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T.I.M.E. Smooth Ball (1969) – Early Steppenwolf Precursor/Offshoot

Smooth Ball (1969)
Blues/Psych With A Steppenwolf Connection

Don’t ask me any questions about these guys. This is one of those obscure titles I grabbed online a few years ago when I was trolling the web downloading any and all hints of psychedelia I’d never heard of back when I was a teen. These guys attracted my attention because of one-time Steppenwolf guitarist, Larry Byrom (Nick St. Nicholas was also on board for the band’s 1968 debut, T.I.M.E.). There’s not much in the way of critique here, either, as this style of music – melodic, heavy blues/psych – is coming of age music for me, so it inexplicably comforts my aging soul… regardless of its merits, good or bad. Many would surely consider this stuff routine, and it’s hard to dispute that. But, I’ve never understood how that bubbling, swirling B3-type style found on “I’d Think You’d Cry” ever went out of style in the first place, so what do I know? Amazon’s got it HERE. Find some archived Steppenwolf HERE.

Preparation G (0:52)
Leavin’ My Home (3:08)
See Me As I Am (5:47)
I Think You’d Cry (4:21)
I’ll Write A Song (4:20)
Lazy Day Blues (1:45)
Do You Feel It (2:31)
Flowers (2:39)
Morning Come (10:03)
Trust In Men Everywhere (5:01)