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MOJO PRESENTS… My Generation (2015)

MOJO My GenerationMy Generation (August, 2015)

The latest free CD from the August, 2015 issue of MOJO Magazine is a celebration of the Mod roots of The Who, this month’s cover boys, who are currently in the midst of their final tour. And… unlike 1982’s “farewell” tour, over 30 years ago, it’s probably true this time. Subtitled “15 Tracks Of ’60s Beat-Filled Teenage Mod Angst,” My Generation is a fun (and still) fresh blast of rockin’ British energy, boasting material not typically found on other MOJO comps. Speaking of which… head to the archives to find all 160 of MOJO‘s freebie CDs, dating back to 1997, HERE.

The Pretty Things Don’t Bring Me Down (2:08)
The Bo Street Runners
I’m A Bo Street Runner (2:04)
Larry’s Rebels
It’s Not True (2:25)
The Mike Cotton Sound
Make Up Your Mind (2:37)
The Stormsville Shakers
Number One (2:25)
The Artwoods
Can You Hear Me (2:54)
The in Crowd
Stop! Wait A Minute (2:06)
John’s Children
But She’s Mine (1:56)
The Fleur De Lys
Wait For Me (2:23)
Golden Dawn
My Time (3:50)
Sons Of Adam
Mr. You’re A Better Man Than I (2:54)
Andy Ellison
Cornflake Zoo (2:00)
Katch 22
Major Catastrophe (2:25)
The Rockin’ Vickers
It’s Alright (2:12)
The Syndicats
Crawadaddy Simone (3:17)

MOJO PRESENTS… Modern Life Is Rubbish (2015)

Modern Life Is RubbishModern Life Is Rubbish (May, 2015)

The latest free CD from the May 2015 issue of MOJO Magazine is a collection of modern “British angst,” featuring a slew of lesser known artists carrying on a grand and glorious British tradition (since the 70s, anyway) of rank indifference… with a shit attitude. Hit the archives to find all 157 of MOJO‘s freebie CDs, dating back to 1997, HERE.

Carl Barat & The Jackals Glory Days (3:40)
The Amazing Snakeheads
Where Is My Knife? (4:42)
Fat White Family
Cream Of The Young (4:04)
Nadine Shah
Stealing Cars (4:01)
Kate Tempest
Marshall Law (5:39)
Off Peak Dreams (3:16)
Kode9 & The Spaceape
Devil Is A Liar (2:55)
Bunkerpop (5:51)
Young Fathers
Rain Or Shine (3:49)
The Pop Group
Citizen Zombie (3:50)
Sleaford Mods
Under The Plastic & N.C.T. (3:17)
The Bohicas
To Die For (2:55)
Crushed Beaks
Rising Sign (2:23)
Menace Beach
Tastes Like Medicine (2:36)
Half Man Half Biscuit
Westward Ho! Massive Let Down (3:22)

Hal Willner Bonus: VARIOUS ARTISTS Short Cuts (1993) – Robert Altman Film Soundtrack

Short CutsShort Cuts (1993)
Hal Willner Teams Up With Fellow Multi-Artist Fanatic, Director Robert Altman…

We’re wrapping up Hal Willner Week with a bonus post of this lesser know Willner production. It’s not a tribute album, but a soundtrack collaboration with filmmaker, Robert Altman – a kindred spirit when it comes to the concept of gathering together absurd numbers of talented people to breath the same air. Short Cuts is the 1993 soundtrack to Altman’s film of the same name and, while a bit off of the beaten path of Hal’s tribs, it still employs some of the same spirit of diversity. The core group here is fronted by Annie Ross, best known for her time in the 50s/60s jazz vocal group, Hendricks, Lambert & Ross (she also appears as a performer in the film itself). Willner’s fingerprints appear in the material selection and guest stars. “Conversations On A Barstool,” for instance, is written by Bono & The Edge (originally penned for Marianne Faithful), while “Punishing Kiss” is an Elvis Costello/Cait O’Riordan composition. NRBQ’s Terry Adams is an anchor in Ross’ backing band, but also collaborates with Iggy Pop on “Evil California (These Blues).” Four songs come from a previously unknown collaboration between famed songwriter Doc Pomus and Dr. John, while guests Bruce Fowler (The Mothers), Michael Stipe (REM), Roy Nathanson (The Jazz Passengers), Lenny Pickett (SNL), Anthony Coleman, Bobby Previte, Greg Cohen (and others) add to the rotating cast. Different from Willner’s other multi-artist creations, but hardcore music lovers may appreciate. PROGRAMMING NOTE: We weren’t able to gather together all the Willner tributes we were after (Stormy Weather: The Music of Harold Arlen and New Prohibition – A Musical History of Hemp, being two we missed), but we did get the bulk of them together these past 10 days. There’s also a very cool Hal production buried in a Wormhole that we can’t talk much about (HERE). Find all of our Hal Willner Week posts, HERE. Find Short Cuts at Amazon, HERE.

Open On Helicopters (Sound Effect) (0:51)
Annie Ross/The Low Note Quintet
Conversation On A Barstool (5:46)
Annie Ross/The Low Note Quintet + Steven Bernstein, Dave Tronzo
To Hell With Love (6:25)
Annie Ross/The Low Note Quintet
Punishing Kiss (3:17)
Lori Singer/The Trout Quartet
DVORAK: Cello Concerto In B Minor (5:17)
Annie Ross/The Low Note Quintet
Blue (4:48)
Annie Ross/The Low Note Quintet + Iggy Pop, Anthony Coleman
Evil California (These Blues) (3:51)
Lori Singer
STRAVINSKY: Berceuse from The Firebird Suite (2:51)
Annie Ross/The Low Note Quintet
A Thousand Years (4:27)
Lori Singer/The Trout Quartet
HERBERT: Cello Concerto No. 2, Opus 30 – First Movement (5:05)
Annie Ross/The Low Note Quintet + Roy Nathanson
Imitation Of A Kiss (4:37)
Annie Ross/The Low Note Quintet + Michael Stipe, Steven Bernstein, Dave Tronzo
Full Moon (4:00)
Annie Ross/The Low Note Quintet + Dave Tronzo & Lori Singer
I Don’t Know You (6:12)
The Low Note Quintet
Nothing Can Stop Me Now (4:37)
Earthquake Into Low Note (Sound Effect) (0:20)
Annie Ross/The Low Note Quintet + Lenny Pickett
Prisoner Of Life/I’m Gonna Go Fishin’ (7:06)
Thomas Tree & Cory J. Coppage
How Does She Do It So Quickly? (0:51)

Hal Willner Week: VARIOUS ARTISTS The Harry Smith Project: Anthology Of American Folk Music Revisited (2006)

The Harry Smith Project Anthology Of American Folk Music RevisitedThe Harry Smith Project: Anthology Of American Folk Music Revisited (2006)
A Tribute To History’s Motherlode

One of Hal Willner’s artistic habits (in later years) was to gather together participants and friends to stage live performances of the tribute albums he had earlier produced. For The Harry Smith Project: Anthology Of American Folk Music Revisited, Willner skipped the studio process altogether and went straight to the stage, gathering this assortment of collaborators to pay tribute to Alan Lomax’s legendary and highly influential 1952 release, The Anthology of American Folk Music. The Harry Smith Project was originally released as a 2CD/2DVD set, which chronicled these live performances captured in Los Angeles, New York and London in 1999 and 2001. You shouldn’t need much of an introduction to the kind of music heard here… it’s the legendary roots Americana that laid the foundation for most of the music you’ve heard throughout your life, whether you ever heard the originals or not. Though, the participants here take their own stylistic liberties with some of the arrangements. I won’t recount the talents involved as you can see the list, and hear a couple of examples, below. Big thanks to Jeff Gee for sharing this 2006 set with us for Hal Willner Week. Those wanting Harry Smith’s original Anthology Of American Folk Music, can find it in (Son Of) Readers Links (HERE, dated today). Find more of Hal Willner’s incredible tribute work in the archives, HERE. Find the 2CD/2DVD Harry Smith Project box set at Amazon, HERE.

David Johansen Old Dog Blue (3:52)
Steve Earle
Prison Cell Blues (3:50)
James Alley Blues (4:25)
Beth Orton
Frankie (4:45)
Last Fair Deal Gone Down (3:34)
Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Sugar Baby (4:30)
Elvis Costello
The Butcher’s Boy (4:14)
David Thomas
Way Down The Old Plank Road (5:14)
Richard Thompson with Eliza Carthy
The Coo Coo Bird (4:17)
Ed Sanders
My Baby Done Left Me (2:43)
Nick Cave
John The Revelator (4:31)
Eric Mingus and Gary Lucas
Oh Death Where Is Thy Sting? (3:08)
Roswell Rudd with Sonic Youth
Dry Bones (10:07)
Garth & Maud Hudson
No Depression In Heaven (6:51)
Geoff Muldaur
K.C. Moan (6:36)
Gavin Friday with Maurice Seezer
When The Great Ship Went Down (5:36)
Robin Holcomb A Lazy Farmer Boy (3:01)
Van Dyke Parks with Mondrian String Quartet
Sail Away Lady (3:01)
Geoff Muldaur
Poor Boy Blues (4:22)
Marianne Faithfull
Spike Driver Blues (2:47)
Lou Reed
See That My Grave Is Kept Clean (7:30)
Kate & Anna McGarrigle with Elvis Costello
Ommie Wise Part 1 & 2 (What Lewis Did Last…) (8:11)
Gavin Friday
Fatal Flower Garden (6:32)
Bob Neuwirth with Eliza Carthy
I Wish I Was A Mole In The Ground (5:32)
David Thomas
Fishing Blues (5:49)
Mary Margaret O’Hara
He Got Better Things For You (2:10)
Mocean Worker
Harry Goes A Courtin’ (The Mowo! Live Hootenanny Throw-Down) (3:45)
Robin Holcomb & Todd Rundgren
The House Carpenter (5:14)
Don Byron, Percy Heath & Bill Frisell
This Song Of Love (7:51)
Nick Cave
Shine On Me (2:59)
David Johansen
James Alley Blues (4:28)
Petra Haden
Single Girl, Married Girl (3:55)

Hal Willner Week: VARIOUS ARTISTS That’s The Way I Feel Now Now – A Tribute To Thelonious Monk (1984)

That's The Way I Feel NowThat’s The Way I Feel Now – A Tribute To Thelonious Monk (1984)
The Original 2LP Version…

For all the non-students of jazz among us, That’s The Way I Feel Now Now is an eclectic introduction to Monk. Naturally, the selections tend to lean heavily towards Theo’s chosen instrument of construction, the piano, but in typical Willner and Friends fashion, there’s no limitations to the interpretations included here. Originally issued as a 2LP set, this album was later – unforgivably – reissued as an edited and abbreviated single CD. But, we’ve got ARTKoen (aka drfeelgoed), a longtime friend of this blog, to thank for this great rip of the original hard-to-find double album. Naturally, in the 80s, when I first heard this collection, I was partial to the rockier contingent here, like NRBQ, Eugene Chadborne’s Shockabilly, Chris Spedding & Peter Frampton and, even though he’s not in rock mode here, Joe Jackson. But, as the years progressed, along with my own musical edification, I realized that the true joys here are found in the more sensitive readings provided by Steve Lacy, Sharon Freeman and The Carla Bley Band, among others. It was here that I discovered that the background piano work on Frank Zappa’s “America Drinks And Goes Home” was partially lifted from Monk’s 1957 composition, “Ponnonica.” And, speaking of The Mothers, The Fowler Brothers (with Chester Thompson) kick off this collection, and are joined by a typically Willner-ian cross-section of unlikelys, from John Zorn to Donald Fagen & Steve Khan to Was (Not Was) to Todd Rundgren (the set’s weakest link). Find our other Hal Willner tributes HERE. Get the 2LP set (HERE) and abbreviated CD (HERE) at Amazon.

BRUCE FOWLER Thelonious (0:48)
Bass – Tom Fowler
Drums – Chester Thompson
Trombone – Phil Teele
Trombone – Bruce Fowler
NRBQ & THE WHOLE WHEAT HORNS Little Rootie Tootie (4:09)
Bass – Joseph Spampinato
Drums – Tom Ardolino
Guitar – Al Anderson
Piano – Terry Adams
Tenor Saxophone – Keith Spring
Trombone – Donn Adams
DONALD FAGEN & STEVE KHAN Reflections (6:27)
Guitar – Steve Khan
Synthesizer – Donald Fagen
DR. JOHN Blue Monk (3:25)
Piano – Dr. John
Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone – Steve Slagle
Bass – Steve Swallow
Drums – Victor Lewis
French Horn – Vincent Chancey
Guitar – Hiram Bullock
Organ – Carla Bley
Percussion, Effects – Manolo Badrena
Piano – Kenny Kirkland
Tenor Saxophone – Johnny Griffin
Trombone – Gary Valente
Trumpet – Mike Mantler
Tuba – Bob Stewart
Vocals (The Voice Of Death) – Hal Willner

BARRY HARRIS Pannonica (6:11)
Piano – Barry Harris
WAS (NOT WAS) Ba-Lue-Bolivar-Ba-Lues-Are (1:57)
Alto Saxophone – David McMurray
Flute – David Was
Guitar, Synthesizer – Don Was
Percussion – Larry Fratangelo
Tenor Saxophone – Michael Ward
Trombone – Jervonny Collier
Trumpet – Marcus Belgrave
Vocals – Sheila Jordan
Backing Vocals – Carol Hall, Donald Ray Mitchell, Harry Bowens, Sweet Pea Atkinson
MARK BINGHAM Brilliant Corners (2:28)
Bass – Steve Swallow
Drums – Joey Barron
Guitar – Brenden Harkein, John Scofield
Guitar – Mark Bingham
Soprano Saxophone – Steve Lacy
Tenor Saxophone – Charlie Rouse
SHARON FREEMAN Monk’s Mood (3:44)
Bass – Buster Williams
Drums, Percussion – Victor Lewis
French Horn – Gregory Williams, Vincent Chancey, Bill Warnick
French Horn – Willie Ruff
French Horn, Celesta – Sharon Freeman
Piano – Kenny Barron

Alto Saxophone – Gary Windo
Synthesizer, Keyboards, Guitar, Drum Programming – Todd Rundgren
RANDY WESTON Functional (3:40)
Piano – Randy Weston
STEVE LACY & ELVIN JONES Evidence (3:37)
Drums – Elvin Jones
Soprano Saxophone – Steve Lacy
JOHN ZORN Shuffle Boil (3:02)
Drums, Timpani – M.E. Miller
Guitar, Vocals – Arto Lindsay
Noises, Alto Saxophone, Clarinet – John Zorn
Piano, Organ, Celesta, Electronics – Wayne Horvitz
TERRY ADAMS & FRIENDS In Walked Bud (6:49)
Alto Saxophone – Pat Patrick
Bass – John Ore
Drums – Frankie Dunlop
Piano – Terry Adams
Trombone – Roswell Rudd
SHOCKABILLY Criss Cross (2:42)
Acoustic Guitar, Guitar – Eugene Chadbourne
Drums, Percussion – David Licht
Piano, Organ, Bass, Trombone, Percussion, Tapes – Mark Kramer
MARK BINGHAM Jackie-ing (3:04)
Bass – Steve Swallow
Bass Saxophone, Whistle – Ralph Carney
Clarinet – Don Davis
Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone – Mars Williams
Drums – Joey Barron
Guitar – Brenden Harkein, John Scofield
Guitar – Mark Bingham
Trumpet – David Buck

JOE JACKSON Round Midnight (6:33)
Bass – Bob Cranshaw
Bass Clarinet – Ken McIntyre
Cello – Enrique Orango, Muneer Abdul Fataah
Clarinet – Lawrence Feldman, Steve Slagle
Drums – Buddy Williams
Piano – Joe Jackson
Viola – Crystal Garner, Maxine Roach
Violin – Cheryl Hong, Karen Gilbert, Melanie Baker, Sandra Billingsles, Stan Hunt
BOBBY McFERRIN & BOB DOROUGH Friday The Thirteenth (2:43)
Vibraphone, Marimba, Percussion – Dave Samuels
Vocals – Bob Dorough, Bobby McFerrin
Bass – Marcus Miller
Drums – Anton Fig
Guitar – Peter Frampton
Guitar – Chris Spedding
STEVE LACY Gallop’s Gallop (2:46)
Soprano Saxophone – Steve Lacy
Alto Saxophone – Steve Slagle
Bass – Steve Swallow
Drums – Ed Blackwell
Piano – Dr. John
STEVE LACY & GIL EVANS Bemsha Swing (3:02)
Piano, Electric Piano – Gil Evans
Soprano Saxophone – Steve Lacy

Hal Willner Week: ALLEN GINSBERG The Lion For Real (1989) + WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS Dead City Radio (1990) & Spare Ass Annie & Other Tales (1993) + The Operator’s Manual (Rare Promo-Only Remixes)

FrontThe Lion For Real (1989)
“Living” Tributes To Two Beat Greats

Three examples of Hal Willner pursuing his own whims and passions. Using his own, personally made, spoken-word recordings of Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs, Willner gathered together some of his usual collaborators to bring the words and imagery of the two Beat Generation poets to life. Not as jam-packed with names as some of Willner’s previous tribs, all three are still acutely infused with Willner’s dedication to eccentricity. Marc Ribot, Lenny Pickett, Gary Windo, Bill Frisell, Steve Swallow (and others) pen and play the music behind Allen Ginsberg, while Sonic Youth, Chris Stein (Blondie), John Cale, Donald Fagen (Steely Dan) and Pickett back up the irascible William Burroughs on Dead City Radio. Spare Ass Annie And Other Tales, my favorite of the two Burroughs discs, is primarily soundtracked only by The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy. Find The Lion For Real (HERE), Dead City Radio (HERE) and Spare Ass Annie And Other Tales (HERE) at Amazon. All our Hal Willner Week posts are HERE.

ALLEN GINSBERG The Lion For Real (1989)
Scribble (0:48) Music by: Michael Blair
Complaint Of The Skeleton To Time (3:02) Music by: Gary Windo
Xmas Gift (1:49) Music by: Mark Bingham
To Aunt Rose (3:30) Music by: Marc Ribot
The Lion For Real (5:44) Music by: Gary Windo
Refrain (3:30) Music by: Michael Blair
The Shrouded Stranger (3:15) Music by: Marc Ribot
Gregory Corso’s Story (2:17) Music by: Bill Frisell
Cleveland, The Flats (2:59) Music by: R. Carney
The End (2:07) Music by: Marc Ribot
Stanzas Written At Night In Radio City (5:07) Music by: Lenny Pickett
Sunset (1:42) Music by: Lenny Pickett
Hum Bom! (4:02) Music by: Steve Swallow
Kral Majales (5:11) Music by: Mark Bingham
Guru (3:31) Music by: Steve Swallow
Ode To Failure (2:42) Music by: Michael Blair
C’mon Jack (2:42) Music by: Steve Swallow – CD Bonus Track

Dead City RadioSpare Ass Annie
Dead City Radio (1990)
Spare Ass Annie And Other Tales (1993)

WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS Dead City Radio (1990)
William’s Welcome (What Are You Here For?) (2:04) Music by: Lenny Pickett w/ Sonic Youth
A Thanksgiving Prayer (2:22) Music by: The NBC Symphony Orchestra
Naked Lunch Excerpts/Dinner Conversation (7:16) Music by: The NBC Symphony Orchestra
Ah Pook The Destroyer/Brian Gysin’s All Purpose Bedtime Story (2:46) Music by: John Cale
After-Dinner Conversation/Where He Was Going (11:40) Music by: The NBC Symphony Orchestra
Kill The Badger! (2:46) Music by: Buryl Red
A New Standard By Which To Measure Infamy (1:48) Music by: Donald Fagen
The Sermon On The Mount 1 (Wsb Reads The Good Book) (1:30) Music by: Lenny Pickett
No More Stalins No More Hitlers (0:59) Music by: John Cale
The Sermon On The Mount 2 (1:22) Music by: Lenny Pickett
Scandal At The Jungle Hiltons (1:48) w/ Allen Ginsberg
The Sermon On The Mount 3 (1:17) Music by: Lenny Pickett
Love Your Enemies (1:13) Music by: John Cale
Dr. Benway’s House (0:40) Music by: Sonic Youth
Apocalypse (9:05) Music by: The NBC Symphony Orchestra
The Lord’s Prayer (0:46) Music by: Chris Stein/Introduced By Sonic Youth
Ich Bin Von Kopf Bis Fuss Auf Liebe Eingestellt (2:28) Music by: Cheryl Hardwick & Lenny Pickett

WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS Spare Ass Annie And Other Tales (1993)
Featuring Hal Willner & The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy
Interlude 1 (Wrinkled Earlobes Are A Sign Of Impending Heart Attacks) (0:23)
Spare Ass Annie (4:30)
Interlude 2 (This Is Insane) (0:20)
The Last Words Of Dutch Schultz (This Is Insane) (2:22)
Interlude 3 (The Vultures Are Gone And Will Never Come Back) (0:17)
Mildred Pierce Reporting 2 (Old Sarge) (2:05)
Dr Benway Operates (2:45)
Warning To Young Couples (Huntsmen’s Hounds) (2:13)
Did I Ever Tell You About The Man Who Taught His Asshole To Talk? (6:19)
Last Words With Ras I. Zulu (1:02)
A One God Universe (3:32)
Interlude 4 (Fletch Is Here) (0:36)
The Junky’s Christmas (15:54)
Words Of Advice For Young People (4:42)
Last Words With Michael Franti (0:47)

FrontSpare Ass Annie And Other Tales: The Operator’s Manual (Promo 1993)
Rare Promo Only Radio CD

BIG thanks to narcosislabs for sharing this very rare, radio promotional CD for Spare Ass Annie And Other Tales, subtitled The Operator’s Manual. It features introductions to some of the material from the original CD release, along with rare remixes (available nowhere else), interviews with Hal Willner and Michael Franti (of The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy), promo jingles and more. Essentially an almost hour-long radio show (with extras) that should please anybody interested in William S. Burroughs, Hal Willner, or this album in particular. Many thanks narcosislabs. Act fast and you can still score one over at Amazon for only $5, HERE.
INTRO… Music Up (22:09)
INTRO “I had a…” (24:41)
INTRO “Welcome back to the CMJ…” (10:28)
PROMO “Next Week” (0:32)
PROMO “This Week” (0:32)
PROMO “Tonight” (0:33)
Words Of Advice For Young People (Mutatis Mutandis-Lemurs In the Mist-Interzone Mix) (8:43)
Words Of Advice For Young People (Interzone Radio Edit) (4:26)

Hal Willner Week: VARIOUS ARTISTS Weird Nightmare – Meditations On Mingus (1992)

Weird Nightmare - Meditations On MingusWeird Nightmare – Meditations On Mingus (1992)
Weird Scenes Inside The Studio…

Probably my favorite of Hal Willner’s multi-artist extravaganzas, not only for its unique arrangements of the sometimes uber-bizarre music of the great jazz bassist/composer, Charles Mingus, but also for the twisted instrumentation that colors these recordings. Willner and his cohorts incorporated the mad, inexplicable musical instrument inventions of Harry Partch (we’ve got the amazing The World Of Harry Partch in the archives, HERE), and buffeted the weirdness with a bevy of dialog (culled from Mingus’ mad ramblings) spoken by the likes of Henry Rollins, Hubert Selby Jr, Elvis Costello, Keith Richards, Leonard Cohen, Dr. John, Chuck D. and others. Some of the Rolling Stones (and friends) show up on “Oh Lord, Don’t Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb On Me,” including Richards, Charlie Watts, Chuck Leavell and Bobby Keyes. There’s lots of jazz, naturally, but it’s all filtered through the likes of Don Byron, Bill Frisell, Bobby Previte, Don Alias, The Uptown Horns, Vernon Reid (Living Color), Henry Threadgill, Gary Lucas (The Magic Band) and others, twisting and mutating the originals with samples, spaciness, noir coloring and, as mentioned, the other-worldly stylistic accents provided by Harry Partch’s one-of-a-kind instrumentation. Just peruse the guest list below. We’ve got more from Hal Willner Week, HERE. Weird Nightmare is at Amazon, HERE.

Canon (Part 1) (3:20)
Didgeridoo, Trombone, Woof Flute – Art Baron
Electric Guitar – Gary Lucas
Cone Gongs, Marimba – Michael Blair
Guitar – Bill Frisell
Percussion – Don Alias
Chromelodeon II – Francis Thumm
Cloud Chamber Bowls – Greg Cohen

Meditations On Integration (3:47)
Banjo – Marc Ribot
Bass – Greg Cohen
Flute – Henry Threadgill
Guitar – Bill Frisell
Marimba/Eroica, Drums, Flapper – Michael Blair
Percussion, Cymbal – Don Alias
Harmonic Canon – Francis Thumm
Tuba – Art Baron

Canon (Part 2) (3:15)
Didgeridoo, Trombone, Wood Flute – Art Baron
Electric Guitar – Gary Lucas
Cone Gongs, Marimba – Michael Blair
Guitar – Bill Frisell
Percussion – Don Alias
Chromelodeon II – Francis Thumm
Cloud Chamber Bowls – Greg Cohen
Vocals – Robbie Robertson

Jump Monk (3:57)
Bass – Greg Cohen
Drums, Chinese Drum – Michael Blair
Electric Guitar – Gary Lucas
Guitar – Bill Frisell
Percussion, Timbales, Cowbell – Don Alias
Trombone – Art Baron

Weird Nightmare (3:07)
Bass – Greg Cohen
Flute – Henry Threadgill
Guitar – Bill Frisell
Marimba – Don Alias
Marimba/Eroica – Marc Ribot
Chromelodeon II – Francis Thumm
Cloud Chamber Bowls – Michael Blair
Great Bass, Trombone – Art Baron
Vocals, Harmonic Canon – Elvis Costello

Work Song (7:06)
Cone Gong, Bass – Greg Cohen
Adapted Guitar, Guitar – Bill Frisell
Marimba/Eroica, Clarinet – Don Byron
Chromelodeon II, Piano – Geri Allen
Cloud Chamber Bowls, Marimba/Eroica – Francis Thumm
Crychord, Drums – Michael Blair
Diamond Marimba, Hand Drums – Don Alias
Harmonic Canon, Tuba – Art Baron
Surrogate Kithara, Guitar – Vernon Reid

Self-Portrait In 3 Colors (3:29)
Clarinet, Bass Clarinet – Don Byron
Congas – Michael Blair
Adapted Guitar] – Greg Cohen
Guitar, Surrogate Kithara – Bill Frisell
Marimba – Don Alias
Marimba/Eroica – Francis Thumm
Trombone – Art Baron

Purple Heart (2:38)
Bass – Greg Cohen
Clarinet – Don Byron
Congas – Don Alias
Guitar – Bill Frisell
Brushes, Harmonic Canon, Cloud Chamber Bowls – Michael Blair
Chromelodeon II – Francis Thumm
Great Bass – Art Baron
Vocals – Henry Rollins

Tonight At Noon (5:31)
Bass – Greg Cohen
Drums – Charlie Watts
Saxophone – Crispin Cioe
Saxophone – Arno Hecht
Trombone – Bob Funk
Trumpet – Hollywood Paul Litteral

Gunslinging Bird (1:40)
Bass – Greg Cohen
Bata, Percussion – Don Alias
Drums, Chromelodeon II – Michael Blair
Guitar, Surrogate Kithara – Bill Frisell
Trombone – Art Baron
Vocals – Chuck D

Weird Nightmare Interlude (0:57)
Guitar – Bill Frisell
Reincarnation Of A Lovebird/Haitian Fight Song Montage (4:48)
Bass – Greg Cohen
Clarinet, Bass Clarinet – Don Byron
Congas, Goblet Dumbek, Clappers – Don Alias
Drums, Whirley Tube, Chromelodeon II, Finger Cymbals, Clappers – Michael Blair
Sound Effects, Samples – Hal Willner
National Steel Bottleneck – Gary Lucas
Guitar, Surrogate Kithara – Bill Frisell

Open Letter To Duke (4:53)
Banjo – Tony Trischka
Harmonica – Howard Levy
Kazoo, Castanets, Spoons – Bobby Previte
Mandolin, Guitar – Barry Mitterhoff
Percussion, Washboard, Spoons – Susan Evans
Tuba – Bob Stewart
Violin – Kenny Kosek

The Shoes Of The Fisherman’s Wife Are Some Jive Ass Slippers (2:37)
Bass – Greg Cohen
Bass Clarinet – Don Byron
Guitar – Bill Frisell
Great Bass – Art Baron
Vocals – Hubert Selby Jr.

Oh Lord, Don’t Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb On Me (6:48)
Bass – Greg Cohen
Drums – Charlie Watts
Piano – Chuck Leavell
Saxophone – Crispin Cioe
Saxophone – Arno Hecht, Bobby Keyes
Trombone – Bob Funk
Trumpet – Hollywood Paul Litteral
Vocals – Bernard Fowler
Guitar, Vocals – Keith Richards

Eclipse (7:15)
Bass Clarinet – Don Byron
Wood Flute, Didgeridoo, Great Bass, Trombone, Percussion, Cloud Chamber Bowls – Art Baron
Cone Gong, Crychord, Bass, Percussion – Greg Cohen
Guitar, Percussion – Bill Frisell
Marimba, Goblet Drum, Dumbetik, Clappers – Don Alias
Percussion – Francis Thumm
Percussion, Vocals – Hal Willner
Whirley Tube], Tibetan Cymbal, Bass Drum, Percussion – Michael Blair
Vocals – Diamanda Galás
Spoken Vocals – Leonard Cohen

Pithecanthropus Erectus (5:43)
Bass – Greg Cohen
Drums, Metals – Michael Blair
Sound Effects, Samples – Hal Willner
Guitar – Bill Frisell
Guitar, Keyboards/Sample – Robert Quine
Marimba/Eroica – Francis Thumm
Chair – Don Alias
Muted Trombone – Art Baron

Freedom (2:52)
Bass – Greg Cohen
Electric Guitar, Effects – Bill Frisell
National Steel Bottleneck – Gary Lucas
Humming – Ray Davies
Humming, Hand Drums, Timbales, Percussion – Don Alias
Humming, Drums, Chinese Drums, Timbales, Percussion, Marimba, A Two By Four – Michael Blair
Humming, Metal Slab, Trombone – Art Baron
Humming, Chromelodeon II – Francis Thumm
Lead Vocals – Dr. John

Weird Nightmare (Reprise)
Bass – Greg Cohen
Flute – Henry Threadgill
Guitar – Bill Frisell
Marimba – Don Alias
Marimba/Eroica – Marc Ribot
Chromelodeon II – Francis Thumm
Cloud Chamber Bowls – Michael Blair
Great Bass, Trombone – Art Baron
Vocals, Harmonic Canon – Elvis Costello

Hal Willner Week: VARIOUS ARTISTS Amarcord Nino Rota (Remembering Nino Rota) (1981) – Music From The Films Of Federico Fellini

Amarcord Nino RotaAmarcord Nino Rota (1981)
The First Of Hal Willner’s Incredible Con-Fabs

Hal Willner’s first multi-artist tribute LP (that we know of, anyway) was his strange and alluring 1981 re-framing of the music of Nino Rota, noted composer for filmmaker Federico Fellini. If Italian avant guard film music isn’t weird enough for you, Willner steps it up a notch with the help of Carla Bley, Bill Frisell, Chris Stein & Debby Harry (Blondie), Henry Threadgill, Branford & Wynton Marsalis and numerous others. This one’s jazzy, eccentric and off-kilter… pretty much what you’d expect from the participants, source material and Willner’s skewed musical sensibilities. We’ve got more from the great Hal Willner in the archives, HERE. Amarcord Nino Rota is going for collector’s prices at Amazon, HERE.

Amarcord (7:50)
Piano – Jaki Byard
Interlude From Juliet Of The Spirits (0:36)
Vibraphone – Dave Samuels
Organ, Glockenspiel – Carla Bley
Bass – Steve Swallow
Drums – D. Sharpe
Euphonium – Joe Daley
Piano – Arturo O’Farrill
Saxophone – Gary Windo
Trombone – Gary Valente
Trumpet – Michael Mantler
Tuba – Earl McIntyre
Woodwind – Courtenay Wynter

Themes From “La Dolce Vita” And “Juliet Of The Spirits” (2:22)
Vibraphone – Dave Samuels
Juliet Of The Spirits (4:42)
Guitar – Bill Frisell
La Dolce Vita Suite (7:24)
a) Introduction
French Horn, Piano – Sharon Freeman
Steel Drums – Francis Haynes

b) Notturno
Conductor – Muhal Richard Abrams
Bass – Fred Hopkins
Drums – Warren Smith
Flute – Henry Threadgill
French Horn – Sharon Freeman
Piano – Amina Claudine Myers
Saxophone, Clarinet – Bobby Eldridge
Trombone – Emmet McDonald
Trumpet – Claudio Roditi
Vibraphone – Jay Hoggard

c) Interlude
French Horn, Piano – Sharon Freeman
Steel Drums – Francis Haynes

d) Valzer (Parlami Di Me)
Accordion, Percussion – Charles Rocket
Guitar – Chris Stein
Keyboards – Michael Sahl
Drums – Lenny Ferrari
Engineer – Ken Hahn
Vocals – Deborah Harry

Satyricon (5:31)
Accordion, Percussion – Charles Rocket
Guitar, Penny Whistle, Double Ocarina, Shanai, Claves – David Amram
Bass – Victor Venegas
Drums – Lenny Ferrari
Flute – Jerry Dodgion
Percussion – Steve Berrios

Roma (4:42)
Saxophone, Gong – Steve Lacy
Medley: The White Sheik, I Vitelloni, Il Bidone, The Night Of Cabiria (8:52)
Conductor – William Fischer
Bass – Ron Carter
Drums – Wilbert Fletcher
Piano – Kenny Barron
Saxophone – George Adams
Trumpet – Wynton Marsalis
Woodwind – Branford Marsalis

La Strada (3:09)
Piano – Jaki Byard

Hal Willner Week: VARIOUS ARTISTS Stay Awake: Various Interpretations Of Music From Vintage Disney Films (1990)

Stay AwakeStay Awake: Various Interpretations Of Music From Vintage Disney Films
Hal Willner Turns Disney On Its Mouse Ears…

For his take on the ingrained-from-youth music of classic Disney movies, Hal Willner assembled maybe his most eclectic gathering of greats for a series of short interpretations (many fused into medleys) that, at times, pay honorable homage to the timeless Disneyhouse melodies of yore, while, at other times, turning the music on its mouse ears for something quite new and unique. With names like Sun Ra, Ringo Starr, Arron Neville, Ken Nordine, NRBQ, Harry Nilsson, Los Lobos, The Roches, Bill Frisell, The Replacements, Sinead O’Conner, Syd Straw, James Taylor, Herb Alpert, David Johansen (as Buster Poindexter), Garth Hudson (The Band), Was (Not Was), Bonnie Raitt and many, many others, it’s hard to imagine a more unlikely gathering on a more unlikely project. Still, it’s a favorite among Willner-ites who appreciate the quickly evolving melodies and musical costume changes that leave little time to appreciate the depth of one track before the next takes hold. From Ringo Starr’s “When You Wish Upon A Star” (in his best “Goodnight”/White Album warble) to Tom Waits’ frightening “Heigh Ho (The Dwarfs Marching Song)” to James Taylor’s winsome “Second Star To The Right,” you’ll develop a whole new appreciation for music that’s been lingering around your ears all your life. As you can see below, you need an encyclopedia to keep track of all the high-profile talent (and low) that’s involved. Find all of our Hal Willner related projects, HERE, and get Stay Awake at Amazon, HERE.

a) KEN NORDINE w/BILL FRISELL & WAYNE HORVITZ Hi Diddlee Dee Dee (An Actor’s Life For Me)
Guitar – Bill Frisell
Vocals – Ken Nordine
Piano, Synthesizer – Wayne Horvitz
Voice – Ken Nordine
Banjo – Mark Bingham
Cello – Jackie Mullen
Clarinet, Ocarina, Voice – Ralph Carney
Harp – Rachel Van Vjorhees
Marimba, Percussion, Drums – Michael Blair
Soprano Saxophone, Flute – Lenny Pickett
Vocals – Michael Stipe, Natalie Merchant, The Roches
c) LOS LOBOS I Wan’na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)
Acoustic Guitar, Accordion, Backing Vocals – David Hildalgo
Baritone Saxophone – Steve Berlin
Bass – Conrad Lozano
Lead Vocals, Cuatro – Cesar Rosas
Percussion – Alex Neciosup Acuna
Varrana – Louis Perez

2. BONNIE RAITT and WAS (NOT WAS) Baby Mine (3:14)
Backing Vocals – Arnold McCuller, Sir Harry Bowens, Sweet Pea Atkinson
Bass – John Patitucci
Drums – Jim Keltner
Flute – David Was
Guitar – Paul Jackson Jr.
Horns – The Uptown Horns
Keyboards – Luis Resto
Saxophone – Steve Berlin
Synthesizer – Don Was
Vocals, Guitar – Bonnie Raitt

3. TOM WAITS Heigh Ho (The Dwarfs Marching Song) (3:35)
Bass – Larry Taylor
Effects – Val Kuklowsky
Guitar – Marc Ribot
Keyboards – Mitchell Froom
Optigon Programming – Tchad Blake
Vocals – Tom Waits

4. MEDLEY TWO (7:47)
a) SUZANNE VEGA Stay Awake
Vocals – Suzanne Vega
b) BILL FRISELL and WAYNE HORVITZ Little Wooden Head
Guitar, Banjo – Bill Frisell
Synthesizer – Wayne Horvitz
c) SYD STRAW Blue Shadows On The Trail
Guitar, Mandolin – John Jorgenson
Harmonica – Tommy Morgan
Steel Guitar – Jaydee Maness
Vocals – Syd Straw

5. MEDLEY THREE (5:57)
Bass – Tony Garnier
Drum Programming – Jimmy Bralower
Drums – Tony Machine
Guitar – Brain Koowin
Horns – The Uptown Horns
Percussion – Fred Walcott
Piano – Charles Giordano
Vocals – Buster Poindexter, Ivy Ray
b) YMA SUMAC I Wonder
Bass – Buell Neidlinger
Cello – Armen Ksajikian, Christine Ermacoff, Dennis Karmazyn, Raphael Kramer
Chimes, Cymbal, Timpani – Michael Blair
Concertmaster – Gerald Vinci
Conductor – Lennie Niehaus
French Horn – Richard Perissi, Richard Todd
Harp – Catherine Ann Gotthoffer
Reeds – Donald Ashworth, Marty Krystall, R. Langinger
Viola – Alan De Veritch, Kenneth Burward-Hoy, Myra Kestenbaum, Pamela Goldsmith
Violin – Bruce Dukoff, Don Palmer*, Haim Shtrum, Henry Ferber, Israel Baker, Peter Kent (2), Ralph Morrison, Reg Hill, Robert Sushel, Shari Zippert, Sheldon Sanov
Vocals – Yma Sumac

6. AARON NEVILLE Mickey Mouse March (2:14)
Keyboards – Dr. John
Vocals – Aaron Neville

7. MEDLEY FOUR (15:15)
a) GARTH HUDSON Feed The Birds
Cymbal – Jay Rubin
Harmonica – Jorge Mirkin
Keyboards, Synthesizer, Accordion – Garth Hudson
Macintosh Sequencing – Steve Deutch
b) NRBQ Whistle While You Work
Bass, Backing Vocals – Joey Spampinato
Drums, Percussion – Tom Ardolino
Guitar – Al Anderson
Keyboards, Vocals – Terry Adams
c) BETTY CARTER I’m Wishing
Bass – Ira Noel Coleman
Drums – Troy Davis
Piano – Stephen Scott
Saxophone – Donald Braden
Vocals – Betty Carter
d) THE REPLACEMENTS Cruella De Ville
Bass, Backing Vocals – Tommy Stinson
Drums – Chris Mars
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Slim Dunlap
Guitar, Vocals – Paul Westerberg
e) BILL FRISELL and WAYNE HORVITZ Drumbo And Timothy
Guitars – Bill Frisell
Synthesizer – Wayne Horvitz

8. SINÉAD O’CONNOR Someday My Prince Will Come (1:08)
Guitar – Andy Rourke
Vocals – Sinéad O’Connor

9. MEDLEY FIVE (8:09)
a) SUN RA AND HIS ARKESTRA Pink Elephants On Parade
Baritone Saxophone – Kenny Williams
Bass – Pat Patrick
Bass Clarinet, Alto Saxophone – Elo Omo
Bassoon – James Jackson
Drums – Aveeayl Ra Amen, Buster Smith, Tom Hunter
Flute, Alto Saxophone – Marshall Allen
French Horn – Vincent Chauncey
Guitar – Bruce Edwards
Piano – Sun Ra
Tenor Saxophone – John Gilmore
Trombone – Tyrone Hill
Trumpet – Fred Adams, Martin Banks, Michael Ray
Violin – Owen Brown Jr.
Vocals – Art Jenkins, T.C. III
Accordion – T. Bone Wolk
Bass – Buell Neidlinger
Cello – Armen Ksajikian, Christine Ermacoff, Dennis Karmazyn, Raphael Kramer
Drums – Jim Keltner
Electric Guitar – Arto Lindsay
French Horn – Calvin Smith, Richard Perissi, Richard Todd
Guitar – Dennis Budimir, Fred Tackett
Harp – Catherine Ann Gotthoffer
Percussion – Emil Radocchia, Ken Watson
Brushes, Washboard, Frame Drum, Tambourine – Michael Blair
Piano – Terry Adams
Reeds – Robert Tricarico, Donald Ashworth, Gary Foster, Marty Krystall, Robert Langinger
Synthesizer – Peter Scherer
Trombone – John Johnson, Richard Nash, Lloyd Ulyate
Trumpet – Anthony Terran, Charles Findley, Warren Luening
Viola – Alan De Veritch, Kenneth Burward-Hoy, Myra Kestenbaum, Pamela Goldsmith
Violin – Bruce Dukoff, Don Palmer, Haim Shtrum, Henry Ferber, Israel Baker, Peter Kent, Ralph Morrison, Reg Hill, Robert Sushel, Shari Zippert, Sheldon Sanov
Vocals – Harry Nilsson
Chorus – Ann White, Bobbi White, Carol Lombard, Debbie Hall, Diana Lee, Donna Davidson, Jackie Ward-Smith, Melissa Mackay, Sally Stevens, Sandra Hall, Susan Ives, Susan McBride

10. JAMES TAYLOR Second Star To The Right (4:01)
Acoustic Guitar, Vocals – Mark Bingham
Bass – Steve Swallow
Guitar – John Scofield
Piano – Don Grolnick
Tenor Saxophone – Branford Marsalis
Vocals – The Roches
Vocals – Michael Blair
Vocals, Guitar, Whistle – James Taylor

Guitar – Bill Frisell
Keyboards – Wayne Horvitz
Voice – Ken Nordine
b) RINGO STARR with HERB ALPERT When You Wish Upon A Star
Acoustic Guitar – Dennis Budimir, Fred Tackett
Bass – Buell Neidlinger
Cello – Armen Ksajikian, Christine Ermacoff, Dennis Karmazyn, Raphael Kramer
Drums – Jim Keltner
Electric Guitar – Bill Frisell
French Horn – Calvin Smith, Richard Perissi, Richard Todd
Harp – Catherine Ann Gotthoffer
Percussion – Emil Radocchia, Ken Watson
Piano – Terry Adams
Reeds – Robert Tricarico, Donald Ashworth, Gary Foster, Marty Krystall, Robert Langinger
Trombone – John Johnson, Richard Nash, Lloyd Ulyate
Trumpet – Anthony Terran, Charles Findley, Warren Luening
Trumpet – Herb Alpert
Viola – Alan De Veritch, Kenneth Burward-Hoy, Myra Kestenbaum, Pamela Goldsmith
Violin – Bruce Dukoff, Don Palmer, Haim Shtrum, Henry Ferber, Israel Baker, Peter Kent, Ralph Morrison, Reg Hill, Robert Sushel, Shari Zippert, Sheldon Sanov
Vocals – Ringo Starr
Chorus – Ann White, Bobbi White, Carol Lombard, Debbie Hall, Diana Lee, Donna Davidson, Jackie Ward-Smith, Melissa Mackay, Sally Stevens, Sandra Hall, Susan Ives, Susan McBride
Whistle – Harry Nilsson

Hal Willner Week: VARIOUS ARTISTS Closed On Account Of Rabies – Poems And Tales Of Edgar Allan Poe (1997) w/ Iggy Pop, Dr. John, Debby Harry, Marianne Faithfull & others

PoeClosed On Account Of Rabies – Poems And Tales Of Edgar Allan Poe (1997)
The Bone-Chilling Madness Of Poe…

Closed On Account Of Rabies – Poems And Tales Of Edgar Allan Poe is unique in Hal Willner’s ongoing series of tribute albums. Most of the “music” found here is of the atmospheric, musique concrete variety, punctuated by sounds and effects, most of which are created by Willner himself. So there’s not much in the way of an all-star core of backing musicians here that typifies most of his other tribs. Some names do pop up, like guitarists Wayne Kramer of the MC5 (“The Raven” & “The Masque Of The Red Death”), Chris Spedding (“Ulalume”) and Marc Ribot (“Berenice”), who all provide mostly ominous screeching and scraping to heighten Poe’s tales of madness and death. But, there are a few musical excursions, too, like two sore-thumb tracks from ex-Fug, Ed Sanders, and the un-Edgar-ish, but still entertaining, “The City And The Sea,” from Deborah Harry (Blondie) and The Jazz Passengers. So the bulk of Closed On Account Of Rabies emphasizes the bone-chilling words and ideas behind some of Poe’s most extreme work. And if, like me, you haven’t bothered with Poe since high school, then this 2CD set of effectively fun readings might remind you why the guy was always held in such high regard… outside of those campy Vincent Price movies. These dramatic renditions chronicling Poe’s obsessions of murder, paranoia and haunting guilt will illustrate why so many thought it was Poe himself who might be mad (he wasn’t… in fact he was quite the literary groundbreaker). Iggy Pop does a first-rate job on Poe’s classic “The Tell-Tale Heart,” while Dr. John’s nearly 28 minute reading of “Berenice” is both strange, slightly psychedelic and generally confounding, but just as mesmerizing as Edgar’s more succinct works. Ken Nordine’s low-pitch rumble of a voice is a natural in these surrounds, but… how your so-called collection has withstood the scrutiny of your peers without the inclusion of Christopher Walken’s reading of “The Raven” is for you to explain. Cool artwork by Ralph Steadman. Find all of our Hal Willner related posts, HERE (there are more coming). You’ll find Closed On Account Of Rabies going for collector’s prices at Amazon, HERE.

Marianne Faithfull Alone (1:30)
Christopher Walken
The Raven (8:30)
Iggy Pop
The Tell-Tale Heart (14:26)
Ken Nordine
The Conqueror Worm (3:01)
Diamanda Galas
The Black Cat (37:01)
Gavin Friday
For Annie (5:21)
Ed Sanders
To Helen (2:29)
Ed Sanders The Haunted Palace (5:42)
Jeff Buckley
Ulalume (6:13)
Dr. John
Berenice (27:42)
Deborah Harry and The Jazz Passengers
The City And The Sea (8:04)
Marianne Faithfull
Annabel Lee (2:25)
Gabriel Byrne
The Masque Of The Red Death (18:13)
Abel Ferrara
The Raven (excerpt) (1:56)

Hal Willner Week: VARIOUS ARTISTS Rogue’s Gallery + Son Of Rogue’s Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys (2006/2013)

RoguesSon Of Rogues
Rogue’s Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys (2006)
Son Of Rogue’s Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys (2013)
Two More All-Star Editions, Four CDs Of Music, Produced By The Great Hal Willner…

WE’LL BE POSTING A BUNCH OF HAL WILLNER’S FANTASTIC, STAR-STUDDED TRIBUTE ALBUMS OVER THE NEXT WEEK… Hal Willner’s tribute compilations are the stuff of legend, fusing a stunning array of disparate artists, from differing fields of arts, all brought together to create exciting, one-of-a-kind collaborations that just wouldn’t/couldn’t exist without Willner’s vision. His chosen subject matter has historically been a step to the left of the mainstream, including uniquely thoughtful tributes to the music of Nino Rota, Thelonious Monk, Kurt Weill, Charles Mingus (all coming up),along with numerous other off-beat concepts. His Rolodex of talented artists is beyond compare, and those who like hearing unusual artists doing unusual things in unusual settings are advised to investigate this, and other upcoming posts. 2006’s Rogue’s Gallery, and the even more diverse 2013 follow-up, Son Of Rogue’s Gallery (both subtitled Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys), are as self-explanatory as they are hard to define. The source material is as described, but in the hands of such a ramshackle gathering of artists, the results are anything but expected. Just peruse the list below for another of Willner’s eye-opening gathering of greats. The first 2CD edition, from 2006, is a tad conventional by Willner’s standards, as individual artists tackle a cross-section of material loosely fitting within the pirate/sea chantey genres. The 2013 follow-up is more akin to Willner’s past work, pairing un-pairable artists like Patti Smith with Johnny Depp, Tom Waits with Keith Richards, Petra Haden with Lenny Pickett, Tim Robbins with Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs… you get the idea. The who’s who ranges from Zappa (“Wedding Dress Song/Handsome Cabin Boy) to Van Dyke Parks (“Greenland Whale Fisheries”) to Dr. John (“In Lure Of The Tropics) to magician Ricky Jay, artist Ralph Steadman and actress Angelica Huston… diversity that makes for a surprising turn around every corner. A fun idea, delivered with imagination and anti-commercial chutzpah. BTW: The Petra Haden/Lenny Pickett contribution, “Sunshine Life For Me,” is actually a George Harrison pirate tune. We’ve got more coming up, and currently have a few other Willner tributes in the archives (HERE), including Hal’s only solo album, 1998’s Whoops, I’m An Indian. Find Rogue’s Gallery (HERE) and Son Of Rogue’s Gallery (HERE) at Amazon.

BABY GRAMPS Cape Cod Girls (7:14)
Banjo – Philip Morgan
Flute, Violin – Eyvind Kang
Guitar – Bill Frisell
Backing Vocals – Akron/Family, Dana Janssen, Miles Seaton, Ryan Vanderhoof, Seth Olinsky

RICHARD THOMPSON Mingulay Boat Song (4:13)
Accordion – Michael Thompson
Bass – Davey Fallagher
Drums – Pete Thomas
Guitar – Doug Pettibone, Val McCallum
Percussion – Debra Dobkin
Violin – Richard Greene

JOHN C. REILLY My Son John (1:38)
Accordion – Neil Larsen
Backing Vocals – Loudon Wainwright III
Bass, Backing Vocals – Davey Fallagher
Drums, Backing Vocals – Pete Thomas
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Val McCallum
Violin – Richard Greene

NICK CAVE Fire Down Below (2:50)
Accordion – Kate St. John
Bass, Backing Vocals – Rory McFarlane
Drums, Backing Vocals – Andy Newmark
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Leo Abrahams
Percussion, Backing Vocals – Martyn Barker
Strings – Warren Ellis
Backing Vocals – Hal Willner, Lee Ann Brown, Martin Brumbach, Mocean Worker, Tony Torn, Vera Beren

LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III Turkish Revelry (4:21)
Violin – Richard Greene
THREE PRUNED MEN Bully In The Alley (2:30)
Accordion – Maurice Seezer
Backing Vocals – Gavin Friday, Guggi
Bass – Tony Molloy
Drums, Percussion – Robbie Cesserly
Guitar – Anto Drennan
Strings – Zoe Conway
Vocals – Dave – ID Busarus

BRYAN FERRY The Cruel Ship’s Captain (3:35)
Banjo – Peter Stanley
Bass – Rory McFarlane
Drums – Andy Newmark
Oboe – Kate St. John
Percussion – Martyn Barker
Violin – Warren Ellis

ROBIN HOLCOMB Dead Horse (2:54)
Bass – Dana Janssen
Drums – Ryan Vanderhoof
Guitar – Bill Frisell, Miles Seaton, Seth Olinsky
Keyboards – Wayne Horvitz
Violin – Eyvind Kang

BILL FRISELL Spanish Ladies (2:22)
Guitar – Bill Frisell
Loops – Hal Willner

JOSEPH ARTHUR Coast Of High Barbary (4:02)
Bass, Backing Vocals – Dom Richards
Drums, Backing Vocals – Jim White
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Rainy Orteca
Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Ed Pastorini
Trombone, Backing Vocals – Arthur Baron
Violin, Backing Vocals – Joan As Police Woman

Bass – Dom Richards
Drums – Jim White
Guitar – Rainy Orteca
Harmonium – Ed Pastorini
Strings – Joan As Police Woman
Tin Whistle, Didgeridoo – Arthur Baron

DAVID THOMAS Dan Dan (0:50)
Bass – Rory McFarlane
Drums – Andy Newmark
Guitar – Keith Moliné, Leo Abrahams
Oboe, Accordion – Kate St. John
Strings – Warren Ellis

STING Blood Red Roses (2:44)
Accordion – Michael Thompson
Drums, Backing Vocals – Pete Thomas
Violin – Richard Greene
Backing Vocals – Davey Fallagher, Debra Dobkin, Doug Pettibone, Greg Prestopino, Val McCallum

TEDDY THOMPSON Sally Brown (2:54)
Guitar, Vocals – Teddy Thompson
Harmonium – Ed Pastorini
Violin – Joan As Police Woman

GAVIN FRIDAY Baltimore Whores (4:40)
Accordion, Piano – Maurice Seezer
Bass – Tony Molloy
Drums, Percussion – Robbie Cesserly
Guitar – Anto Drennan
Strings – Zoe Conway

ELIZA CARTHY Rolling Sea (4:49)
Bass, Backing Vocals – Rory McFarlane
Drums, Backing Vocals – Andy Newmark
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Leo Abrahams
Oboe, Accordion – Kate St. John
Percussion, Backing Vocals – Martyn Barker
Strings, Backing Vocals – Warren Ellis
Accordion, Backing Vocals – Tim Van Eyken
Backing Vocals – Ed Harcourt, Ralph Steadman, Robyn Hitchcock

With Eliza Carthy, Norma Waterson
Vocals – Andy Newmark, Jenni Muldaur, Kate St. John, Leo Abrahams, Martyn Barker, Rory McFarlane, Tim Van Eyken, Warren Ellis

BOB NEUWIRTH Haul On The Bowline (1:29)
Accordion – Michael Thompson
Drums – Pete Thomas
Violin – Richard Greene

BONO A Dying Sailor To His Shipmates (4:44)
Accordion – Maurice Seezer
Cello – Eric Jacobsen
Viola – Nicholas Cords
Violin – Johnny Gandelsman
Violin – Jenny Scheinman

LUCINDA WILLIAMS Bonnie Portmore (3:36)
Bass – Rory McFarlane
Fiddle – David Coulter
Flugelhorn – Terry Edwards

RICHARD GREENE & JACK SHIT Shenandoah (2:58)
Accordion – Neil Larsen
Bass – Davey Fallagher
Drums – Pete Thomas
Guitar – Val McCallum

MARY MARGARET O’HARA The Cry Of Man (3:06)
Bass – Rory McFarlane
Flugelhorn – Terry Edwards
Harmonica – Stan Ridgway
Oboe, Accordion, English Horn – Kate St. John
Percussion – Joe Berardi
Piano – Pietra Wextun
Saw – David Coulter

JACK SHIT Boney Was A Warrior (1:55)
Accordion – Neil Larson
Bass, Vocals – Davey Fallagher
Drums – Pete Thomas
Guitar, Vocals – Val McCallum

LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III Good Ship Venus (3:15)
Accordion – Neil Larson
Bass – Davey Fallagher
Drums – Pete Thomas
Guitar – Val McCallum
Violin – Richard Greene

WHITE MAGIC Long Time Ago (2:35)
Harmonium – Ed Pastorini
Trombone – Art Baron
Violin – Joan As Police Woman
Vocals – Douglas Shaw, Mira Billotte

NICK CAVE Pinery Boy (3:15)
Bass – Rory McFarlane
Drums – Andy Newmark
Guitar – Leo Abrahams
Oboe, Accordion – Kate St. John
Percussion – Martyn Barker
Strings – Warren Ellis

BRYAN FERRY with ANTONY Lowlands Low (2:35)
Banjo – Peter Stanley
Bass – Rory McFarlane
Drums – Andy Newmark
Oboe – Kate St. John
Percussion – Martyn Barker
Violin – Warren Ellis

AKRON/FAMILY One Spring Morning (5:25)
Bass, Vocals – Miles Seaton
Drums, Percussion, Banjo, Vocals – Dana Janssen
Guitar – Bill Frisell
Guitar, Vocals – Ryan Vanderhoof, Seth Olinsky
Violin – Eyvind Kang

Accordion – Tim Van Eyken
Drums – Andy Newmark
Percussion – Martyn Barker
Violin, Vocals – Eliza Carthy
Vocals – Martin Carthy, Norma Waterson

RICKY JAY and RICHARD GREENE The Fiddler (1:34)
Vocals – Ricky Jay
Violin – Richard Greene

ANDREA COOR Caroline And Her Young Sailor Bold (3:58)
Backing Vocals – Zoe Conway
Engineer – Dave Slevin

JOHN C. REILLY Fathom The Bowl (3:44)
Accordion – Neil Larsen
Backing Vocals – Loudon Wainwright III
Bass, Backing Vocals – Davey Fallagher
Drums, Backing Vocals – Pete Thomas
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Val McCallum
Violin – Richard Greene

DAVID THOMAS What Do We Do With A Drunken Sailor (3:44)
Bass – Rory McFarlane
Drums – Andy Newmark
Guitar – Leo Abrahams
Guitar – Keith Moliné
Percussion – Martyn Barker
Saxophone – Kate St. John
Strings – Warren Ellis

ED HARCOURT Farewell Nancy (6:06)
Bass – Rory McFarlane
Drums – Andy Newmark
Guitar – Leo Abrahams
Oboe, Accordion – Kate St. John
Percussion – Martyn Barker
Strings – Warren Ellis

STAN RIDGWAY Hanging Johnny (3:28)
Backing Vocals – Mary Margaret O’Hara
Bass – Rory McFarlane
English Horn – Kate St. John
Drums – Joe Berardi
Flugelhorn – Terry Edwards
Percussion – Mocean Worker
Piano – Pietra Wextun
Violin – David Coulter

BABY GRAMPS Old Man Of The Sea (5:18)
Flute, Violin – Eyvind Kang
Tin Whistle – Philip Morgan

VAN DYKE PARKS Greenland Whale Fisheries (4:41)
Accordion, Backing Vocals – Michael Thompson, Neil Larson
Backing Vocals – Greg Prestopino
Bass, Backing Vocals – Davey Fallagher
Drums – Pete Thomas
Fiddle, Backing Vocals – Richard Greene
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Doug Pettibone, Val McCallum
Saxophone, Backing Vocals – Steve Berlin
Vocals, Mandolin, Mandolin [Mandola] – Matt Cartsonis

STING Shallow Brown (2:30)
Keyboards, Electronics – Mocean Worker
Backing Vocals – Davey Fallagher, Debra Dobkin, Greg Prestopino, Val McCallum

JOLIE HOLLAND The Grey Funnel Line (4:53)
Backing Vocals – Mary Margaret O’Hara, Richard Strange
Bass – Rory McFarlane
Drums – Joe Berardi
Fiddle, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele – David Coulter
Flugelhorn – Terry Edwards
Oboe, Accordion, English Horn – Kate St. John

JARVIS COCKER A Drop Of Nelson’s Blood (7:10)
Bass – Steve Mackey
Drums – Ross Orton
Guitar – Richard Hawley

LOU REED Leave Her Johnny (5:30)
Backing Vocals – Antony
Bass – Rob Wasserman
Cello – Jane Scarpantoni

RALPH STEADMAN Little Boy Billee (5:34)
Backing Vocals – Jenni Muldaur
Bass, Backing Vocals – Rory McFarlane
Drums, Backing Vocals – Andy Newmark
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Leo Abrahams
Oboe, Accordion – Kate St. John
Percussion, Backing Vocals – Martyn Barker
Strings, Backing Vocals – Warren Ellis
Vocals, Guitar – Robyn Hitchcock
Vocals, Piano – Ed Harcourt

SHANE MacGOWAN Leaving Of Liverpool (4:01)
Accordion – Rob Burger
Acoustic Guitar – Tony Gilkyson
Backing Vocals – Ed Pastorini, Jen Turner, Jenni Muldaur, Max Bragg
Bass – David Piltch, Greg Cohen
Drums – Casey Waits
Guitar – Nels Cline
Guitar [Solo 1] – Gore Verbinski
Guitar [Solo 2] – Johnny Depp
Horn – Jody Espina, Pablo Calogero, Sal Cracchiolo
Mixed By – Martin Brumbach
Violin – Richard Greene
Vocals – Shane MacGowan

ROBYN HITCHCOCK & THE VENUS 3 Sam’s Gone Away (2:45)
Bass, Vocals – Scott McCaughey
Drums, Vocals – Ben Rieflin
Guitar – Peter Buck
Vocals – Charlie Francis
Vocals, Guitar, Piano – Robyn Hitchcock

BETH ORTON Bamboo (River Come Down) (6:18)
Bass – David Piltch
Drums – Danny Frankel
Guitar – Val McCallum
Slide Guitar – Greg Liesz
Strings – Darrin McCann, Larry Corbett
Vocals – Beth Orton

Accordion – Neil Larsen
Bass – Davey Faragher
Drums – Pete Thomas
Guitar – Val McCallum
Other – Jon Brion
Vocals – Charlotte Kemp Muhl, Sean Lennon

TOM WAITS with KEITH RICHARDS Shenandoah (4:03)
Acoustic Guitar – Marc Ribot
Violin – Debbie Dibbley
Vocals – Tom Waits
Vocals, Electric Guitar, Bouzouki – Keith Richards

IVAN NEVILLE Mr. Stormalong (4:06)
Bass – James Singleton
Drums – Raymond Weber
Piano, Vocals – Ivan Neville
Sampler – Hal Willner

IGGY POP with A HAWK AND A HACKSAW Asshole Rules The Navy (2:04)
Accordion – Heather Trost, Jeremy Barnes
Vocals – Iggy Pop

MACY GRAY with JACK SHIT and ZOUX Off To Sea Once More (5:02)
Bass – Davey Faragher
Drums – Pete Thomas
Guitar – Val McCallum
Keyboards – Neil Larson, Zoux
Sampler – Hal Willner
Strings – Emily Moore, Marian Mayer, Mary Virginia Murphy, Matthew Witmer
Vocals – Macy Gray

ED HARCOURT The Ol’ OG (3:27)
Vocals, Guitar – Ed Harcourt
SHILPA RAY with NICK CAVE and WARREN ELLIS Pirate Jenny (7:31)
Strings – Scaliwag String Quartet
Violin – Warren Ellis
Vocals, Harmonium – Shilpa Ray
Vocals, Piano – Nick Cave

PATTI SMITH and JOHNNY DEPP The Mermaid (2:25)
Bass, Baritone Guitar – Bruce Witkin
Guitar, Drums – Johnny Depp
Vocals – Patti Smith

CHUCK E. WEISS Anthem For Old Souls (4:31)
Acoustic Guitar – Tony Gilkyson
Bass – David Piltch, Greg Cohen
Celesta – Steve Weisberg
Drums – Casey Waits
Guitar – Nels Cline
Violin – Richard Greene
Vocals – Chuck E. Weiss

ED PASTORINI Orange Claw Hammer (3:18)
Written By – Don Van Vliet
Vocals – Ed Pastorini

THE AMERICANS Sweet And Low (3:30)
Banjo – Zac Sokolow
Bass – Davey Faragher
Bass – Jacob Faulkner
Drum – Pete Thomas
Guitar – Val McCallum
Guitar, Vocals – Patrick Ferris
Keyboards – Zoux
Keyboards – Neil Larsen

Bass, Vocals – Miles Seaton
Drums, Percussion, Banjo, Vocals – Dana Janssen
Guitar – Bill Frisell
Guitar, Vocals – Ryan Vanderhoof, Seth Olinsky
Keyboards – Wayne Horvitz
Violin – Eyvind Kang
Vocals – Jessika Kenny, Robin Holcomb

GAVIN FRIDAY and SHANNON McNALLY Tom’s Gone To Hilo (4:51)
Accordion – Maurice Seezer
Bass – Tony Molloy
Didgeridoo – Art Baron
Drums, Percussion – Robbie Cesserly
Guitar – Anto Drennan
Vocals – Gavin Friday, Shannon McNally
Penny Whistle, Violin – Zoe Conway

Banjo – Jesse Harris
Bass – Jesse Murphy
Bass, Drum – Kenny Wollesen
Drums – Dalius Noujo, Daniel Jodocy, Gerald Clever
Guitar – On Davis, Tony Scherr
Vocals – Baye Kouyate
Organ – Brian Mitchell
Percussion – Jennifer Harris, Tim Kieper
Saxophone – Jessica Lurie, Jonathon Haffner, Welf Dorr
Saxophone – Stefan Zeniuk
Saxophone – Doug Wieselman, Nick Gianni
Trombone – Elizabeth Dotson-Westphalen, Richard Marriott
Trumpet – Mike Irwin, Peck Allmond, Sarah Wilson
Trumpet – Mike Williams
Tuba – Jesse Dulman
Voice – Chantal Ughi, Kate Fenner, Michelle Casillas, Monica Frisell

FRANK ZAPPA/MOTHERS OF INVENTION Wedding Dress Song/Handsome Cabin Boy (2:36)
Drums – Jimmy Carl Black
Guitar, Bass – Frank Zappa
Keyboards – Don Preston
Marimba, Vibraphone – Art Tripp

Bass – Davey Faragher
Drums – Pete Thomas
Guitar – Val McCallum
Keyboards – Neil Larsen
Vocals – Courtney Love, Michael Stipe

MARC ALMOND Ship In Distress (2:30)
Bayan – Igor Outkine
Vocals – Marc Almond

DR. JOHN In Lure Of The Tropics (5:02)
Drums – Raymond Weber
Sampler – Hal Willner
Voice – Mac Rebennack
Woodwind – Doug Wieselman

TODD RUNDGREN Rolling Down To Old Maui (3:46)
All Instruments, Vocals – Todd Rundgren
DAN ZANES with BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE Jack Tar On Shore (3:10)
Drums – Justin Peroff
Guitar – Andrew Whiteman, Charles Spearin, Sam Goldberg
Guitar, Vocals – Dan Zanes
Piano – Brenden Canning

KATEY RED and BIG FREEDIA with AKRON/FAMILY Sally Racket (2:57)
Bass – James Singleton
Bass, Vocals – Miles Seaton
Drums, Percussion, Banjo, Vocals – Dana Janssen
Guitar – Bill Frisell
Guitar, Vocals – Ryan Vanderhoof, Seth Olinsky
Human Beatbox – Raymond Weber
Organ – Ivan Neville
Violin – Eyvind Kang
Vocals – Big Freedia, Katey Red

Drums – Justin Peroff
Harmonica – Andrew Whiteman
Organ – Brenden Canning
Trumpet – Charles Spearin
Vocals – Kevin Drew, Lisa Lobsinger

Accordion – Gil Goldstein
Bass – Greg Cohen
Bass Clarinet – Doug Wieselman, Lenny Pickett
Drums – Jim White
Electric Piano – Steve Weisberg
Guitar – Barry Reynolds, Marc Ribot
Piano, Organ – Rob Burger
Tenor Saxophone – Marty Ehrlich
Vocals – Anna McGarrigle, Kate McGarrigle, Marianne Faithfull

RICKY JAY The Chantey Of Noah And His Ark (Old School Song) (6:18)
Bass – Davey Faragher
Drums – Pete Thomas
Guitar – Val McCallum
Organ – Neil Larsen
Percussion – Jon Brion
Sampler – Hal Willner
Violin – Richard Greene
Vocals – Ricky Jay

MICHAEL GIRA Whiskey Johnny (2:17)
Bass – Dom Richards
Clarinet – Doug Wieselman
Drums – Jim White
Guitar – Rainy Orteca
Piano – Ed Pastorini
Trombone – Art Baron
Violin – Joan Wasser

PETRA HADEN with LENNY PICKETT Sunshine Life For Me (3:44)
Bass – Davey Faragher
Drums – Pete Thomas
Guitar, Vocals – Val McCallum
Keyboards – Neil Larsen, Zoux
Saxophone – Lenny Pickett
Vocals – Petra Haden

JENNI MULDAUR Row The Boat Child (2:35)
Organ – Chris Brown
Strings – Scaliwag String Quartet
Vocals – Jenni Muldaur

RICHARD THOMPSON with JACK SHIT General Taylor (3:53)
Accordion, Vocals – Michael Thompson
Bass – Davey Faragher
Drums, Vocals – Pete Thomas
Guitar – Doug Pettibone
Guitar, Vocals – Richard Thompson, Val McCallum
Percussion, Vocals – Debra Dobkin
Violin – Richard Greene

Bass – Davey Faragher
Drums – Pete Thomas
Guitar – David Robbins, Val McCallum
Keyboards – Neil Larsen, Zoux
Vocals – Jamie Drake, Matthew Sweet, Susanna Hoffs
Vocals, Guitar – Tim Robbins

KEMBRA PFAHLER Barnacle Bill The Sailor (3:31)
Drums – Jim White
Guitar – Joan Wasser, Rainy Orteca
Keyboards – Ed Pastorini
Sampler – Hal Willner, JG Thurwell
Tin Whistle, Didgeridoo – Art Baron
Vocals – Antony, Joseph Arthur, Kembra Pfahler

ANJELICA HUSTON Missus McGraw (5:09)
Strings – Scaliwag String Quartet
Vocals – Anjelica Huston

IGGY POP and THE ELEGANT TOO The Dreadnought (2:32)
Drums, Percussion, Programmed By, Vocals – Phil Hernandez
Guitar, Keyboards, Programmed By, Vocals – Chris Maxwell
Vocals – Iggy Pop

MARY MARGARET O’HARA Then Said The Captain To Me (Two Poems Of The Sea) (1:49)
Accordion – Kate St. John
Bass – Rory McFarland
Flugelhorn – Terry Edwards
Percussion – Joe Berardi
Saw – David Coulter
Vocals – Mary Margaret O’Hara

VARIOUS ARTISTS Medium Rare (1993) – w/ Rarities From Bowie, Sugar, Thompson, Cale, NRBQ & others

mrareMedium Rare (1993)
Promo-Only Ryko Rarities CD…

Cool Ryko release designed to promote the label’s (once) impressive array of artists and releases, boasting oddities in the form of demos, live tracks, b-sides and alternate mixes. Since this was first issued over 20 years ago, in 1993, some of these tracks have since re-surfaced on various reissues as bonus tracks… but not all of them. So this collection is a nice one to have. Find Medium Rare at Amazon, HERE.

Sugar JC Auto (Live) (6:03)
Jimi Hendrix Experience
Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) (Live) (6:26) – Recorded Live At Winterland, Oct. 1968
Richard Thompson
Skull And Crossbones (Live) (4:00) – Recorded Live At Park West, Chicago, March, 1985
Chris Bell
Make A Scene (Alternate Mix) (4:11)
Nils Lofgren
Misery (Demo Version) (4:46)
John Cale
You Know More Than I Know (Live) (3:15) – Unreleased In The US
June Tabor & The Oyster Band
Susie Clelland (Live) (5:10) – From The Public Radio program, Mountain Stage
John & Mary
Rags Of Flowers (Live) (3:16)
Marty Willson-Piper
New York Buddah (Promo B-Side) (7:10)
Mouth Music
He Mandu (Mother Mix) (6:10)
David Bowie vs 808 State
Sound & Vision (808 Giftmix) (4:00) – From the Rykodisc single “Sound & Vision”
Music, Music, Music (Live) (2:28)
John Trudell
Look At Us (Peltier AIM Song) (6:00) – Unreleased In The US

MOJO Presents… Change The Beat (2015)

Change The BeatChange The Beat (March, 2015)

The latest free CD from MOJO Magazine is a funky, wiry, nervous stash of late 70s/early 80s, New York City post-punk beats… that still manages to sound alive and breathing over 40 years later. Forget the “Madonna” tie-in MOJO uses to connect the dots to their cover story. She was just there, and had nothing to do with the vitality of this street-level beat-meistering. 14 tracks from Bush Tetras, James Chance, Funkadelic, Curtis Mayfield, Arthur Russell, ESG and others. PROGRAMMING NOTE: “Coup,” by 23 Skidoo, sounds flawed, with a few stutters and drop-outs, but that’s the way the track was originally released back in the day. Hit the archives to find all 155 of MOJO‘s freebie CDs, dating back to 1997, HERE.

23 Skidoo – Coup (4:13)
– Erase You (4:04)
Bush Tetras
– You Can’t Be Funky (2:41)
Delta 5
– Triangle (3:14)
James White And The Blacks
– Sax Maniac (7:30)
Arthur Russell
– Hop On Down (6:01)
Screamin’ Rachael
– My Main Man (6:02)
Maximum Joy
– White & Green Place (Extraterrestrial Mix) (5:32)
– Icka Prick (4:06)
Curtis Mayfield
– Tell Me, Tell Me (How Ya Like To Be Loved) (6:17)
Chaz Jankel
– 3,000,000 Synths (4:43)
Section 25
– Program For Light (4:00)
Judy Nylon
– The Dice (3:42)
Singers & Players
– Make A Joyful Noise (6:02)

VARIOUS ARTISTS The Voyager Golden Record: The Sounds Of Earth (1977) – Out Of This World Music!

Voyager-Golden-RecordThe Voyager Golden Record: The Sounds Of Earth (1977)
The Earth Says Howdy

You could call it Earth’s rarest record… except it’s as far from Earth as anything man-made has ever been, currently hurtling through interstellar space aboard both Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, with an included stylus, needle, (typically confusing stereo) instructions, an unspecified destination and a far-flung mission to introduce ourselves to everyone – anyone – hanging out in the universe. I miss this kind of forward thinking, which has more recently been supplanted by partisan rancor and criminal nearsightedness. I also miss Carl Sagan, the famed astronomer who chaired the committee that was tasked to compile this nearly two-hour introduction to the voices, sounds, images, inhabitants and music of planet Earth… or what Frank Zappa might have called, “the best of what the 20th Century has to offer.” Sagan dismissed the tunnel-vision hacks who wanted to showcase only Western music, navigated the puritanical mindset that balked at his plans to include nude images of a man and woman, and still managed to forge this fascinating and intelligent compilation – featuring greetings in 55 languages (including whales) and music from Pygmies, symphony orchestras, Navajo Indians and Chuck Berry, alongside a taste of anything and everything in between. A fun and imaginative listen, to say the least. The Beatles were invited, too (“Here Comes The Sun”), but some dim-witted pinhead at EMI saidSounds Of Earth no… for reasons that will still be confounding aliens 40,000 years from now when Voyager 1 flies within 1.6 light-years of Gliese 445. For those wanting to actually see the rarest of gold records (gold-plated copper, to be precise, with an aluminum cover and “an ultra-pure sample of the isotope uranium-238”), there’s a copy on display at the Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia. For anyone holding out for a remastered Deluxe Edition… don’t hold your breath.

Greetings From The Secretary General Of The UN, Kurt Waldheim (0:47)
Greetings In 55 Languages (4:25)
UN Greetings/Whale Greetings (4:06)
The Sounds Of Earth (12:27)
Munich Bach Orchestra BACH: Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 In F, First Movement (Germany) (4:48)
Court Gamelan of Pura Paku Alaman
Puspawarna (Kinds Of Flowers) (Indonesia) (4:52)
Tchenhoukoumen (Senegal) (2:13)
Pygmy Girls Initiation Song (Zaire) (1:01)
Morning Star/Devil Bird (Aborigine Songs) (Australia) (1:31)
Antonio Maciel y Las Aguilillas with El Mariachi México de Pepe Villa
El Cascabel (Mexico) (3:25)
Chuck Berry
Johnny B. Goode (United States) (2:44)
Men’s House Song (New Guinea) (1:26)
Goro Yamaguchi
Tsuru No Sugomori (Crane’s Nest) (Japan) (5:09)
Arthur Grumiaux
BACH: Gavotte En Rondeaux, Partita No. 3 In E Major For Violin (Germany) (3:02)
Bavarian State Opera
MOZART: The Magic Flute, Queen Of The Night, Aria No. 14 (Austria) (2:58)
Georgian State Ensemble
Tchakrulo (Georgia SSR, Soviet Union) (2:29)
Panpipes and Drums (Peru) (0:57)
Louis Armstrong And His Hot Seven
Melancholy Blues (United States) (3:11)
Kamil Jalilov
Mugam (Azerbaijan SSR, Soviet Union) (2:38)
Columbia Symphony Orchestra
STRAVINSKY: Rite of Spring, Sacrificial Dance (Russia/France) (4:37)
Glenn Gould
BACH: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 2, No.1 (Canada/Germany) (4:51)
The Philharmonia Orchestra
BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 5, First Movement (Germany) (8:53)
Valya Balkanska
Izlel Je Delyo Hagdutin (Bulgaria) (5:05)
Navajo Night Chant (Native American) (1:02)
David Munrow and The Early Music Consort Of London
The Faerie Round (United Kingdom) (1:20)
Melanesian Panpipes (Solomon Islands) (1:18)
Wedding Song (Peru) (0:43)
Kuan P’ing hu
Liu Shui (Flowing Streams) (China) (7:49)
Surshri Kesar Bai Kerkar
Jaat Kahan Ho (India) (3:40)
Blind Willie Johnson
Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground (United States) (3:25)
Budapest String Quartet
BEETHOVEN: String Quartet No. 13 In B Flat, Opus 130 (Germany) (6:47)

VARIOUS ARTISTS The OKeh Rhythm & Blues Story 1949-1957 (1993)

OkehThe OKeh Rhythm & Blues Story 1949-1957 (1993)
Righteous Early R&B From Columbia/OKeh Records

It’s hard to believe that CD box sets like this will probably never be produced again. Economics, limited commercial appeal and the New World Technological Order have probably spelled the death of hard disc collections like this. The music will live on, of course, but the delivery system has changed forever, and not necessarily for the better. And, along with it will go the informative mini-books, details and graphics that tell the bigger picture that’s always lost with mp3s. Yeah… the info will still be online for those who want to feel like they’re ‘researching’ instead of enjoying the music’s minutia, but future generations of music lovers will rarely hold a box like this in their hands again, while the older generation will forever look back at the excess of the record industry of the 90s as the “golden age” of music. This 3CD compilation represents Columbia Records’ early 1950s foray into the R&B market, even though the label never really dominated this style of music, and was easily trumped by other labels more adept at catering to the genre. But, via their OKeh offshoot, Columbia had some shining moments and this compilation gathers the best of it all in one place. Essentials abound, from Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ downright frightening original version of “I Put A Spell On You,” to Big Maybelle’s “One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show,” to Andre Williams’ classic, “Bacon Fat,” there are too many highlights to count. Then there’s the (now) politically incorrect material, like The Bill Davis Trio’s “Catch ‘Em Young, Treat ‘Em Rough, Tell ‘Em Nothin’” and The Treniers’ “Poontang” – yet another aspect of the past that’s not likely to be convincingly repeated again. That’s LaVern Baker (then called Bea) singing with Maurice King & His Wolverines, and Marvin Gaye as a member of The Marquees. And… it’s all peppered with previously unreleased tracks and lost alternate versions. An outstanding collection that fans of the genre are sure to appreciate. Find this future-collectible hard box at Amazon, HERE.

Chris Powell & The Five Blue Flames Rock The Joint (2:36)
Chris Powell & The Five Blue Flames
That’s Right (Previously Unissued Alternate) (2:36)
The Five Scamps
Chicken Shack Boogie (2:48)
Mr. Google Eyes with Billy Ford & His Musical V-8’s
No Wine, No Women (2:28)
The Five Scamps
Red Hot (2:52)
Mr. Google Eyes with Billy Ford & His Musical V-8’s
Rough And Rocky Road (2:50)
Chris Powell & The Five Blue Flames
Hot Dog (2:35)
The Five Scamps
Fine Like Wine (2:38)
Jumpin’ Joe Williams with Red Saunders & His Orchestra
Chi (Chicago) (2:17)
Jumpin’ Joe Williams with Red Saunders & His Orchestra
Lyin’ Girl Blues (2:43)
The Ravens
Gotta Find My Baby (2:18)
Chuck Willis
Let’s Jump Tonight (2:20)
Maurice King & His Wolverines
I Want A Lavender Cadillac (2:57)
Earl Williams
If You Ever Had The Blues (2:24)
The Bill Davis Trio
Catch ‘Em Young, Treat ‘Em Rough, Tell ‘Em Nothin’ (2:53)
Jumpin Joe Williams with Red Saunders
Weekday Blues (3:13)
Irlton French with Chuck Thomas
My Run Around Baby (2:27)
The Five Scamps
Stuttering Blues (Previously Unissued) (3:04)
Leroy Johnson
She Did Me Wrong (Previously Unissued) (2:48)
The Ravens
Honey I Don’t Want You (2:32)
Larry Darnell
Work Baby Work (2:52)
Pinnochio James
Camp Meeting (2:24)
Pearl Traylor with Chuck Thomas & His All Stars
Come On Daddy (2:14)
Maurice King & His Wolverines
I Feel So Good (Previously Unissued) (2:56)
Pearl Traylor with Chuck Thomas & His All Stars
Three Ball Sam (2:58)
Little Brother Brown
Brother’s Blues (Previously Unissued) (2:53)

Jumpin’ Joe Williams Hey Bartender Give That Man A Drink (Previously Unissued Alternate) (2:27)
Little Brother Brown
Goof Boogie (Previously Unissued) (3:05)
Chuck Willis
I Rule My House (2:49)
Pinnochio James
Pinnochio’s Blues (Previously Unissued) (2:56)
Larry Darnell
I’ll Be Sittin’, I’ll Be Rockin’ (2:34)
Annie Laurie
It’s Been A Long Time (2:40)
Hadda Brooks
Jump Back Honey (2:29)
Titus Turner
Got So Much Trouble (2:55)
The Royals
Gas Happy Mama (Previously Unissued) (2:27)
Chuck Willis & The Royals
My Story (3:14)
Big Maybelle
Gabbin’ Blues (2:42)
The Treniers
The Moondog (78rpm Version) (2:23)
Annie Laurie
Stop Talkin’ And Start Walkin’ (2:33)
Red Rodney Sextet
Dig This Menu Please! (2:49)
Paul Gayten
It Ain’t Nothing Happening (2:27)
Chuck Willis
You Broke My Heart (2:37)
The Treniers
Poontang (2:40)
Hadda Brooks
Brook’s Boogie (2:53)
Big Maybelle
Jinny Mule (2:46)
Titus Turner
Livin’ In Misery (2:21)
Jumpin’ Joe Williams with Red Saunders & His Orchestra
Voodoo Blues (Prev. Unissued) (3:00)
The Bill Davis Trio
Bring The Money In (2:28)
Sammy Cotton
You The Kind Of Women (2:44)
Annie Laurie
I’m In The Mood For You (2:11)
Chuck Willis
Make Up Your Mind (3:08)
Paul Gayten
Cow Cow Blues (2:01)

Cliff “King” Solomon But Officer! (2:52)
Sammy Cotton
Give Me One Drink (2:12)
Annie Laurie
Leave It To Me (Previously Unissued) (3:17)
Cliff ‘King’ Solomon and His Orchestra
Square Dance Boogie (2:26)
Big John & The Buzzards
You’re Cash Ain’t Nothin’ But Trash (2:22)
Big Maybelle
One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show (2:53)
Titus Turner
My Lonely Room (2:53)
The Treniers
Uh Oh (Get Out Of The Car) (3:01)
Paul Gayten Featuring Lee Allen
Creole Alley (Previously Unissued) (2:14)
Larry Darnell
Give Me Your Love (Previously Unissued) (2:05)
The Shufflers
Bad, Bad Woman (Previously Unissued) (2:31)
Big Maybelle
I’m Gettin’ ‘Long Alright (2:49)
Big John & The Buzzards
Oop Shoop (2:17)
The Shufflers
Jump Ted! (Previously Unissued) (2:26)
Big Maybelle
Ocean Of Tears (Previously Unissued) (2:31)
Chuck Willis
Ring-Ding-Doo (2:32)
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
Little Demon (2:25)
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
I Put A Spell On You (2:27)
Andre Williams
Bacon Fat (3:05)
Hurricane Harry
The Last Meal (2:18)
Little Joe & The Thrillers
Let’s Do The Slop (2:50)
Lloyd Farman
Where You Been (2:32)
Lloyd Fatman
Miss Mushmouth (2:29)
The Marquees featuring Marvin Gaye
Wyatt Earp (Previously Unissued Alternate Version) (2:27)
Billy Stewart
Billy’s Heartache (Previously Unissued Alternate Version) (2:25)
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
Yellow Coat (2:24)

D.I.Y. #9: Mass. Ave. – The Boston Scene (1975-83) (1993)

Mass AveMass. Ave. – The Boston Scene (1975-83) (1993)
#9 of 9

Like the Los Angeles installment of the series, D.I.Y. Mass. Ave. – The Boston Scene (1975-83) is weaker than its predecessors because the music it covers simply isn’t as diverse, energetic or interesting as the music from New York and England. Boston did have some great bands, yet their second-level groups weren’t particularly interesting, and they pale considerably when placed next to the paranoid punk of Mission Of Burma (“That’s When I Reach For My Revolver”), the garage rock of The Lyres (“I Want To Help You Ann”), the rootsy Del Fuegos (“I Always Call Her Back”), and The Cars’ raw demo of “You’re All I’ve Got Tonight.” There are a few cool obscurities, such as Willie Alexander’s “Mass. Ave.,” Nervous Eaters’ “Loretta,” Unnatural Axe’s “They Saved Hitler’s Brain,” Neighborhoods’ “No Place Like Home,” and The Neats’ “Six,” but they aren’t enough to make Mass. Ave. worthwhile for anyone but punk and new wave fetishists. – The All Music Guide. Find Mass. Ave. – The Boston Scene (1975-83) at Amazon, HERE. Find all the DIYs in our archives, HERE.

Willie Alexander Mass. Ave. (2:45)
Real Kids
Do The Boob (2:19)
Nervous Eaters
Loretta (2:17)
Unnatural Axe
They Saved Hitler’s Brain (2:50)
La Peste
Better Off Dead (3:11)
The Cars
You’re All I’ve Got Tonight (Demo) (4:13)
The Neighborhoods
No Place Like Home (2:18)
Human Sexual Response
Jackie Onassis (3:53)
The Maps
I’m Talking To You (3:04)
Mission Of Burma
That’s When I Reach For My Revolver (3:57)
Classic Ruins
(1+1<2) (3:30)
The Lyres
I Want To Help You Ann (2:32)
6 (2:47)
Hey! (Not Another Face In The Crowd) (2:46)
Robin Lane & The Chartbusters
When Things Go Wrong (3:18)
The Atlantics
Lonelyhearts (4:23)
Dangerous Birds
Alpha Romeo (2:58)
Del Fuegos
I Always Call Her Back (3:28)
The Outlets
Knock Me Down (2:47)

D.I.Y. #8: Shake It Up – American Power Pop II (1978-80) (1993)

Shake It UpShake It Up – American Power Pop II (1978-80) (1993)
#8 of 9

In general, the songs on D.I.Y. Shake It Up – American Power Pop II are a little lighter and bouncier than those on its predecessor Come Out And Play, but since there was always an element of sweetness in power pop anyway, that difference will matter to only a handful of listeners. Shake It Up still shares many of the same characteristics of Come Out And Play – namely, it’s a collection of 19 dynamic, hook-laden singles from the first wave of American power pop bands. Again, only a couple of these songs are well-known outside of power-pop circles – The Romantics’ “What I Like About You” had become a frat-rock anthem by the end of the ’80s – but within those circles, The Rubinoos (“I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”), Chris Stamey & The dB’s (“[I Thought] You Wanted To Know”), The Shoes (“Tomorrow Night,” “Too Late”), 20/20 (“Yellow Pills,” “Giving It All”), Off Broadway USA (“Stay In Time”), Holly And The Italians (“Tell That Girl To Shut Up”) and The Beat (“Work-A-Day World,” “Walking Out On Love”) and their songs became semi-legendary. With the exception of Come Out And Play, there’s no better overview of the early-’80s power-pop movement than Shake It Up, even with the absence of such major players as Dwight Twilley, Phil Seymour, and Great Buildings. – The All Music Guide. Find Shake It Up – American Power Pop II (1978-80) at Amazon, HERE. Find all the DIYs in our archives, HERE.

The Cryers Shake It Up (Ain’t It Time?) (3:14)
The Rubinoos
I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (3:22)
Chris Stamey & The dB’s
(I Thought) You Wanted To Know (3:16)
Gary Valentine
The First One (2:37)
Love You Tonight (Saturday’s Gone) (3:11)
Giving It All (2:49)
The Romantics
Tell It To Carrie (3:20)
Tomorrow Night (3:00)
Yellow Pills (4:18)
The Beat
Walking Out On Love (1:48)
Too Late (2:46)
The Beat
Work-A-Day World (2:57)
The Pop
Waiting For The Night (3:35)
Pearl Harbor & The Explosions
You Got It (Release It) (2:32)
Off Broadway USA
Stay In Time (2:57)
The Romantics
What I Like About You (2:56)
The Plimsouls
Zero Hour (2:35)
The Know
I Like Girls (2:10)
Holly & The Italians
Tell That Girl To Shut Up (3:00)

D.I.Y. #7: Come Out And Play – American Power Pop I (1975-78) (1993)

Come Out And PlayCome Out And Play – American Power Pop I (1975-78) (1993)
#7 of 9

Power-pop benefited from the punk explosion, since it had as much to do with the rock & roll mainstream as with the punks. In the wake of The Ramones and Sex Pistols, straightforward, guitar-driven power-pop bands had a greater audience than before, since more listeners were aware of the existence of such music. And if the ringing pop on D.I.Y. Come Out And Play – American Power Pop I has more to do with the British Invasion than The Damned, it shares the same kinetic energy and vital spirit as punk, especially since many of the bands on this collection were doggedly releasing independent records and touring in the late ’70s to a dedicated cult following. There are no hits on Come Out And Play – Cheap Trick, the one marquee name on the compilation, is represented by the dynamic album track “Southern Girls” – but that doesn’t mean it’s a collection of also-rans and mediocrities. Instead, these songs are the foundation of the first wave of power pop, and many of the artists here – Pezband (“Baby It’s Cold Outside”), The Nerves (“Hanging On The Telephone”), Artful Dodger (“Wayside”), Chris Stamey (“Summer Sun”), Tommy Hoehn (“Blow Yourself Up”), The Paley Brothers (“Come Out And Play”), Fotomaker (“Where Have You Been All My Life”) and Chris Bell (“I Am The Cosmos” – have become legendary in certain circles. As a result, Come Out And Play serves as a terrific introduction to the world of power pop, but it’s better seen as a collection of some of the best and catchiest pop singles that slipped through the cracks in the late ’70s. – The All Music Guide. Find Come Out And Play – American Power Pop I (1975-78) at Amazon, HERE. Find all our DIY posts, HERE.

Flamin’ Groovies Shake Some Action (4:33)
Baby, It’s Cold Outside (2:52)
The Nerves
Hanging On The Telephone (2:05)
Artful Dodger
Wayside (4:24)
Hit The Floor (3:47)
Can’t Wait (3:25)
The Nerves
When You Find Out (2:00)
Chris Stamey
The Summer Sun (3:09)
Tommy Hoehn
Blow Yourself Up (2:56)
The Scruffs
My Mind (2:16)
The Names
Why Can’t It Be? (4:01)
Cheap Trick
Southern Girls (3:44)
The Real Kids
All Kindsa Girls (4:06)
The Paley Brothers
Come Out And Play (2:35)
Where Have You Been All My Life (3:24)
Stop! Wait A Minute (2:44)
The Flashcubes
Christi Girl (3:51)
The Diodes
Tires Of Waking Up Tired (2:55)
Chris Bell
I Am The Cosmos (3:40)

D.I.Y. #6: We’re Desperate – The L.A. Scene (1976-79) (1993)

We're DesperateWe’re Desperate – The L.A. Scene (1976-79) (1993)
#6 of 9

If D.I.Y. We’re Desperate: The L.A. Scene (1976-79) is one of the weakest installments in the D.I.Y. series, it’s only because the Los Angeles scene wasn’t nearly as rich and diverse as those in New York and London. New wave pop didn’t have a stronghold in the L.A. punk community, which tended to favor raw, hard, amateurish punk. Essentially, Los Angeles was one of the first towns to embrace hardcore, and almost all of We’re Desperate plays as proto-hardcore punk. Of all the bands on the collection, X displays the greatest songcraft and style with their edgy guitars and tag-team vocals. No other group has their finesse, but then again, they don’t attempt to write songs, they just want to make noise; on that level the collection works, even if it may get tedious to listeners who have just a passing interest in this style of punk. Still, We’re Desperate is a good overview of the L.A. scene, featuring its handful of major players – The Germs (“Forming,” “Lexicon Devil”), The Dickies (“You Drive Me Ape [You Big Gorilla]”), The Weirdos (“We Got The Neutron Bomb,” “A Life Of Crime”), The Dils (“I Hate The Rich”) – plus many lesser-known acts like The Zeros, The Furys, Eyes, Bags, The Last, Alley Cats, The Plugz, and The Dogs, as well as a demo from The Motels. There’s not enough variety or substance to make it as essential as the New York and U.K. collections, but that means We’re Desperate is an accurate representation of Los Angeles punk. – The All Music Guide. Find We’re Desperate – The L.A. Scene (1976-79) at Amazon, HERE. Find all the DIYs in our archives, HERE.

The Pop! Down On The Boulevard (2:43)
The Dogs
Younger Point Of View (3:15)
The Motels
Counting (Demo) (4:44)
The Germs
Forming (3:06)
The Dils
I Hate The Rich (1:42)
The Zeros
Don’t Push Me Around (2:28)
The Weirdos
A Life Of Crime (2:22)
The Zippers
You’re So Strange (2:48)
The Quick
Pretty Please (4:32)
The Last
She Don’t Know Why I’m Here (3:27)
The Furys
Say Goodbye To The Black Sheep (2:29)
The Dils
Mr. Big (1:44)
We’re Desperate (2:04)
The Weirdos
We Got The Neutron Bomb (3:01)
The Germs
Lexicon Devil (2:05)
Alley Cats
Nothing Means Nothing Anymore (3:15)
The Plugz
La Bamba (1:37)
The Dickies
You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla) (1:54)
Taqn (1:34)
Survive (2:48)
Los Angeles (2:25)

D.I.Y. #5: Blank Generation – The New York Scene (1975-78) (1993)

Blank GenerationBlank Generation – The New York Scene (1975-78) (1993)
#5 of 9

From the outset, New York punk rock had more subgenres and styles than its British counterparts. Even the Ramones, who were seemingly the most straightforward band on the scene, had a distinctly arty conceit behind their fusion of garage-rock, bubblegum, and pop-culture kitsch. Most of their contemporaries had similar attitudes, whether it was Blondie with their sexy, ironic revision of ’60s pop, Television’s cerebral guitar rock, Richard Hell’s jaggedly atonal rock, Patti Smith’s punk poetry or Suicide’s eerie synthesizers. All of those bands are collected on the superb overview D.I.Y. Blank Generation – The New York Scene (1975-78), along with such cult favorites as The Dictators (“[I Live For] Cars And Girls”), Mink DeVille (“Let Me Dream If I Want To”), Wayne County, The Dead Boys, The Heartbreakers and The Mumps. While Talking Heads are missing from the collection, Blank Generation nevertheless is an accurate and nearly flawless portrait of the heyday of New York punk.The All Music Guide. Find Blank Generation – The New York Scene (1975-78) at Amazon, HERE. Find all the DIYs in our archives, HERE.

Ramones Blitzkrieg Bop (2:14)
The Dictators
(I Live For) Cars And Girls (3:58)
Patti Smith Group
Ask The Angels (3:11)
Tuff Darts
All For The Love Of Rock ‘N’ Roll (3:16)
Mink Deville
Let Me Dream If I Want To (2:55)
Wayne County & The Back Street Boys
Max’s Kansas City 1976 (5:38)
X Offender (3:13)
Richard Hell & The Voidoids
Blank Generation (2:45)
See No Evil (3:53)
In The Flesh (2:32)
Mink Deville
Spanish Stroll (3:41)
Venus (3:55)
Dead Boys
Sonic Reducer (3:08)
The Heartbreakers
Chinese Rocks (2:55)
Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (2:48)
Crocodile Tears (2:10)
Richard Hell & The Voidoids
Love Comes In Spurts (2:03)
The Heartbreakers
Born To Lose (3:06)
Cheree (3:48)

D.I.Y. #4: Starry Eyes – UK Pop II (1978-79) (1993)

Starry EyesStarry Eyes – UK Pop II (1978-79) (1993)
#4 of 9

Picking up where Teenage Kicks left off, D.I.Y. Starry Eyes: UK Pop II is even more pop-oriented than its predecessor, and that’s taking The Buzzcocks’ searing “Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve?)” into consideration. Although it includes a handful of great singles from artists that were on Teenage Kicks (The Undertones’ “Get Over You,” XTC’s “Life Begins At The Hop,” Squeeze’s “Up The Junction,” The Revillos’ “Where’s The Boy For Me?”), plus Joe Jackson’s familiar “Is She Really Going Out With Him?,” Starry Eyes shines in rounding up terrific singles from under-appreciated artists like Bram Tchaikovsky (“Girl Of My Dreams”), The Jags (“Back Of My Hand [I’ve Got Your Number]”), The Records (“Starry Eyes”), The Searchers (“Hearts In Her Eyes”) and Purple Hearts (“Millions Like Us”). These are sparkling pop songs, with ringing guitars and immediate, catchy melodies. Very few of these songs were actual hits, but they are the cornerstone of British new wave and power pop, which has rarely sounded as energetic and vital as it does here.The All Music Guide. Find Starry Eyes – UK Pop II (1978-79) at Amazon, HERE. Find all the DIYs in our archives, HERE.

Buzzcocks Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve?) (2:42)
The Undertones
Get Over You (2:46)
Yachting Types (2:50)
Joe Jackson
Is She Really Going Out With Him? (3:38)
Schooldays (3:23)
Bram Tchaikovsky
Girl Of My Dreams (4:09)
The Squares
This Is Airebeat (3:07)
Life Begins At The Hop (3:49)
Up The Junction (3:13)
The Jags
Back Of My Hand (I’ve Got Your Number) (3:23)
The Radiators
Let’s Talk About The Weather (4:21)
The Records
Starry Eyes (4:25)
Mourning Star (3:28)
Purple Hearts
Millions Like Us (3:12)
The Distractions
Time Goes By So Slow (3:24)
The Searchers
Hearts In Her Eyes (3:23)
The Revillos
Where’s The Boy For Me? (2:03)
White Mice (3:39)
The Tourists
So Good To Be Back Home Again (2:38)

D.I.Y. #3: Teenage Kicks – UK Pop I (1976-79) (1993)

Teenage KicksTeenage Kicks – UK Pop I (1976-79) (1993)
#3 of 9

Punk helped restore a nervy, stripped-down sensibility to rock that was quickly filtered through a number of more pop-oriented bands that were labeled as new wave. Not surprisingly, many of these new wavers were holdovers from pub rock, whose unpretentious, anti-star attitude foreshadowed punk rock. These pub rockers were devoted to the three-minute pop single, but they also had a biting wit and kinetic energy that separated them from conventional pop/rock bands, and the best of this first wave of new wavers are collected on the dynamic D.I.Y. Teenage Kicks: UK Pop I (1976-79). Beginning with Nick Lowe’s explosive “So It Goes,” the collection runs through a series of classic singles from Eddie & The Hot Rods (“Do Anything You Wanna Do”), Wreckless Eric (“Whole Wide World”), The Motors (“Dancing the Night Away”), Tom Robinson Band (“2-4-6-8 Motorway”), Squeeze (“Take Me, I’m Yours”), The Only Ones (“Another Girl, Another Planet”), XTC (“This Is Pop?”), The Rezillos (“Top Of The Pops”) and The Undertones (“Teenage Kicks”), throwing in a number of forgotten gems along the way. Although the collection doesn’t feature Elvis Costello due to licensing restrictions, he isn’t missed – in fact, the collection plays better without him, since focusing on overlooked artists demonstrates what an amazing era new wave was for smart, catchy guitar pop. Few various-artist collections capture their subject as well, or as infectiously, as Teenage Kicks does.The All Music Guide. Find Teenage Kicks – UK Pop I (1976-79) at Amazon, HERE. Find all the DIYs in our archives, HERE.

Nick Lowe So It Goes (2:32)
Eddie & The Hot Rods
Do Anything You Wanna Do (4:06)
Nick Lowe
Mary Provost (2:47)
Wreckless Eric
Whole Wide World (3:01)
The Motors
Dancing The Night Away (3:17)
Tom Robinson Band
(2-4-6-8 Motorway (3:19)
Kursaal Flyers
Television Generation (2:40)
Take Me I’m Yours (2:51)
The Only Ones
Another Girl, Another Planet (3:03)
This Is Pop? (2:44)
The Boys
Brickfield Nights (3:14)
The Motors
Airport (4:14)
Jilted John
Jilted John (2:59)
The Rezillos
Top Of The Pops (2:58)
Rich Kids
Ghosts Of Princes In Towers (3:35)
The Undertones
Teenage Kicks (2:27)
Look Back In Love (Not In Anger) (2:26)
The Pleasers
A Girl I Know (Precis Of A Friend) (3:29)
Into The Valley (3:16)

D.I.Y. #2: The Modern World – UK Punk II (1977-78) (1993)

The Modern WorldD.I.Y.#2: The Modern World – UK Punk II (1977-78) (1993)
#2 of 9

Picking up where the first volume of D.I.Y. UK Punk left off, D.I.Y. The Modern World: UK Punk II (1977-78) captures the moment when punk began to fracture into post-punk, hardcore and new wave. There are still some straightforward punk anthems from The Jam (“The Modern World”), The Buzzcocks (“What Do I Get?”), The Rezillos (“[My Baby Does] Good Sculptures”), Generation X (“Wild Youth”) and Stiff Little Fingers (“Alternative Ulster,” “Suspect Device”), but the collection finds punk turning dark, noisy, paranoid and weird through Siouxsie & The Banshees (“Hong Kong Garden”), The Fall (“Bingo Master”), Wire (“I Am The Fly”), X-Ray Spex (“The Day The World Turned Day-Glo”), The Soft Boys (“[I Want to Be An] Angleploise Lamp”) and Magazine (“Shot By Both Sides”). There’s also some loutish rock from Sham 69 and 999, but The Modern World, on the whole, is much more interesting than that. Despite missing a few major figures like The Clash, it is a definitive portrait of the last days of the original British punk movement, and it works both as an introduction and a great, listenable overview. – The All Music Guide. Find The Modern World – UK Punk II (1977-78) at Amazon, HERE. Find all the DIYs in our archives, HERE.

The Jam The Modern World (2:34)
Generation X
Wild Youth (2:53)
The Rezillos
(My Baby Does) Good Sculptures (2:53)
Emergency (2:46)
Sham 69
(There’s Gonna Be A) Borstal Breakout (2:08)
Shot By Both Sides (4:05)
What Do I Get? (2:56)
I Am The Fly (3:09)
X-Ray Spex
The Day The World Turned Day-Glo (2:52)
Stiff Little Fingers
Suspect Device (2:44)
The Lurkers
Ain’t Got A Clue (2:12)
The Soft Boys
(I Want To Be An) Anglepoise Lamp (3:02)
Sham 69
If The Kids Are United (3:49)
Alternative TV
Action Time Vision (2:33)
The Fall
Bingo Master (2:25)
Stiff Little Fingers
Alternative Ulster (2:46)
Siouxsie & The Banshees
Hong Kong Garden (2:57)
Homicide (3:44)
Subway Sect
Ambition (3:04)

D.I.Y. #1: Anarchy In The UK – UK Punk I (1976-77) (1993)

Anarchy In The UKDIY: Anarchy In The UK – UK Punk I (1976-77) (1993)
OK, Let’s Do These…

With the exception of The Clash, who could not be included because of licensing obstacles, this 19-song collection includes all of the major originators of British punk music. The Sex Pistols are here, of course, with somewhat rawer demo versions of “Anarchy In The U.K.” and “God Save The Queen” that have previously appeared on various quasi-legitimate albums. Otherwise, you get the major singles from a posse of leading bands of the movement, including The Damned, The Saints, The Jam, and The Buzzcocks. Acts of nearly equal importance, like X-Ray Spex, The Adverts, The Only Ones, Generation X and Wire also weigh in with trailblazing singles like “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes” and “One Chord Wonders.” Major punk fans and collectors won’t find anything here that they don’t already have. But for those who didn’t pick up everything the first time around, or weren’t even around the first time around, it’s as ideal an introduction as can be imagined to a sound that totally realigned rock with its emphasis on brittle guitars, amphetamine rhythms and socially charged songwriting.The All Music Guide. Find Anarchy In The UK – UK Punk I (1976-77) at Amazon, HERE. Once posted, you’ll find all 9 DIY CDs in the archives, HERE.

Sex Pistols Anarchy In The UK (Demo) (4:05)
The Damned
New Rose (2:45)
The Saints
(I’m) Stranded (3:33)
Eddie & The Hot Rods
Teenage Depression (2:59)
Sex Pistols
God Save The Queen (Demo) (3:35)
The Stranglers
(Get A) Grip (On Yourself) (4:04)
The Damned
Neat Neat Neat (2:44)
The Jam
In The City (2:20)
The Adverts
One Chord Wonders (2:38)
The Vibrators
Baby, Baby (3:43)
The Only Ones
Lovers Of Today (3:14)
The Boomtown Rats
Lookin’ After No. 1 (3:11)
The Adverts
Gary Gilmore’s Eyes (2:24)
Generation X
Your Generation (3:21)
The Stranglers
No More Heroes (3:31)
X-Ray Spex
Oh Bondage Up Yours! (2:52)
Orgasm Addict (2:04)
Don’t Dictate (2:56)
12xU (1:57)

The Warner Bros. “Loss Leaders” Series (1969-1980)

Depending On How You Count Them, 35 Essential Various Artist Collections From Another Time

We figured it was about time to pull together all of the incredible Warner Bros. “Loss Leaders” releases dating back to 1969 (and even a little earlier). For those who lived through the era, Warner Bros. Records was winning the hearts of an entire generation by signing and supporting some of music’s most uniquely groundbreaking recording artists… during music’s most uniquely groundbreaking time. With an appealingly irreverent style (“targeted youth marketing,” it would be called today), WB was making lifelong fans of the kids who entered into the label’s vast catalog of artists via the Loss Leaders series – advertised on inner sleeves & brochures, and offering generous selections priced at $1 per LP, $2 for doubles and $3 for their sole 3LP release, Looney Tunes And Merrie Melodies. jan 12 70 - zapped - ny magAnd that was including postage. Yes… those were the days, even though back then there were very few ways outside of cut-out bins or a five-finger discount to score bulk music as cheaply. Warners unashamedly admitted that their intentions were to sell more records, by introducing listeners to music they weren’t hearing on their radios or finding in many of their (still weakly distributed) record stores. And, it seemed to work… because the series continued until 1980, and the program issued approximately 35 titles, by our count (detailed in later posts). But, the oldsters among us all still fondly remember the multi-paged, gatefold sleeves and inviting artwork/packaging that beckoned on ads from the inner sleeves of our favorite albums, not to mention the assorted rarities, b-sides and oddities that dotted many of the releases. No big deal in this age of bonus tracks and “complete” session reissues, but in the early 70s, this stuff was gold. What I’ve jan 4 1971 - looney tunes - ny maglearned listening to these releases again, is that they’re still a great source for hearing “new” artists… the ones that couldn’t fit into a meager allowance budget 35-45 years ago. So… over the next month, we’re going to be posting all of Warner’s Loss Leaders, which were never sold in stores (only mail-order) and never re-issued on CD (so, you will hear some pops and crackles) – along with the best artwork we could muster. We’ve also had some generous help from a few of our readers, including Rebecca, narcosislabs and Slipperman, who took the time and trouble to rip and scan some of the Leaders from their collections to help us complete this series of posts.

SEPERATING THE LOSS LEADERS: Below is a list of everything we are calling Loss Leaders, with the caveat that there are a few titles that may be in dispute. There’s one promo release (Some Of Our Best Friends Are PRO290) which pre-dates the “official” series, and was simply given away before the Loss Leaders campaign even began. A few other titles not included here are often seen online as being part of the program, but those were just promo LPs meant for radio or in-store play, not sold via mail order; titles like The Warner/Reprise Radio Show(s), Alternatives, New Music That Stays New, Burbank’s Greatest Hits, Gold Medal and a handful of others.nov 13 1972 -  burbank - ny mag Truth is, WB released hundreds of promo/compilation LPs back in the day. Some were earmarked for radio, others sold in stores, and some were low-priced UK Loss Leaders with different covers and track listings. We are focusing on the US mail order variety and, to make the short list, we required some verification in the form of print ads or first hand knowledge… as opposed to online speculation. We’ll play it by ear and hope that more viable information surfaces to verify any questionable titles. Our first post, Some Of Our Best Friends Are (1968), helped to launch the series, even looking like future Loss Leaders, using the same design and format, though… it wasn’t advertised as being available via mail order. Two titles we won’t be posting, are the promo-only, never-sold to the public CDs Warners released that are Loss Leaders in name only; Loss Leaders Revisited (1995 PRO-CD-7955) and Loss Leaders 2 (1999 PRO-CD-9949). Many thanks to Rebecca and Slipperman for the advertisements that litter this post (click them for pop-up enlargements), and feel free to leave a comment with any thoughts, recollections or corrections. ALL ARE 2LP SETS UNLESS NOTED!


#03 1969 PRO351 – OCTOBER 10, 1969 (1LP) (HERE)
#04 1970 PRO358 – THE BIG BALL (HERE)
#05 1970 PRO359 – SCHLAGERS! (HERE)
#06 1970 PRO368 – ZAPPÉD (1LP) (Two Versions) (HERE)
#08 1971 PRO443 – NON-DAIRY CREAMER (1LP) (HERE)
#09 1971 PRO474 – HOT PLATTERS (HERE)
#10 1971 PRO486 – TOGETHER (1LP) (HERE)
#13 1972 PRO529 – BURBANK (HERE)
#15 1973 PRO569 – APPETIZERS (HERE)
#17 1974 PRO583 – HARD GOODS (HERE)
#18 1974 PRO588 – PEACHES (HERE)
#19 1974 PRO591 – DEEP EAR (HERE)
#20 1975 PRO596 – THE FORCE (HERE)
#21 1975 PRO604 – ALL MEAT (HERE)
#22 1975 PRO605 – PEACHES VOL. 2 (HERE)
#24 1975 PRO610 – THE WORKS (HERE)
#25 1976 PRO630 – SUPERGROUP (HERE)
#27 1977 PRO660 – COOK BOOK (HERE)
#28 1977 PRO691 – LIMO (HERE)
#30 1979 PRO-A-773 – PUMPING VINYL (HERE)
#31 1979 PRO-A-794 – A LA CARTE (HERE)
#32 1979 PRO-A-796 – MONSTERS (HERE)
#33 1980 PRO-A-828 – ECLIPSE (HERE)


With MANY thanks to our friends and readers, we’ve made a few changes to our initial Loss Leaders posts. First and foremost, October 10, 1969 – which we categorically dismissed as being a real Loss Leader – has been upgraded. Thanks to Tom in Beacon, who pointed us to an advert in Rolling Stone magazine (November, 1969) that advertised the album for a buck… proving that it was not just a promotional LP, but was sold to the public via mail order just like the others in the series. As a result, we have a new, solo post for #3 October 10, 1969 (HERE). Additionally, thanks to the tenacity of a couple of our readers we are now convinced that the “Collage” version of #6 Zappéd (HERE) was, indeed, the first of the two versions of Zappéd to be issued. We’ve added new information to the post to illustrate why. As a result, we’ve had to re-number a couple of early posts, but all seems in order now… as best as we can tell, and until better information comes along. We appreciate all the help in trying to verify 45 year-old details that no one else in their right minds really cares about anymore. Any other corrections or updates? Just leave a comment.

We had a lot of help putting all this together, from readers with info to friends of this blog who made rips and scans from their own collections to help us complete these posts. Slipperman, narcoislabs and, especially Rebecca, who really went above and beyond by ripping and scanning a handful of LL’s found here – as well as providing advertisements and last-minute, on-deadline, late night work to help us pull it all together. We can’t thank her (and everybody) enough.

It took while, but we finally finished poring through over 350 issues (almost 15 years) of Rolling Stone magazine to retrieve the numerous Leaders ads that ran over the years. In a few cases, helping to verify that some titles were, indeed, official entries in the series (October 10, 1969 & Music With 58 Musicians, Volume One). We’ve added links to the individual posts so you can see the print campaigns yourself. Interestingly, the debut Loss Leader, Songbook, originally sold for $1.98, while the two volumes of Peaches each cost $2.50. For those wanting a zip of the 40+ Rolling Stone ads we’ve gathered (plus a few others from New York Magazine, Billboard and Ebony – thanks again to Rebecca), you can DOWNLOAD THEM ALL HERE.

Tom in Beacon kindly put together a .PDF Song Index that includes all of the artists and titles found in the 35 Loss Leaders posted here. Many thanks, Tom. DOWNLOAD THE .PDF HERE.

Uncle Michael, who hosts Hinky Dinky Time on WFMU’s Give The Drummer Radio, put together a six-hour broadcast back in July ’14 featuring nothing but Loss Leaders music (and anecdotes) that you can hear any time you’d like, HERE. Uncle Michael revisited the series again on May 22, 2015, HERE.

Here are two 1970 ads from Rolling Stone that show how other labels (Mercury, A&M) tried, but failed to follow up on, the lead set by Warners’ Loss Leaders concept. Click each for pop-up enlargements.
MERCURY Zig Zag Festival 4-16-70A&M 9-3-70

According to a Billboard magazine news item about the Loss Leaders series, dated March 10, 1973, “14 Warner samplers during the past three years have averaged 80,000 unit sales apiece.” That’s all, folks!

Brochure1.1 copyBrochure2Brochure1.1 copy2

LOSS LEADERS #35: Troublemakers (1980)

Troublemakers full
Troublemakers (1980)
Admirably Sticking To The Concept’s 60s Premise To The Very End

It’s ironic that just as the Loss Leaders program was beginning to sound fresh once again (thanks to the late-70s D.I.Y. years), it was all coming to an end. Troublemakers is generally acknowledged as the series’ last, and it’s a fun musical time capsule. The set was compiled and annotated by Jim Bickhart, who successfully infused the spirit and vitality of the earliest Loss Leaders into this collection’s purposeful dedication to music’s newest movement (punk/new wave/indie), while adding lots of previously unreleased material. It’s one of the reasons so many fondly remember (and favor) Troublemakers to this day. The Urban Verbs (a group I must have ignored back in the day) are a blast, and Brian Briggs’ cover of Eddie Cochran’s “Nervous Breakdown” is a real treat. Pearl Harbour sounds a bit contrived these days, but Marianne Faithfull’s rendition of “Working Class Hero” is still far more chilling than John Lennon’s own. His lyrics somehow just ring truer coming from her. I’ve never been the biggest fan of Jonathan Richman’s Modern Lovers, but their two previously unreleased contributions here, produced by Kim Fowley, really hit the spot. And… there are plenty of other groundbreakers from the era, including Public Image Ltd., Devo (an outtake from Are We Not Men?), Wire and Gang Of Four – bands that WB were having a hard time getting radio programmers (and consumers) to even listen to, much less buy. WB Editorial Director Gene Sculatti reflected; “The bias against punk/new wave was formidable. I can only imagine what it was like for those guys to go to radio stations with those records – in the midst of media coverage focused on gobbing, anti-social bands — and ask for spins. Especially when the programmers (probably even more conservative in their tastes than the promo men) were used to WB reps coming in with the next Doobies/Rod Stewart/Marshall Tucker Band record that they knew their listeners would love.” It’s interesting, though, to contrast the new kids on the block with what some of what the old troublemakers were up to. John Cale is represented by a previously unreleased outtake from 1972’s The Academy In Peril, while Nico and Marianne Faithfull (newly statused as a ‘veteran’), were both into something markedly different by 1980…a lesson, perhaps, for the new crop, who would eventually get old themselves. An experience most of us got to witness in real time.

1980-7-24 TroublemakersThere are a few reasons the Loss Leaders series ceased to exist. The world’s oil wars of the 70s took its toll on vinyl costs, and the packaging became more expensive to produce. Further, the Independent/D.I.Y. crowd was making cheap music discoveries a major part of their own game plan. WB could have financially absorbed the costs to continue spearheading the movement they instigated in the 60s, but by the 1980s all of the labels were shifting their resources over to video (and MTV), as the freshest way of promoting new artists. It’s no coincidence that Troublemakers includes The Buggles’ “Video Killed The Radio Star,” which even Jeopardy contestants know was the first vid to air on MTV. Vinyl, as the industry was about to find out, was living on borrowed time. So, maybe it’s fitting that this set should begin and end with live excerpts from the doomed Sex Pistols’ final show in San Francisco (the city that also killed The Beatles), as Johnny Rotten asks (not-so-rhetorically, it turns out), “Why should I carry on?” BIG thanks to Slipperman for providing us with the top-notch rip and scans for this final entry. Check out the ad that ran in Rolling Stone in July, 1980, which uses the ‘Loss Leaders’ name for the first time since the early 70s. Find the vinyl at Amazon, HERE. Collect all the Loss Leaders, HERE.

Side 1
Sex Pistols Anarchy In The U.S.A. (Live) (3:52) (Previously Unreleased)
Urban Verbs
Subways (3:42)
Robin Lane And The Chartbusters
Don’t Wait Till Tomorrow (3:38)
Map Reference 41 N 93 W (3:40)
Marianne Faithfull
Working Class Hero (4:46)
John Cale
Temper (5:00) (Previously Unreleased)

Side 2
Urban Verbs The Only One Of You (4:56)
Gang Of Four
Damaged Goods (3:29)
I Should Have Known Better (3:54)
Modern Lovers
I’m Straight (4:22) (Previously Unreleased)
Social Fools (2:55) (Previously Unreleased In The US)
Public Image Ltd.
Public Image (3:02) (Previously Unreleased In The US)

Side 3
The Buggles Video Killed The Radio Star (3:27)
Pearl Harbor And The Explosions
You Got It (Release It) (2:31)
My Only Child (3:29)
Modern Lovers
Government Center (2:04) (Previously Unreleased)
Robin Lane And The Chartbusters
Kathy Lee (3:32)
Brian Briggs
Nervous Breakdown (3:48) (Pre-LP Single)

Side 4
Marianne Faithfull Broken English (4:41)
Pearl Harbor And The Explosions
Busy Little B Side (3:04)
The Buggles
Clean, Clean (3:56)
Gang Of Four
Anthrax (4:23)
Public Image Ltd.
Swan Lake (4:17)
Sex Pistols
No Fun (Excerpts) (4:42) (Previously Unreleased)
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LOSS LEADERS #34: Music With 58 Musicians, Volume One (1980)

Music With 58 Musicians frontMusic With 58 Musicians, Volume One (1980)
Celebrating WB’s Union With ECM Records

Surely the sore thumb, or odd man out, of the Loss Leaders series, Music With 58 Musicians, Volume One is a dedicated, label-centic release (like Zappéd, Peaches and Peaches Vol. 2), that celebrates Warner Bros. distribution deal with the esoteric, experimental jazz label, ECM Records. With only 14 lengthy tracks spread across two LPs (again, selling via mail order for the newly inflated price of $3) Music With 58 Musicians, Volume One may not be like the other rock, blues and folk-oriented entries in the series, but its adventurous musical selections are just as groundbreaking for those who like their jazz off the beaten path. Taking its name from the famed, 1978 release by Steve Reich (Music For 18 Musicians, an excerpt of which is included here), this ECM collection is a wonderfully varied listen, with selections from the Pat Metheny Group, Gary Burton & Chick Corea, Terje Rypdal, Art Ensemble Of Chicago, (mumbling) Keith Jarret, John Abercrombie & Ralph Towner, the great Jack DeJohnette, Paul Motian and others. It’s not for everybody, of course. It’s not even for all jazzers, as ECM was as subtly subversive in the jazz idiom as Warners was in the transitioning rock world of the 60s. But, those who take the plunge will not be disappointed. It helps that this LP’s sound is gorgeous, too, with a million thanks to Rebecca who expertly ripped this from her own collection, along with scanning the artwork, so we could include this in the series at the very last minute. So… show some love. The liner notes state that a “further, specially-priced double album of extras from ECM productions projects” was coming soon, but (to the best of our knowledge) the Loss Leaders series came to an end with the next/last known $3 2LP release, Troublemakers, so no Volume Two materialized. View one of Music With 58 Musicians‘ four easy to miss mail order ads from Rolling Stone, HERE. Get a vinyl hard copy at Amazon, HERE. Find all of our Loss Leaders posts, HERE.

Side 1
Keith Jarrett and Belonging Country (4:59)
Old And New Dreams Lonely Woman (12:04)
Terje Rypdal Group Avskjed (5:40)

Side 2
Steve Reich and Musicians Excerpt From Music For 18 Musicians (6:34)
Codona Codona (6:09)
Gary Burton and Chick Corea Señor Mouse (6:14)
John Abercrombie and Ralph Towner Over And Gone (2:44)

Side 3
Jack DeJohnette’s Special Edition Journey To The Twin Planet (8:41)
Paul Motian Trio Cabala/Drum Music (6:08)
Art Ensemble Of Chicago JA (8:37)

Side 4
Steve Kuhn/Sheila Jordan Band The Zoo (4:31)
John Abercrombie Quartet Nightlake (5:28)
Haden/Garbarek/Gismonti Magico (7:36)
Pat Metheny Group (Cross The) Heartland (6:48)
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LOSS LEADERS #33: Eclipse (1980)

Eclipse full
Eclipse (1980)
A Price Increase… And The End Is Near

Eclipse is one of the least-known, Loss Leaders, whose low profile may not have been helped by the 50% price increase levied on it. Beginning with this set, the remaining WB 2LP samplers would sell for a whopping $3 (*sarcasm*), as the oil embargoes, shortages and economic recession of the mid-70s began to take their toll on Warner’s bottom line. Despite its obscurity, however, Eclipse is a warmly diverse listen. Leo Sayer teams up with writing partner, Ray Parker, Jr., for the rockin’ LP opener, “When The Money Runs Out.” Bonnie Raitt covers Robert Palmer’s “You’re Gonna Get What’s Coming.” There’s solo stuff from The Doobie Brothers’ Tom Johnston. Laurie Wood is better known as Chunky, of Chunky, Novi & Ernie, whose biggest claim to fame just may have come from the Loss Leaders series. Vapour Trails features guitarist Larry Carlton and one-time Wings drummer, Steve Holly. The Korgis is comprised of Andy Davis & James Warren, formerly of Stackridge, something I didn’t know (or remember), despite owning a couple of their synth-heavy LPs since the early 80s. Alda Reserve is a name I don’t remember at all, but the liner notes by Jim Bickhart (who will soon hit a home run compiling the last Loss Leader, Troublemakers) tell us they were discovered by Marshall Chess on the streets of NYC, during the punk/new wave explosion. A few sound clips from Monty Python’s Life Of Brian are welcomed, as is an appearance by the great Roy Wood (ex-Move/ELO). Carlene Carter (a.k.a. Mrs. Nick Lowe) covers Elvis Costello’s “Radio Sweetheart.” Ry Cooder conjures up a completely new arrangement for “Little Sister.” And… The Dukes includes former members of Stone The Crows, Keef Hartley, Savoy Brown, Be-Bob Deluxe and the Tom Robinson Band. The sole oddity/rarity here is the 1966 non-LP 45 of The Beau Brummels’ first single for WB, Bob Dylan’s “One Too Many Mornings.” And, while the musical landscape of the early 80s continues to shift, with acts like Talking Heads and the Ramones, familiar names (Randy Newman, Little Feat, Ry Cooder and Van Morrison) are still on board. Find all the Loss Leaders, HERE.

Side 1
Leo Sayer When The Money Runs Out (3:41)
Tom Johnston
Outlaw (3:32)
Lauren Wood
Where Did I Get These Tears (4:33)
Vapour Trails
True Love (3:45)
Danny Douma
Carnival Boy (3:59)
Van Morrison
Troubadours (4:39)

Side 2
Roy Wood Dancin’ At The Rainbow’s End (3:37)
The Korgis
If I Had You (3:58)
I Want You Around (3:04)
Alda Reserve
Whiter Than White (4:59)
Talking Heads
Drugs (5:15)

Side 3
Monty Python
Excerpts from Monty Python’s Life Of Brian (1:49)
Randy Newman
It’s Money That I Love (3:39)
Monty Python Excerpts from Monty Python’s Life Of Brian (0:40)
Nicolette Larson
Isn’t It Always Love (3:01)
Ry Cooder
Little Sister (3:48)
The Beau Brummels
One Too Many Mornings (2:53)
Carlene Carter
Radio Sweetheart (3:27)

Side 4
Bonnie Raitt You’re Gonna Get What’s Coming (3:29)
Sly & The Family Stone
Remember Who You Are (3:16)
Field Maneuvers (2:25)
Little Feat
Down On The Farm (4:19)
The Dukes
Who’s Gonna Tell You (3:28)
Bob Marley & The Wailers
Wake Up And Live (edit) (4:25)
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LOSS LEADERS #32: Monsters (1979)

Monsters full
Monsters (1979)
Dr. Demento Bids Farewell…

Monsters’ opening track offers a pleasant reminder of how refreshingly inviting Rickie Lee Jones was when she first came onto the scene in the late 70s. Her “Danny’s All-Star Joint” is always a joy to hear, which is why it’s on the streaming player, below, so I can revisit it whenever I feel like it. As with many later Loss Leaders, all of the tracks here come from albums already available in the Warner Bros. catalog. But there are some new names here that were recently added to the WB family roster, including George Harrison, performing a song that was previously rejected by The Beatles in the late 60s, “Not Guilty.” According to the included quote, George was glad the song wasn’t released in 1967-68, “because it wouldn’t have been as good as it is now.” It’s not hard to imagine what his sentiment was back then, when The Beatles were frustratingly racking up 100 takes of the tune. Also new… Osiris, a funky 9-piece DC outfit; Mary Russell, from her debut solo album apart from hubby Leon; Chaka Khan from her first solo LP; The American Standard Band (Joe Cocker’s backing band); Wornell Jones, whose credits include Koko Taylor, Eddie Kendricks, Sly Stone & Nils Lofgren; and Tin Huey, featuring Chris Butler, who would later pen the infectious, “I Know What Boys Like,” as a member of The Waitresses in 1980. If nothing else, you’ve gotta love the self-penned theme song The Roches wrote for themselves, entitled “We.” This is the last Loss Leader “programmed by Dr. Demento,” who reveals he’s one of a thousand of Alice Cooper’s friends yelling “We’re All Crazy” on the album, From The Inside. HERE is an August, 1979 ad for Monsters, though the 1967 date mentioned in the copy is inaccurate. Get vinyl at Amazon, HERE. Find all our Loss Leaders, HERE.

Side 1
Rickie Lee Jones Danny’s All-Star Joint (4:01)
The Doobie Brothers
Here To Love You (4:01)
What’s The Use (3:56)
Ashford & Simpson
It Seems To Hang On (5:08)
George Benson
Livin’ Inside Your Love (6:37)

Side 2
Lowell George Can’t Stand The Rain (3:22)
Randy Crawford
I Stand Accused (4:51)
George Harrison
Not Guilty (3:36)
Bob Marley And The Wailers
Stir It Up (5:26)
Gary Wright
Love’s Awake Inside (4:35)
Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Na Cl (2:35)

Side 3
Van Halen Dance The Night Away (3:09)
Mary Russell
Heart Of Fire (4:06)
Inner Circle
Everything Is Great (6:04)
Chaka Khan
Sleep On It (4:21)
Gino Soccio
Dance To Dance (7:08)

Side 4
American Standard Band Got What It Takes (3:33)
Wornell Jones
Lay It On The Line (3:34)
Tin Huey
Hump Day (2:59)
Alice Cooper
From The Inside (3:52)
Michael Franks
Underneath The Apple Tree (5:52)
The Roches
We (2:34)
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LOSS LEADERS #31: A La Carte (1979)

A La Carte fullA La Carte (1979)
To Quote The Liners… A Diverse Menu

A La Carte boasts yet another food and beverage-related title in the Loss Leaders series (including; Non-Dairy Creamer, Hot Platters, The Days Of Wine And Vinyl, Appetizers, Peaches, All Meat and Cook Book), which might lead one to believe that the boys at WB were hashing these titles out over extended lunches at the corporate headquarters. And… if that front cover art is in any way representative, it’s no wonder. Be warned, however, that the liner notes totally O.D. on foodie metaphors, which gets old real quick. A number of rarer, single edits are included here from The B-52’s, Bootsy’s Rubber Band, Mavis Staples, The Gibson Brothers and a few others. St. Paradise opens the set with the rockin’, “Jackie.” The band features former Ted Nugent vocalist, Derek St. Holmes. Jr. Walker’s “Wishing On A Star” is produced by the great Norman Whitfield (Temptations), who had previously produced the original version of the tune by Rose Royce. Whitfield is also on board with an edited tune from Nytro’s debut LP. Candi Staton plunges into disco with an edited version of “When You Wake Up Tomorrow.” Adam Mitchell is a former member of The Paupers (we’ve got one of their LPs in the archives, if you’re curious), who covers his own composition, “Don’t Let Papa Know,” previously recorded by Nicolette Larson. Mannfred Mann’s Earth Band offers up an odd, not-all-that-pleasing cover of Dylan’s “You Angel You,” while a new band, Runner, is made up of four second-tier vets, including Steve Gould (Rare Bird), Mickey Feat (Streetwalkers), Allan Merrill (Arrow) and Dave Dowle (Brian Auger, Streetwalkers). Big thanks to narcosislabs for ripping this set and scanning the artwork for us all. Get a vinyl copy at Amazon, HERE. Find all of our Loss Leaders posts, HERE.

Side 1
St. Paradise Jackie (3:42)
Jr. Walker
Wishing On A Star (6:01)
Con Hunley
Since I Fell For You (3:04)
Candi Staton
When You Wake Up Tomorrow (edit) (3:35)
Adam Mitchell
The French Waltz (3:44)

Side 2
Robert Palmer Bad Case Of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor) (3:12)
Bellamy Brothers
If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me (3:16)
Gibson Brothers
Cuba (edit) (4:17)
Danny O’Keefe
On The Wheel Of Love (2:35)
The Sanford/Townsend Band
Shady Grove (3:53)
Climax Blues Band
Fallen In Love (For The Very Last Time) (3:26)

Side 3
Duncan Browne The Wild Places (5:59)
Madleen Kane
Forbidden Love (edit) (3:35)
Sooner Than Later (3:24)
Roger Voudouris
Does Our Love (Depend On The Night) (3:11)
Nytro Express (edit) (3:51)

Side 4
The B-52’s Rock Lobster (edit) (4:55)
Mavis Staples
Tonight I Feel Like Dancing (edit) (3:38)
Emmylou Harris
Save The Last Dance For Me (3:40)
Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
You Angel You (3:59)
Maria Muldaur
Love Is Everything (4:21)
Bootsy’s Rubber Band
Jam Fan (Hot) (edit) (3:50)
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