled with big beats, great songs, laugh-out-loud segues and a fantastic “band” vibe that’s both fun and infectious. And… Prince is all over this release, singing a majority of the leads, altering his voice for some and reeling off a couple of hysterical diatribes in between the tracks (his faux Italian routine is a riot, hear it below). The spaced-out “Hallucination Rain” is a druggy stand out, as is the 10 minute “Exodus,” “Get Wild” and “The Good Life.” A top-notch Prince album… plus. Typically found only as a German import CD, it’s at Amazon, HERE.

NPG Operator Intro (0:35)
Get Wild (4:33)
Segue (0:39)
DJ Gets Jumped (0:23)
New Power Soul (4:10)
DJ Seduces Sonny (0:39)
Segue (0:43)
Count The Days (3:25)
The Good Life (5:49)
Cherry, Cherry (4:45)
Segue (0:19)
Return Of The Bump Squad (7:21)
Mashed Potato Girl Intro (0:21)
Segue (3:01)
Big Fun (7:27)
New Power Day (3:50)
Segue (0:15)
Hallucination Rain (5:50)
NPG Bum Rush The Ship (1:40)
The Exodus Has Begun (10:07)
Outro (0:38)

FrontNPG – THE GOOD LIFE (Maxi-Single)
The Good Life (Platinum People Edit) (4:24)
The Good Life (Platinum People Mix) (6:46)
The Good Life (Dancing Divaz Mix) (6:41)
The Good Life (Bullets Go Bang Remix) (5:14)
The Good Life (Big City Remix) (5:05)
The Good Life (Album Version) (5:49)

NEW! Over a half-hour of mixes for the NPG single, “The Good Life,” featuring a very cool “Big City Remix” dominated by Prince’s smoove mic check improvisations. Get it for pennies at Amazon, HERE.

FrontNPG – GET WILD (Maxi-Single)
Get Wild (Money Maker) (6:03)
Get Wild (Kirky J’s Get Wild) (6:37)
Get Wild (Club Mix) (5:43)
Get Wild (Get Wild In The House) (6:15)
Get Wild (4:34)
Get Wild (Money Maker Funky Jazz Mix) (6:22)

NEW! Another half-hour of mixes, from the NPG Maxi-single, “The Good Life.” Also at Amazon, HERE.

The Good Life Exodus Sampler Experience CassetteNPG – Tracks From 3 Various NPG Singles, Maxi’s & Promos
NEW! Instead of re-posting a bunch of duplicate tracks from other Maxi’s, we cherry-picked these three from a few obscure singles and promos. “Free The Music” is a mash-up of tracks found on the Exodus album, all remixed into a “commercial” for the LP. The short version, comes from the US Maxi for “The Good Life” (and it was also shoehorned into the The Versace Experience (Prelude 2 Gold)). While the much rarer longer version only appeared on an obscure cassette sampler called The Good Life – Exodus Sampler Experience, which was given away at an early morning album preview party at Glam Slam West in 1995. The cassette’s other two other tracks are already on “The Good Life” Maxi above.
Free The Music (Edit) (1:49) – From The Good Life (US Maxi-Single)
Free The Music (Exodus Album Sampler Remix) (3:21) – From The Good Life Exodus Sampler Experience
Beautiful Girl (4:40) – From Get Wild (Single) – An Instrumental Version Of “The Most Beautiful Girl In The World”

coverMAYTE – CHILD OF THE SUN (1995)
As if all the above isn’t enough, Prince also found the time to write, produced and perform this full-length release from his future ex-wife, Mayte. Like a lot of P’s side projects, this one doesn’t quite match up to his official releases, but that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty to embrace here. To tie into The Gold Experience, Child Of The Sun includes Mayte’s (actually Prince’s) response song, “The Most Beautiful Boy In The World.” Find Mayte’s sole P-related LP at Amazon, HERE, and find a bunch of bootlegged outtakes and remixes from these sessions (entitled Princess) in our archives, HERE.

Children Of The Sun (4:30)
In Your Gracious Name (5:06)
If I Love U 2Night (4:19)
The Rhythm Of Your Heart (3:17)
Ain’t No Place Like U (4:45)
House Of Brick (Brick House) (3:20)
Love’s No Fun (3:58)
Baby Don’t Care (5:26)
However Much U Want (4:33)
Mo’ Better (4:56)
If I Love U 2Night (Spanish) (4:18)
The Most Beautiful Boy In The World (4:31)

thedawnfrontTHE DAWN (3CD Bootleg 1995) To experience the ultimate Prince collection from this era, don’t forget to check out the 3CD fan-made boot, The Dawn. My absolute favorite P bootleg zeros in on the period we’ve spotlighted above, offering oodles of rare mixes and variants that will please even the most hardened P follower. Example: The version of “I Hate U” is a combination mix that features both spoken word passages from the album version and (Extended Mix) flawlessly edited together, which (unless I’m mistaken) doesn’t actually exist. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Visit our original post, HERE.

MISSING IN ACTION: Despite all of the above, there are still some tracks we weren’t able to get ahold of. All of the following come from US Promo-only CDs; “I Hate U (No Guitar Ending)” (3:50), “P. Control (7″ Dance Mix – Clean Version)” (5:11), “P. Control (12″ Dance Mix – Clean Version)” (5:52) and “P. Control (Control The House Mix)” (5:03).

Enter The Wormhole #60 (20Thirteen)

P “Screw Driver” (2013)
ANDY ALLO “People Pleaser” (2012)

PRINCE “Screw Driver” (2013)

ANDY ALLO “People Pleaser” (2012)
The success of Prince’s protégés has always been hit and miss. This one’s a lock.

ANDY ALLO “People Pleaser” Live On Jimmy Kimmel (2012)
We all decry the high cost of big name concerts, with tickets routinely going for $200-$400. But, I think I’d gladly pay that for a ringside seat to a show like this, with a blast of modern Sly Stone via Prince.

ANDY ALLO “Let’s Get it On” Live (2011)
Earlier Allo, so intimately improvisational, yet so commercially and slickly polished, the execution and professional perfection is easy to admire, like Marvin Gaye’s original. Follow the after-clips for more show vids.

P AND THE REVOLUTION From The Soundboard: 1984 Birthday Show (1984)

From The Soundboard: 1984 Birthday Show (1984)
Some More Live P

Thanks to Francis for recommending this one. Many of Prince’s early boots, especially from the Revolution-era, are a tough listen, but this one captures the band nicely, in a free-form mode live at Paisley Park. Not a whole lot in the way of hits… in fact, Prince warns the attendees in advance that he won’t be indulging their radio desires, so this birthday show offers a great cross-section of the familiar and the obscure. Like most of P’s music during this era, this is beat-heavy dance music, and Prince begins most of the performances with extended beats, unafraid to take his time to get the groove to his liking. He sings his balls off on “Something In The Water.” Introduces new Revolution member Wendy, and works extended versions of “Erotic City” and “When Doves Cry.” We’ve got more P in the archives, HERE.

Shortberry Strawcake (PA) + Drums Check (0:57)
17 Days (5:24)
Our Destiny (3:24)
Roadhouse Garden (4:45)
Interlude (1:21)
All Day, All Night (5:42)
Free (4:40)
Noon Rendezvous (9:02)
Erotic City (8:32)
Something In The Water (Does Not Compute) (10:10)
When Doves Cry (11:38)
Happy Birthday Interlude (2:27)
Irresistible Bitch (6:08)
Possessed (5:49)

P Small Club + Nightclubbing (1988)

frontSmall Club (1988)
An Update Of An Earlier Post…

After we posted Nightclubbing, a popular and well circulated Prince boot, a couple readers pointed out that it was actually an abbreviated version of a complete show from The Haag. So we did some hunting and found the full show for those interested in an upgrade. And, Prince fans should be, as this is a stellar aftershow that has been released with a slew of different covers, under a number of varying titles, including Aftershow At Paard Von Troje Den Haag Holland 8-18-88, Small Club 2nd Show That Night and others. We went with the one you see above, entitled simply, Small Club. It’s a two disc boot that, as described below, features great sound and an intriguing set list… heavy on improv and light on the hits Prince’s regular, paying customers typically expect. The 1CD version is still there for the taking (for those who’ve enjoyed it since the vinyl days), but the 2CD set is the full monty. Listen to the band smooth groovin’ on the 11-1/2 minute “Forever In My Life.”

Instrumental Jam (12:54)
D.M.S.R. (8:47)
Just My Imagination (7:45)
People Without (10:28)
Housequake (4:32)
Down Home Blues (8:47)
Cold Sweat (9:35)
Forever In My Life (11:28)
Still Would Stand All Time (10:47)
I’ll Take You There, Pt. 1 (15:58)
I’ll Take Your There, Pt. 2 (2:40)
Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic (2:11)


Nightclubbing (1988)
Abbreviated From The Above 2CD Set

Here’s an excellent late-80s boot that finds The Purple One in a small European club, August 18, 1988. One of P’s famed aftershows, this set includes only a few of Prince’s standards, like the opener, “D.M.S.R.” (Dance Music Sex Romance), mixed with covers, allowing P and the gang an opportunity to blow off some steam. Old Prince boots are notorious for their bad sonics, but this one’s pretty good overall, sounding mighty live, though not studio perfect (as usual, there’s the typically lacking drum sound and way too much stage echo). As fans have come to expect from Prince club dates, there’s lots of improv and plenty of screwing around, and that’s half the fun. More Prince in the archives, HERE.

D.M.S.R. (8:49)
Just My Imagination (7:54)
Housequake (5:07)
Down Home Blues/Kansas City (7:59)
Cold Sweat (9:33)
Forever In My Life (11:30)
I’ll Take You There (5:19)
It’s Gonna Be A Beautiful Night (15:21)

P Fantasia – Demos And Outtakes 1983-1996 (3CD Boot 1997)

Fastasia (1997)
Demos And Outtakes 1983-1996

Not a particularly coherent Prince boot, Fantasia contains 3CDs of odds & ends dating back to Prince’s Revolution and winding its way through his work with friends and protégés, including Madhouse, Carmen Electra, Ingrid Chavez, & N.P.G. The sound is uniformly excellent, even if versions of many of these tracks eventually found their way onto various releases over the years, like the abbreviated “Crystal Ball,” “Days Of Wild,” “18 & Over” or “”Slave 2 The System.” For P’s genuinely hip “Sexy MF,” you hear an enhanced groove, as the song is stripped of the original’s swirling Hammond. It’s a worthy gathering for those who haven’t got the time to search the nooks and crannies of Prince’s massive catalog of unreleased work. Check out all the other Prince in the archives, HERE. If any links are down, just leave a comment on the post.

Dream Factory (2:41)
The Sex Of It (3:32)
Crystal Ball (3:30)
All My Dreams (7:09)
Computer Blue (3:54)
Miss Understood (5:22) – The Family
Get On Up (4:33)
U Gotta Shake Something (15:19)
Alphabet Street (Remix) (6:00) – Kirk J. Remix
Seven Corners (Movie Mix) (4:40) – Ingrid Chavez
Sexy MF (Remix) (6:03) – Kirk J. Remix
The Continental (Remix) (5:34) – Kirk J. Remix
Work That Fat (4:27)
Power From Above (4:36) – Carmen Electra
Carmen On Top (3:43) – Carmen Electra
Go Carmen Go (4:34) – Carmen Electra
Powerline (4:02) – Carmen Electra
All That (5:28) – Carmen Electra
The Juice (4:06) – Carmen Electra
Fun Part II (2:01) – Carmen Electra
Fantasia Erotica (2:58)
Rootie Kazootie (7:03)
Space (4:47)
Guitar Segue (1:06)
Asswoop (7:08)
Ethereal Segue (0:32)
Parlor Games (4:02)
Michael Segue (0:41)
(Got 2) Give It Up (7:19)
Sonny & Miles Segue (1:40)
24 (6:48) – Madhouse
Poem (3:38)
Interactive (3:03)
Strays Of The World (5:08)
(Lemme See That Body Get) Loose (3:45)
18 & Over (6:39)
Days Of Wild (3:51)
Acknowledge Me (5:07)
Slave 2 The System (1:02) – N.P.G.
Acknowledge Me (5:15) – N.P.G.
Superhero (7:20) – N.P.G.
Slave 2 The System (3:05)
20/20 (2:05)
Feel Good (4:06)
Journey 2 The Center Of Your Heart (4:15)
I Am The DJ (4:48)
(Excuse Me Is This) Goodbye (4:31)
Emancipation (4:32)

P Rock And Roll Love Affair EP (2012)

“Rock And Roll Love Affair” (2012)
New Prince

A new retro-styled track from Prince, sounding lyrically like an autobiographical look at a career relationship. I’ve enjoyed P’s musical throwbacks of late… but miss his adventurism more. This track, however, is smooth and pleasing, stylistically from 1999, boasting a casually refined vocal. I like this side of Prince. Probably playing most, if not all, of the instruments, nailing the essence of his own patented vibe from a previous century. The extra mixes by Jamie Lewis are thin, beat-heavy club concoctions and, while good – as all Prince remixes are – are a bit monotonous back to back (unless you’re dancing, of course). The material is being released by the Swiss label, Purple Music. Amazon’s got it. You need to turn off the player or it will keep going.

Rock And Roll Love Affair (Original Radio) (4:01)
Rock And Roll Love Affair (Original Extended) (5:25)
Rock And Roll Love Affair (Jamie Lewis Club) (7:40)
Rock And Roll Love Affair (Jamie Lewis Stripped Down) (6:48)
Rock And Roll Love Affair (Jamie Lewis Club Radio) (3:36)
Rock And Roll Love Affair (Jamie Lewis Stripped Down Radio) (3:42)

P The NPG Music Club Releases: The Chocolate Invasion, Xpectation, The Slaughterhouse, C-Note & High

There’s something about Prince and the Internet that just never quite gelled. In the last 15 years, the guy has abandoned more web/commerce models than anyone you can think of. Both and were early forays that quickly went by the wayside. At the turn of the century, The NPG Music Club was his best, offering these web-only releases and digital singles. I wanted to join The NPGMC, but it wasn’t Mac-friendly. Those are lost sales. Prince’s latest, LotusFlower, was scrapped barely a year in, and I’m sure I’m missing one or two. Was 1-800-NEWFUNK an online presence? These days, Prince appears to be looking for something completely, outside-the-box different, turning his back on the viability of the web as a sales vehicle in the process… even seemingly no longer fazed by its thieving denizens. He’s a smart guy, he’ll think of something. You know he can’t stop creating… so it’s just a matter of what he’s gonna do with it all. A note about the (included) art work. Unless I’m mistaken, it’s all fan-generated. We’ve got more Prince in the archives.

The Chocolate Invasion (2004)
The Chocolate Invasion is comprised of tracks from the projected (but abandoned) full length 2000 album, High. Only “Judas Smile” and “The Dance” were not included, so most of this material comes from just before Prince’s religious conversion – after Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic and before The Rainbow Children. There’s no obvious thematic thread here, just a solid collection of tunes. Note the smooth line in the opening track, “
I will touch thee in the softest manner, like ‘Europa’ in the hands of Santana” (followed by a Carlos-ian lead riff). A good Prince release to have.

When Eye Lay My Hands On U
Judas Smile
Supercute (4:18)
Underneath The Cream (4:04)
Sexmesexmenot (5:46)
Vavoom (4:40)
High (5:09)
The Dance (4:45)
Gamillah (3:13)
U Make My Sun Shine (7:06)

The Slaughterhouse (2004)
Containing three more tracks from the shelved High, and “
2045: Radical Man,” also found on the Spike Lee soundtrack, Bamboozled. The Slaughterhouse seems to contain more material from the same 1999-2001 period as The Chocolate Invasion. In fact, a few of the cuts on both web albums seem as if they were written with Bamboozled in mind, so maybe some of these tracks were offered for consideration. Only one Prince track was used. I like this set’s mix of grungy funk and smooth vibes.

Silicon (4:17)
Y Should Eye Do That? (4:33)
Golden Parachute (5:38)
Hypnoparadise (6:05)
Props N Pounds (4:38)
Northside (6:34)
Peace (5:35)
2045: Radical Man (6:37)
The Daisy Chain (6:13)

Xpectation (2003)
It’s subtitled “New Directions In Music,” but, in reality, Xpectation is a smooth update of Prince’s jazzier experimentations, this time featuring the mostly female lineup of Candy Dulfer (sax), Vanessa Mae (violin), Rhonda Smith (bass) and John Blackwell (drums). Prince’s piano work had developed by leaps and bounds during this era, and he advanced way beyond his basic pop/funk fills into a fully nuanced jazz player. The One Nite Alone box set, and solo piano album of the same name – both from the early 00s – capture that growth. The music here, similar to past forays like N.E.W.S. and Crystal Ball‘s Kamasutra, may not be of much interest to P’s funkier fan base. Note: The irritating surface noise in “Xpand” is apparently intended.

Xhalation (2:04
Xcogitate (3:33)
Xemplify (5:53)
Xpectation (4:01)
Xotica (3:05)
Xogenous (4:12)
Xpand (6:11)
Xosphere (3:34)
Xpedition (8:24)

C-Note (2003)
C-Note is a series of lengthy, instrumental live recordings – jams and soundchecks – from Prince’s 2002 One Nite Alone Tour. Only “Empty Room” is an actual song, which Prince dusted off from the 80s to reintroduce here. Most downloads of C-Note that you’ll find (like this one) include a “bonus” track – a longer version of “Copenhagen.” The story is that this extended version is the original one posted by Prince, only to be removed just days later, in favor of the shorter version. You get both.

Copenhagen (9:59)
Nagoya (8:54)
Osaka (5:42)
Tokyo (5:09)
Empty Room (4:02)
Copenhagen (13:28) (First Version Bonus)

High (2001)
Different from the above NPG web-only downloads, High is a never-released album Prince put together in, or around, 2000. Instead of issuing it, however, Prince ended up dismantling it and scattering various versions via The NPG Music Club a few years later. Most of these recordings found their way onto The Chocolate Invasion and The Slaughterhouse, though… some are slightly altered, lengthened and/or shortened.
When Will We B Paid” made it to a CD B-side. Archaeologists have given High two or three different unofficial running orders. This one works as well as the next. Solid P.

High (5:04
My Medallion (5:07)
Vavoom (4:03)
Sexmesexmenot (4:25)
Golden Parachute (5:32)
When Will We B Paid (4:07)
Gamillah (3:08)
Supercute (4:11)
Underneath The Cream (4:00)
The Daisy Chain (6:10)
Silicon (4:49)
U Make My Sun Shine (5:53)
When Eye Lay My Hands On U (3:40)

P “Extraloveable” (2011)

“Extraloveable” (2011)
A New Prince Tune, Sorta.

Surprising enough that Prince just decided to burp out a new tune (maybe to promote his upcoming Canadian tour), but the song he chose is a curious one. It’s actually from decades ago, and one of his more popular ‘unreleased’ tunes, then known as “Extra Loveable.” The unissued 80s version is just one of multiple times Prince has come back to the song over the years. This new version is more mature, and not as sexually or musically skittish as Prince’s 80s self. It’s actually quite brilliant. Check comments.

Extraloveable (5:01)

P Montreux Jazz Festival (2009)

Montreux Jazz Festival (2009)
Prince Wows The Jazz Elite

As big a fan as I am of Prince (especially when he’s workin’ his Cool Mutherfucker routine), I don’t own many live boots of the guy. There’s something about the sound of most of ‘em – tinny, with weak and ineffectual drums – that makes it hard (for me, anyway) to listen to. Which is why this excellent 2009 performance at Montreux is so good. Great sound, two shows, one night, and some soulful set list choices tailored for the Montreux crowd – spotlighting Prince’s jazz/soul/pop fusion sides (using obscure tunes from The Vault: Old Friends 4 Sale and material written for other artists). Prince has done this before. He’s routinely incorporated jazz into his nightly repertoire, but it usually takes a backseat to his funk & soul sides. Prince altered his M.O. for Montreux, spotlighting the band’s lush soulful groove over the beat-heavy funk. His guitar style here is less gymnastic-Hendrix and more studied-Santana (who he name-checks), all with an MOR string chaser. Listen to the cool groove anchoring “When The Lights Go Down,” as P conducts the audience into “Willing & Able.” This is good  stuff. The tone, tempo and feel of “Little Red Corvette” is masterful, as the audience adds a haunting “slow down” chorus behind Prince’s forcibly restrained leads. I’ve always liked this side of Prince, and – as part of a larger show dedicated to this overall style – it provides another opportunity to witness Prince’s subtle soul mojo up close. He rocks out a bit more for the second show, adding a few rousing crowd pleasers… and even a Hendrix cover. Nearly 3 hours in total. There’s a ton of Prince in the archives, click HERE.

1st Show
When Eye Lay My Hands On U (6:33)
Little Red Corvette (6:13)
Somewhere Here On Earth (5:10)
When The Lights Go Down (6:40)
Willing & Able (2:45)
Eye Love U But Eye Don’t Trust U Anymore (5:07)
She Spoke 2 Me (6:25)
Love Like Jazz (3:06)
All This Love (8:36)
Empty Room (5:35)
Elixer (5:09)
In A Large Room With No Light (8:21)
Insatiable (3:28)
Scandalous (3:13)
The Beautiful Ones (3:47)
Nothing Compares 2 U (6:40)
Claude Nobs Speech (1:03)

2nd Show
Band Introduction (1:04)
When Eye Lay My Hands On U (6:34)
Stratus/That’s It (3:32)
Drums Solo (1:51)
Stratus (reprise) (0:47)
All Shook Up (4:14)
Peach (5:25)
Spanish Castle Magic (3:01)
When U Were Mine (4:21)
Little Red Corvette (6:15)
Somewhere Here On Earth (5:02)
She Spoke 2 Me (6:08)
Eye Love U But Eye Don’t Trust U Anymore (5:57)
Love Like Jazz (3:19)
All The Critics Love U In Montreux (11:23)
In A Large Room With No Light (8:33)
Purple Rain (10:33)
Claude Nobs Speech (2:39)

P The Aftershow: It Ain’t Over (2002)

One Nite Alone… The Aftershow: It Ain’t Over (2002)
Some Legendary Aftershow Activity

Loose and free-flowing, Prince’s aftershow jams are the stuff of legend. His only officially released live box set, One Nite Alone… featured this hour-long taste. Check out how easily Prince conducts the band through an 11-minute version of one of his better melodies, the cinematically rich “Joy In Repetition” – altering the lyric, introducing the band and casually adding an extra measure, just so the crowd could take a line. George Clinton appears for a shout, while Prince offers up some of the lead guitar work that some believe is next only to Hendrix (more accurately, Santana). For this show, I made a CD-R to omit the off-key “Medley” featuring Musiq. It’s a show-stopper, and giving it the thumb will get you faster to Larry Graham’s bass work in “2 Nigs United For West Compton.” Maceo Parker and Candy Dulfer are also on board, reworking Prince classics like “Peach” and “Alphabet Street.” Not an entire performance, but a long overdue peek at what most of us will never get a chance to experience first hand. It’s only available as part of the box set at Amazon.

Joy In Repetition (10:57)
We Do This (Featuring George Clinton) (4:42)
Medley: Just Friends (Sunny)/If You Want Me To Stay (Featuring Musiq) (4:27)
2 Nigs United 4 West Compton (6:15)
Alphabet Street (2:55)
Peach (xtended Jam) (11:19)
Dorothy Parker (6:17)
Girls & Boys (7:00)
The Everlasting Now (vamp) (1:50)

P & KIM BASINGER Hollywood Affair + The Scandalous Sex Suite (1989)

Hollywood Affair (1989)
For Once, A Justifiably Unreleased Album

In the 80s, 90s and 00s, Prince made concerted attempts to build stables of recording artists around himself, all bound by his aesthetics, production and compositional styles. That Prince has always wanted to be more than just a singer (producer, film star, fashion icon, music mogul, etc.) is no secret. That he kept coming back to the idea – via The Time & Jill Jones in the 80s, Tevin Campbell & Mayte in the 90s, and as recently as Bria Valente in the 00s (and dozens of others over the decades) – displayed a stubborn belief in his own abilities to be a viable star maker. That’s not even mentioning the career resuscitation he attempted on already established artists like Chaka Khan, Larry Graham & Mavis Staples, among others. Why virtually all of these attempts failed to breach the public’s consciousness is one of the more puzzling aspects of Prince’s career. Surely, no more so than to Prince himself.

There’s no mystery, however, as to why this collaboration with actress Kim Basinger never made it out the recording studio. Ms. Basinger, for all her attributes, just can’t sing. As simple as that. And, you have to believe that Prince eventually found that out, as most of the tracks from Hollywood Affair seem unfocused and unfinished, by The Purple One’s standards anyway. Hell, there are those in related forums that have suggested Prince wasn’t even involved in these sessions (though, he clearly is to some degree), while others have detailed the pair’s dating habits to establish probability. Basinger did work with Prince during the making of the film, Batman (she starred, he soundtracked). She even contributed spoken word vocals to Prince’s post-Batman Maxi-Single, The Scandalous Sex Suite (below). But Hollywood Affair is so obscure that tracks have even failed to show up on those magnum, multi-disc collections of unreleased Prince material… and the best quality we’ve ever been able to find so far is @128. So, I’m not going to bother critiquing this non-release, mainly since I’ve rarely listened to it in-depth myself. But, you’re invited to satisfy your own curiosity. We’re previewing the song “Love At First Sight” because the multi-layered harmonies best disguise Ms. Basinger’s limitations. It should be noted… she also sang for her supper on a 1992 Was (Not Was) tune, “Shake Your Head.” At the very least, you can use this opportunity to check out our other Prince posts, HERE.

Come On (4:40
My Love Will Find U (4:44)
I Wanna (4:33)
2 Naughty (4:52)
Love At First Sight (5:24)
Show Me (4:41)
Action, Action (4:36)
Color Of Sex (4:06)
Will U Stay With Me (4:14)


The Scandalous Sex Suite (1989)

Fortunately, Kim Basinger’s contributions to The Scandalous Sex Suite are either spoken word or orgasmic. I included this for all those wanting the complete Prince/Kim oeuvre, but this Maxi-Single probably isn’t every last-minute of their collaboration, as Prince has released some of this stuff on a variety of 12″ singles, so there may be differing versions floating around. The Suite is a 20 minute expansion of the tune “Scandalous” (from the Batman film soundtrack), which flows like a long, continuous piece. According to legend, that’s Basinger and Prince actually getting it on in the studio, though, I wouldn’t put any money on it. They were enough of a couple in the late 80s, however, for Prince to once quip he’d never date a blonde again. Nice guitar work during “The Rapture” (hear it below). “When 2 Are In Love” is from the Lovesexy album. Amazon.

The Crime (6:28
The Passion (6:20)
The Rapture (6:32)
Sex “the 80’s are over and the time has come 4 monogamy and trust” (7:01)
When 2 R In Love (4:01)

MAYTE Child Of The Sun + Princess (1995)

Child Of The Sun (1995)
Princess (Bootleg 1995)
Prince’s Ex! The NPG Album + Outtakes & Pre-Mixes

Child Of The Sun was actually released twice. First on Prince’s NPG label, later the same year on Phantom Sound & Vision, with the same songs in a different running order (don’t ask me why). Princess, on the other hand, is a bootleg gathering of session outtakes and Child Of The Sun pre-mixes, before the Purple One sprinkled on his post-studio magic. For instance, The Child Of The Sun track, “However Much U Want,” begins with a backwards dialog between Prince & Mayte. The Princess version has that dialog forwards (and a second pre-mix version is without the dialog at all). You can compare the pre- & post- versions of “House Of Brick (Brick House),” with fake surface noise, below. Also included are four tracks from 1992/1993, before Mayte ever even hooked up with Prince, including a cover of Mr. Mister’s “Broken Wings.” As most might agree, as fascinating as Prince’s ability to write & perform dozens of LPs for proteges and pals, they rarely have the staying power of a full-on Prince album. Long time fans, however, still enjoy hearing Prince’s harmonies, beats and variations. Find the official release at Amazon, HERE. Check the archives for tons o’ Prince.

Child Of The Sun
Children Of The Sun (4:30)
In Your Gracious Name
If I Love U 2Night (4:19)
The Rhythm Of Your Heart (3:17)
Ain’t No Place Like U (4:45)
House Of Brick (Brick House) (3:20)
Love’s No Fun (3:58)
Baby Don’t Care (5:26)
However Much U Want (4:33)
Mo’ Better (4:56)
If I Love U 2Night (Spanish) (4:18)
The Most Beautiful Boy In The World (4:31)

Children Of The Sun (4:23)
In Your Gracious Name
The Rhythm Of Your Heart (5:38)
Ain’t No Place Like U (4:34)
House Of Brick (Brick House) (4:27)
Love’s No Fun (3:53)
Baby Don’t Care (5:41)
However Much U Want (4:43)
Mo’ Better (4:55)
If I Love U 2Night (TV Broadcast) (3:26)
If I Could Get Your Attention (Session Outtake) (2:47)
Latino Barbie Doll (Session Outtake) (4:49)
However Much U Want (3:34)
Broken Wings (Fly Away 7″ Mix) (Pre-Prince Maxi-Single, Broken Wings) (4:30)
I Don’t Care (Pre-Prince Maxi-Single, Broken Wings) (3:36)
Too Dramatic (Radio Mix) (Pre-Prince Maxi-Single, Too Dramatic) (3:50)
Stop (Pre-Prince Maxi-Single, Too Dramatic) (3:38)

P Newfunk Sampling Series (2000)

Newfunk Sampling Series
From An Unreleased 7 Disc Set

In late 1999 and early 2000, Prince announced he was issuing a massive 7CD box set comprised of hundreds of archived samples. The price tag was a whopping $700, with the promise that these samples could be used by the buyer “free and clear,” without royalty payments. The 7 discs in the series we’re subtitled Bass, The Human Voice, Guitar, Keyboards, Loops & Percussion, Sound FX and Orchestral. Of course, like many a Prince project, this one failed to officially appear. But… some of the tracks have leaked out. There are some that believe these samples, most clocking in at barely a few seconds each, emanate from an industry sampler disc. The bit rate is low, and these 98 samples zip into a measly 6MB file, so your downloading time will be quick. We’ve recently seen another set of 36 files floating around, but they’re just reconfigured versions of what’s already in the first 98. No word on if any of this will ever be released. Can’t see why Prince would bother these days, since the set would only be copied ad infinitum, negating any possible profit from the project. But… until that day, here’s a small taste from Prince’s vaults.

Bass Loop 001 (Come)
Bass Loop 002
Bass Loop 003
Bass Sample 001
Voice Sample (Bob George)
Voice Sample (Female – Dead Like Elvis)
Voice Sample (Female – Playground For The NPG)
Voice Sample (Female 01)
Voice Sample (Female 02)
Voice Sample (Female 03)
Voice Sample (Female 04)
Voice Sample (Female 05)
Voice Sample (Female 06)
Voice Sample (Male – Partyman No Pictures)
Voice Sample (Male – Thunderball)
Voice Sample (Male 01)
Voice Sample (Male 02)
Voice Sample (Male 03)
Voice Sample (Prince – Batman)
Voice Sample (Prince – Come 1)
Voice Sample (Prince – Da Fuck)
Voice Sample (Prince – Da Fuck 2)
Voice Sample (Prince – Face Down)
Voice Sample (Prince – I Love You)
Voice Sample (Prince – Laughing)
Voice Sample (Prince – Northside)
Voice Sample (Prince – One Two)
Voice Sample (Prince – Ouh)
Voice Sample (Prince – Ouh 2)
Voice Sample (Prince – Pheremone)
Voice Sample (Prince – Vibrator 1)
Voice Sample (Prince – Vibrator 2)
Voice Sample (Prince – What I’m Sayin‘)
Voice Sample (Rosie Gaines – I’m Here To Party)
Voice Sample (Tora Tora – Oh My God)
Voice Sample (Tora Tora – Welcome 2 The Dawn)
Voice Sample (Tora ToraWNPG)
Voice Sample (Vanity – Vibrator 1)
Voice Sample (Vanity – Vibrator 2)
Voice Sample (Vanity – Vibrator 3)
Voice Sample (Vanity – Vibrator 4)
Voice Sample (Vanity – Vibrator 5)
Voice Sample (Various 1999 Intro)
Voice Sample (Various 01)
Voice Sample (Various 02)
Voice Sample (Various 03)
Guitar Loop 001
Guitar Sample 001
Keyboard Sample 001 (LRC)
Drum Loop 001
Drum Loop 002
Drum Loop 003
Drum Loop 004 (Come)
Drum Loop 005 (Come)
Sound FX Loop 001 (Walking)
Sound FX Loop 002 (Tambourine)
Sound FX Loop 003
Sound FX Loop 004
Sound FX Loop 005
Sound FX Loop 006 (March)
Sound FX Loop 007 (Breath)
Sound FX Loop 009 (Handclap)
Sound FX Loop 010 (Fingerbell)
Sound FX Sample 001 (Bees)
Sound FX Sample 002
Sound FX Sample 003
Sound FX Sample 004 (Radio Interference)
Sound FX Sample 005
Sound FX Sample 006
Sound FX Sample 007
Sound FX Sample 008
Sound FX Sample 009
Sound FX Sample 010 (Engine)
Sound FX Sample 011
Sound FX Sample 012 (Dog)
Sound FX Sample 013
Sound FX Sample 014
Sound FX Sample 015
Sound FX Sample 016 (Ocean)
Sound FX Sample 017 (Thunder)
Sound FX Sample 018
Sound FX Sample 019
Sound FX Sample 020
Sound FX Sample 021
Sound FX Sample 022
Sound FX Sample 023
Sound FX Sample 024
Sound FX Sample 025
Sound FX Sample 026
Sound FX Sample 027
Trumpet Loop 001
Trumpet Sample 001
Trumpet Sample 002
Trumpet Sample 003
Trumpet Sample 004
Trumpet Sample 005
Trumpet Sample 006
Trumpet Sample 007

P The Dawn (1995/2008)

The Dawn (1995/2008)
Glorious Construction of Prince’s Mid-90s Unreleased

As fan releases go, The Dawn is hands down one of the all time greats – with stunning studio quality sound, edited as professionally as any major label release. Over the years, Prince’s unreleased, mid-90s masterwork was spread piecemeal across various albums, scuttled projects and extended mix singles. Even casual fans could hear the connected threads that littered various albums like Gold Experience, Come, The Beautiful Experience and a slew of maxi-singles, but the big picture was always elusive… maybe even to Prince himself. Was this particular 3CD vision of The Dawn (a title Prince did have in the works) what he actually intended? Probably not. But, as a longtime fan, I can unequivocally state that the compilers of The Dawn have done a better job of it than Prince has (so far, anyway). Fanatics will enjoy hearing these mid-90s Prince essentials and rare mixes gathered into a massive conceptual structure, while non-fans get an introduction to the utterly fantastic music Prince was making back when no one was paying attention (since falling from public favor over his name-changing, face-painting antics). I’ve loved most of this material for years – though, many of these mixes are culled from outtakes and lesser known re-mixes – and hearing it all expertly compiled in one place brings new life to material I had overlooked myself (like the stitched together contractual obligation, Chaos And Disorder). Three, 19 track discs… each exactly 77 minutes in length. That’s attention to detail. Grab the gorgeous artwork, too. It might be fair to call this Prince’s greatest “release,” had he desired, or been allowed, to put it out like this himself.

- Prologue: The Welcome Experience
Welcome 2 The Dawn (2:08)
- Part 1: The Wild Experience
NPG Operator (0:12)
Come (Part 1) (4:22)
Endorphin Machine (3:51)
Space (5:09)
We March (4:44)
Days Of Wild (7:17)
- Part 2: The Beautiful Experience
NPG Operator (0:18)
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (6:21)
The Pope (4:33)
Ripopgodazippa (4:37)
NPG Operator (0:06)
Race (8:22)
Empty Room (3:17)
- Part 3: The Mad Experience
NPG Operator (0:07)
Mad (5:30)
Rock & Roll Is Alive (And It Lives In Minneapolis) (4:32)
Shhh (6:58)
Strays Of The World (4:42)

- Part 1: The Control Experience
Pussy Control (5:40)
NPG Operator (0:10)
Peach (3:06)
Chaos & Disorder (4:13)
Shy (4:56)
- Part 2: The Pheromone Experience
NPG Operator (0:15)
Pheromone (4:28)
319 (3:20)
Hide The Bone (5:07)
18 & Over (6:22)
NPG Operator (0:14)
Lemme See That Body Get Loose! (4:32)
- Part 3: The Hate Experience
Papa (2:58)
Dark (5:30)
NPG Operator (0:07)
Billy Jack Kid (8:27)
Eye Hate U (8:51)
Let It Go (5:38)
Don’t Talk 2 Strangers (3:13)

- Part 1: The Interactive Experience
Interactive (3:02)
Acknowledge Me (7:11)
NPG Operator (0:11)
Somebody’s Somebody (3:42)
Love Sign (4:36)
- Part 2: The Now Experience
What’s My Name (3:03)
The Ride (8:45)
Zannalee (2:46)
NPG Operator (0:20)
Now (4:29)
Face Down (2:19)
- Part 3: The Dolphin Experience
NPG Operator (0:13)
2morrow (4:19)
The Same December (3:28)
Extraordinary (2:25)
Dolphin (6:18)
Come (Part 2) (11:50)
- Epilogue: The Gold Experience
NPG Operator (0:39)
Gold (7:28)

P Indigo Nights/Live Sessions (2008)

Indigo Nights/Live Sessions (2008)
Official, Though Obscure, Live Prince CD

Along with Prince’s 21 night stand at London’s 02 Arena in 2007, came a barely noticed commemorative book, 21 Nights, comprised of unseen photography, lyrics, poetry and… this outstanding live CD recorded at two Prince after-shows during his UK residency. Prince’s post-show shows are legendary for their looseness and carefree fun, filled with obscure cover renditions, jams and an anything goes attitude. They’ve also been a popular pastime of bootleggers, though Prince has officially released only one other after-show taste, on 2002’s One Nite Alone Live box set. Indigo Nights/Live Sessions boasts stunning sound quality, a broad cross-section of material and even a few guests. Yet another Prince album that will make you wonder why he hasn’t released more live material from his vaults, though, on the other hand… even when he does it goes largely unnoticed, as this one has. A must-have for any Prince fan. The hardcover book/CD retails for $50, but is available for as little as $8 new @ Amazon.

Girls And Boy
Song Of The Heart (1:40)
Delirious (2:01)
Just Like U (2:49)
Satisfied (6:19)
Beggin’ Woman Blues (6:43)
Rock Steady (featuring B. Knight) (6:37)
Whole Lotta Love (4:42)
Alphabet Street (6:09)
Indigo Nights (3:41)
Misty Blue (featuring Shelby J.) (4:25)
Baby Love (featuring Shelby J.) (3:54)
The One/The Question Of U/Fallin’ (9:08)
All The Critics Love U In London (7:05)

P Outtakes 1993-1994

Outtakes 1993-1994
Our Fave Prince Period… Period

Cool, studio quality outtakes from Prince’s “Gold” period, circa 1993-1994. As fans know, Prince re-works his tunes ad infinitum, some of which have appeared on extended 30 & 40 minute single CDs, but many end up just sitting in the can. Here are some of those. Remixes of material that originally appeared, in different form, on albums such as Gold Experience, Come, Crystal Ball and Chaos & Disorder. Some differences are subtle, but many of these takes are stripped compared to their released counterparts. The funkier “band” version of “Come” is outrageously cool (hear it below), and all of this ragged gathering is good. We’ve got tons of Prince in the archives, including The Dawn, the mother of all Prince fan-releases from his mid-90s period of brilliance.

Shy #1 (4:52)
Gold #1 (5:58)
What’s My Name (3:09)
Come #2 (4:49)
Endorphin Machine (3:51)
Chaos & Disorder (4:14)
Right The Wrong (4:42)
Shy #2 (5:05)
Gold #2 (7:38)