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THE TROGGS From Nowhere (1966)

From Nowhere (1966)
Ever Actually Heard One Of Their Albums?

The now out-of-print bonus track reissue of The Troggs’ debut UK album, From Nowhere. If you’re into the British Invasion and want a few examples of what many consider to be the spiritual foundation of 70s punk, look no further. Kinks fans will appreciate “Your Love,” written by Troggs producer and ex-Kinks cohort, Larry Page. Hardcore fans might quibble by comparing this to The Troggs’ US debut, Wild Thing, but those of us who completely missed out on all this back in 1966 will appreciate this set’s archeological benefits more than the pros and cons of the label morass that plagued these guys’ career. Besides, didn’t you require a high quality file of “Wild Thing” for your upcoming funeral services? You’re wife won’t comply, of course, but if she’s worth her weight in beer runs she’ll pacify you and tell you it’s a lock. When you’re dead you won’t know any better… and won’t even hear her choice… “Feelings.” Expensive at Amazon.

Wild Thing (2:37)
The Yella In Me (2:41)
I Just Sing (2:11)
Hi Hi Hazel (2:45)
Lost Girl (2:34)
The Jaguar And The Thunderbird (2:03)
Your Love (1:54)
Our Love Will Still Be There (3:10)
Jingle Jangle (2:28)
When I’m With You (2:26)
From Home (2:23)
Louie, Louie (3:04)
The Kitty Cat Song (2:14)
Ride Your Pony (2:27)
Evil (3:16)
With A Girl Like You (2:08)
I Want You (2:15)
I Can’t Control Myself (3:06)
Gonna Make You (2:48)
As I Ride By (2:02)