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“THE BEACH BOYS” Fun, Fun, Fun (First Draft)

I get a kick out of Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show musical parodies. This one, with Kevin Bacon, offers up a “first draft” of The Beach Boys’ “Fun, Fun, Fun”… which is, ridiculously, all about “the hamburger stand.” See a few more Fallon parodies in the archives, HERE.

DAVE EDMUNDS RINGO STARR Video/Streaming (Films/Shorts/Clips)

THAT’LL BE THE DAY (1973) + STARDUST (1974) w/
David Essex, Ringo Starr, Keith Moon, Dave Edmunds

THAT’LL BE THE DAY (1973) Part one of the well done, two-film story of Jim McClain (David Essex) and his quest for music fame and fortune (and more birds) in 50s working class Britain. Also features Ringo Starr (reprising his early years as a teddy boy), Keith Moon and Billy Fury. More of a character study than a music film (though, it has some cool music), That’ll Be The Day covers McClain’s early years as a shit, routinely cheating on, then leaving his wife with a new-born baby. Producer David Puttnam told MOJO Magazine that his original idea for this film was based on Harry Nilsson’s semi-autobiographical song, “1941,” about a child abandoned by his father, only to grow up and abandon his own. Thanks to JB for sharing this film with us. Part two, the excellent, Stardust, is below. Click the pages for readable pop ups of the latest MOJO magazine about the making of the movie. Find the DVD at Amazon, HERE. If video is down, try HERE.

ScanScan 1Scan 2Scan 3

STARDUST (1974) This flick was a personal fave in the mid-70s, but I was suspicious of my fond and fading memories. What a surprise to see that it really is a solid film, with outstanding performances by David Essex and Adam Faith in a cautionary tale of a Beatle-esque band of British pals making it to the top. Fans of the era will spot all the cheeky references (“At least he didn’t say ‘turn left at Greenland'”) and familiar scenarios, but these now jaded eyes were relieved to find the film’s subtlety and nuance fully intact. Especially the way Faith, as the road manager, cuts quiet deals behind the band’s back to help make Essex a star (“fancy a drink?”). Dave Edmunds co-stars and supplies most of the original music and Keith Moon appears as the drummer of the fictitious Stray Cats. Nick Lowe even makes a cameo (see comments). The print is excellent. Find the DVD at Amazon, HERE. Dave Edmunds 2013 re-release of Subtle As A Flying Mallet now includes, as bonus tracks, his musical contributions to Stardust, HERE.


DELANEY & BONNIE & FRIENDS Copenhagen, December 10, 1969 (45 Min Danish TV Broadcast) w/ George Harrison, Eric Clapton & The Future Dominos

Excellent 45 minute live show capturing the great Delaney & Bonnie & Friends, featuring George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Derek’s future Dominos – as broadcast on Danish television in 1969. Taped just days after the recording of Delaney & Bonnie & Friends – On Tour with Eric Clapton. Clapton sings lead on “I Don’t Know Why.” Line up includes; Delaney & Bonnie, Eric, George, Carl Radle, Jim Gordon, Bobby Whitlock, Billy Preston, Jim Price, Bobby Keys, Rita Coolidge & Tex Johnson. A great show, which also provides us the opportunity to point you to all the Delaney & Bonnie in the archives; Accept No Substitute (1969) and D&B Together (1972), (both HERE), On Tour With Eric Clapton (4CD Deluxe Box, HERE), Live At A&R Recording Studios, July 22, 1971, with Duane & Gregg Allman (HERE) and Bonnie Bramlett’s, Piece Of My Heart – 1969-1978 (HERE).

Poor Elijah
I Don’t Know Why
Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way
My Baby Specializes
I Don’t Want To Discuss It
That’s What My Man Is For
Comin’ Home
Encore: Tutti Frutti/The Girl Can’t Help It/Long Tall Sally/Jenny Jenny

BONUS CLIP: A live appearance on the BBC’s The Price Of Fame, featuring Delaney & Bonnie with Eric Clapton, Dave Mason & Bobby Whitlock, performing a fantastic acoustic version of “Poor Elijah.”

MONKEES Video/Streaming (Films/Shorts/Clips)

Video – THE MONKEES 33-1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee (TV Special 1969) w/ Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & Trinity, The Buddy Miles Express, Little Richard & others.

33I mentioned this 1969 NBC television special in a previous post, realizing that I hadn’t seen it in 45 years. Thank the lord for YouTube. Now you can watch this entire, very strange broadcast, which stars Julie Driscoll and Brian Auger & The Trinity – playing a major role in the proceedings – along with Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard & Fats Domino. There’s too much weirdness to detail, but about 28 minutes in, after the Auger/Driscoll jam, “Come On Up” (which features some Zappa-esque strobe video editing) – as the scheming, Rance Muhammitz-style voice over talks about brainwashing the Monkees – I began to notice the numerous similarities to Frank Zappa’s 1971 film, 200 Motels. Even the stage set up for the must see, 9 minute, cast freak-out version of “Listen To The Band” (which includes The Buddy Miles Express) resembles Zappa’s 200 Motels stage set-up. FZ was a fan (he appeared in their movie, Head, and in an episode of their TV show, “The Monkees Blow Their Minds,” HERE). All that aside, there’s some wickedly oddball stuff here – the first of 3 proposed Monkees television specials. Immediately after filming, however, Peter Tork bought out his contract – meaning he paid money not be a Monkee any more – and NBC eventually dropped plans for any follow-up specials. There’s a d/l link in comments in case this YouTube version goes away, and we’ve got more Monkees in the archives… Head (HERE) and the now out-of-print 3CD, Headquarters Sessions (HERE).

Micky Dolenz & Julie Driscoll I’m a Believer
Peter Tork I Prithee (Do Not Ask For Love)
Michael Nesmith Naked Persimmon (The Only Thing I Believe Is True)
Davy Jones Goldilocks Sometime
The Monkees Wind Up Man, Darwin
Paul Arnold & The Moon Express Only The Fittest Shall Survive
The Monkees I Go Ape
Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity Come On Up
Medley: The Monkees At The Hop
Fats Domino I’m Ready
Jerry Lee Lewis Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On
Little Richard Tutti Frutti
We Three & The Monkees Shake A Tail Feather
Fats Domino Blue Monday
The Monkees Little Darlin’
Little Richard Long Tall Sally
Jerry Lee Lewis Down The Line
The Clara Ward Singers Them Bones
Davy Jones A String For My Kite
Peter Tork Solfeggietto (Bach)
The Monkees & Entire Cast Listen To The Band
Peter Tork California Here It Comes (End Titles)

BOB Video/Streaming (Films/Shorts/Clips)

Would You Buy A Used Car From This Man?

Video/Streaming (Films/Shorts/Clips)

Best Moment At The Grammys (2014)

The most genuinely entertaining moment from last night’s Grammys. Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams, Stevie Wonder & the great Nile Rodgers performing “Get Lucky.” Well… that… and the one-second, “I (thought I) WON!” reaction from Taylor Swift and her crew when they heard the R word, “Random” (Daft Punk’s Random Access Memory), instead of the R word, “Red” (her album), during the Album of the Year announcement.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN JIMMY FALLON Video/Streaming (Films/Shorts/Clips)

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN & JIMMY FALLON “Governor Chris Christie’s Fort Lee New Jersey Traffic Jam”

Give it up to Jimmy Fallon for having the balls to even suggest this idea to Bruce… and to Bruce for doing it. Fallon doesn’t get enough credit for his spot-on musical parodies of the likes of Neil Young (HERE, with Crosby & Nash), Dylan (HERE) and The Doors (HERE), among others.

In the day we sweat it out on the streets stuck in traffic on the GWB
They shut down the tollbooths of glory because we didn’t endorse Christie
Sprung from cages on Highway 9
We got three lanes closed, So Jersey get your ass in line
Ooohhh, baby this Bridgegate was just pay back
It’s a bitch slap to the state Democrats
We gotta get out but we can’t,
We’re stuck in Governor Chris Christie’s Fort Lee New Jersey traffic jam.

Governor, let me in, I wanna be your friend
They’ll be no partisan divisions
Let me wrap my legs ’round your mighty rims
And relieve your stressful conditions
We’ve got Wall Street masters stuck cheek to cheek
With blue-collar truckers, and man I really gotta take a leak
But I can’t
I’m stuck in Governor Chris Christie’s Fort Lee New Jersey traffic jam

1, 2, 3, 4!

Highways jammed with pissed off drivers with no place left to go
And the press conference went on and on
It was longer than one of my own damn shows
Some day Governor, I don’t know when
This will all end, but ’til then
You’re killin’ the workin’ man.
Who’s stuck in Governor Chris Christie’s Fort Lee New Jersey traffic jam.

Whoa whoa whoa!
Whoa whoa whoa!

ROBIN THICKE Video/Streaming (Films/Shorts/Clips)

ROBIN THICKE “Blurred Lines” (2013 Explicit Video)

I don’t know the first thing about current music. I rarely hear it, don’t seek it out and, unless it happens to fly by on television, I’m rarely even aware of it. So… call me an idiot, call me moronic, call me shallow… but I thoroughly enjoy Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” With the lawsuits flying about its alleged similarities to Marvin Gaye’s “Got To Give It Up” (sue the drum machine, I say, that’s where the comparisons are), what I like about “Blurred Lines” is that – melodically – it reminds me of the great Robert Palmer (HERE) – who, in the mid-70s, was busy stretching boundaries with alternate rhythms, world beats, and generally inventive music making. Of course, almost 40 years later, Thicke’s accidental variation can hardly be considered “inventive,” but, except for the falsetto, it still sounds like a cool Robert Palmer bonus track to these ears. As for the video… you might consider it another page ripped from the Palmer Playbook, as the dancing girls steal the show. In the case of the explicit video version above, far more than would have ever been allowed in the 70s. The brunette is to die for, and (believe it or not) I’m talking about her face. Reports are that in the last 48 hours, the Gaye Estate turned down a six-figure settlement for Thicke’s infraction. So it goes.

PRINCE Video/Streaming (Films/Shorts/Clips)

P “Screw Driver” (2013)
ANDY ALLO “People Pleaser” (2012)

PRINCE “Screw Driver” (2013)

ANDY ALLO “People Pleaser” (2012)
The success of Prince’s protégés has always been hit and miss. This one’s a lock.

ANDY ALLO “People Pleaser” Live On Jimmy Kimmel (2012)
We all decry the high cost of big name concerts, with tickets routinely going for $200-$400. But, I think I’d gladly pay that for a ringside seat to a show like this, with a blast of modern Sly Stone via Prince.

ANDY ALLO “Let’s Get it On” Live (2011)
Earlier Allo, so intimately improvisational, yet so commercially and slickly polished, the execution and professional perfection is easy to admire, like Marvin Gaye’s original. Follow the after-clips for more show vids.

Video/Streaming (Films/Shorts/Clips)

This Is Dark…

This is a well done prank, from Brazilian TV. And, while you must feel for the victims, clearly anguished and emotionally shaken… each time the scenario plays out, punctuated by the ghost girl’s scream, I felt a growing appreciation for this dark black comedy extreme. The last man, with his hands over his face, is just sobbing uncontrollably. If you think of it as an amazingly effective theme park ride for the unsuspecting, you might be able to excuse your personal delight while viewing this. But, imagine something even worse… not telling the victims it was all a ruse. They would leave that elevator living the rest of their lives in total fear of what they might see next.

Video/Streaming (Films/Shorts/Clips)

PSY “Gangnam Style” Live (2012)

It’s just been calculated as the “most viewed” video on YouTube, but I kind of missed the whole PSY/”Gangnam Style” video phenomenon. My curiosity was satisfied by the few, brief TV glimpses I’d accidentally seen. But, I got a kick out of this new extreme live version. Don’t think of the song as some cheap amateur gold pan, think of it as the pop smart anthem it really is, especially when accompanied by thousands of singing Asian girls… which is, by the way, how God intended pop to be sung. This isn’t the “most viewed” version, this one’s a full-blown spectacle, which made me appreciate the guy’s energy and professionalism – though it’s hard to tell if he’s an auteur or just some package. A few listens, however, will uncover the artistry in the tune’s execution, especially in those great climaxes. He may wind up just being this generation’s Chubby Checker, but he’s doing the grunt work so – as far as I’m concerned – he deserves any pay he actually sees from all this.

SOFT MACHINE Video/Streaming (Films/Shorts/Clips)

SOFT MACHINE Ce Soir On Danse Avec Les Soft Machine (Live Video)

Alexfripou was kind enough to send us a link to a very cool, high quality, 25-minute Soft Machine live performance for French TV, entitled Ce Soir On Danse Avec Les Soft Machine (Tonight We Dance With The Soft Machine). There’s even actually some dancing going on, despite the band’s challenging alt-psych/jazz/pre-prog stylings. The original poster pegged this as being recorded August 25, 1968, but some Machineheads are pointing out that it might be from 1967 (45 years ago), as the Softs were on tour in the States in August ’68. Was Robert Wyatt ever really that young? Bless French TV. Visit the original Vimeo post to download the show for yourself. Thanks Alex.
0:00 – A Certain Kind
3:52 – Save Yourself
5:55 – Priscilla
6:30 – Lullabye Letter
14:10 – Hope For Happiness

Video/Streaming (Films/Shorts/Clips)

Triumph, The Insult Comic Dog

Video/Streaming (Films/Shorts/Clips)

David Blaine

This guy’s “stunts” (hanging in a box or in a block of ice) are some of the most UN-entertaining spectacles I’ve ever not watched. But, when he comes up with new and unique ideas his work becomes worthy. Even the idea of promoting a future “secret” project is sly marketing. That it promotes science to children… is about fucking time.

ELVIS COSTELLO Video/Streaming (Films/Shorts/Clips)

ELVIS COSTELLO & ELMO “A Monster Went And Ate My Red 2”



Jukebox (2007)
Guess Who’s Friends Again?

Fans of the Guess Who know well the band’s history of in-fighting. Randy Bachman’s departure in 1970 was just one of many band-changing exits, as vocalist Burton Cummings assumed the mantle of group leader. Since that split, there’s been no shortage of parting shots, both in the press and on record. But… time wounds all heels, and since the turn of the century both Randy & Burt have made amends… and a few albums together, including this collection of ‘songs-that-inspired-us’ oldies released in 2007. Like almost every album of this kind ever made, Jukebox is no substitute for the band’s creative heyday. But it’s a fun example of some old pals playing some old favorites. You can hear Bachman’s roots in guitar oriented material like “Who Do You Love” and The Shadows’ “Man Of Mystery,” while Cummings hams it up on Fats Domino’s “Ain’t That Just Like A Woman” and “Ain’t That Loving You Baby.” There are a few flaccid rockers, at least one sore thumb (Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone”) and some excellent surprises (“Judy In Disguise” and “The Letter”). But the rekindled camaraderie of old friends makes it hard to hold anything against the project and its positive vibes. Listen to the duo’s lounge take on The Beatles and the live studio cover of their last hit together (from 4 decades back), “American Woman.”

Baby Come Back (2:43) Recorded By The Equals
Who Do You Love (5:08) Recorded By Bo Diddley
I’m Happy Just To Dance With You (3:56) Recorded By The Beatles
The Walk (3:16) Recorded By Jimmy McCracklin
Don’t Talk To Him (2:56) Recorded By Cliff Richard & The Shadows
Man Of Mystery (2:07) Recorded By The Shadows
Ain’t That Just Like A Woman (3:06) Recorded By Fats Domino
Little Queenie (4:19) Recorded By Chuck Berry
Good Times (2:41) Recorded By Sam Cooke
Like A Rolling Stone (6:21) Recorded By Bob Dylan
Judy In Disguise (With Glasses) (2:57) Recorded By John Fred & The Playboy Band
Don’t You Just Know It (4:10) Recorded By Huey “Piano” Smith
Yeh, Yeh (2:56) Recorded By Georgie Fame
Agent Double-O Soul (3:07) Recorded By Edwin Starr
The Letter (4:03) Recorded By The Box Tops
Ain’t That Loving You Baby (2:36) Recorded By Elvis Presley
American Woman 2007 (4:44) Recorded by The Guess Who

AMY WINEHOUSE TONY BENNETT Video/Streaming (Films/Shorts/Clips)


Bennett’s a walking miracle, still graceful and always pleasing… and it’s nice to see some positive images of Winehouse, for a change.


HUNTER S. THOMPSON Video/Streaming (Films/Shorts/Clips)

The Rum Diary (Dr. Hunter S. Thompson/Johnny Depp) (2011 Trailer)

Video/Streaming (Films/Shorts/Clips)

ART FOR ART’S SAKE: Andy Warhol Eats A Hamburger

Video/Streaming (Films/Shorts/Clips)

The Concert For Bangla Desh (Streaming) – Still Up