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VANITY 6 Vanity 6 (1982) – Prince Protégé Denise Matthews RIP 2016

Vanity6Vanity 6 (1982)

Guess it’s time to get used to The Grammys becoming a yearly tribute to the passing of artists we’ve all grown up with. Yeah, we’re all officially old. Last night’s broadcast featured tributes to Glenn Frey, B.B. King, David Bowie, Lemmy and EW&F’s Maurice White, with a few subtle nods to others that have left this mortal coil. I was wondering why some artists got shortchanged during the broadcast, until the yearly “In Memoriam” segment revealed that there were so many major players they could start a weekly series. Add to the list Denise Matthews, a.k.a. Vanity of Prince’s 1982 all-girl sideline, Vanity 6. Not someone you’d consider a major, or important, artist, but another reminder of your limited time left on this plane. Her story (HERE) was a tragic one, as well, succumbing to crack addiction before turning to religion for salvation. Vanity 6, the album, is really just an early Prince/Time release with female vocals, featuring tracks written by Prince (as “The Starr Company”) and inner circle players, Terry Lewis, Jesse Johnson and Dez Dickerson. If you’re not a fan, this post can at least direct you to our Prince archives, HERE. You can’t even find a CD copy of Vanity 6 at Amazon these days, HERE.

Nasty Girl (5:16)
Wet Dream (4:12)
Drive Me Wild (2:31)
He’s So Dull (2:31)
If A Girl Answers (Don’t Hang Up) (5:35)
Make-Up (2:39)
Bite The Beat (3:12)
3 x 2 = 6 (5:22)


GIRL BROS. Girl Bros. (1998) – The Artists Formerly Known As Wendy & Lisa

Girl Bros. (1998)
From Prince’s Revolution… Via Producer Tchad Blake

Wendy Melvoin & Lisa Coleman, also known as Wendy & Lisa from Prince’s Revolution, deliver their best album to date under the alias of Girl Bros. Tchad Blake produces. Contains plenty of dreamy vocals, slightly psychedelic whimsy and a dose of Blake’s bang & clang drum technique. Why their profile is so low on this release is curious (no names, no pics… and the moniker, Girl Bros., has long been their publishing company’s name), but the style is rich with texture and sincerity. This is the duo’s 4th album (the first and last using this name), not counting a couple of releases available only from their website. The duo even scored an under-the-radar Emmy nod in 2012 for “Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music” for the show, Touch. Find this one at Amazon, HERE. We’ve got lots of Prince (which means some more Wendy & Lisa) in the archives, HERE.

Reaching One (4:11)
Love & Trouble (3:30)
I Will (3:38)
All Nite (3:09)
Bring You Back (4:12)
I’ve Got A Big Bowl Of Cherries (3:14)
Uh-Uh, Don’t Look Down (4:33)
All I Wonder / Anyway (5:16)
If I Were Brave (2:45)
Jonathan (3:47)
Let’s Say (3:31)
I’ve Got No Strings (6:53)

PRINCE Video/Streaming (Films/Shorts/Clips)

P “Screw Driver” (2013)
ANDY ALLO “People Pleaser” (2012)

PRINCE “Screw Driver” (2013)

ANDY ALLO “People Pleaser” (2012)
The success of Prince’s protégés has always been hit and miss. This one’s a lock.

ANDY ALLO “People Pleaser” Live On Jimmy Kimmel (2012)
We all decry the high cost of big name concerts, with tickets routinely going for $200-$400. But, I think I’d gladly pay that for a ringside seat to a show like this, with a blast of modern Sly Stone via Prince.

ANDY ALLO “Let’s Get it On” Live (2011)
Earlier Allo, so intimately improvisational, yet so commercially and slickly polished, the execution and professional perfection is easy to admire, like Marvin Gaye’s original. Follow the after-clips for more show vids.