The Truth Is Out About ART JACKSON’S ATROCITY’s “Gout” (Along With An Official CD)… and the band was under our noses all the time!

Gout RemasteredGout back
Gout (Remastered & Expanded) (2016)
They Sat On Their Secret For 10 Years, All While Actively Promoting The Rest Of Their Catalog…

Back in January, we posted a link to the upcoming CD release of Gout, by Art Jackson’s Atrocity (which had just appeared on Ebay), and wondered, along with others, if the long talked-about music was actually getting an official release. As many know, we introduced Gout on these pages in 2007 (when we were called Never Get Out Of The Boat, see the post below), as an experimental, improvisation jazz/rock outfit… with a unique story, which we lifted from a 2006 MySpace page. I liked the music (and the tale), as did others, but chatter about who was behind the music started almost immediately, as many didn’t buy the idea that Gout was recorded in 1974 and bankrolled by Miles Davis. For nearly ten years, reviews, discussion and speculation peppered the web, with press coming from all quarters, including Julian Cope’s Head Heritage and the UK’s MOJO Magazine, with no one puzzling together the mystery. That decade old question was answered this week, and the band responsible for Art Jackson’s Atrocity has come out of the closet… with a roll-out of a remastered & expanded CD, and a detailed, full color press pack that explains the genesis and evolution of Gout, from the recording session to the unintended “hoax”… and it’s a fun read (which we accidentally became a part of). To paraphrase the X-Files – The Truth Is Now Out There!

****Click HERE To Read All About Who’s Behind Art Jackson’s Atrocity****

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Our Original Post From 2007
Gout (1974)
Unreleased Miles Davis Proteges

From The May, 07 Archives This is the tale of one of the great lost experimental jazz/rock albums. According to legend, Gout was bankrolled by Miles Davis in 1974, delivered to Columbia Records and pressed for promotion… then summarily abandoned by the label. Reasons, besides its lack of commercial potential, are unclear. Though theories range from guitarist Art Jackson’s already developed heroin addiction to Columbia’s desire to distance themselves from a band that may have included a few radical Black Panthers. Reportedly, when Miles (with his own drug problems) began withdrawing into seclusion, so did the desire to release Gout. Specializing in free form, live-in-the-studio, jazz/rock experimentation, The Atrocity was a chaotic, 8 to 11 piece collective fronted by the 20 year old Jackson – whose guitar explorations were prone to both violent outbursts and spacey sonic excursions. No charts, no songs, no rhyme or reason. Driven by extra heavy propulsion drumming, the musical interplay between the players suggests a drug fueled free for all. A long lost curio ripped from a vinyl promo… and the subject of much speculation.

Shaft In Afghanistan (7:39)
Arabian Fabian (8:59)
Available Bush (7:11)
Tomato Reign (16:20)
Gout (6:22)


THE ROLLING STONES Love You Live Mixes (2016) – Rare Unheard Mixes Straight From The 16-Track Masters

Love You Live Mixes6 small
Love You Live Mixes (1977/1982/2016)
YOU Will Be The First To Ever Hear These Unreleased 16-Track Master Remixes…

FIRST TIME ONLINE: Big thanks to doyscoy, who has been sitting on these unreleased mixes for almost 35 years – mixes he personally produced in 1982, directly from 16-track safety masters of the Rolling Stones’ Love You Live concert tapes. Today, he’s sharing them publicly with you for the very first time. Five tracks, including two songs that never appeared on Love You Live in any form, comprise this unheard collection. Those who’ve grown old with Love You Live over the last 40 years might share a similar opinion of The Stones’ 1977 double live album. Except for the excellent El Mocambo Club blues performances on Side 3, Love You Live – primarily recorded in Paris in 1976, with a few US dates from 1975 – is another typically bombastic live Stones release. One that more accurately reflects a stitched-together concert “experience,” more than reproducing the actual musical performances. Which is partly the reason these unreleased remixes even exist. Prior to release, Jagger and Richards took a few reels of the Love You Live performances into Alpha International Recording Studios, in order to punch up the recordings with (primarily vocal) overdubs. A few years later, doyscoy, as a young engineer/producer at AIRS, practiced his craft on the Stones’ 16-track safety masters… just for fun. That’s how you now get to enjoy these unheard remixes – stripped of Love You Live’s obnoxious processing, intrusive audience effects, and Jagger’s new lead vocal overdubs. It’s an opportunity to hear the Stones warts and all, as doyscoy retained the tapes’ original lead vocals, foregoing the multi-layered post-production that would eventually mar much of Love You Live. In short… an arguably better end result, accompanied by doyscoy’s own detailed mixing notes, putting you in the producer’s chair with The World’s Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band. You’ll hear versions of “Angie” and “Hey Negrita,” both left in the can, along with an alternate US performance of “You Gotta Move” and radically unique remixes of “Hot Stuff” and “Star Star” (which you can hear below). You should also check out doyscoy’s personally recorded live tapes for the QVC Broadcasting Network (where he worked as a producer and engineer), featuring performances by Willie Nelson, David Crosby/CPR, Justin Hayward & John Lodge (Moody Blues), Richie Havens, Brian Wilson and others (in Son Of Readers Links, HERE, dated 3/16/2016, direct link, HERE). MANY thanks, doyscoy… fans and collectors alike appreciate your sharing all your exclusive, unreleased mixes.

Hot Stuff (4:52)
Star Star (4:18)
Angie* (4:59)
Hey Negrita* (4:53)
You Gotta Move* (3:53)
*Performances Not Included On Love You Live.

Love You Live Mixes Notes4
Click The Artwork For A Readable, Pop-Up Enlargement

Love You LiveLove You Live (1977)

For those that want to indulge in A/B comparisons with the unheard mixes above, or just revel in Side 3’s gloriously essential El Mocambo blues tracks (or… just remind yourself why you rarely revisit Love You Live in the first place), here’s the CD version of the Stones’ 1977 double LP. We’ve got tons more live Stones worth owning in the archives, HERE, so make room on your hard drive (there are multiple pages, so don’t miss any). Find Love You Live at Amazon, HERE.

Intro: Excerpt From “Fanfare From The Common Man” (1:24)
Honky Tonk Woman (3:19)
If You Can’t Rock Me/Get Off Of My Cloud (5:00)
Happy (2:55)
Hot Stuff (4:35)
Star Star (4:10)
Tumbling Dice (4:00)
Fingerprint File (5:17)
You Gotta Move (4:19)
You Can’t Always Get What You Want (7:43)
Mannish Boy (6:28)
Crackin’ Up (5:40)
Little Red Rooster (4:40)
Around And Around (4:09)
It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (4:31)
Brown Sugar (3:11)
Jumpin’ Jack Flash (4:03)
Sympathy For The Devil (7:51)


MOJO PRESENTS… Paint It Black (2016) +
Four More MOJO / Rolling Stones Tribute CDs

MOJO Paint It BlackPaint It Black (May, 2016)

MOJO‘s latest free CD, from the UK magazine’s May, 2016 issue, celebrates a Mick Jagger cover interview, but more specifically charts the directional change in pop music in the aftermath of Aftermath, The Rolling Stones’ fourth UK studio LP, and the first containing all Jagger/Richards compositions. What MOJO calls a “darker and meaner” music, when “pop took a left turn into altogether (into) more dangerous territory.” One of MOJO‘s better CD offerings in recent months. Find four more MOJO/Stones tributes, below (as well as some reading material, if you know where to look). Get all 168 of MOJO‘s free CDs, dating back to 1997, HERE.

The Mickey Finn Garden Of My Mind (2:29)
The Bonniwell Music Machine Dark White (4:13)
The Silence Down Down (2:54)
The 13th Floor Elevators Reverberation (Doubt) (2:45)
The Spencer Davis Group Morning Sun (3:20)
The Seeds Sad And Alone (2:45)
The Yardbirds Still I’m Sad (2:56)
The Pretty Things The Sun (3:03)
Chris Farlowe Paint It Black (Soundtrack Version) (2:50)
The Rationals Leaving Here (3:11)
Hat And Tie Finding It Rough (2:48)
Mountain Men Too Many People Around (2:56)
The Lloyd Alexander Real Estate Whatcha Gonna Do (When Your Baby Leaves You) (2:55)
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown Devil’s Grip (3:18)
The Red Crayola Hurricane Fighter Plane (3:46)

Stoned (Sept 2007), Sticky Soul Fingers – A Rolling Stones Tribute (Jan 2011), The Roots Of The Rolling Stones (Aug 2012), Uncovered – 15 Tracks As Re-Cut By The Rolling Stones (July 2013).


HERBIE HANCOCK SEPTET Live at the Boston Jazz Workshop (1973/2015)

Herbie Hancock (Front)Live at the Boston Jazz Workshop (2015)

Fantastic, post-Miles Davis free-form jazz fusion from Herbie Hancock, recorded live at a March 22nd, 1973 radio performance, just prior to his breaking through the electronic/jazz/fusion commercial barrier with 1973’s Head Hunters. This stuff is from a totally different place, however, an obvious extension of his years with Davis, though Hancock was busy forging his own sound since 1971’s Mwandishi. The Boston Jazz Workshop gig, with a reported two dozen people in attendance, has been an underground bootleg favorite of Hancock fans for years, before this official 2015 CD surfaced. This shit smokes, if it’s in your wheelhouse, and Eddie Henderson’s trumpet work will summon the ghost of Miles amidst an electronic Arp/Rhodes/Rhythm cacophony. There’s not a lot out there about this Septet, which lasted for only 3 years before Herbie morphed into a commercial force. However, trumpeter Nick Dimaria (HERE) wrote his Master’s Thesis on Hancock’s Mwandishi-era band for those wanting some historical insight. Of course, there are miles of Miles in the archives, HERE. Find Live At The Boston Jazz Workshop at Amazon, HERE.

Hornets (42:55)
You’ll Know When You Get There (20:08)

David Bowie

DAVID BOWIE Fifty-Two Years: The Complete Singles (2016) – Blank Frank’s Phenomenal 12 Volume Set

Fifty-Two Years: The Complete Singles (2016)
Seriously… It Just Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!

Not long after David Bowie passed, our pal Blank Frank proposed this Complete Singles project… then spent the next two months turning the idea into an incredibly overwhelming reality. What you have here is 209 tracks, almost two gigs of material, with embedded 45 cover art, that chronologically documents all of David Bowie’s singles output during his fifty-two year career. It’s a massive undertaking and deserves some kind of honorarium for tenacity, perseverance and attention-to-detail… at least a paying gig at Sundazed, or something. Those of you who missed out on Blank Frank’s brief, sorely missed blog, And Your Bird Can Swing, might at least recall his previous contribution to these pages last year, the equally impressive, THE ROLLING STONES IN MONO – The Complete London/Decca Studio Recordings (1964-1971), HERE. If you have any hard drive space left after this, that post should be your next destination. Enough introduction… What follows are Blank Frank’s notes (there’s more info hosted inside file #12), and our speechless thanks to BF and his fellow community members who aided and abetted the creation of this gigantic and essential project. Thanks for sharing your work, Blank Frank!

Fifty-Two Years: The Complete Singles includes both sides of every single – all in their original mixes/edits – that David Bowie released in his five decade long career. As the music industry moved away from 7″ 45s in the ’90s and ’00s, and toward CD/EPs, 12″ dance mixes and downloads, every effort was made here to keep with the original singles concept. So some of these other formats are included if there were unique versions, and it appeared that The Thin White Duke had intended it to be a stand alone release (or to promote a new album). Each of his forays into different genres/personas are fully documented here, with artwork. These 12 volumes are arranged chronologically, but are also designed to highlight different periods in his career. I invite you to explore all of them, especially those that might not be familiar with his body of work. Finally, thanks to 96dbFreak and to our small community for your contributions. – Frank Blank

DAVIE JONES with THE KING BEES Liza Jane [6-64] (2:18)
DAVIE JONES with THE KING BEES Louie, Go Home [6-64] (2:13)
THE MANISH BOYS I Pity the Fool [3-65] (2:09)
THE MANISH BOYS Take My Tip [3-65] (2:16)
DAVY JONES You’ve Got a Habit of Leaving [8-65] (2:32)
DAVY JONES Baby Loves That Way [8-65] (3:03)
DAVID BOWIE with THE LOWER THIRD Can’t Help Thinking About Me [1-66] (2:47)
DAVID BOWIE with THE LOWER THIRD And I Say to Myself [1-66] (2:29)
DAVID BOWIE Do Anything You Say [4-66] (2:32)
DAVID BOWIE Good Morning Girl [4-66] (2:14)
DAVID BOWIE I Dig Everything [8-66] (2:44)
DAVID BOWIE I’m Not Losing Sleep [8-66] (2:52)
DAVID BOWIE Rubber Band [12-66] (2:04)
DAVID BOWIE The London Boy’s [12-66] (3:22)
DAVID BOWIE The Laughing Gnome [4-67] (2:59)
DAVID BOWIE The Gospel According To Tony Day [4-67] (2:49)
DAVID BOWIE Love You Till Tuesday [7-67] (3:01)
DAVID BOWIE Did You Ever Have A Dream [7-67] (2:08)
DAVID BOWIE Space Oddity (UK Mono Single Edit) [7-69] (4:42)
DAVID BOWIE Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud [7-69] (4:58)
DAVID BOWIE The Prettiest Star [3-70] (3:14)
DAVID BOWIE Conversation Piece [3-70] (3:07)
DAVID BOWIE Memory Of A Free Festival (Part 1) [6-70] (4:02)
DAVID BOWIE Memory Of A Free Festival (Part 2) [6-70] (3:34)
DAVID BOWIE All The Madmen (Mono Single Edit) [1970] (3:15)
DAVID BOWIE Janine [1970] (3:24)
DAVID BOWIE Holy Holy (Mono Single Version) [1-71] (3:13)
DAVID BOWIE Black Country Rock [1-71] (3:36)
THE ARNOLD CORNS Moonage Daydream (The Arnold Corns Single Version) [5-71] (3:54)
THE ARNOLD CORNS Hang On To Yourself (The Arnold Corns Single Version) [5-71] (2:52)
DAVID BOWIE Changes (Mono Single Version) [1-72] (3:39)
DAVID BOWIE Andy Warhol (Mono Single Version) [1-72] (3:07)
DAVID BOWIE Starman (Original Single Mix) [4-72] (4:17)
DAVID BOWIE Suffragette City [4-72] (3:26)
DAVID BOWIE John, I’m Only Dancing (Original Single Version) [9-72] (2:47)
DAVID BOWIE Hang On To Yourself [9-72] (2:40)
DAVID BOWIE The Jean Genie (Original Single Mix) [11-72] (4:08)
DAVID BOWIE Ziggy Stardust [11-72] (3:14)
DAVID BOWIE Drive-In Saturday (German Single Edit) [4-73] (4:04)
DAVID BOWIE Round and Round [4-73] (2:43)
DAVID BOWIE Time (US Single Edit) [4-73] (3:43)
DAVID BOWIE The Prettiest Star [4-73] (3:32)
DAVID BOWIE John, I’m Only Dancing (Sax Version) [4-73] (2:46)
DAVID BOWIE Let’s Spend the Night Together [7-73] (3:11)
DAVID BOWIE Lady Grinning Soul [7-73] (3:55)
DAVID BOWIE Life On Mars? [6-73] (3:50)
DAVID BOWIE The Man Who Sold The World [6-73] (3:58)
DAVID BOWIE Sorrow [9-73] (2:54)
DAVID BOWIE Amsterdam [9-73] (3:28)
DAVID BOWIE Rebel Rebel (US Single Version) [2-74] (3:00)
DAVID BOWIE Queen Bitch [2-74] (3:19)
DAVID BOWIE Rock & Roll Suicide [4-74] (2:58)
DAVID BOWIE Quicksand [4-74] (5:08)
DAVID BOWIE Diamond Dogs [6-74] (5:50)
DAVID BOWIE Holy Holy (Ziggy Remake) [6-74] (2:26)
DAVID BOWIE 1984 [7-74] (3:27)
DAVID BOWIE Knock On Wood (Live) [9-74] (3:04)
DAVID BOWIE Panic In Detroit (Live) [9-74] (5:50)
DAVID BOWIE Rock ‘N’ Roll With Me (Live) [9-74] (4:15)
DAVID BOWIE Young Americans (Original Single Edit) [2-75] (3:14)
DAVID BOWIE Suffragette City (From ‘David Live’) {2-75] (3:45)
DAVID BOWIE Fame (Single Mix) [7-75] (3:30)
DAVID BOWIE Right [7-75] (4:21)
DAVID BOWIE Space Oddity (Long Stereo Version) [1975] (5:17)
DAVID BOWIE Velvet Goldmine [1975] (3:10)
DAVID BOWIE Golden Years (Single Version) [11-75] (3:30)
DAVID BOWIE Can You Hear Me [11-75] (5:09)
DAVID BOWIE Station To Station (French Single Edit) [1-76] (3:41)
DAVID BOWIE TVC15 (Single Edit) [4-76] (3:34)
DAVID BOWIE We Are the Dead [4-76] (4:59)
DAVID BOWIE Stay (Single Edit) [7-76] (3:23)
DAVID BOWIE Word On A Wing (Single Edit) [7-76] (3:14)
DAVID BOWIE Sound & Vision [2-77] (3:06)
DAVID BOWIE A New Career In A New Town [2-77] (2:55)
DAVID BOWIE Be My Wife [6-77] (2:57)
DAVID BOWIE Speed Of Life [6-77] (2:47)
DAVID BOWIE Heroes [9-77] (3:38)
DAVID BOWIE V-2 Schneider [9-77] (3:12)
DAVID BOWIE Beauty and the Beast [1-78] (3:36)
DAVID BOWIE Sense of Doubt [1-78] (3:56)
DAVID BOWIE Breaking Glass (Live) [11-78] (3:28)
DAVID BOWIE Art Decade (Live) [11-78] (3:10)
DAVID BOWIE Ziggy Stardust (Live) [11-78] (3:32)
DAVID BOWIE Boys Keep Swinging [4-79] (3:20)
DAVID BOWIE Fantastic Voyage [4-79] (2:58)
DAVID BOWIE D.J. [6-79] (4:02)
DAVID BOWIE Repetition [6-79] (3:01)
DAVID BOWIE Look Back In Anger [8-79] (3:10)
DAVID BOWIE John, I’m Only Dancing (Again) (Single Edit) [12-79] (3:27)
DAVID BOWIE Alabama Song [2-80] (3:51)
DAVID BOWIE Space Oddity (Accoustic) [2-80] (5:00)
DAVID BOWIE Ashes To Ashes [8-80] (3:38)
DAVID BOWIE Move On [8-80] (3:21)
DAVID BOWIE Fashion (Single Version) [10-80] (3:26)
DAVID BOWIE Scream Like a Baby [10-80] (3:35)
DAVID BOWIE Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) (Single Version) [1-81] (3:32)
DAVID BOWIE Because You’re Young [1-81] (4:54)
DAVID BOWIE Up The Hill Backwards [3-81] (3:15)
DAVID BOWIE Crystal Japan [3-81] (3:11)
DAVID BOWIE with QUEEN Under Pressure [10-81] (4:05)
DAVID BOWIE Wild Is The Wind [11-81] (5:58)
DAVID BOWIE Cat People (Putting Out Fire) [3-82] (4:13)
DAVID BOWIE with BING CROSBY Peace On Earth / Little Drummer Boy (Single Edit) [11-82] (2:39)
DAVID BOWIE Let’s Dance (Single Edit) [3-83] (4:10)
DAVID BOWIE Cat People (Let’s Dance Version) [3-83] (5:10)
DAVID BOWIE China Girl (Single Edit) [5-83] (4:17)
DAVID BOWIE Shake It [5-83] (3:50)
DAVID BOWIE Modern Love (Single Version) [9-83] (3:57)
DAVID BOWIE Modern Love (Live) [9-83] (3:45)
DAVID BOWIE Without You [11-83] (3:10)
DAVID BOWIE Criminal World [11-83] (4:25)
DAVID BOWIE White Light/White Heat (Live Single Edit) [11-83] (3:55)
DAVID BOWIE Cracked Actor (Live Single Edit) [11-83] (2:53)
DAVID BOWIE Blue Jean [9-84] (3:12)
DAVID BOWIE Dancing With the Big Boys [9-84] (3:38)
DAVID BOWIE Tonight [11-84] (3:47)
DAVID BOWIE Tumble and Twirl [11-84] (4:59)
DAVID BOWIE with PAT METHENY This Is Not America [2-85] (3:50)
DAVID BOWIE Loving The Alien (Single Remix) [5-85] (4:43)
DAVID BOWIE Don’t Look Down (US Single Remix) [5-85] (4:04)
DAVID BOWIE with MICK JAGGER Dancing In The Street [8-85] (3:11)
DAVID BOWIE Absolute Beginners (Single Mix) [3-86] (5:39)
DAVID BOWIE Absolute Beginners (Dub Mix) [3-86] (5:40)
DAVID BOWIE Underground (Single Version) [6-86] (4:27)
DAVID BOWIE When The Wind Blows (Single Edit) [6-86] (3:35)
DAVID BOWIE When The Wind Blows (instrumental) [6-86] (3:47)
DAVID BOWIE Magic Dance (A Dance Mix) [1986] (7:15)
DAVID BOWIE Magic Dance (Dub) [1986] (5:29)
DAVID BOWIE Within You [1986] (3:30)
DAVID BOWIE Day-In Day-Out (Single Edit) [3-87] (4:18)
DAVID BOWIE Julie [3-87] (3:42)
DAVID BOWIE Time Will Crawl (Single Edit) [6-87] (4:00)
DAVID BOWIE Girls (7” Version) [6-87] (4:17)
DAVID BOWIE Never Let Me Down (7″ Remix Edit) [8-87] (4:00)
DAVID BOWIE ’87 and Cry (Single Version) [8-87] (3:53)
TIN MACHINE Under The God [6-89] (4:07)
TIN MACHINE Sacrifice Yourself [6-89] (2:11)
TIN MACHINE Heaven’s In Here (Single Edit) [1989] (4:21)
TIN MACHINE Heaven’s In Here (LP Version) [1989] (6:06)
TIN MACHINE Tin Machine [9-89] (3:37)
TIN MACHINE Maggie’s Farm (Live 1989) [9-89] (4:32)
TIN MACHINE Prisoner Of Love (Single Edit) [10-89] (4:10)
TIN MACHINE Baby Can Dance (Live 1989) [10-89] (6:17)
DAVID BOWIE Fame ’90 (Gass Mix) [3-90] (3:41)
DAVID BOWIE Fame 90 – Queen Latifah’s Rap Version (7″ Single Edit) [3-90] (3:12)
ADRIAN BELEW with DAVID BOWIE Pretty Pink Rose [5-90] (4:09)
TIN MACHINE You Belong In Rock n’ Roll [8-91] (3:34)
TIN MACHINE Amlapura (Indonesian version) [8-91] (3:50)
TIN MACHINE Baby Universal (Single Version) [10-91] (3:10)
TIN MACHINE You Belong In Rock & Roll (Extended Version) [10-91] (6:31)
TIN MACHINE One Shot (US Promo Single Version) [1991] (4:03)
DAVID BOWIE Real Cool World (Edit) [8-92] (4:16)
DAVID BOWIE Real Cool World (Instrumental) [8-92] (4:28)
DAVID BOWIE Jump They Say (Radio Edit) [3-93] (3:55)
DAVID BOWIE Pallas Athena (Don’t Stop Praying Remix) [3-93] (5:38)
DAVID BOWIE Black Tie White Noise Featuring Al B. SURE! (Radio Edit) [6-93] (4:13)
DAVID BOWIE You’ve Been Around (Dangers Remix) [6-93] (4:26)
DAVID BOWIE Miracle Goodnight [10-93] (4:13)
DAVID BOWIE Looking For Lester [10-93] (5:37)
DAVID BOWIE Buddha Of Suburbia [11-93] (4:29)
DAVID BOWIE Dead Against It [11-93] (5:48)
DAVID BOWIE The Heart’s Filthy Lesson (Edit) [9-95] (3:35)
DAVID BOWIE I Am With Name [9-95] (4:02)
DAVID BOWIE Strangers When We Meet (Single Version) [11-95] (4:20)
DAVID BOWIE The Man Who Sold The World (Live Version) [11-95] (3:35)
DAVID BOWIE with THE PET SHOP BOYS Hallo Spaceboy (PSB Remix) [2-96] (4:27)
DAVID BOWIE Under Pressure (Live) [2-96] (4:08)
DAVID BOWIE Telling Lies (Feelgood Mix) [11-96] (5:09)
DAVID BOWIE Telling Lies (Paradox Mix) [11-96] (5:10)
DAVID BOWIE Little Wonder (Edit) [1-97] (3:42)
DAVID BOWIE Telling Lies (Adam F Mix) [1-97] (3:59)
DAVID BOWIE Dead Man Walking (Edit) [5-97] (4:05)
DAVID BOWIE I’m Deranged (Jungle Mix) [5-97] (7:03)
DAVID BOWIE I’m Afraid Of Americans (V1) (Radio Edit) [10-97] (4:25)
DAVID BOWIE & PHILIP GLASS Heroes Symphony (Aphex Twin Remix) [1997] (5:33)
DAVID BOWIE Thursday’s Child (Radio Edit) [9-99] (4:26)
DAVID BOWIE We All Go Through [9-99] (4:11)
DAVID BOWIE No-One Calls [9-99] (3:50)
DAVID BOWIE The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell (Edit) [9-99] (4:01)
DAVID BOWIE We Shall Go To Town [9-99] (3:55)
DAVID BOWIE 1917 [9-99] (3:29)
DAVID BOWIE Survive (Marius De Vries Mix) [1-00] (4:18)
DAVID BOWIE Seven (Marius De Vries Mix) [7-00] (4:14)
DAVID BOWIE Slow Burn (Radio Edit) [6-02] (3:57)
DAVID BOWIE Wood Jackson [6-02] (4:48)
DAVID BOWIE Shadow Man [6-02] (4:46)
DAVID BOWIE Everyone Says ‘Hi’ (Edit) [9-02] (3:29)
DAVID BOWIE Safe [9-02] (4:44)
DAVID BOWIE Sunday (Tony Visconti Mix) [9-02] (4:57)
DAVID BOWIE I’ve Been Waiting For You [10-02] (3:00)
DAVID BOWIE New Killer Star (Radio Edit) [9-03] (3:44)
DAVID BOWIE Reality [9-03] (4:24)
DAVID BOWIE Love Missle F1 Eleven [9-03] (4:15)
DAVID BOWIE Never Get Old (Edit) [2003] (3:41)
DAVID BOWIE Waterloo Sunset [2003] (3:28)
DAVID BOWIE Rebel Never Gets Old (Radio Mix) [2004] (3:27)
DAVID BOWIE Days [2004] (3:19)
DAVID BOWIE The Stars (Are Out Tonight) [2-13] (3:54)
DAVID BOWIE Where Are We Now? [2-13] (4:08)
DAVID BOWIE The Next Day [6-13] (3:27)
DAVID BOWIE Valentine’s Day [8-13] (3:02)
DAVID BOWIE Plan [8-13] (2:02)
DAVID BOWIE Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for the DFA) [12-13] (10:25)
DAVID BOWIE I’d Rather Be High (Venetian Mix) [12-13] (3:49)
DAVID BOWIE Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) [11-14] (7:24)
DAVID BOWIE ‘Tis A Pity She Was A Whore [11-14] (5:27)
DAVID BOWIE Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) (Radio Edit) [11-14] (4:02)
DAVID BOWIE Blackstar [11-15] (9:58)
DAVID BOWIE Lazarus [12-15] (6:22)


FLO & EDDIE The Phlorescent Leech & Eddie (1972) + 15 MORE Turtles and Flo & Eddie Albums

The Phlorescent Leech & Eddie (Front)The Phlorescent Leech & Eddie (1972)
The 70s Turtles, Filtered Through Frank Zappa…

As a teen, I first saw Frank Zappa’s Mothers on the tour that would eventually produce FZ’s first official live album, Fillmore East, June 1971. And, while my adolescent musical education was advancing nicely through the end of the 60s, I was still pretty clueless about a lot of things. For example, as I was thoroughly enjoying the onstage shenanigans of the 1971 Mothers, and even felt like I was getting some of the inside jokes and raucous material about life on the road, it wasn’t until the climatic, “sing us your big hit record” finale that I finally realized that the two fat guys on stage – the guys I’d been laughing with all night, and who were now busting into the song, “Happy Together” – were the lead singers of The Turtles. DO’H! I’ve since learned that I wasn’t alone in that last-minute, eye-opening revelation, but – like many others – since that night, I developed a special fondness for Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan, a.k.a The Phlorescent Leech & Eddie, a.k.a. Flo & Eddie, that still exists to this day. You can see that in our archival posts (below), so it’s even a little surprising its taken this long to get around to posting Flo & Eddie’s debut solo LP, 1972’s laughable and lovable, The Phlorescent Leech & Eddie. It’s a comparatively serious attempt to reach a broader market, and lacks some of the shenanigans they embraced with Zappa’s Mothers – a style they would partially revisit (especially live), as sales for their early solo albums didn’t rattle many cages. The duo raided Zappa’s band for players, including drummer Aynsley Dunbar, keyboardist Don Preston and (former Turtle) Jim Pons on bass, alongside Gary Rowles, Claude Williams and Lynn Blessing (find his jazzy, Paul Horn-produced solo LP HERE). Overall this album is a mixed bag, better appreciated by those who grabbed it back in the day and lived with the melodies and harmonies at the time, since most may not be powerful enough to grab the attention of newbies today. Still… longtime fans will enjoy. For viewing (below), we’ve also included Flo & Eddie’s hysterical YouTube post, “The Turtles’ Management Lecture.” Access all our Turtles/Flo & Eddie, HERE. Find The Phlorescent Leech & Eddie at Amazon, HERE.

Flo & Eddie Theme (0:58)
Thoughts Have Turned (3:07)
It Never Happened (2:07)
Burn The House (3:17)
Lady Blue (3:31)
Strange Girl (3:16)
Who But I? (4:22)
I’ve Been Born Again (3:48)
Goodbye Surprise (2:54)
Nikki Hoi (1:59)
Really Love (3:26)
Feel Older Now (4:26)
There You Sit Lonely (3:35)

It Ain’t Me BabeYou BabyHappyThe Battle Of The BandsTurtle SoupWooden HeadShell ShockChalon RoadHistory Of Flo & EddieSolid ZincFlo & EddieIllegalTargetsFlo & Eddie RoxyOut Of Control


MARIANNE FAITHFULL Masques (1971) – Recorded During The Heroin-Addicted Singer’s Lost Decade

Masques (Front)Masques (1971)
The Lost Missing Link

Marianne Faithfull didn’t release an album for almost ten years from 1967 to 1976. During that time, she was arrested in the Jagger/Richards drug bust, lost custody of her son, nurtured a cocaine habit, suffered a miscarriage, attempted suicide, and lived – literally – on the streets of Soho as a heroin addict. In 1971, the singer was approached by producer Mike Leander (unheralded arranger of The Beatles’ “She’s Leaving Home”), who convinced her to enter Trident Studios and record the nakedly personal, Masques… a largely acoustic LP that would remain unreleased for nearly 15 years. Faithfull Forever, a fan site, recently discussed Masques in detail, HERE, drawing lyrical parallels to Faithfull’s own life circumstances. Though the all-cover track list may seem random, even dated, 45 years after the fact, much of the material was relatively new at the time, and seemed to speak directly to Faithfull’s mindset – with haunting, acoustic renditions of Cat Steven’s “Sad Lisa,” Dylan’s “Visions Of Johanna” and George Harrison’s “Beware Of Darkness” faring the best. Phil Ochs’ “Chords of Fame” warned that… “they will rob you of your innocence, they will put you up for sale,” while the folk mainstay, “Corinne, Corinna,” achieves a new level of gravitas as a reference to her miscarried child, whom she had named Corrina. The auction site, Bonhams, offered the sole, known acetate of Masques, which is said to include string arrangements that were omitted from the 1985 issue of this material, later re-sequenced and released as Rich Kid Blues. Since there is no acetate version available (including a crappy YouTube version), what’s offered here are the released 1985 tracks, in their intended order, along with artist Eric Terino’s mocked-up art. Fans are bound to hear this music as the missing link between Faithfull’s pop/folk of the 60s and the Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 8.10.03 PMcaustic, embittered caricature who re-emerged on Broken English in 1978. The grim expressionism of Masques, however – when put into the context of the times, and the singer’s personal tribulations – renders these intensely personal and unforgiving performances frighteningly relevant, and even equatable to another contemporary confessional of 1970, John Lennon’s Plastic Ono Band. There’s more Marianne in the archives, including Live In Hollywood (HERE), Broken English (2CD Deluxe – HERE) and her work on Hal Willner’s tribute albums (HERE). Find 1985’s Rich Kid Blues at Amazon, HERE.

Chords Of Fame (3:47) – Phil Ochs
Beware Of Darkness (3:31) – George Harrison
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry (3:54) – Bob Dylan
Long Black Veil (3:01) – Danny Dill/Marijohn Wilkin
Sad Lisa (2:29) – Cat Stevens
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue (3:50) – Bob Dylan
Mud Slide Slim (3:39) – James Taylor
Corinne, Corinna (2:32) – Bo Chatman/J. Mayo Williams/Mitchell Parish
Southern Butterfly (3:16) – Tim Hardin
Visions Of Johanna (4:36) – Bob Dylan
Rich Kid Blues (4:18) – Terry Reid
Crazy Lady Blues (2:03) – Sandy Denny


EMITT RHODES “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” b/w CHRIS PRICE “Please Read Me” 45 (2015)

How Can You Mend A Broken Heart (Front)How Can You Mend A Broken Heart (Back)EMITT RHODES “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” b/w
CHRIS PRICE “Please Read Me” (2015)
It Only Took Emitt Some 40-Odd Years…

UPDATED: Depending on how you classify it, this is Emitt Rhodes first record release (under his own name, anyway) in over four decades. How fitting, then, that it’s a vinyl 45. The song is culled from the tribute album, To Love The Bee Gees – A Tribute To The Brothers Gibb (HERE), and found its way into stores as a red vinyl 7″ for Record Day, 2015. Thanks to furrball for answering our request for a proper rip of both sides of this 45, reportedly limited to 1,000 pressings. With the aid of Chris Price (whose own non-LP Bee Gees cover, “Please Read Me,” is on the flip), Rhodes’ first officially released work (read “authorized”) since last century is a pleasure to finally hear for those of us who grew up with the enigmatic and beleaguered popster… an artist who established so much goodwill with his 60s and 70s music (find it all HERE), that people still pine for his talents today. Chris Price also produced Emitt’s long-awaited new album, Rainbow Ends (check Son Of Readers Links). As of today, there are no longer any of the Record Day 45s available at Amazon, HERE.

EMITT RHODES How Can You Mend A Broken Heart (3:05)

CHRIS PRICE Please Read Me (2:04)


EMERSON LAKE & PALMER Emerson Lake & Palmer (Deluxe Edition) (1970/2012) – Keith Emerson R.I.P.

ELPDeluxeEmerson Lake & Palmer (1970/2012)
Keith Emerson, Nice, ELP, R.I.P.

The 2012, 2CD Deluxe Edition of Emerson Lake & Palmer, which we’ve had hidden in Wormhole #44 (HERE) for the past few years. It features the original album, along with Steven Wilson’s 2012 “Alternate ELP” remixes. Watch Keith with Gary Farr & The T-Bones, below (circa 1966). Also find THE NICE Live At The Fillmore East – December 1969 in the archives, HERE. The great Keith Emerson passed away March 11, at 71.

The Barbarian (4:31)
Take A Pebble (12:32)
Knife Edge (5:05)
The Three Fates (7:44)
Tank (6:48)
Lucky Man (4:37)

The Barbarian (4:32)
Take A Pebble (12:37)
Knife Edge (with Extended Outro) (5:38)
Promenade (1:30)
The Three Fates: Atropos (3:12)
Rave Up (5:03)
Drum Solo (3:03)
Lucky Man (4:40)
Take A Pebble (Alternate Version) (3:40)
Knife Edge (Alternate Version) (4:19)
Lucky Man (First Greg Lake Solo Version) (3:03)
Lucky Man (Alternate Version) (4:41)


RACHEL SWEET Fool Around (1978/2007) – Original Album Plus Extra Tracks

coverFool Around (1978/2007)
Sweet, Guilty Pleasures

16 year-old Rachel Sweet’s Stiff Records debut. This 2007 CD reissue mostly follows the running order of the original UK release, reconciling the differing UK/US issues with a half-dozen bonus tracks, including a few rarities, like the vinyl-only “Truckstop Queen” and “Tourist Boys.” Sweet’s style was across the board, from “juke joint ballads to new wave oddities” and, what one reviewer deemed, “Willy DeVille mixed with Brenda Lee,” all spearheaded by svengali, Liam Sternberg, who plucked Sweet from Stiff’s own, The Akron Compilation LP, and put her in the studio with a slew of future luminaries, including Brinsley Schwarz, Mickey Gallagher, Lene Lovich and engineer Roger Bechirian. Of particular note (to me, anyway) is the track, “It’s So Different Here,” a song so cool I don’t have words for it. It’s one of those productions that mysteriously alters molecules… and its sultry, atmospheric production still gleams today. Find a bunch more Stiffs, HERE. Fool Around is cheap at Amazon, HERE.

B-A-B-Y (3:06)
I Go To Pieces (2:40)
Who Does Lisa Like (2:59)
Wildwood Saloon (3:55)
Stay Awhile (3:01)
Suspended Animation (3:16)
Sad Song (2:51)
It’s So Different Here (2:47)
Cuckoo Clock (2:45)
Stranger In The House (4:05)
Pin A Medal On Mary (3:07) – Bonus Track
Just My Style (3:14) – Bonus Track
Girl With A Synthesizer (2:34) – Bonus Track
Truckstop Queen (3:09) – Bonus Track
Tourist Boys (3:52) – Bonus Track
Be Stiff (2:30) – Bonus Track


THE BEATLES The Decca Audition (1962)
– Sir George Martin R.I.P.

coverThe Decca Audition (1962)
Decca: “Nah… We’ll Go With The Tremoloes”

FROM THE 2010 ARCHIVES: These recordings, as innocent as they are, continue to pillage the reputation of Decca Records, who – after listening to this 35 minute audition tape from January 1st, 1962 – decided to pass on the most important beat group in history. Somewhere there are aged Decca board members (and their offspring) still waking up in cold sweats over this single, administrative decision. To be fair… you can’t really blame Decca. While well-recorded, this amateurish set of live-in-the-studio 50s chestnuts was hardly a slam dunk. Even Lennon & McCartney’s three original compositions (“Like Dreamers Do,” “Love Of The Loved” and “Hello Little Girl”) were all abandoned by the time The Beatles first entered Abbey Road studios with George Martin, just 6 months later. Still, it was Martin who heard what he was hearing and wisely signed The Beatles to EMI (after numerous other labels passed on the golden opportunity)… and he unknowingly changed the world in the process. So, light a candle to George Martin’s living memory and raise a glass of bitter ale to his inexplicable foresight, because all our lives changed as a result. Pete Best mans the drum chair. Note McCartney on the cover, already working on his look for future press photos. Amazingly, this unauthorized CD – reportedly ripped and mastered by Dr. Ebbetts – is available at Amazon, HERE. Sir George Martin, the only legitimate “5th Beatle,” passed away Tuesday, March 8th (HERE). His elegance will be sorely missed.

Like Dreamers Do (2:38)
Money (That’s What I Want) (2:26)
Till There Was You (3:02)
The Sheik Of Araby (1:44)
To Know Her Is To Love Her (2:38)
Take Good Care Of My Baby (2:30)
Memphis, Tennessee (2:23)
Sure To Fall (In Love With You) (2:05)
Hello Little Girl (1:42)
Three Cool Cats (2:27)
Crying, Waiting, Hoping (2:05)
Love Of The Loved (1:54)
September In The Rain (1:57)
Besame Mucho (2:42)
Searchin (3:07)


ABRAXAS POOL Abraxas Pool (1997) – The Nineties Reformation Of The “Original” Santana Band

Abraxas PoolAbraxas Pool (1997)
A Preview Of The Upcoming Santana IV?

Speaking of the April, 2016 release of IV, by the reformed Santana band (which we previously mentioned HERE), it should probably be noted that the 1970-72 version of Santana already did reformed (in a way)… almost 20 years ago, calling themselves Abraxas Pool. Sans Carlos Santana, which is why most have never even heard of this album, 1997’s Abraxas Pool brought together Neal Schon, Gregg Rolie, Michael Shrieve, José “Chepito” Areas, Alphonso Johnson and Mike Carabello (among others), who collectively produced an exhilarating and intoxicating approximation of what a fourth or fifth Santana album might have been, with a spirit and energy which we can only hope from the soon-to-be released Santana IV. Of course, the “original” original Santana band ended even before their 1969 debut was released, as the group was continually in flux. So Abraxas Pool is more accurately a gathering of some of the core members of a group that would dissipate by the time Caravanserai, Santana’s actual forth album, would arrive. But, the intentions are sincere – boasting a balance of percussion-fueled frenzy, 60s-styled songcraft and spacey, guitar-laden instrumentation – with execution that should be reminiscent enough to please even skeptical curiosity seekers… twenty-six years after Santana III, and nineteen-years before Santana IV. And just to be persnickety, a lot of these same players – and Carlos Santana – also informally gathered together on the 1978 jam album, Giants (HERE). Find our archival Santana (and related) posts HERE, and pick up the out-of-print (and expensive) Abraxas Pool at Amazon, HERE.

Boom Ba Ya Ya (6:44)
A Million Miles Away (3:50)
Baila Mi Cha-Cha (5:08)
Waiting For You (5:09)
Going Home (3:25)
Szabo (7:54)
Guajirona (3:05)
Cruzin’ (3:52)
Don’t Give Up (7:12)
Ya Llego (2:49)
Jingo (7:10)


SANTANA Santana (2CD Legacy Edition), Abraxas (Remastered Edition) & Santana III (2CD Legacy Edition) (2004/1998/2006) w/ Live At Woodstock Performance

With the upcoming April, 2016 release of IV, from the newly re-formed, “original” Santana band, we thought it might be time to catch up with I, II & III, the most recent editions of Santana, Abraxas and Santana III. Santana (the band) exploded out of San Francisco thanks to a one-of-a-kind promo video that brought their Latin/Afro-Cuban/World Music uniqueness to the masses in a big way – their appearance at the Woodstock Music & Arts Fair. It was their manager, Fillmore impresario Bill Graham (who was involved with the festival’s logistics) that secured the virtually unknown band a spot on the bill as a requirement for his participation in the event. Their percussion-fueled performance of “Soul Sacrifice” was one of the hands-down highlights of the filmed version of Woodstock in 1970. With that, their career was catapulted, again with Graham’s guidance, who advised the band to lighten up on the solos and concentrate more on songs, including “Evil Ways,” which Graham brought into the fold, despite the band’s reluctance to record it. The success of Santana, their debut LP, became the blueprint for the following two albums (mixing hit songs and fusionary soloing), as the band added a second guitarist, teenager Neal Schon, to the line-up for III (originally titled simply, Santana). That move would inadvertently bring Phase I of the “original” band to an end (in reality, the band had been evolving since 1967), when Schon and keyboardist Gregg Rolie would later exit Santana and (eventually) form Journey. 2004’s Santana (The Legacy Edition) now includes early, unreleased recordings produced by David Rubinson, along with the band’s (nearly complete) performance from Woodstock. The 1998 Remastered Edition of Abraxas only has a trio of live bonus tracks, but 2006’s Legacy Edition of the re-titled Santana III features a live disc culled from a July 4, 1971 Fillmore West performance. Go to Amazon to find hard copies of Santana (HERE), Abraxas (HERE) and III (HERE).

Santana (Legacy Edition)Santana (Legacy Edition) (1969/2004)
Waiting (4:07)
Evil Ways (4:00)
Shades Of Time (3:14)
Savor (2:47)
Jingo (4:23)
Persuasion (2:37)
Treat (4:47)
You Just Don’t Care (4:38)
Soul Sacrifice (6:42)
Savor (Alternate Take #2) (2:57)
Soul Sacrifice (Alternate Take #4) (8:51)
Studio Jam (Previously Unreleased Outtake) (7:10)
Fried Neck Bones And Some Home Fries (Original Album Sessions) (7:41)
Soul Sacrifice (Original Album Sessions) (9:07)
Persuasion (Original Album Sessions) (3:52)
Treat (Original Album Sessions) (6:49)
Shades Of Time (Original Album Sessions) (2:30)
Jingo (Original Album Sessions) (5:20)
Waiting (Live at The Woodstock Music & Arts Fair, August 1969) (4:44)
You Just Don’t Care (Live at The Woodstock Music & Arts Fair, August 1969) (4:56)
Savor (Live at The Woodstock Music & Arts Fair, August 1969) (5:25)
Jingo (Live at The Woodstock Music & Arts Fair, August 1969) (5:14)
Persuasion (Live at The Woodstock Music & Arts Fair, August 1969) (3:05)
Soul Sacrifice (Live at The Woodstock Music & Arts Fair, August 1969) (11:49)
Fried Neck Bones And Some Home Fries (Live at The Woodstock Music & Arts Fair, August 1969) (7:13)

AbraxasAbraxas Remastered Edition (1970/1998)
Singing Winds, Crying Beasts (4:53)
Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen (5:22)
Oye Como Va (4:22)
Incident At Neshabur (5:03)
Se A Cabo (2:55)
Mother’s Daughter (4:31)
Samba Pa Ti (4:50)
Hope You’re Feeling Better (4:17)
El Nicoya (1:40)
Se A Cabo (Live At The Royal Albert Hall, April 14, 1970) (3:48)
Toussaint L’Overture (Live At The Royal Albert Hall, April 14, 1970) (4:52)
Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen (Live At The Royal Albert Hall, April 14, 1970) (4:58)

Santana IIISantana III (Legacy Edition) (1971/2006)
Batuka (3:35)
No One To Depend On (5:31)
Taboo (5:34)
Toussaint L’Overture (5:58)
Everybody’s Everything (3:34)
Guajira (5:45)
Jungle Strut (5:23)
Everything’s Coming Our Way (3:15)
Para Los Rumberos (2:52)
Gumbo (Previously Unissued Studio Recording) (4:25)
Folsom Street (Previously Unissued Studio Recording) (7:10)
Banbeye (Previously Unissued Studio Recording) (10:23)
No One To Depend On (Single Version) (3:16)
Batuka (Live At The Fillmore West, San Francisco, July 4, 1971) (3:47)
No One To Depend On (Live At The Fillmore West, San Francisco, July 4, 1971) (5:29)
Toussaint L’Overture (Live At The Fillmore West, San Francisco, July 4, 1971) (6:10)
Taboo (Live At The Fillmore West, San Francisco, July 4, 1971) (5:10)
Jungle Strut (Live At The Fillmore West, San Francisco, July 4, 1971) (5:48)
Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen (Live At The Fillmore West, San Francisco, July 4, 1971) (6:15)
Incident At Neshabur (Live At The Fillmore West, San Francisco, July 4, 1971) (5:29)
In A Silent Way (Live At The Fillmore West, San Francisco, July 4, 1971) (6:56)
Savor (Live At The Fillmore West, San Francisco, July 4, 1971) (3:35)
Para Los Rumberos (Live At The Fillmore West, San Francisco, July 4, 1971) (3:41)
Gumbo (Live At The Fillmore West, San Francisco, July 4, 1971) (5:32)

CLICK A COVER BELOW for more Santana & related posts from the archives, including SANTANA Borboletta & MCMLCVII (1967 Tapes), CARLOS SANTANA Divine Light (A Bill Laswell Reconstruction), MALO Malo (w/ Jorge Santana), GIANTS Giants (Vinyl-Only Carlos Session), MICHAEL SHRIEVE In Suspect Terrain (Vinyl-Only LP From Santana’s Drummer), V.A. Fillmore: The Last Days (w/ Live Santana), The Live Adventures Of Mike Bloomfield And Al Kooper (w/ Appearance By Carlos) and V.A. Sacred Sources: Live Forever (Compiled By Carlos w/ Live Hendrix, Marley, Coltrane, Gaye & Stevie Ray).
MCMLXVIIFrontDivine Light
MaloGiantsIn Suspect Terrain
FillmoreLive AdventuresSacred Sources


Isobel Morris, Ladyboy, Analog Birds & Ali A.B. (2015-16) New, Original Music + Beck & Beach Boys Covers

New and recent music from our friends over at Mount Valley Manufacture, an artists collective featuring music that we’ve re-posted here over the years from; Analog Birds, Isobel Morris (Asa Milbankx), The Latters, Ali A.B. and others (all found in our archives with commentary, HERE). For those that like unique, quirky, typically outside-the-box pop, look no further than Mount Valley Manufacture (visit them HERE), with free downloads, full streaming, assorted videos and teasers. We’re fans.

ISOBEL MORRIS “Just Noise” (2016) – Beck Cover

LADYBOY “Reticence Cliff” (2015)

ISOBEL MORRIS “Wonderful” (2015) – Beach Boys Cover

ANALOG BIRDS “Over To You” (2015) – A Cappella Mix (with a bit of piano, from 2014’s Anti-Presence)

ANALOG BIRDS “Tiger’s Grin” (2015)

ALI A.B. “When I Find A Home” (2016)


BEBOPALULA “All Fall Down” (2016) – Pure Pop Video w/ Chris Price

Bebopalula is the new band from Chris Price, producer and right-hand man on Emitt Rhodes’ new album, Rainbow Ends (HERE). Price’s cover of “Please Read Me” was the b-side of the Bee Gees tribute 45, Emitt’s “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” (both HERE). This vid is a newfangled 360 experience, if you’re using the right browser for it. Price is now in the midst of recording a project with Roger Manning (ex-Jellyfish). Read more about the guy, HERE, and check out his YouTube channel, HERE.


ENNIO MORRICONE The Hateful Eight (2015)

The Hateful EightThe Hateful Eight (2015)

Impossible but true. It took over 60 years for one of cinema’s greatest composers, Ennio Morricone, to win his first “Original Film Score” Oscar, for his work on Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight. I was pleasantly surprised when he won, but stunned when the voice-over announcer said it was the great maestro’s first. So… we’ll just use this 2015 soundtrack as an excuse to introduce those interested to even more Morricone buried in our archives – from his groundbreaking work with Sergio Leone, to a couple of very cool compilations, his twisted avant grade collaborations via Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza, and a cool John Zorn tribute. Click any cover below. Find The Hateful Eight at Amazon, HERE.

A Fistful Of DollarsFor A Few Dollars MoreThe Good The Bad & The Ugly
Once Upon A Time In The WesCrimesHigh
Nuova ConsonanzaEroinaZorn


BRAM TCHAIKOVSKY Strange Man, Changed Man (1979) – Semi-Official Re-Issue w/ 10 Bonus Tracks

THIRD TIME’S A CHARM: We originally posted Bram Tchaikovsky’s Strange Man, Changed Man in 2009, but soon began pining for a very limited edition re-issue that was put together by band drummer, Keith Boyce, and available only on the website, Heavy Metal Kids. Then, last year, Zuiop sent us files that resembled the online release, which we posted in 2015. But, the 10 bonus tracks turned out to be vinyl rips originally put together by Angelo, for his own excellent website, Power Pop Criminals (HERE, our apologies for the unintended rip off). That’s when Jonder sent us the downloaded files for the re-issue by drummer Keith Boyce, which we’re now adding to this post. But… there’s a disclaimer. It turns out that Boyce’s version of the original 11-track album is the exact same 2007 re-issued CD version available once in stores, the same as we posted back in 2009. The 10 bonus tracks, however, are his own rips of Bram Tchaikovsky’s 45s, so they’re different from Angelo’s. Many of Boyce’s sound “better” (note the quotes), and seem to be cleaner, clearer vinyl rips, but… they’re also a tad faster than Angelo’s, too. So, it’s impossible (for me, anyway) to tell who captured the 45’s proper speeds and, unfortunately, once you hear a “faster” rip, the “slower” one never sounds as good… whether it’s “correct” or not. Also unfortunately, is the tagging on Boyce’s re-issued version, which is embarrassing to abysmal, with misspellings and sloppy CAPS usage. Even the band’s name is misspelled (as Brahm Tchakovsky) on all the files. Very unprofessional, which might call into the question the rips themselves. So, we’ve decided to leave his tagging intact and let you deal with it all yourself. Now, you can get both Angelo’s 45 collection (thanks Angelo and Zuiop) and the semi-official (?) “re-issued” Keith Boyce version (thanks Jonder) and pick your own poison. Here’s looking forward to a record company release that will rectify all this and put us all out of our collective misery.

Strange Man, Changed Man (1979)
Muscular New Wave Power Rockers

One of my favorite LPs from the giddy, what-might-happen-next years of the late 70s new wave. Bram Tchaikovsky (the band) rocked with a simple efficiency – all 4/4 strumming and recycled Mod technique. Bram Tchaikovsky (the man) formed the band after leaving The Motors. He lacked a definable vocal presence (note the curiously muted vocals, which tend to undercut the pop’s potential), so the band never made it beyond aficionados, despite an LP full of memorable material, like “Girl Of My Dreams.” But Bram (the band) had a muscular way with a pop arrangement, and their existence probably should have paid more dividends. They made three albums before calling it quits, but this 1979 debut album is the one that clicked. The 2007 CD re-issue is at Amazon, HERE.

Strange Man, Changed Man (4:01)
Lonely Dancer (4:01)
Robber (3:09)
Bloodline (3:48)
I’m The One That’s Leaving (3:28)
Girl Of My Dreams (4:09)
Nobody Knows (4:32)
Lady From The U.S.A. (3:30)
I’m A Believer (3:45)
Sarah Smiles (3:38)
Turn On The Light (2:49)

Bonus Tracks
Amelia (4:06)
Lullaby Of Broadway (3:18)
(Who Wants To Be A) Criminal (2:23)
Robber (3:19) – Live
Whiskey & Wine (3:32) – Live
Come Back (2:10)
Rock And Roll Cabaret (2:52)
Sarah Smiles (3:47)
Bloodline (4:58)
Turn On The Light (3:08)


THE FACES Five Guys Walk Into A Bar… (4CD 2004) & ROD STEWART Reason To Believe: The Complete Mercury Studio Recordings (3CD 2002)

THE FACES Five Guys Walk Into A Bar… (2004)
ROD STEWART Reason To Believe: Complete Mercury Studio Recordings (2002)
All You Need To Know

Sure, you could whittle Rod’s Complete Mercury Studio Recordings down to a truly indispensable double disc (though, that would undermine the concept), and The Faces were never always on their game, but between these two collections is a cornerstone of rock history that is frequently overlooked for its creativity and uniqueness. I’m guilty myself of once treating The Faces like a substitute for The Stones, but this 4 disc box is an astounding listen, offering plenty of live rehearsals and live in-the-studio recordings (it’s mostly very live), mixed with a few hits, a few misses, a few covers, and just enough chatter to tie it all together into a living, breathing, historical document. The BBC stuff is priceless, and since it’s all pre-’75, its hard to go wrong. Rod’s Mercury material includes all of The Rod Stewart Album, Gasoline Alley, Every Picture Tells A Story, Never A Dull Moment, Smiler… as well as material from the Handbags and Gladrags collection and other rarities. Except for his work with Jeff Beck, it’s pretty much all you’ll ever really need from him. We’ve also got some Faces/Rod Ohh La La outtakes, HERE. Find hard copies of Five Guys Walk Into A Bar… (HERE) and Reason To Believe (HERE) at Amazon.

On The Beach
Too Bad
If I’m On The Late Side
Jealous Guy *
Evil (Rehearsal) *
As Long As You Tell Him
Maggie May [Live/BBC] *
Cindy Incidentally (Alternate Mix) *
Maybe I’m Amazed [Live/BBC] *
I Came Looking For You (Rehearsal) *
Last Orders Please
Wyndlesham Bay (Jodie) *
I Can Feel The Fire [Live] *
Tonight’s Number
Come See Me Baby (The Cheater) *

Pool Hall Richard
You’re My Girl (I Don’t Want To Discuss It) [Live/BBC] *
Glad And Sorry
Shake, Shudder, Shiver [Rehearsal] *
Miss Judy’s Farm [Live/BBC] *
That’s All You Need
Rear Wheel Skid
Maybe I’m Amazed
(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don’t Want To Be Right *
Take A Look At The Guy [Live] *
Flags And Banners
Bad ‘N’ Ruin [Live/BBC] *
Around The Plynth
Sweet Lady Mary
Had Me A Real Good Time
Cut Across Shorty [Live/BBC] *

You’re So Rude
(I Know) I’m Losing You [Live/BBC] *
Love Lives Here
I’d Rather Go Blind [Live] *
Hi-Heel Sneakers/Everybody Needs Somebody To Love *
Gettin’ Hungry *
Silicone Grown
Oh Lord I’m Browned Off
Just Another Honky
Open To Ideas
Skewiff (Mend The Fuse)
Too Bad [Live/BBC] *
Rock Me *
Angel [Live/BBC] *
Stay With Me [Live/BBC] *
Ooh La La

The Stealer [Live/BBC] *
Around The Plynth/Gasoline Alley [Live/BBC] *
You Can Make Me Dance, Sing Or Anything
I Wish It Would Rain [Live]
Miss Judy’s Farm [Live/BBC] *
Love In Vain [Live/BBC] *
My Fault [Live/BBC] *
I Feel So Good [Rehearsal] *
Miss Judy’s Farm
Three Button Hand Me Down
Cindy Incidentally
Borstal Boys
Flying [Live/BBC] *
Bad ‘N’ Ruin
Dishevelment Blues
Stay With Me
* Previously Unreleased

(Rod Stewart Album/Gasoline Alley)
Street Fighting Man
Man Of Constant Sorrow
Blind Prayer
Handbags And Gladrags
An Old Raincoat Won’t Ever Let You Down
I Wouldn’t Ever Change A Thing
Cindy’s Lament
Dirty Old Town
Gasoline Alley
It’s All Over Now
Only A Hobo
My Way Of Giving
Country Comforts
Cut Across Shorty
Lady Day
Jo’s Lament
You’re My Girl (I Don’t Want To Discuss It)
It’s All Over Now [Single Version]

(Every Picture Tells A Story/Never A Dull Moment)
Every Picture Tells A Story
Seems Like A Long Time
That’s All Right/Amazing Grace
Tomorrow Is A Long Time
Maggie May
Mandolin Wind
(I Know) I’m Losing You
(Find A) Reason To Believe
True Blue
Lost Paraguayos
Mama You Been On My Mind
Italian Girls
You Wear It Well
I’d Rather Go Blind
Twistin’ The Night Away
What Made Milwaukee Famous (Has Made A Loser Out Of Me)

(Smiler/Gladrags & Handbags)
Pinball Wizard
Oh! No Not My Baby
Sweet Little Rock `n Roller
Bring It On Home To Me / You Send Me
Let Me Be Your Car
(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Man
Dixie Toot
Hard Road
I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face
Girl From The North Country
Mine For Me
Missed You
You Put Something Better Inside Me
Crying Laughing Loving Lying
Every Time We Say Goodbye
So Tired


BILL KREUTZMANN Mahalo (2003) – Private Promo CD From The Grateful Dead Drummer – First Time Online!

Mahalo (2003)
Privately Released CD-R

Mega-rare CD from Grateful Dead drummer, Bill Kreutzmann. This privately made disc features five unreleased tracks, nearly an hour of Kreutzmann’s work with The Dead, Merl Saunders/Jerry Garcia, Brent Mydland’s Go Ahead, Trichromes and BBDK. It was only made available (as far as we can tell) at a 2003 Kreutzmann art showing in Los Angeles, and was given out as a gift for friends and supporters. When we first posted this in 2011 – the first time it was ever online – there was absolutely nothing about it to be found anywhere on the web. How many were even made is hard to guess, as the original disc is a CD-R, with label and custom cover, issued on Kreutzmann’s own label imprint, Ocean Spirit. This impossible-to-find rarity comes to us from Adam Dean, who was kind enough to rip this from his personal collection to share with us (with complete scans). It’s a rewarding listen, too. One standout is the (then) unreleased (but freely circulating) Saunders/Garcia track from an early 1974 Keystone date. “Are You Lonely For Me” is a 22 minute groove-fest, built on a satisfying, “Season Of The Witch”-style chord progression – and it smokes, smolders and grooves from start to finish. You can listen below to a rare, 2003 rehearsal tape from the newly christened ‘The Dead.’ As usual, we’ve got too much Dead to list in the archives, HERE.

Girl Like You (Jennings/Seals) (4:06)
BBDK – Front Street 7/24/85
Bill Kreutzmann, David Margen, Brent Mydland, Kevin Russell

Are You Lonely For Me (Berns) (21:42)
MERL SAUNDERS & JERRY GARCIA – Keystone, Berkeley 1/17/74
Martin Fierro, Jerry Garcia, John Kahn, Bill Kreutzmann, Merl Saunders

10,000 Mics (Dipirro/Kreutzmann/Woodson) (8:58)
TRICHNOMES – Sy Klopps Studios 3/30/02
Mike Dipirro, Bill Kreutzmann, Ralph Woodson

Hey Jude > Dear Mr. Fantasy (Lennon/McCartney+Winwood/Capaldi) (14:47)
GO AHEAD – Capitol Theatre, Passaic NJ 10/31/86
Jerry Cortez, Bill Kreutzmann, Alex Ligertwood, David Margen, Brent Mydland

Eyes Of The World (
Hunter/Garcia) (9:41)
THE DEAD – Rehearsal 5/27/03
Rob Barraco, Jeff Chimenti, Mickey Hart, Jimmy Herring, Bill Kreutzmann, Phil Lesh, Joan Osborne, Bob Weir


THE DONNAS Spend The Night (2002) + Vinyl Only Bonus Track

Spend The Night (2002)
Drunk & Horny Girls Gone Wild

Perhaps I should be ashamed for liking this album so much. I was in a record shop in 2002 when I first heard this energetic, unapologetic, pop-rock prick tease – styled in the grand tradition of the original Alice Cooper band – and bought it on the spot. I’d heard The Donnas before, but never cared for their muddy, amateurish, Ramones-in-drag routine. Same goes for this album’s 2004 follow-up, which was marked by sluggishly pedestrian dino-rhythms and a new producer (big mistake). Spend The Night, on the other hand, is just right. Sure, the girls’ schtick – posing as overaged jailbaiters bent on stayin‘ high & gettin‘ screwed – has its prurient appeal. But what sold me was the catchy songs, pent-up energy and every tune’s Killer-esque, no-frills approach. If you like the track below, the rest is exactly the same – and for some reason, it doesn’t get tired. Perhaps this album’s appeal can be attributed to what Christopher Walken as “The Bruce Dickinson” always called for (and gets plenty of here)… more cowbell. So, am I just some old geez vicariously lusting after the “sticky sweet?” Does it matter if it rocks? At a fast-paced 40-minutes, and not a ballad in sight, it doesn’t take long to find out for yourself. Includes the vinyl only bonus track, “Big Rig.” As of 2012, the band seems to have called it quits, about 20 years after they began. The original 2002 CD is as cheap as a penny at Amazon (HERE).

It’s On The Rocks
Take It Off
Who Invited You
All Messed Up
Dirty Denim
You Wanna Get Me High
I Don’t Care (So There)

Pass It Around
Too Bad About Your Girl
Not The One
Please Don’t Tease
Take Me To The Backseat

5 O’Clock In The Morning
Big Rig (Vinyl Bonus Track)