Hal Willner Week: VARIOUS ARTISTS Rogue’s Gallery + Son Of Rogue’s Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys (2006/2013)

RoguesSon Of Rogues
Rogue’s Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys (2006)
Son Of Rogue’s Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys (2013)
Two More All-Star Editions, Four CDs Of Music, Produced By The Great Hal Willner…

WE’LL BE POSTING A BUNCH OF HAL WILLNER’S FANTASTIC, STAR-STUDDED TRIBUTE ALBUMS OVER THE NEXT WEEK… Hal Willner’s tribute compilations are the stuff of legend, fusing a stunning array of disparate artists, from differing fields of arts, all brought together to create exciting, one-of-a-kind collaborations that just wouldn’t/couldn’t exist without Willner’s vision. His chosen subject matter has historically been a step to the left of the mainstream, including uniquely thoughtful tributes to the music of Nino Rota, Thelonious Monk, Kurt Weill, Charles Mingus (all coming up),along with numerous other off-beat concepts. His Rolodex of talented artists is beyond compare, and those who like hearing unusual artists doing unusual things in unusual settings are advised to investigate this, and other upcoming posts. 2006’s Rogue’s Gallery, and the even more diverse 2013 follow-up, Son Of Rogue’s Gallery (both subtitled Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys), are as self-explanatory as they are hard to define. The source material is as described, but in the hands of such a ramshackle gathering of artists, the results are anything but expected. Just peruse the list below for another of Willner’s eye-opening gathering of greats. The first 2CD edition, from 2006, is a tad conventional by Willner’s standards, as individual artists tackle a cross-section of material loosely fitting within the pirate/sea chantey genres. The 2013 follow-up is more akin to Willner’s past work, pairing un-pairable artists like Patti Smith with Johnny Depp, Tom Waits with Keith Richards, Petra Haden with Lenny Pickett, Tim Robbins with Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs… you get the idea. The who’s who ranges from Zappa (“Wedding Dress Song/Handsome Cabin Boy) to Van Dyke Parks (“Greenland Whale Fisheries”) to Dr. John (“In Lure Of The Tropics) to magician Ricky Jay, artist Ralph Steadman and actress Angelica Huston… diversity that makes for a surprising turn around every corner. A fun idea, delivered with imagination and anti-commercial chutzpah. BTW: The Petra Haden/Lenny Pickett contribution, “Sunshine Life For Me,” is actually a George Harrison pirate tune. We’ve got more coming up, and currently have a few other Willner tributes in the archives (HERE), including Hal’s only solo album, 1998’s Whoops, I’m An Indian. Find Rogue’s Gallery (HERE) and Son Of Rogue’s Gallery (HERE) at Amazon.

BABY GRAMPS Cape Cod Girls (7:14)
Banjo – Philip Morgan
Flute, Violin – Eyvind Kang
Guitar – Bill Frisell
Backing Vocals – Akron/Family, Dana Janssen, Miles Seaton, Ryan Vanderhoof, Seth Olinsky

RICHARD THOMPSON Mingulay Boat Song (4:13)
Accordion – Michael Thompson
Bass – Davey Fallagher
Drums – Pete Thomas
Guitar – Doug Pettibone, Val McCallum
Percussion – Debra Dobkin
Violin – Richard Greene

JOHN C. REILLY My Son John (1:38)
Accordion – Neil Larsen
Backing Vocals – Loudon Wainwright III
Bass, Backing Vocals – Davey Fallagher
Drums, Backing Vocals – Pete Thomas
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Val McCallum
Violin – Richard Greene

NICK CAVE Fire Down Below (2:50)
Accordion – Kate St. John
Bass, Backing Vocals – Rory McFarlane
Drums, Backing Vocals – Andy Newmark
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Leo Abrahams
Percussion, Backing Vocals – Martyn Barker
Strings – Warren Ellis
Backing Vocals – Hal Willner, Lee Ann Brown, Martin Brumbach, Mocean Worker, Tony Torn, Vera Beren

LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III Turkish Revelry (4:21)
Violin – Richard Greene
THREE PRUNED MEN Bully In The Alley (2:30)
Accordion – Maurice Seezer
Backing Vocals – Gavin Friday, Guggi
Bass – Tony Molloy
Drums, Percussion – Robbie Cesserly
Guitar – Anto Drennan
Strings – Zoe Conway
Vocals – Dave – ID Busarus

BRYAN FERRY The Cruel Ship’s Captain (3:35)
Banjo – Peter Stanley
Bass – Rory McFarlane
Drums – Andy Newmark
Oboe – Kate St. John
Percussion – Martyn Barker
Violin – Warren Ellis

ROBIN HOLCOMB Dead Horse (2:54)
Bass – Dana Janssen
Drums – Ryan Vanderhoof
Guitar – Bill Frisell, Miles Seaton, Seth Olinsky
Keyboards – Wayne Horvitz
Violin – Eyvind Kang

BILL FRISELL Spanish Ladies (2:22)
Guitar – Bill Frisell
Loops – Hal Willner

JOSEPH ARTHUR Coast Of High Barbary (4:02)
Bass, Backing Vocals – Dom Richards
Drums, Backing Vocals – Jim White
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Rainy Orteca
Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Ed Pastorini
Trombone, Backing Vocals – Arthur Baron
Violin, Backing Vocals – Joan As Police Woman

Bass – Dom Richards
Drums – Jim White
Guitar – Rainy Orteca
Harmonium – Ed Pastorini
Strings – Joan As Police Woman
Tin Whistle, Didgeridoo – Arthur Baron

DAVID THOMAS Dan Dan (0:50)
Bass – Rory McFarlane
Drums – Andy Newmark
Guitar – Keith Moliné, Leo Abrahams
Oboe, Accordion – Kate St. John
Strings – Warren Ellis

STING Blood Red Roses (2:44)
Accordion – Michael Thompson
Drums, Backing Vocals – Pete Thomas
Violin – Richard Greene
Backing Vocals – Davey Fallagher, Debra Dobkin, Doug Pettibone, Greg Prestopino, Val McCallum

TEDDY THOMPSON Sally Brown (2:54)
Guitar, Vocals – Teddy Thompson
Harmonium – Ed Pastorini
Violin – Joan As Police Woman

GAVIN FRIDAY Baltimore Whores (4:40)
Accordion, Piano – Maurice Seezer
Bass – Tony Molloy
Drums, Percussion – Robbie Cesserly
Guitar – Anto Drennan
Strings – Zoe Conway

ELIZA CARTHY Rolling Sea (4:49)
Bass, Backing Vocals – Rory McFarlane
Drums, Backing Vocals – Andy Newmark
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Leo Abrahams
Oboe, Accordion – Kate St. John
Percussion, Backing Vocals – Martyn Barker
Strings, Backing Vocals – Warren Ellis
Accordion, Backing Vocals – Tim Van Eyken
Backing Vocals – Ed Harcourt, Ralph Steadman, Robyn Hitchcock

With Eliza Carthy, Norma Waterson
Vocals – Andy Newmark, Jenni Muldaur, Kate St. John, Leo Abrahams, Martyn Barker, Rory McFarlane, Tim Van Eyken, Warren Ellis

BOB NEUWIRTH Haul On The Bowline (1:29)
Accordion – Michael Thompson
Drums – Pete Thomas
Violin – Richard Greene

BONO A Dying Sailor To His Shipmates (4:44)
Accordion – Maurice Seezer
Cello – Eric Jacobsen
Viola – Nicholas Cords
Violin – Johnny Gandelsman
Violin – Jenny Scheinman

LUCINDA WILLIAMS Bonnie Portmore (3:36)
Bass – Rory McFarlane
Fiddle – David Coulter
Flugelhorn – Terry Edwards

RICHARD GREENE & JACK SHIT Shenandoah (2:58)
Accordion – Neil Larsen
Bass – Davey Fallagher
Drums – Pete Thomas
Guitar – Val McCallum

MARY MARGARET O’HARA The Cry Of Man (3:06)
Bass – Rory McFarlane
Flugelhorn – Terry Edwards
Harmonica – Stan Ridgway
Oboe, Accordion, English Horn – Kate St. John
Percussion – Joe Berardi
Piano – Pietra Wextun
Saw – David Coulter

JACK SHIT Boney Was A Warrior (1:55)
Accordion – Neil Larson
Bass, Vocals – Davey Fallagher
Drums – Pete Thomas
Guitar, Vocals – Val McCallum

LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III Good Ship Venus (3:15)
Accordion – Neil Larson
Bass – Davey Fallagher
Drums – Pete Thomas
Guitar – Val McCallum
Violin – Richard Greene

WHITE MAGIC Long Time Ago (2:35)
Harmonium – Ed Pastorini
Trombone – Art Baron
Violin – Joan As Police Woman
Vocals – Douglas Shaw, Mira Billotte

NICK CAVE Pinery Boy (3:15)
Bass – Rory McFarlane
Drums – Andy Newmark
Guitar – Leo Abrahams
Oboe, Accordion – Kate St. John
Percussion – Martyn Barker
Strings – Warren Ellis

BRYAN FERRY with ANTONY Lowlands Low (2:35)
Banjo – Peter Stanley
Bass – Rory McFarlane
Drums – Andy Newmark
Oboe – Kate St. John
Percussion – Martyn Barker
Violin – Warren Ellis

AKRON/FAMILY One Spring Morning (5:25)
Bass, Vocals – Miles Seaton
Drums, Percussion, Banjo, Vocals – Dana Janssen
Guitar – Bill Frisell
Guitar, Vocals – Ryan Vanderhoof, Seth Olinsky
Violin – Eyvind Kang

Accordion – Tim Van Eyken
Drums – Andy Newmark
Percussion – Martyn Barker
Violin, Vocals – Eliza Carthy
Vocals – Martin Carthy, Norma Waterson

RICKY JAY and RICHARD GREENE The Fiddler (1:34)
Vocals – Ricky Jay
Violin – Richard Greene

ANDREA COOR Caroline And Her Young Sailor Bold (3:58)
Backing Vocals – Zoe Conway
Engineer – Dave Slevin

JOHN C. REILLY Fathom The Bowl (3:44)
Accordion – Neil Larsen
Backing Vocals – Loudon Wainwright III
Bass, Backing Vocals – Davey Fallagher
Drums, Backing Vocals – Pete Thomas
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Val McCallum
Violin – Richard Greene

DAVID THOMAS What Do We Do With A Drunken Sailor (3:44)
Bass – Rory McFarlane
Drums – Andy Newmark
Guitar – Leo Abrahams
Guitar – Keith Moliné
Percussion – Martyn Barker
Saxophone – Kate St. John
Strings – Warren Ellis

ED HARCOURT Farewell Nancy (6:06)
Bass – Rory McFarlane
Drums – Andy Newmark
Guitar – Leo Abrahams
Oboe, Accordion – Kate St. John
Percussion – Martyn Barker
Strings – Warren Ellis

STAN RIDGWAY Hanging Johnny (3:28)
Backing Vocals – Mary Margaret O’Hara
Bass – Rory McFarlane
English Horn – Kate St. John
Drums – Joe Berardi
Flugelhorn – Terry Edwards
Percussion – Mocean Worker
Piano – Pietra Wextun
Violin – David Coulter

BABY GRAMPS Old Man Of The Sea (5:18)
Flute, Violin – Eyvind Kang
Tin Whistle – Philip Morgan

VAN DYKE PARKS Greenland Whale Fisheries (4:41)
Accordion, Backing Vocals – Michael Thompson, Neil Larson
Backing Vocals – Greg Prestopino
Bass, Backing Vocals – Davey Fallagher
Drums – Pete Thomas
Fiddle, Backing Vocals – Richard Greene
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Doug Pettibone, Val McCallum
Saxophone, Backing Vocals – Steve Berlin
Vocals, Mandolin, Mandolin [Mandola] – Matt Cartsonis

STING Shallow Brown (2:30)
Keyboards, Electronics – Mocean Worker
Backing Vocals – Davey Fallagher, Debra Dobkin, Greg Prestopino, Val McCallum

JOLIE HOLLAND The Grey Funnel Line (4:53)
Backing Vocals – Mary Margaret O’Hara, Richard Strange
Bass – Rory McFarlane
Drums – Joe Berardi
Fiddle, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele – David Coulter
Flugelhorn – Terry Edwards
Oboe, Accordion, English Horn – Kate St. John

JARVIS COCKER A Drop Of Nelson’s Blood (7:10)
Bass – Steve Mackey
Drums – Ross Orton
Guitar – Richard Hawley

LOU REED Leave Her Johnny (5:30)
Backing Vocals – Antony
Bass – Rob Wasserman
Cello – Jane Scarpantoni

RALPH STEADMAN Little Boy Billee (5:34)
Backing Vocals – Jenni Muldaur
Bass, Backing Vocals – Rory McFarlane
Drums, Backing Vocals – Andy Newmark
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Leo Abrahams
Oboe, Accordion – Kate St. John
Percussion, Backing Vocals – Martyn Barker
Strings, Backing Vocals – Warren Ellis
Vocals, Guitar – Robyn Hitchcock
Vocals, Piano – Ed Harcourt

SHANE MacGOWAN Leaving Of Liverpool (4:01)
Accordion – Rob Burger
Acoustic Guitar – Tony Gilkyson
Backing Vocals – Ed Pastorini, Jen Turner, Jenni Muldaur, Max Bragg
Bass – David Piltch, Greg Cohen
Drums – Casey Waits
Guitar – Nels Cline
Guitar [Solo 1] – Gore Verbinski
Guitar [Solo 2] – Johnny Depp
Horn – Jody Espina, Pablo Calogero, Sal Cracchiolo
Mixed By – Martin Brumbach
Violin – Richard Greene
Vocals – Shane MacGowan

ROBYN HITCHCOCK & THE VENUS 3 Sam’s Gone Away (2:45)
Bass, Vocals – Scott McCaughey
Drums, Vocals – Ben Rieflin
Guitar – Peter Buck
Vocals – Charlie Francis
Vocals, Guitar, Piano – Robyn Hitchcock

BETH ORTON Bamboo (River Come Down) (6:18)
Bass – David Piltch
Drums – Danny Frankel
Guitar – Val McCallum
Slide Guitar – Greg Liesz
Strings – Darrin McCann, Larry Corbett
Vocals – Beth Orton

Accordion – Neil Larsen
Bass – Davey Faragher
Drums – Pete Thomas
Guitar – Val McCallum
Other – Jon Brion
Vocals – Charlotte Kemp Muhl, Sean Lennon

TOM WAITS with KEITH RICHARDS Shenandoah (4:03)
Acoustic Guitar – Marc Ribot
Violin – Debbie Dibbley
Vocals – Tom Waits
Vocals, Electric Guitar, Bouzouki – Keith Richards

IVAN NEVILLE Mr. Stormalong (4:06)
Bass – James Singleton
Drums – Raymond Weber
Piano, Vocals – Ivan Neville
Sampler – Hal Willner

IGGY POP with A HAWK AND A HACKSAW Asshole Rules The Navy (2:04)
Accordion – Heather Trost, Jeremy Barnes
Vocals – Iggy Pop

MACY GRAY with JACK SHIT and ZOUX Off To Sea Once More (5:02)
Bass – Davey Faragher
Drums – Pete Thomas
Guitar – Val McCallum
Keyboards – Neil Larson, Zoux
Sampler – Hal Willner
Strings – Emily Moore, Marian Mayer, Mary Virginia Murphy, Matthew Witmer
Vocals – Macy Gray

ED HARCOURT The Ol’ OG (3:27)
Vocals, Guitar – Ed Harcourt
SHILPA RAY with NICK CAVE and WARREN ELLIS Pirate Jenny (7:31)
Strings – Scaliwag String Quartet
Violin – Warren Ellis
Vocals, Harmonium – Shilpa Ray
Vocals, Piano – Nick Cave

PATTI SMITH and JOHNNY DEPP The Mermaid (2:25)
Bass, Baritone Guitar – Bruce Witkin
Guitar, Drums – Johnny Depp
Vocals – Patti Smith

CHUCK E. WEISS Anthem For Old Souls (4:31)
Acoustic Guitar – Tony Gilkyson
Bass – David Piltch, Greg Cohen
Celesta – Steve Weisberg
Drums – Casey Waits
Guitar – Nels Cline
Violin – Richard Greene
Vocals – Chuck E. Weiss

ED PASTORINI Orange Claw Hammer (3:18)
Written By – Don Van Vliet
Vocals – Ed Pastorini

THE AMERICANS Sweet And Low (3:30)
Banjo – Zac Sokolow
Bass – Davey Faragher
Bass – Jacob Faulkner
Drum – Pete Thomas
Guitar – Val McCallum
Guitar, Vocals – Patrick Ferris
Keyboards – Zoux
Keyboards – Neil Larsen

Bass, Vocals – Miles Seaton
Drums, Percussion, Banjo, Vocals – Dana Janssen
Guitar – Bill Frisell
Guitar, Vocals – Ryan Vanderhoof, Seth Olinsky
Keyboards – Wayne Horvitz
Violin – Eyvind Kang
Vocals – Jessika Kenny, Robin Holcomb

GAVIN FRIDAY and SHANNON McNALLY Tom’s Gone To Hilo (4:51)
Accordion – Maurice Seezer
Bass – Tony Molloy
Didgeridoo – Art Baron
Drums, Percussion – Robbie Cesserly
Guitar – Anto Drennan
Vocals – Gavin Friday, Shannon McNally
Penny Whistle, Violin – Zoe Conway

Banjo – Jesse Harris
Bass – Jesse Murphy
Bass, Drum – Kenny Wollesen
Drums – Dalius Noujo, Daniel Jodocy, Gerald Clever
Guitar – On Davis, Tony Scherr
Vocals – Baye Kouyate
Organ – Brian Mitchell
Percussion – Jennifer Harris, Tim Kieper
Saxophone – Jessica Lurie, Jonathon Haffner, Welf Dorr
Saxophone – Stefan Zeniuk
Saxophone – Doug Wieselman, Nick Gianni
Trombone – Elizabeth Dotson-Westphalen, Richard Marriott
Trumpet – Mike Irwin, Peck Allmond, Sarah Wilson
Trumpet – Mike Williams
Tuba – Jesse Dulman
Voice – Chantal Ughi, Kate Fenner, Michelle Casillas, Monica Frisell

FRANK ZAPPA/MOTHERS OF INVENTION Wedding Dress Song/Handsome Cabin Boy (2:36)
Drums – Jimmy Carl Black
Guitar, Bass – Frank Zappa
Keyboards – Don Preston
Marimba, Vibraphone – Art Tripp

Bass – Davey Faragher
Drums – Pete Thomas
Guitar – Val McCallum
Keyboards – Neil Larsen
Vocals – Courtney Love, Michael Stipe

MARC ALMOND Ship In Distress (2:30)
Bayan – Igor Outkine
Vocals – Marc Almond

DR. JOHN In Lure Of The Tropics (5:02)
Drums – Raymond Weber
Sampler – Hal Willner
Voice – Mac Rebennack
Woodwind – Doug Wieselman

TODD RUNDGREN Rolling Down To Old Maui (3:46)
All Instruments, Vocals – Todd Rundgren
DAN ZANES with BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE Jack Tar On Shore (3:10)
Drums – Justin Peroff
Guitar – Andrew Whiteman, Charles Spearin, Sam Goldberg
Guitar, Vocals – Dan Zanes
Piano – Brenden Canning

KATEY RED and BIG FREEDIA with AKRON/FAMILY Sally Racket (2:57)
Bass – James Singleton
Bass, Vocals – Miles Seaton
Drums, Percussion, Banjo, Vocals – Dana Janssen
Guitar – Bill Frisell
Guitar, Vocals – Ryan Vanderhoof, Seth Olinsky
Human Beatbox – Raymond Weber
Organ – Ivan Neville
Violin – Eyvind Kang
Vocals – Big Freedia, Katey Red

Drums – Justin Peroff
Harmonica – Andrew Whiteman
Organ – Brenden Canning
Trumpet – Charles Spearin
Vocals – Kevin Drew, Lisa Lobsinger

Accordion – Gil Goldstein
Bass – Greg Cohen
Bass Clarinet – Doug Wieselman, Lenny Pickett
Drums – Jim White
Electric Piano – Steve Weisberg
Guitar – Barry Reynolds, Marc Ribot
Piano, Organ – Rob Burger
Tenor Saxophone – Marty Ehrlich
Vocals – Anna McGarrigle, Kate McGarrigle, Marianne Faithfull

RICKY JAY The Chantey Of Noah And His Ark (Old School Song) (6:18)
Bass – Davey Faragher
Drums – Pete Thomas
Guitar – Val McCallum
Organ – Neil Larsen
Percussion – Jon Brion
Sampler – Hal Willner
Violin – Richard Greene
Vocals – Ricky Jay

MICHAEL GIRA Whiskey Johnny (2:17)
Bass – Dom Richards
Clarinet – Doug Wieselman
Drums – Jim White
Guitar – Rainy Orteca
Piano – Ed Pastorini
Trombone – Art Baron
Violin – Joan Wasser

PETRA HADEN with LENNY PICKETT Sunshine Life For Me (3:44)
Bass – Davey Faragher
Drums – Pete Thomas
Guitar, Vocals – Val McCallum
Keyboards – Neil Larsen, Zoux
Saxophone – Lenny Pickett
Vocals – Petra Haden

JENNI MULDAUR Row The Boat Child (2:35)
Organ – Chris Brown
Strings – Scaliwag String Quartet
Vocals – Jenni Muldaur

RICHARD THOMPSON with JACK SHIT General Taylor (3:53)
Accordion, Vocals – Michael Thompson
Bass – Davey Faragher
Drums, Vocals – Pete Thomas
Guitar – Doug Pettibone
Guitar, Vocals – Richard Thompson, Val McCallum
Percussion, Vocals – Debra Dobkin
Violin – Richard Greene

Bass – Davey Faragher
Drums – Pete Thomas
Guitar – David Robbins, Val McCallum
Keyboards – Neil Larsen, Zoux
Vocals – Jamie Drake, Matthew Sweet, Susanna Hoffs
Vocals, Guitar – Tim Robbins

KEMBRA PFAHLER Barnacle Bill The Sailor (3:31)
Drums – Jim White
Guitar – Joan Wasser, Rainy Orteca
Keyboards – Ed Pastorini
Sampler – Hal Willner, JG Thurwell
Tin Whistle, Didgeridoo – Art Baron
Vocals – Antony, Joseph Arthur, Kembra Pfahler

ANJELICA HUSTON Missus McGraw (5:09)
Strings – Scaliwag String Quartet
Vocals – Anjelica Huston

IGGY POP and THE ELEGANT TOO The Dreadnought (2:32)
Drums, Percussion, Programmed By, Vocals – Phil Hernandez
Guitar, Keyboards, Programmed By, Vocals – Chris Maxwell
Vocals – Iggy Pop

MARY MARGARET O’HARA Then Said The Captain To Me (Two Poems Of The Sea) (1:49)
Accordion – Kate St. John
Bass – Rory McFarland
Flugelhorn – Terry Edwards
Percussion – Joe Berardi
Saw – David Coulter
Vocals – Mary Margaret O’Hara

GRATEFUL DEAD/JOHN OSWALD Grayfolded: Transitive Axis & Mirror Ashes (1995/1996)

GrayfoldedGrayfolded: Transitive Axis & Mirror Ashes (1995/1996)
The Ultimate “Dark Star”

Experimentalist John Oswald’s famed two-volume deconstruction/reconstruction of live performances of the Grateful Dead’s magnum space opus, “Dark Star.” Oswald plumbed the depths of the Dead’s archival tapes to cherry pick performance portions from numerous live gigs (1969-1996) to originally create two individual CDs, Transitive Axis and Mirror Ashes, which were later packaged together as this 2CD set, titled Grayfolded. You’d need a wall sized schematic to break down the sources of Oswald’s laboriously stitched together Frankenstein, which, thankfully, was included in the 2-disc package (click the images below for a pop-up view). This is the ultimate space trip, over 106 minutes, and has been a favorite of even the most discerning Deadheads since it first surfaced in the mid-90s. Mirror Ashes now includes the “hidden track” that begins the disc (thanks to hungrypirate). There’s more Dead (and family & friends) in the archives (below). Find Grayfolded at Amazon, HERE.

GRAYFOLDED: Part One: Transitive Axis (59:59)
Novature (Formless Nights Fall) Grateful Dead (1:20)
Pouring Velvet (2:58)
In Revolving Ash Light (17:00)
Clouds Cast (7:13)
Through (8:52)
Fault Forces (6:19)
The Phil Zone (4:46)
La Estrella Oscura (9:33)
Recedes (Well We Can) (1:57)

GRAYFOLDED: Part Two: Mirror Ashes (46:46)
(Hidden Track) (2:57)
Transilence (0:45)
73rd Star Bridge Sonata (14:25)
Cease Tone Beam (13:27)
The Speed Of Space (9:24)
Dark Matter Problem / Every Leaf Is Turning (7:15)
Foldback Time (1:33)
Transitive Axis
Mirror Ashes
Click For Pop-Up Enlargement

GRATEFUL DEAD Fillmore West, 1969 The Complete Recordings (2005) HERE
GRATEFUL DEAD Fillmore West, 1969 Bonus Disc (2005) HERE
GRATEFUL DEAD & MERL SAUNDERS The Twilight Zone (TV Soundtrack 1985) HERE
GRATEFUL DEAD Wake Of The Flood Studio Outtakes (1973) HERE
GRATEFUL DEAD Spring 1990 (18CD Box Set, 2012) HERE
GRATEFUL DEAD May 1977 (14CD Box Set, 2013) HERE
GRATEFUL DEAD France, 1971 (Unreleased) HERE
FURTHUR September 18, 2009 (3 Hour Streaming Show) HERE
RHYTHM DEVILS The Apocalypse Now Sessions (1979) HERE
GRATEFUL DEAD Live At Giza (The Pyramids) (Boot 1978) HERE
MERL SAUNDERS & JERRY GARCIA Live At Keystone, Volume I (1988), Live At Keystone, Volume II (1988), Keystone Encores (1988) & Well-Matched (1996) HERE
THE HENRY KAISER BAND Dark Star – Live At Slims San Francisco 12.15.88 HERE
DAVID MURRAY OCTET Dark Star [The Music Of The Grateful Dead] (1996) HERE
BILL KREUTZMANN Mahalo (Privately Released 2003) HERE
FURTHUR Live From Abbey Road (2011) HERE
DAVID & THE DORKS Live At The Matrix (1970) HERE
JOE GALLANT & ILLUMINATI Blues For Allah Project (1996) HERE
THE PERSUASIONS Might As Well… The Persuasions Sing Grateful Dead (2000) HERE
NED LAGIN Seastones (1975) HERE
VARIOUS ARTISTS Fillmore: The Last Days (1972) HERE

THE SPOILS OF WAR The Spoils Of War (1969) – Lost, Lovingly Sub-Par Psychedelia

FrontThe Spoils Of War (1969)
Lovingly Sub-Par Psychedelia

Downloading opened up a whole other world of psychedelic music (a primary interest, having come of age during the era) that I had never even heard of, much less actually heard. The Spoils Of War was one of my first downloads back in the mid-00s, the first of hundreds of long-lost psychedelic albums that provided a rude (but welcomed) awakening about the extent of my musical knowledge. 1969’s The Spoils Of War is a bit of an enlightened mess, characterized by bouts of silence, electrically overloaded effects, workable jazz/rock jams, sped up vocals, amateurish avant-grade, Airplane-syled fuzz guitars, flighty vocals, flute-driven things, Mothers-inspired beat combo racketeering, jazzy horns and involved arrangements, all obviously recorded on a shoestring… and with absolutely no commercial potential. The melodies aren’t very memorable, and some of it sounds like it was made up in the studio (though the arrangements and instrumentation belie that), but… for those who are inexplicably drawn to the genre, and are – like myself – not all that discerning a psych listener (any psych will do), there are moments here that may strike your fancy. I suspect The Spoils Of War isn’t that good, but it is relatively original, uniquely unexpected and off-the-beaten path, which is what true psych was supposed to be all about… I think. Regardless, everybody has their own psych tolerance levels. I like it all, good, bad and indifferent. You may have more elevated needs, so try The Spoils Of War at your own risk. It’s at Amazon, HERE.

Walk In, Walk Out (7:58)
First Love, Last Love (3:59)
E-Thing (7:57)
You’re The Girl (3:20)
Now Is Made In America (5:28)
Rit Yellow Of The Sun (5:00)
The Crimson Uniform/Jena’s Score (4:47)
The Record Rejects/After The Party/Lonesome Is A Truer Word/The End (4:44)
What Happens Now/Now Is Made In America/Henry T. Joseph (8:58)
Void Of Misery/The Greyness Moves In Quietly (9:02)
Susan Never Smiles/Remembering (3:53)
Ring, Magic Telephone, Ring (3:09)
Victoria Falls (0:41)

VARIOUS ARTISTS American Clave (1993) – Fantastic 2CD Box From Kip Hanrahan’s American Clave Label

American ClaveAmerican Clave (1993)
Kip Hanrahan’s All-Star Smorgasbord…

A great 2CD compilation from producer/artist Kip Hanrahan’s American Clave label, recorded from 1980 to 1992. Fantastically realized ideas with no barriers between jazz, rock, soul and experimental forms. Like super producer Bill Laswell, Hanrahan uses a vast array of talented pals to realize his visions – when recording his own material or producing the ideas of others. The back cover sums up this 2CD box set nicely; “An anthology of musics (sequences of angers, passions, sexualities made audible and intelligible by music) formed by the labor of Kip Hanrahan, Jack Bruce, Astor Piazzolla, Allen Toussaint, Don Pullen, David Murray, Paul Haines, Milton Cardona, Ishmael Reed, Steve Swallow, Taj Mahal, Sting, Andy Gonzalez, Arto Lindsay, Bobby Womack, Robert Wyatt, Lester Bowie, George Cartywright… and others informed by, but irreverent of, expected form; but informed by and not irreverent of passionate cause and intent…” While each track’s main artist is listed below, you really need the liner notes to fully appreciate who else is on board. We’ve got four pages you can check out below to give you the broad strokes, but there’s more going on than meets the ear. For instance, though credited to Kip Hanrahan, the gorgeous “Make Love 2″ (with David Murray on sax) is a haunting Jack Bruce/Peter Brown composition (with Jack on lead vocals) that one can easily imagine in Cream’s trio format. Hanrahan made regular use of Bruce’s talents over the years, long after the spotlight stopped shining in his direction. The material comes form various American Clave releases, including three highly recommended examples we’ve got in the archives from the brilliant Astor Piazzolla; Tango: Zero Hour, The Rough Dancer And The Cyclical Night (Tango Apasionado) and La Camorra (all HERE) and the great multi-artist 2CD con-fab from Paul Haines/Kip Hanrahan, Darn It! (HERE). Find this 1993 2CD American Clave compilation at Amazon, HERE.

Milton Cardona Salute To Elegua (1:09)
Astor Piazzolla
Tanguedia III (4:39)
Kip Hanrahan
“…when I lose myself in the darkness of love, no, this lLove…” (5:37)
Kip Hanrahan
“…she turned so that a third of her face was in this fuckin’ beautiful half-light…” (4:31)
‘Sputin (5:03)
David Murray
Jes’ Grew (4:03)
Kip Hanrahan
Make Love 2 (4:28)
Astor Piazzolla
Ah, Intruder (Female) (6:16)
Astor Piazzolla
Prelude To The Cyclical Night (Part One) (0:47)
Kip Hanrahan
The First And Last To Love Me (2, December) (4:36)
Milton Cardona
Ebioso (2:28)
The Author Reflects On His Thirty-Fifth Birthday (5:02)
Paul Haines
Curtsy (5:20)
Kip Hanrahan
At The Moment Of The Serve (excerpt) (2:00)

Kip Hanrahan Meaning A Visa (excerpt) (1:09)
Kip Hanrahan
Two (Still In Half Light) (6:45)
Astor Piazzolla
Soledad (7:51)
Lester Bowie
Fool-ology (The Song) (6:07)
Kip Hanrahan
A Lover Divides Time (To Hear How It Sounds) (excerpt) (1:16)
Kip Hanrahan
India Song (4:16)
Paul Haines
Poem For Gretchen Ruth (0:48)
New Fast (1:14)
Kip Hanrahan
Velasquez (2:39)
Paul Haines
There Aren’t These Things (4:11)
Astor Piazzolla
Leijias’s Game (2:23)
Kip Hanrahan
Shadow Song (Mario’s In) (4:10)
Kip Hanrahan
Geography (5:14)
Astor Piazzolla
Prelude To The Cyclical Night (Part Two) (0:52)
Gold Disc1.Red Disc2

THE BAND Bonus Tracks (2000-2001 Remasters)

Bonus Tracks 2000-2001 RemastersBonus Tracks (2000-2001 Remasters)
Nearly Three Hours Of Extras…

From The Band’s 2000-01 reissue series comes this nearly three-hour set of bonus tracks, culled from the eight albums made before the original line-up would call it a day; Music From Big Pink, The Band, Stage Fright, Cahoots, the live Rock Of Ages (including three tracks with Bob), Moondog Matinee, Northern Lights – Southern Cross and Islands. Lots of great material. Find the rest of our Bonus Tracks Series below. We’ve got some Band and Band-related stuff in the archives, including A Musical History (5CD Box HERE), GARTH HUDSON Our Lady Queen Of The Angels, from 1980 (HERE), LEVON HELM & RICK DANKO Starry Night, Portland – January 28, 1983 (HERE) and THE LEVON HELM BAND The Midnight Ramble Sessions, Volumes 1, 2 & 3 (HERE).

Yazoo Street Scandal (Outtake) (4:02) – Music From Big Pink (1968)
Tears Of Rage (Alternate Take) (5:32) – Music From Big Pink (1968)
Katie’s Been Gone (Outtake) (2:47) – Music From Big Pink (1968)
If I Lose (Outtake) (2:30) – Music From Big Pink (1968)
Long Distance Operator (Outtake) (3:58) – Music From Big Pink (1968)
Lonesome Suzie (Alternate Take) (3:01) – Music From Big Pink (1968)
Orange Juice Blues (Blues For Breakfast) (Outtake – Demo) (3:40) – Music From Big Pink (1968)
Key To The Highway (Outtake) (2:28) – Music From Big Pink (1968)
Ferdinand The Imposter (Outtake/Demo) (4:00) – Music From Big Pink (1968)
Get Up Jake (Outtake­ – Stereo Mix) (2:18) – The Band (1969)
Rag Mama Rag (Alternate Vocal Take­ – Rough Mix) (3:05) – The Band (1969)
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (Alternate Mix) (4:16) – The Band (1969)
Up On Cripple Creek (Alternate Take) (4:55) – The Band (1969)
Whispering Pines (Alternate Take) (5:07) – The Band (1969)
Jemima Surrender (Alternate Mix) (3:49) – The Band (1969)
King Harvest Has Surely Come (Alternate Performance) (4:29) – The Band (1969)
Daniel and the Sacred Harp (Alternative Take) (5:02) – Stage Fright (1970)
Time To Kill (Alternate Mix) (3:26) – Stage Fright (1970)
The W.S. Walcott Medicine Show (Alternative Mix) (3:05) – Stage Fright (1970)
Radio Commercial (1:06) – Stage Fright (1970)

Endless Highway (Early Studio Take) (3:46) – Cahoots (1971)
When I Paint My Masterpiece (Alternate Take) (3:58) – Cahoots (1971)
Bessie Smith (Outtake) (4:18) – Cahoots (1971)
Don’t Do It (Outtake – Studio Version) (3:54) – Cahoots (1971)
Radio Commercial (1:04) – Cahoots (1971)
Loving You (Is Sweeter Than Ever) (Previously Unreleased) (3:29) – Rock Of Ages (1972)
I Shall Be Released (Previously Unreleased) (4:04) – Rock Of Ages (1972)
Up On Cripple Creek (Previously Unreleased) (4:39) – Rock Of Ages (1972)
The Rumor (Previously Unreleased) (5:03) – Rock Of Ages (1972)
Rockin’ Chair (Previously Unreleased) (4:07) – Rock Of Ages (1972)
Time To Kill (Previously Unreleased) (4:07) – Rock Of Ages (1972)
Down In The Flood (Previously Unreleased) (5:26) – Rock Of Ages (1972)
When I Paint My Masterpiece (w/Bob) (Previously Unreleased) (4:18) – Rock Of Ages (1972)
Don’t Ya Tell Henry (w/Bob) (Previously Unreleased) (4:39) – Rock Of Ages (1972)
Like A Rolling Stone (w/Bob) (Previously Unreleased) (5:25) – Rock Of Ages (1972)

Didn’t It Rain (Outtake) (3:16) – Moondog Matinee (1973)
Crying Heart Blues (Outtake) (3:29) – Moondog Matinee (1973)
Shakin’ (Outtake) (3:32) – Moondog Matinee (1973)
What Am I Living For (Outtake) (5:04) – Moondog Matinee (1973)
Going Back To Memphis (Outtake) (5:02) – Moondog Matinee (1973)
Endless Highway (Studio Version) (5:09) – Moondog Matinee (1973)
Twilight (Early Alternate Version) (3:13) – Northern Lights-Southern Cross (1975)
Christmas Must Be Tonight (Alternate Version) (3:01) – Northern Lights-Southern Cross (1975)
Twilight (Single Version) (3:17) – Islands (1977)
Georgia On My Mind (Alternate Take) (3:51) – Islands (1977)

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SURRENDER TO THE AIR Surrender To The Air (1996) w/ Members of Sun Ra’s Arkestra, Phish, Marc Ribot, John Medeski & others

surrrendertotheairSurrender To The Air (1996)
Got Noise?

The one-off 1996 brainchild of Phish guitarist, Trey Anastasio, features members of Sun Ra’s Arkestra, Marc Ribot, John Medeski, Jon Fishman (and friends) diving headfirst into a nearly uninterrupted set of free-form noise making. Not as manic as some improvisational endeavors of this kind, but still pretty much structure-free, throughout. The purpose here seems to be exploratory, as opposed to incendiary, which is why I often come back to this release, while other, more celebrated collisions of sound remain on the shelf. You gotta love the line-up; Marshall Allen, Damon Choice & Michael Ray (Sun Ra’s Arkestra), downtown jazzers Marc Ribot & John Medeski, Kofi & Oteil Burbridge (Col. Hampton’s Aquarium Rescue Unit), Trey Anastasio & Jon Fishman (Phish), James Harvey (Apfelbaum And The Hieroglyphics Ensemble) and Phish friend, Bob Gullotti. The original CD is out of print and going for a penny (not surprisingly) at Amazon, HERE. Don’t buy it “new,” however, as it’s only sold as an on-demand CD-R. Grab the 1¢ original, instead.

Intro (1:49)
And Furthermore (7:18)
We Deflate (7:15)
And Furthermore (7:06)
Down (2:52)
Intro (2:01)
And Furthermore (4:12)
And Furthermore (11:10)
Out (5:38)

Marshall Allen: saxophone
Trey Anastasio: guitar
Kofi Burbridge: flute
Oteil Burbridge: bass
Damon R. Choice: vibraphone
Jon Fishman: drums
Bob Gullotti: drums
James Harvey: trombone
John Medeski: organ
Michael Ray: trumpet
Marc Ribot: guitar

THE YOUNGBLOODS Earth Music (1967)

FrontEarth Music (1967)
Quietly Prescient…

Found this at my local pawn shop the other day for 25¢, the sophomore release from The Youngbloods. It’s barely a half hour-long, but with three original Jesse Colin Young compositions (including the excellent, “All My Dreams Blue”) and first-rate covers of The Holy Modal Rounders’ “Euphoria” and Tim Hardin’s “Reason To Believe” (later made famous by Rod Stewart), it’s as good as their debut (released the same year), which featured their better-late-than-never 1969 hit, “Get Together.” The vocal harmonies of lead singers Young and Jerry Corbitt have always been underrated, but Earth Music also boasts some quietly prescient offerings, like Young’s bluesy vocal turn on “I Can Tell” (a performance tailor-made for Janis Joplin) and the American Beauty/Dead-like “Sugar Babe” (a co-write with Jackie Lomax), further illustrating how The Youngbloods were ahead of the curve on upcoming trends. Felix Pappalardi co-produces. This is a 1988 French pressing on Edsel, which you can find at Amazon, HERE.

Euphoria (2:17)
All My Dreams Blue (3:10)
Monkey Business (2:53)
Dreamer’s Dream (3:36)
Sugar Babe (2:14)
Long & Tall (4:05)
I Can Tell (4:31)
Don’t Play Games (2:15)
The Wine Song (2:45)
Fool Me (3:00)
Reason To Believe (2:24)

JETHRO TULL Live At Carnegie Hall, NY, 1970 – The Complete 103 Minute Show!

Live At Carnegie Hall (Complete)Live At Carnegie Hall, NY, 1970 – Complete (1970/2010)
Third Time’s A Charm…

There are actually three different official versions of Jethro Tull’s 1970 concert at Carnegie Hall in New York. The first, an edited 60-minute disc, was issued in 1994 as part of the 4CD 25th Anniversary Boxed Set (aka The Cigar Box). We first posted Carnegie Hall, N.Y. (disc 2) back in 2007 (HERE), and included the two omitted Carnegie performances that appeared on 1972’s Living In The Past, to complete the concert’s set list. It took another 16 years for Ian Anderson to get around to releasing the (almost full) show – in the proper order – on the 2010 Deluxe Edition of Stand Up. But… that still wasn’t the total performance, as it was heavily edited to fit onto a single, 80-minute disc. So, Anderson took a third swing and issued an audio-only DVD of the Carnegie Hall performance… all 103 minutes of it, which includes the full, 23-1/2 minute drum solo version of “Dharma For One,” and all of Ian’s between song banter… over 12 minutes worth that had been pruned from previous editions. Frankly, some listeners may actually prefer the less verbose 80-minute Stand Up bonus disc version (which we’ve also included here), since Ian’s love of his own voice gets a bit old after the first listen. Note also that the DVD-Audio version is “hotter,” meaning louder and more alive, which draws more attention to the root recording’s source distortions and flaws (also audible on previous versions), which might explain why the set never got its own dedicated 2CD release. Still… this “Complete” version is the one to have, in all its yammering glory. We’ve got more Tull (and Ian Anderson) in the archives, including… The Chateau D’Isaster Tapes (1973, the shelved follow-up to Thick As A Brick, HERE), Aqualung (1971 The 40th Anniversary Special Edition, HERE), Thick As A Brick (1972) & Thick As A Brick 2 (2012), both HERE, IAN ANDERSON’s The Secret Language Of Birds from 2000 (outstanding, HERE) and Homo Erraticus (2014, HERE). Find the Stand Up Deluxe Version, with the DVD-Audio at Amazon, HERE.

Live At Carnegie Hall, NY, 1970 – Complete (DVD-Audio)
Introduction (1:26)
Nothing Is Easy (7:22)
My God (14:35)
With You There To Help Me/By Kind Permission Of (15:27)
A Song For Jeffrey (7:08)
To Cry You A Song (6:44)
Sossity, You’re A Woman/Reasons For Waiting/Sossity, You’re A Woman (8:54)
Dharma For One (23:36)
We Used To Know (4:00)
Guitar Solo (8:24)
For A Thousand Mothers (4:48)

Stand Up (Deluxe Edition): Live At Carnegie Hall, NY, 1970
Nothing Is Easy (5:43)
My God (12:43)
With You There To Help Me – By Kind Permission Of (13:35)
A Song For Jeffrey (5:25)
To Cry You A Song (6:04)
Sossity You’re A Woman/Reasons For Waiting/Sossity You’re A Woman (5:29)
Dharma For One (13:37)
We Used To Know (3:41)
Guitar Solo (8:24)
For A Thousand Mothers (4:43)

JOHN LEE HOOKER / MILES DAVIS / TAJ MAHAL The Hot Spot (Soundtrack 1990) – Live In The Studio

The Hot SpotThe Hot Spot (1990)
A One Time Live Studio Summit…

Anyone interested in either Miles Davis or John Lee Hooker has probably already come across this rare union of the legendary greats for the film soundtrack, The Hot Spot. I’ve had it for decades, but recently saw the movie for the very first time (with Don Johnson), so I thought I’d dig it out for the uninitiated. Hearing Hooker improvise on blues changes, with Miles’ distinctive muted horn floating in the background, is about as good as it gets, even if it’s all just mindlessly off-the-cuff. There’s no real vision or direction here – at best, it can be called meandering – but the distinctive voices of the endlessly fascinating participants, set against the music’s largely smoldering and smokey atmospherics, easily sells the concept. The core band is Hooker (guitar/vocals), Miles (muted trumpet), Taj Mahal (guitar), Roy Rogers (guitar), Tim Drummond (bass) and Earl Palmer (drums). Though, the line-up shifts from track to track, and also includes Bradford Ellis and a couple of plaintive melodies composed by the equally great Jack Nitzsche. Hit the archives to find tons of Miles (HERE) and John Lee Hooker (HERE). Find The Hot Spot at Amazon, HERE.

Coming To Town (3:12) - John Lee Hooker, Miles Davis, Earl Palmer, Tim Drummond, Roy Rogers
Empty Bank (2:23) - Taj Mahal, Miles Davis, Earl Palmer, Tim Drummond, Roy Rogers
Harry’s Philosophy (2:49) - John Lee Hooker
Dolly’s Arrival (1:21) - Taj Mahal, Earl Palmer, Tim Drummond, Roy Rogers
Harry And Dolly (2:53) - John Lee Hooker, Miles Davis, Taj Mahal, Tim Drummond, Roy Rogers
Sawmill (3:08) - John Lee Hooker, Miles Davis, Tim Drummond, Roy Rogers
Bank Robbery (4:37) - John Lee Hooker, Miles Davis, Taj Mahal, Earl Palmer, Tim Drummond, Roy Rogers
Moanin’ (3:24) - John Lee Hooker
Gloria’s Story (3:28) - Miles Davis, Bradford Ellis
Harry Sets Up Sutton (1:46) - John Lee Hooker, Miles Davis, Taj Mahal, Tim Drummond, Roy Rogers
Murder (4:14) - John Lee Hooker, Miles Davis, Tim Drummond, Roy Rogers, Bradford Ellis
Blackmail (2:13) - John Lee Hooker, Miles Davis, Taj Mahal, Earl Palmer, Tim Drummond, Roy Rogers
End Credits (5:23) - John Lee Hooker, Miles Davis, Taj Mahal, Earl Palmer, Tim Drummond, Roy Rogers

VARIOUS ARTISTS Medium Rare (1993) – w/ Rarities From Bowie, Sugar, Thompson, Cale, NRBQ & others

mrareMedium Rare (1993)
Promo-Only Ryko Rarities CD…

Cool Ryko release designed to promote the label’s (once) impressive array of artists and releases, boasting oddities in the form of demos, live tracks, b-sides and alternate mixes. Since this was first issued over 20 years ago, in 1993, some of these tracks have since re-surfaced on various reissues as bonus tracks… but not all of them. So this collection is a nice one to have. Find Medium Rare at Amazon, HERE.

Sugar JC Auto (Live) (6:03)
Jimi Hendrix Experience
Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) (Live) (6:26) – Recorded Live At Winterland, Oct. 1968
Richard Thompson
Skull And Crossbones (Live) (4:00) – Recorded Live At Park West, Chicago, March, 1985
Chris Bell
Make A Scene (Alternate Mix) (4:11)
Nils Lofgren
Misery (Demo Version) (4:46)
John Cale
You Know More Than I Know (Live) (3:15) – Unreleased In The US
June Tabor & The Oyster Band
Susie Clelland (Live) (5:10) – From The Public Radio program, Mountain Stage
John & Mary
Rags Of Flowers (Live) (3:16)
Marty Willson-Piper
New York Buddah (Promo B-Side) (7:10)
Mouth Music
He Mandu (Mother Mix) (6:10)
David Bowie vs 808 State
Sound & Vision (808 Giftmix) (4:00) – From the Rykodisc single “Sound & Vision”
Music, Music, Music (Live) (2:28)
John Trudell
Look At Us (Peltier AIM Song) (6:00) – Unreleased In The US

L0S L0B0S 0ne Time 0ne Night: Live Recordings – Vols. 1 & 2 (2007/2009)

FrontFront0ne Time 0ne Night: Live Recordings – Vol. 1 (2007)
0ne Time 0ne Night: Live Recordings – Vol. 2 (2009)
Previously Available Only At Live Gigs And Online

Stellar selection of recordings from Cesar Rosas’ personal archive of live Lobos tapes. You can’t go wrong with any of this stuff, though, it’s hard to tell when it was all recorded. But, since the bulk of Vol. 1‘s material comes from their brilliant album, Colossal Head (HERE, in the archives), 1996-97 is a good bet for the first set. The sound here is stripped down and lean, with little to suggest it’s even live at all, as both the applause and atmospherics are (for the most part) missing. Vol. 2 is even tougher to pin down, as it features material from 1990’s The Neighborhood, 2002’s Good Morning Aztlán, 2004’s The Ride and various other releases. The band has been releasing a bunch of live material via their own Los Lobos Records since last decade, including Acoustic en Vivo, Chuy’s Tape Box, Vol. 1, and this two-volume (so far) set, which has been available via their website and at live gigs… though, it appears that Vol. 1 just got a wider release and is available at Amazon, HERE. There’s more LL in the archives, HERE.

0ne Time 0ne Night: Live Recordings – Vol. 1
Colossal Head (3:58)
My Baby’s Gone (3:16)
Revolution (5:25)
This Bird’s Gonna Fly (4:27)
Manny’s Bones (3:20)
Maricela (3:54)
Mas Y Mas (5:53)
Evangeline (2:42)
Just A Man (9:22)
I Walk Alone (2:45)
Don’t Worry Baby (3:38)

0ne Time 0ne Night: Live Recordings – Vol. 2
Angel Dance (4:28)
Hurry Tomorrow (5:19)
Done Gone Blue (4:07)
This Time/Waiting In Vain (8:07)
I Can’t Understand (7:07)
Estoy Sentado Aqui (3:30)
Let’s Say Goodnight (3:37)
Hearts Of Stone (5:06)
Three Hundred Pounds Of Heavenly Joy (5:04)
Come On, Let’s Go (2:58)

RICHARD THOMPSON Doom & Gloom From The Tomb (1985) + Doom & Gloom II (Over My Dead Body) (1991) – Two Long Gone Cassette-Only Rarities!

Doom & Gloom From The Tomb copyDoom & Gloom II
Doom & Gloom From The Tomb (1985)
Doom & Gloom II (Over My Dead Body) (1991)
Two Long Lost Cassette-Only Fan Club Rarities

Those who subscribed to the 80s/90s Richard Thompson fanzine, Flypaper, were the only ones with direct access to these two, extremely obscure, cassette-only collections of rare material from RT’s archived tapes – featuring unreleased solo demos and live material from Fairport Convention, The Albion Country Band and Richard & Linda Thompson. Back in 1985, when Doom & Gloom From The Tomb first surfaced – long before the dominance of archival releases – this was holy grail type stuff for fanatics. Thompson would follow it up with a second cassette, 1991’s Doom & Gloom II (Over My Dead Body). It wouldn’t be until 1993 that RT would advance the idea into the digital age with the 3CD Ryko set, Watching The Dark (which included two tracks from these cassettes). But, to this day, these original cassettes, and the rarities within, languish in obscurity, just begging for a re-mastering/re-issue treatment. The sound on these files is not all that great. Pretty much what you’d expect from outdated technology. But, the material is still highly coveted, featuring lost tracks, obscure covers, lots of live material and the odd curio or two. NOTE: These files are 320s, but if anyone has any better sounding versions, please share them. Archeologists might note that there are a few date discrepancies floating around for some of these tracks, which is why we went with the info found at Thompson’s website (also included as a text file). If you’ve spent any time around these parts, you’ll know we’ve got tons of hard to find RT in the archives, including 5 “Five Live” Box Sets (HERE, 25 unreleased career-spanning live concerts), Gathered Tracks Vols. 1-8 (HERE, an early, original gathering from the Never Get Out Of The Boat days), three Thompson Promo/Sampler CDs (HERE), A Thompson Family Christmas (HERE), Richard & Linda’s Rafferty’s Folly (HERE, the original, unreleased Shoot Out The Lights produced by Gerry Rafferty), The Lost Album (1987-1990) (HERE), “RT” On “FR” (HERE, a long gone box set Bonus Disc) and Richard Thompson Teaches Traditional Guitar Instrumentals (HERE)… or just access them all HERE.

Fairport Convention Eastern Rain (3:37) – Live, 1968
Fairport Convention
Book Song (3:06) – Live, 1968
Richard & Linda Thompson
Died For Love (4:47) – Demo, 1977
Richard Thompson
Jealousy (2:29) – Demo, 1982
Richard & Linda Thompson
I’ll Keep It With Mine (6:16) – Live, 1982
Richard Thompson
Calvary Cross (7:12) – Live, 1983
Richard & Linda Thompson
First Light (4:00) – Demo, 1977
Fairport Convention
Move It (3:24) – Live, 1984
Fairport Convention
How I Wanted To (5:14) – Live, 1983
Richard & Linda Thompson
Speechless Child (4:17) – Demo, 1980
Richard & Linda Thompson
I’m A Dreamer (5:04) – Live, 1982
Richard & Linda Thompson
Madness Of Love (6:44) – Live, 1977
Richard & Linda Thompson
Traces Of My Love (4:40) – Demo, 1979
Richard Thompson
Flowers Of The Forest (3:52) – Live, 1982
Richard Thompson
Tear Stained Letter (8:36) – Live, 1983
Richard Thompson
Together Again (6:30) – Live, 1983
Richard Thompson
Strange Affair (4:14) – Demo 1977
Richard Thompson
Jennie (4:20) – Live, 1984

Richard Thompson Walking Through A Wasted Land (4:06) – Live, 1984
Richard Thompson
Mind Your Own Business (3:22) – Live, Year Unknown
Richard Thompson
She Moves Through The Fair (4:10) – Live, 1990
Richard Thompson
John The Gun (5:06) – Live, 1985
Albion Country Band
The Poor Ditching Boy (4:06) – Live, 1972
Fairport Convention
Autopsy (4:25) – Live, 1968
Richard & Linda Thompson
Things You Gave Me (3:12) – Live, 1978
Richard Thompson
Bad News Is All The Wind Can Carry (3:06) – Demo, 1971/72
Fairport Convention
Borrowed Time (7:23) – Live, 1983
Richard Thompson
The End Of The Rainbow (3:52) – Live, 1985
Richard & Linda Thompson
Now Be Thankful (2:53) – Live, 1975
Richard & Linda Thompson
Layla (4:31) – Demo, 1977
Albion Country Band
The Little Beggar Girl (3:52) – Live, 1972
Richard Thompson
Down Where The Drunkards Roll (4:54) – Live, 1990
Fairport Convention
Who Knows Where The Time Goes? (4:21) – Live, 1968

ELTON JOHN 17-11-70 (1971) + 12-11-70 – Live At The Fillmore West (Unreleased)

Front12-11-70 - Live At The Fillmore West
17-11-70 (1971)
12-11-70 – Live At The Fillmore West (1970 Unreleased)
An Early EJ Live Classic & An Outstanding Unreleased Show From The Week Before

There have been a few requests over the years for Elton John’s first live album, 17-11-70 (a.k.a. 11-17-70 in the States), an edited and resequenced live performance that originally aired on WABC-FM radio in New York. So, here it is… coupled with an outstanding, unreleased (and unedited) live show from 5 days earlier at the Fillmore West in San Francisco. The Fillmore gig helps to illustrate the dexterity of John’s trio, with Dee Murray (bass) and Nigel Olsen (drums), as the group easily revamps 17-11-70‘s climatic, bench-busting, “Burn Down The Mission” jam to include impromptu renditions of “Shotgun,” “Give Peace A Chance” and “Higher.” The sonics are great (save for the opening fade-in of “Country Comfort”), and arguably better than the 1996 reissue of 17-11-70, which added “Amoreena” and drenched Elton’s vocals in reverb. The Fillmore’s Bill Graham can be heard welcoming EJ to San Francisco at the very end of the show, which saw Elton opening for The Kinks. We’ve got two more early EJ albums in the archives, Elton John and Tumbleweed Connections (both HERE, with bonus tracks). Find 17-11-70 at Amazon, HERE.

17-11-70 (1996 Reissue)
Bad Side Of The Moon (5:00)
Amoreena (4:54)
Take Me To The Pilot (5:55)
Sixty Years On (7:22)
Honky Tonk Women (4:07)
Can I Put You On (6:10)
Burn Down The Mission/My Baby Left Me/Get Back (18:27)

Country Comfort (fades in) (4:43)
Sixty Years On (7:23)
Border Song (4:07)
Amoreena (5:23)
Honky Tonk Women (4:24)
Burn Down The Mission/Shotgun/Give Peace A Chance/Higher (21:30)
Can I Put You On (7:26)

MOJO Presents… Change The Beat (2015)

Change The BeatChange The Beat (March, 2015)

The latest free CD from MOJO Magazine is a funky, wiry, nervous stash of late 70s/early 80s, New York City post-punk beats… that still manages to sound alive and breathing over 40 years later. Forget the “Madonna” tie-in MOJO uses to connect the dots to their cover story. She was just there, and had nothing to do with the vitality of this street-level beat-meistering. 14 tracks from Bush Tetras, James Chance, Funkadelic, Curtis Mayfield, Arthur Russell, ESG and others. PROGRAMMING NOTE: “Coup,” by 23 Skidoo, sounds flawed, with a few stutters and drop-outs, but that’s the way the track was originally released back in the day. Hit the archives to find all 155 of MOJO‘s freebie CDs, dating back to 1997, HERE.

23 Skidoo - Coup (4:13)
– Erase You (4:04)
Bush Tetras
– You Can’t Be Funky (2:41)
Delta 5
– Triangle (3:14)
James White And The Blacks
– Sax Maniac (7:30)
Arthur Russell
– Hop On Down (6:01)
Screamin’ Rachael
– My Main Man (6:02)
Maximum Joy
– White & Green Place (Extraterrestrial Mix) (5:32)
– Icka Prick (4:06)
Curtis Mayfield
– Tell Me, Tell Me (How Ya Like To Be Loved) (6:17)
Chaz Jankel
– 3,000,000 Synths (4:43)
Section 25
– Program For Light (4:00)
Judy Nylon
– The Dice (3:42)
Singers & Players
– Make A Joyful Noise (6:02)

BEATLES PROGENY: Julian Lennon / Sean Lennon / James McCartney / Dhani Harrison (thenewno2)

Julian Lennon
Valotte (1984)

The Heir, Apparently Not.

This one was a shocker when it came out. Four years after his dad’s death, Julian surfaced with a debut album full of smart, commercial, melodic material that even outdid some of his old man’s later work. Julian’s voice was the clincher, and he obviously took notes when it came to chord structure and father John’s falsetto usage. It didn’t all sound like pops (as a re-listen will confirm), but at the time it was all downright spooky. What Julian lacked in original vision he made up for in marketability, until his subsequent albums exposed too many weaknesses. He’s publicly blamed the music industry machinery (and grinding release/tour/release schedules) for his sales woes while on Atlantic Records from ’84-’91 – and it wouldn’t be the first time that issue burned an artist not fully prepared for it. Seven years after his Atlantic contract expired, 1998’s Photograph Smile, was a respectable and viable return, and I, for one, was kind of surprised that it all ended there (until 2013’s engaging, Everything Changes). At Amazon (HERE), Valotte is a budget-priced loss leader these days.

Valotte (4:17)
O.K. For You
On The Phone (4:50)
Space (4:23)
Well I Don’t Know (4:36)
Too Late For Goodbyes (3:35)
Lonely (3:53)
Say You’re Wrong (3:29)
Jesse (3:51)
Let Me Be (2:06)

The Secret Value Of DaydreamingMr. JordanHelp YourselfPhotograph SmileEverything Changes
JULIAN LENNON The Secret Value Of Daydreaming (1986)
JULIAN LENNON Mr. Jordan (1989)
JULIAN LENNON Help Yourself (1991)
JULIAN LENNON Photograph Smile (1998)
JULIAN LENNON Everything Changes (2011)

You Are Here
George’s One And Only

It’s a bit dreamy, kind of spacey, sort of off-beat and hard to nail down, which are all good things. That the ghostly apparition of the late George Harrison’s vocal style pops up, in unfamiliar musical settings, makes You Are Here all the more interesting for it. Young Dhani Harrison has been working his way into the business in a number of noticeable ways; mixing dad’s past work, high-profile tribute gigs, press appearances and, just recently, a new band, Fistful Of Mercy. But this debut release shows a guy with ideas of his own, and enough experience and wherewithal to pull it all off. He looks and sounds like George (strengths and weaknesses) but he doesn’t mimic him – and that’s essential. Don’t listen for the “Beatles” and you just might like the kid’s distinctive start. Amazon has it HERE. BTW, “the new number 2″ is a nod to the UK’s The Prisoner (HERE, in the archives).

So Vain (4:41)
Back To You (4:46)
Give You Love (4:24)
Bluesy (4:57)
Yomp (3:32)
Hiding Out (3:29)
Crazy Tuesday (3:50)
Idle Lover (4:49)
Shelter (5:52)
Wind Up Dead (5:06)
People (5:22)
Another John Doe (4:02)
Jokes On You (3:35)
You Gotta Wait (4:04)
Life Off (5:08)

EP001EP002J06389A.EPSBeautiful Creatures
THENEWNO2 EP001 (2006)
THENEWNO2 EP002 (2011)
THENEWNO2 thefearofmissingout (2012)
THENEWNO2 Beautiful Creatures (2013)

James McCartney
Available Light (2010)

From Out Of The Blue

Just look at the cover. He’s a dead ringer for that famous guy in The Beatles, who also happens to produce this 2010 EP. The music doesn’t sound anything like Sir James Paul, but it is bright, upbeat modern pop that sounds pretty decent… in a nondescript sort of way. The expertise behind the board doesn’t hurt. Credit dad for not adding his own identifiable characteristics to the mix. “Old Man” is, yes, the Neil Young tune. Available as a digital download at Amazon (HERE).

Angel (3:36)
Glisten (4:37)
My Friend (3:30)
Denial (3:14)
Old Man (3:23)

JAMES McCARTNEY Close At Hand (2011)

Sean Lennon
Into The Sun (1998)

The Quiet Debut

Lennon’s debut is a charming, eclectic and strangely vague collection of mostly acoustic songs that appear to meander aimlessly, but – after repeated listens – will begin to embed themselves in your psyche like a weird dream. It’s all quite pleasant, in an other-worldly sort of way. Just don’t listen for his dad’s influence, because there’s not much to be found. In fact, you’d probably be more convinced he was McCartney’s kid. He was, after all, only 5 when John died, so any compositional similarities would have required premeditation. Which is an about-face from his half-brother Julian’s debut (above). Listen to a slightly psych example, “Queue.” An under-the-radar debut (amazing, in this celebrity culture) that’s at Amazon (HERE) for under $1.

Mystery Juice (5:27)
Into The Sun (3:23)
Home (3:05)
Bathtub (4:01)
One Night (2:07)
Spaceship (4:18)
Photosynthesis (6:47)
Queue (3:46)
Two Fine Lovers (3:17)
Part One Of The Cowboy Trilogy (1:48)
Wasted (1:32)
Breeze (3:58)
Sean’s Theme (5:52)

SEAN LENNON Alter Egos (2012)

Dylan Does Sinatra

Bob covers 10 Frank Sinatra songs on his new album, Shadows In The Night, coming Feb. 3 (HERE, @ Amazon). Hear “Stay With Me” above. We’ll let you determine if this is another one of our parody posts.

VARIOUS ARTISTS The Voyager Golden Record: The Sounds Of Earth (1977) – Out Of This World Music!

Voyager-Golden-RecordThe Voyager Golden Record: The Sounds Of Earth (1977)
The Earth Says Howdy

You could call it Earth’s rarest record… except it’s as far from Earth as anything man-made has ever been, currently hurtling through interstellar space aboard both Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, with an included stylus, needle, (typically confusing stereo) instructions, an unspecified destination and a far-flung mission to introduce ourselves to everyone – anyone – hanging out in the universe. I miss this kind of forward thinking, which has more recently been supplanted by partisan rancor and criminal nearsightedness. I also miss Carl Sagan, the famed astronomer who chaired the committee that was tasked to compile this nearly two-hour introduction to the voices, sounds, images, inhabitants and music of planet Earth… or what Frank Zappa might have called, “the best of what the 20th Century has to offer.” Sagan dismissed the tunnel-vision hacks who wanted to showcase only Western music, navigated the puritanical mindset that balked at his plans to include nude images of a man and woman, and still managed to forge this fascinating and intelligent compilation – featuring greetings in 55 languages (including whales) and music from Pygmies, symphony orchestras, Navajo Indians and Chuck Berry, alongside a taste of anything and everything in between. A fun and imaginative listen, to say the least. The Beatles were invited, too (“Here Comes The Sun”), but some dim-witted pinhead at EMI saidSounds Of Earth no… for reasons that will still be confounding aliens 40,000 years from now when Voyager 1 flies within 1.6 light-years of Gliese 445. For those wanting to actually see the rarest of gold records (gold-plated copper, to be precise, with an aluminum cover and “an ultra-pure sample of the isotope uranium-238″), there’s a copy on display at the Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia. For anyone holding out for a remastered Deluxe Edition… don’t hold your breath.

Greetings From The Secretary General Of The UN, Kurt Waldheim (0:47)
Greetings In 55 Languages (4:25)
UN Greetings/Whale Greetings (4:06)
The Sounds Of Earth (12:27)
Munich Bach Orchestra BACH: Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 In F, First Movement (Germany) (4:48)
Court Gamelan of Pura Paku Alaman
Puspawarna (Kinds Of Flowers) (Indonesia) (4:52)
Tchenhoukoumen (Senegal) (2:13)
Pygmy Girls Initiation Song (Zaire) (1:01)
Morning Star/Devil Bird (Aborigine Songs) (Australia) (1:31)
Antonio Maciel y Las Aguilillas with El Mariachi México de Pepe Villa
El Cascabel (Mexico) (3:25)
Chuck Berry
Johnny B. Goode (United States) (2:44)
Men’s House Song (New Guinea) (1:26)
Goro Yamaguchi
Tsuru No Sugomori (Crane’s Nest) (Japan) (5:09)
Arthur Grumiaux
BACH: Gavotte En Rondeaux, Partita No. 3 In E Major For Violin (Germany) (3:02)
Bavarian State Opera
MOZART: The Magic Flute, Queen Of The Night, Aria No. 14 (Austria) (2:58)
Georgian State Ensemble
Tchakrulo (Georgia SSR, Soviet Union) (2:29)
Panpipes and Drums (Peru) (0:57)
Louis Armstrong And His Hot Seven
Melancholy Blues (United States) (3:11)
Kamil Jalilov
Mugam (Azerbaijan SSR, Soviet Union) (2:38)
Columbia Symphony Orchestra
STRAVINSKY: Rite of Spring, Sacrificial Dance (Russia/France) (4:37)
Glenn Gould
BACH: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 2, No.1 (Canada/Germany) (4:51)
The Philharmonia Orchestra
BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 5, First Movement (Germany) (8:53)
Valya Balkanska
Izlel Je Delyo Hagdutin (Bulgaria) (5:05)
Navajo Night Chant (Native American) (1:02)
David Munrow and The Early Music Consort Of London
The Faerie Round (United Kingdom) (1:20)
Melanesian Panpipes (Solomon Islands) (1:18)
Wedding Song (Peru) (0:43)
Kuan P’ing hu
Liu Shui (Flowing Streams) (China) (7:49)
Surshri Kesar Bai Kerkar
Jaat Kahan Ho (India) (3:40)
Blind Willie Johnson
Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground (United States) (3:25)
Budapest String Quartet
BEETHOVEN: String Quartet No. 13 In B Flat, Opus 130 (Germany) (6:47)

VARIOUS ARTISTS The OKeh Rhythm & Blues Story 1949-1957 (1993)

OkehThe OKeh Rhythm & Blues Story 1949-1957 (1993)
Righteous Early R&B From Columbia/OKeh Records

It’s hard to believe that CD box sets like this will probably never be produced again. Economics, limited commercial appeal and the New World Technological Order have probably spelled the death of hard disc collections like this. The music will live on, of course, but the delivery system has changed forever, and not necessarily for the better. And, along with it will go the informative mini-books, details and graphics that tell the bigger picture that’s always lost with mp3s. Yeah… the info will still be online for those who want to feel like they’re ‘researching’ instead of enjoying the music’s minutia, but future generations of music lovers will rarely hold a box like this in their hands again, while the older generation will forever look back at the excess of the record industry of the 90s as the “golden age” of music. This 3CD compilation represents Columbia Records’ early 1950s foray into the R&B market, even though the label never really dominated this style of music, and was easily trumped by other labels more adept at catering to the genre. But, via their OKeh offshoot, Columbia had some shining moments and this compilation gathers the best of it all in one place. Essentials abound, from Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ downright frightening original version of “I Put A Spell On You,” to Big Maybelle’s “One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show,” to Andre Williams’ classic, “Bacon Fat,” there are too many highlights to count. Then there’s the (now) politically incorrect material, like The Bill Davis Trio’s “Catch ‘Em Young, Treat ‘Em Rough, Tell ‘Em Nothin’” and The Treniers’ “Poontang” – yet another aspect of the past that’s not likely to be convincingly repeated again. That’s LaVern Baker (then called Bea) singing with Maurice King & His Wolverines, and Marvin Gaye as a member of The Marquees. And… it’s all peppered with previously unreleased tracks and lost alternate versions. An outstanding collection that fans of the genre are sure to appreciate. Find this future-collectible hard box at Amazon, HERE.

Chris Powell & The Five Blue Flames Rock The Joint (2:36)
Chris Powell & The Five Blue Flames
That’s Right (Previously Unissued Alternate) (2:36)
The Five Scamps
Chicken Shack Boogie (2:48)
Mr. Google Eyes with Billy Ford & His Musical V-8’s
No Wine, No Women (2:28)
The Five Scamps
Red Hot (2:52)
Mr. Google Eyes with Billy Ford & His Musical V-8’s
Rough And Rocky Road (2:50)
Chris Powell & The Five Blue Flames
Hot Dog (2:35)
The Five Scamps
Fine Like Wine (2:38)
Jumpin’ Joe Williams with Red Saunders & His Orchestra
Chi (Chicago) (2:17)
Jumpin’ Joe Williams with Red Saunders & His Orchestra
Lyin’ Girl Blues (2:43)
The Ravens
Gotta Find My Baby (2:18)
Chuck Willis
Let’s Jump Tonight (2:20)
Maurice King & His Wolverines
I Want A Lavender Cadillac (2:57)
Earl Williams
If You Ever Had The Blues (2:24)
The Bill Davis Trio
Catch ‘Em Young, Treat ‘Em Rough, Tell ‘Em Nothin’ (2:53)
Jumpin Joe Williams with Red Saunders
Weekday Blues (3:13)
Irlton French with Chuck Thomas
My Run Around Baby (2:27)
The Five Scamps
Stuttering Blues (Previously Unissued) (3:04)
Leroy Johnson
She Did Me Wrong (Previously Unissued) (2:48)
The Ravens
Honey I Don’t Want You (2:32)
Larry Darnell
Work Baby Work (2:52)
Pinnochio James
Camp Meeting (2:24)
Pearl Traylor with Chuck Thomas & His All Stars
Come On Daddy (2:14)
Maurice King & His Wolverines
I Feel So Good (Previously Unissued) (2:56)
Pearl Traylor with Chuck Thomas & His All Stars
Three Ball Sam (2:58)
Little Brother Brown
Brother’s Blues (Previously Unissued) (2:53)

Jumpin’ Joe Williams Hey Bartender Give That Man A Drink (Previously Unissued Alternate) (2:27)
Little Brother Brown
Goof Boogie (Previously Unissued) (3:05)
Chuck Willis
I Rule My House (2:49)
Pinnochio James
Pinnochio’s Blues (Previously Unissued) (2:56)
Larry Darnell
I’ll Be Sittin’, I’ll Be Rockin’ (2:34)
Annie Laurie
It’s Been A Long Time (2:40)
Hadda Brooks
Jump Back Honey (2:29)
Titus Turner
Got So Much Trouble (2:55)
The Royals
Gas Happy Mama (Previously Unissued) (2:27)
Chuck Willis & The Royals
My Story (3:14)
Big Maybelle
Gabbin’ Blues (2:42)
The Treniers
The Moondog (78rpm Version) (2:23)
Annie Laurie
Stop Talkin’ And Start Walkin’ (2:33)
Red Rodney Sextet
Dig This Menu Please! (2:49)
Paul Gayten
It Ain’t Nothing Happening (2:27)
Chuck Willis
You Broke My Heart (2:37)
The Treniers
Poontang (2:40)
Hadda Brooks
Brook’s Boogie (2:53)
Big Maybelle
Jinny Mule (2:46)
Titus Turner
Livin’ In Misery (2:21)
Jumpin’ Joe Williams with Red Saunders & His Orchestra
Voodoo Blues (Prev. Unissued) (3:00)
The Bill Davis Trio
Bring The Money In (2:28)
Sammy Cotton
You The Kind Of Women (2:44)
Annie Laurie
I’m In The Mood For You (2:11)
Chuck Willis
Make Up Your Mind (3:08)
Paul Gayten
Cow Cow Blues (2:01)

Cliff “King” Solomon But Officer! (2:52)
Sammy Cotton
Give Me One Drink (2:12)
Annie Laurie
Leave It To Me (Previously Unissued) (3:17)
Cliff ‘King’ Solomon and His Orchestra
Square Dance Boogie (2:26)
Big John & The Buzzards
You’re Cash Ain’t Nothin’ But Trash (2:22)
Big Maybelle
One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show (2:53)
Titus Turner
My Lonely Room (2:53)
The Treniers
Uh Oh (Get Out Of The Car) (3:01)
Paul Gayten Featuring Lee Allen
Creole Alley (Previously Unissued) (2:14)
Larry Darnell
Give Me Your Love (Previously Unissued) (2:05)
The Shufflers
Bad, Bad Woman (Previously Unissued) (2:31)
Big Maybelle
I’m Gettin’ ‘Long Alright (2:49)
Big John & The Buzzards
Oop Shoop (2:17)
The Shufflers
Jump Ted! (Previously Unissued) (2:26)
Big Maybelle
Ocean Of Tears (Previously Unissued) (2:31)
Chuck Willis
Ring-Ding-Doo (2:32)
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
Little Demon (2:25)
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
I Put A Spell On You (2:27)
Andre Williams
Bacon Fat (3:05)
Hurricane Harry
The Last Meal (2:18)
Little Joe & The Thrillers
Let’s Do The Slop (2:50)
Lloyd Farman
Where You Been (2:32)
Lloyd Fatman
Miss Mushmouth (2:29)
The Marquees featuring Marvin Gaye
Wyatt Earp (Previously Unissued Alternate Version) (2:27)
Billy Stewart
Billy’s Heartache (Previously Unissued Alternate Version) (2:25)
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
Yellow Coat (2:24)

D’ANGELO Brown Sugar (1995), Voodoo (2000) + A 2014 Bonus

Brown Sugar (1995)
Voodoo (2000)
Black Messiah (2014)
Slightly Weird Sweet Psych Soul

Questlove was recently quoted as saying that D’Angelo’s upcoming album, the 13-year long follow-up to Voodoo, will be an “instant classic.” Which reminded me to hit the shelves and listen to D’Angelo’s only two official releases, Brown Sugar and Voodoo, albums I thoroughly enjoyed when first released, and ones I’ve hung onto despite numerous purges. Of course, Questlove may be biased, having produced and drummed on the as yet unreleased (tentatively titled) James River, and was responsible for D’Angelo’s first US appearance in 12 years at Bonnaroo last year. But the excellence of Brown Sugar and Voodoo are both a matter of record. Primarily beats and voices, both albums mix jazzy, soulful, stoner grooves with multi-tracked vocals that seem more like they’ve been sent via transmission, instead of being written up or worked out. D’Angelo’s process – not style – reminds me of Marvin Gaye’s late 70s work… full of improvisedFront, multi-tracked vocal layers built from the ground up. Though, the hard modern beats tend to unnecessarily overshadow the singer’s nuance. Guests like guitarist Charlie Hunter and trumpeter Roy Hargroove lend the proceedings a slightly askew ambiance, while pals like Lauren Hill and Method Man help to nail the hip/soul cred. This stuff will go 3-D with a joint. NEW: That long-awaited follow-up mentioned in the first sentence. Which can only be categorized as “Extremely Weird Sweet Psych Soul.” Find Brown Sugar (HERE), Voodoo (HERE) and Black Messiah (HERE) at Amazon.

Brown Sugar (4:23)
Alright (5:14)
Jonz In My Bonz (5:56)
Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine (4:47)
Shit, Damn, Motherfucker (5:14)
Smooth (4:19)
Cruisin’ (6:25)
When We Get By (5:45)
Lady (5:46)
Higher (5:28)

VOODOO (2000)
Playa Playa (7:07)
Devil’s Pie (5:22)
Left & Right (4:47)
The Line (5:16)
Send It On (5:57)
Chicken Grease (4:39)
One Mo’ Gin (6:13)
The Root (6:33)
Spanish Joint (5:45)
Feel Like Makin’ Love (6:22)
Greatdayindamornin’ / Booty (7:35)
Untitled (How Does It Feel) (7:11)
Africa (6:14)

Ain’t That Easy (4:49)
1000 Deaths (5:50)
The Charade (3:21)
Sugah Daddy (5:03)
Really Love (5:44)
Back To The Future (Part I) (5:22)
Till It’s Done (Tutu) (3:52)
Prayer (4:33)
Betray My Heart (5:55)
The Door (3:08)
Back To The Future (Part II) (2:25)
Another Life (5:59)

UPGRADED! CAPTAIN BEEFHEART Live London ’74- Theatre Royal, Drury Lane – London 1974 (2006) + London 1974 (1993)

Live London ’74- Theatre Royal, Drury Lane – London 1974 (2006)
London 1974 (1993)
Sans The Magic Band, But Not Bad

We first posted the original Portuguese issue of London 1974 (on Movie Play Gold) back in 2010, and figured it was time to post the superior (and more complete) upgraded reissue from 2006, Live London ’74 – Theatre Royal, Drury Lane – London 1974. Even historical revisionism can’t elevate Captain Beefheart’s bleak “commercial” period of 1974. Bluejeans & Moonbeams and Unconditionally Guaranteed – recorded without the difficult dexterity of his Magic Band – were Beefheart’s failed attempts at reaching a larger market, and are as questionable today as they were back then. The Captain’s trials & tribs at Virgin Records are well-known, but one bright moment did come from their union. In 1975, two outstanding live tracks appeared on V (HERE, look twice), an obscure 2LP Virgin sampler. “Mirror Man” and “Upon The My O My” whet the appetite for a Virgin live album that, sadly, never materialized… until Movie Play Gold released this material in 1993. Recorded on June 8th (or 9th), 1974 at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, this 40 minute disc is from the Unconditionally Guaranteed tour. Sans the Magic Band, many have considered this for completists only. Au contraire. The sound is fantastic, the Captain himself is in fine form, and the version of “My O My” is simply… definitive – oozing a sense of psychedelia that the Captain’s Magic Band(s) rarely dignified. Beefheart’s new band is certainly more conventional than his famed Magic Bands of yore, but that’s not necessarily bad. What’s wrong with this show is easy to pinpoint, however. It’s the Guaranteed songs themselves (though, these live versions are more interesting than the studio originals). Make no mistake, this gig is no substitute for any featuring The Magic Band, but there are moments here that make this disc worth owning. Hit the archives to find a bevy of Beef & Magic (HERE). Go to Amazon to find London ’74 (HERE) and Live London ’74 – Theatre Royal, Drury Lane – London 1974 (HERE).

Live London ’74 – Theatre Royal, Drury Lane – London 1974
Mirror Man (4:47)
Upon The My-O-My (4:06)
Full Moon, Hot Sun (3:28)
Sugar Bowl (2:54)
Crazy Little Thing (3:58)
Keep On Rubbin’ (a.k.a. Mighty Crazy) (10:58)
Sweet Georgia Brown (5:52)
This Is The Day (7:45)
New Electric Ride (3:19)
Abba Zaba (3:14)
Peaches (6:06)
Capitol Radio Concert Ad (0:33)

London 1974
Mirror Man (4:48)
Upon The My Oh My (4:07)
Full Moon Hot Sun (3:30)
Sugar Bowl (2:55)
Crazy Little Thing (3:46)
This Is The Day (7:49)
New Electric Ride (3:21)
Abba Zabba (3:17)
Peaches (6:03)

Enter The Wormhole #74 (An American Band)

<—Click To Enter

GLENN MILLER & THE AMERICAN BAND OF THE ALLIED EXPEDITIONARY FORCE The Lost Recordings (1944/1996) – Miller’s Final Incredible Live Sessions At Abbey Road Studios

FrontThe Lost Recordings (1944/1996)
Fucking Phenomenal!!

I’ve heard jazz/big band great Glenn Miller all my life, since I was old enough to understand what music even was. My old man, an Air Force vet, collected his music and indoctrinated me very early on… both to the music and – as it turns out – to record collecting in general, as he owned numerous rare recordings from the famed trombonist’s European war-time performances. This 1996 collection is essential on numerous levels, though it will probably require a Miller aficionado to fully appreciate its merits. First… these are Glenn Miller’s final sessions, recorded in October and November of 1944, just weeks before his plane would disappear over the English Channel on his way to France to perform for troops. Second… is the outstanding sound of these 70 year-old recordings, as this BIG big band captures Miller’s hand-picked, government-funded, no expense spared, “American Band Of The Allied Expeditionary Force,” along with a 20 piece symphonic string section, all camped out in Abbey Road Studios (yeah… that Abbey Road Studios) to broadcast live to servicemen and women on both sides of the divide. And third… there’s the root reason for these recordings – broadcast not only for home-hungry GIs, but also simultaneously designed to bombard Germany with propaganda, offering the war-weary enemy a taste of the dance-happy spirit of American freedom. Which is why you’ll hear a few vocal introductions (and even some lyrics) delivered in German dialect. All designed to remind the (former) aggressors that there’s a brighter day awaiting if everyone would just put down the guns.

Casual big band fans will get to hear plenty of the hits (“In The Mood,” “Tuxedo Junction,” “A String Of Pearls,” “Moonlight Serenade”), but fanatics also get to embrace 16 tracks that are new to Miller’s discography, making this set valuable to virtually any and all who might be interested. The musical width and breadth is vast, and I’ve even included a track on the streaming player to lure in those who couldn’t care less about this kind of music, a boogie-woogie reading of “Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar.” In recent years, reissues have done a good job of boxing Miller’s recorded output, even goosing the tinny sound of those ancient 30s/40s recordings, but the sonics on these tapes were top-notch right out of the box, and are guaranteed to please those who have suffered through too many inferior Miller rarities in the past. Not for everyone, of course, but for those in tune, these tapes breath life back into the era in a vital, and historically relevant, way. Find this essential 2CD set for as cheap as a buck at Amazon, HERE.

In The Mood (3:34)
Stardust (3:59)
Song Of The Volga Boatmen (3:16)
Long Ago And Far Away – Introduced by Major Glenn Miller and Ilse Weinberger (3:50)
Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby? (2:57)
Great Day (4:10)
American Patrol (3:28)
Summertime (2:26)
Tuxedo Junction (3:34)
Begin The Beguine (3:51)
Anvil Chorus (4:07)
Major Glenn Miller and Ilse Weinberger (0:53)
Here We Go Again (4:02)
Major Glenn Miller, Sgt. John Desmond and Ilse Weinberger (0:21)
My Heart Tells Me (3:05)
A String Of Pearls (3:34)
Stormy Weather (4:44)
Major Glenn Miller and Ilse Weinberger (0:29)
Poinciana (4:54)
All The Things You Are (2:45)

Long Ago And Far Away (2:51)
Now I Know (3:31)
Mary’s A Grand Old Name (1:56)
Major Glenn Miller & Ilse Weinberger (0:10)
Caribbean Clipper (2:44)
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (3:50)
Little Brown Jug (3:08)
Where Or When (2:09)
Cow Cow Boogie (2:47)
Holiday For Strings (5:39)
Major Glenn Miller & Ilse Weinberger (0:11)
Tail-End Charlie (3:17)
Begin The Beguine (3:46)
Major Glenn Miller & Ilse Weinberger (0:08)
Everybody Loves My Baby (2:59)
Major Glenn Miller & Ilse Weinberger (0:14)
Jeep Jockey Jump (3:11)
All The Things You Are (2:28)
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (4:03)
Major Glenn Miller & Ilse Weinberger (0:28)
Body And Soul (3:58)
Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar (3:12)
Get Happy (3:43)
Moonlight Serenade (2:37)
Major Glenn Miller & Ilse Weinberger (0:12)

RY COODER Blue City (Soundtrack 1986)

Blue CityBlue City (Soundtrack 1986)
Great Soundtrack To A Ridiculously Bad Movie

Given Ry Cooder’s substantial catalog of soundtrack work, Blue City could hardly be considered his “best.” But it’s a good one, nonetheless, and a personal favorite… most likely for the years it spent simmering on cassette in the car. The sound and style here is lean and mean, raw and reverbed, as Ry recklessly races down the blues/rock avenue with four on the floor, while simultaneously delivering some bluesy atmospheric soundtrack asides for the film itself. The title track is an undisguised re-write of Ronnie Hawkins’ “Who Do You Love,” and in 80s CooderWorld, the end result is driven and restless, with plenty of slide guitar and shouting lead vocals punctuating the drum-happy attack. The busy percussion plays throughout the album, as if Ry’s developing interest in Cuban and Tex-Mex musics were being filtered through any kind of music he laid his hands on. A good Cooder soundtrack to have, even if you weren’t there to enjoy its 80s ambience the first time around. Search Readers Links (and (Son Of) Readers Links, both HERE) to find tons of Cooder posted by our readers. Find Blue City at Amazon, HERE.

Blue City Down (3:25)
Elevation 13 Ft. (3:17)
True Believers/Marianne (2:58)
Nice Bike (1:34)
Greenhouse (4:13)
Billy And Annie (2:44)
Pops And ‘Timer/Tell Me Something Slick (2:47)
Blue City (4:17)
Dont Take Your Guns To Town (3:44)
A Leader Of Men Ry Cooder (1:22)
Not Even Key West (4:29)

HENRY KAISER & RAY RUSSELL Celestial Squid (Bonus Tracks) – Album Release Date: Feb 3, 2015

Two bonus tracks from the sessions for the February 3rd, 2015 Cuneiform CD release, The Celestial Squid, by Henry Kaiser & Ray Russell. Fantastic improvisation jams from an all-star line-up… with Michael Manring, Weasel Walter, three saxes, two drummers and no limits. Generously available from Bandcamp on a name-your-price basis, HERE (or below). Recorded April 12, 2014. Hear “In Another Improv” (7:37) and “Ashen Faced Mortals” (3:44), below. Find the CD at Amazon, HERE, and visit our extensive array of HK rarities at The Henry Kaiser Collection, HERE.

Henry Kaiser (guitar)
Ray Russell (guitar)
Steve Adams (saxophones)
Aram Shelton (saxophones)
Joshua Allen (tenor saxophone)
Phillip Greenlief (saxophones)
Michael Manring (bass guitar)
Damon Smith (contrabass)
Weasel Walter (drums)
William Winant (drums)

JOHN SIMON John Simon’s Album (1971) – With The Band, Delaney & Bonnie, Derek’s Dominos & others

FrontJohn Simon’s Album (1971)
An All-Star’s All-Star Review

One of the forgotten LPs that the Loss Leaders series turned me onto was John Simon’s Album, a 1971 solo outing from the producer of The Band, Al Kooper’s Blood Sweat & Tears, Leonard Cohen, Big Brother’s Cheap Thrills, The Electric Flag, Taj Mahal and dozens of other 60s/70s greats. John Simon’s Album is a unique amalgamation of roots Americana and piano-led Tin Pan Alley – at times recalling the upbeat arrangements of guys like Alan Price and Randy Newman – all delivered with a sweetly seductive pop charm that arguably betters his more prominent contemporaries. Simon’s pop roots date back to producing The Cyrcle’s “Red Rubber Ball,” but his stylistic interests seem to have few limits on this album, recorded between 1968-1970, though there’s a noticeable debt to his knob-twirling on Music From Big Pink, and you’ll quickly hear echoes of The Band on songs like “Davey’s On The Road Again” (a co-write with Robbie Robertson) and “Tannenbaum” (featuring Rick Danko, Richard Maneul and Garth Hudson). JSA‘s impressive guest list reflects Simon’s then-growing Rolodex of pals and clients; including Leon Russell, Bobby Keys & Jim Price, Barry Beckett, Eddie Hinton, Harvey Brooks, Delaney & Bonnie, 3/4ths of Derek’s Dominos and others. An LP that’s tough to categorize, and whose merits may not become immediately apparent with just a casual listen, John Simon’s Album is one of those records whose unique voice and timeless production has a way of working its way into your psyche in due time – even 45 years later, as I can personally attest. Reissued on CD in 2006, it’s available at Amazon, HERE.

The Song Of The Elves (4:33)
Nobody Knows (1:42)
Tannenbaum (3:26)
Davey’s On The Road Again (2:57)
Motorcycle Man (4:31)
Rain Song (3:43)
Don’t Forget What I Told You (4:35)
The Fool Dressed In Velvet (5:47)
Annie Looks Down (2:55)
Did You See? (2:25)
Railroad Train Runnin’ Up My Back (3:03)